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on March 31, 2011
To be fair to Paul Rubillo, I am a subscriber to his website As a dividend investor, his website provides useful information when I am buying dividend stocks. That disclosure aside, "Be a Dividend Millionaire" was absolutely useless for a dividend investor.
The first 35 pages of the book was wasted on information telling the reader how to save money on household expenses. The same type of information that can be obtained from the financial section of any newspaper.
After the "Larry Winget" section, I kept reading fully expection to have an "AHA" moment. One or two tidbits of information that would add to my knowledge of dividend investing. To my dismay, what I read in "Dividend Millionaire" was a vague generalization of investing. The only chapter that specifically focused on dividend investing, chapter 7, had but a scant 10 pages about divideds. Following that information was a list of companies called Dividend Increasers, compiled in December 31, 2009. One would think Mr. Rubillo would add information that was not 15 month old. I was not expecting the magic formula for instant wealth, just perhaps something new to add to my knowledge base, sadly I found nothing.
In all candor, "Be a Dividend Millionaire", is not a book I would recommend to either a novice or veteran dividend investor. It is somewhat anecdotal and barely skims the surface of divided investing. It is the only book I have returned to Amazon.
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on October 7, 2013
This book had very little to do with investing in dividend stocks. The title is very misleading. There are no real lessons on how to pick good dividend stocks, just hints that you should go to his website and subscribe to his premium service.

It was a very basic lesson in investing and the pitfalls a person might run into as he/she starts investing. The worst is there were a few chapters wasted, one was on "how to be cheap and save money". I didn't give it 1 stars because there was a couple good points mentioned.

If you are looking to strengthen your portfolio with dividends stocks, look elsewhere.
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on June 9, 2013
I'm a dividend growth investor and have read a number of book in the genre. It's a sick obsession.

This was available for $0 on kindle, hey, why not!

Now in fairness, I pretty much skimmed the book. However, I'm struck at how closely my impression meshes with many of the negative feedback comments here.

First, there's a big chunk that talks about how to be frugal and save. That's good, but it's not really where the title would lead to expect to go.

There's quite a lot of the book that talks about personal experiences. Cool to start with, but I think a bit much.

There's an awful lot that talks about day trading, trading full time, pulling equity out of a house to fund trading. These seem like things very counter to what most dividend investors would be looking for. The book seems to kind of go back and forth between trading and dividend investing.

Also, the book seems to be an ad for the authors website. Very cool that the author has been successful with that, and a plug in one spot in the book would be fine, but to keep going back to it is a little tacky.

There were other things that grabbed me as odd. The author seems to dislike "value investing." Says it's a trap. That feels more like a momentum investor or day trader mindset to me. Seems like dividend growth investing is all about value, but maybe I'm off base.
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on November 3, 2012
If you know nothing about investing, you might learn a thing or two form this book. But if you already know what DRIPs are, you probably don't need this book. Thirty years ago I hooked with an investor advisor who guided me through the world of dividend reinvestments and writing covered options. A good method of dividend reinvesting is to find 3 or 4 good dividend paying stocks that pay their dividend in successive months. For example, but Stock A that pays a dividend in January. Then Stock B pages a dividend in February. Finally, Stock C pays a dividend in March. In April, Stock A will pay again, in May, Stock B pays, and so on. You will have monthly income from only 3 stocks. Want more income with better diversity? Then buy 6 dividend payers, 2 each month.
This a Cliff Notes version, but I think I have given you better information than this book gave me.
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on May 27, 2011
I really liked this book and have begun to put my money to work in several of the very good dividend stocks recommended by the author's website, It was an easy read, but, since I am fairly frugal already, I actually skipped the first few chapters, for the most part. Chapter 7 was where I really got down to the reading, and I finished the book quickly.

The only criticism I would make about his book (and newsletters, actually) is that he really needs to get a better proofreader. Maybe I'm too much of a stickler when it comes to spelling errors, typos, and grammatical errors, but failing to proofread tends to make a really good book/newsletter look a little less than professional. I'm amazed, since I teach college IT courses on the side, at how lax people seem to be these days with the quality of their written work. I'm not saying this book is chock full of mistakes. I'm just saying I wish a little more effort was put into writing overall.
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on June 3, 2012
Against what I had read here before, I decided to get this book anyway. Most of the reviews were very negative. It turned out that the reviews were correct. This book has very basic information on dividends. The first 50 pages contains a lot of fluff. Luckly, I got this book delivered wirelessly to my IPad for free. I almost bough the printed version. Save your money and don't buy the book.
The author uses the book as a way for you to access his website and then get you to use his services.
The website is
I haven't spent time on the website yet, so I cannot provide any information about it.
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on October 10, 2011
I saw the title of the book and thought it may be an interesting read based upon my investment philosophy. The book had some good insight but the actual dividend material was very limited. Actually the author spent more time telling you how he traded the market instead of talking about a dividend approach to the market.

His investing philosophy really was the opposite of a low risk dividend investment approach. Talking about margins, shorting, closing positions out at the end of day were contrary to a dividend approach to investing. It was an easy book to read and also gave useful nuggets that any investor could find helpful. It just wasn't the type of investment book that the title portrayed.
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on November 17, 2011
Looking forward to reading this book the minute I bought it. Having read most of the books on Dividend Investing, I couldn't wait. But this book had the least amount of information on Dividend Investing of all the 10 or so books I read. The book had a total of 8 chapters. Only chapter 7 was devoted to dividend investing.
A total of 21 pages. Page 91-112. To say I was very dissapointed isn't close. This was the biggest waste of my money and was absolutely useless for learning about Dividend Investing. it's too bad !
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on April 19, 2012
He had 1 chapter on dividends and the rest of the book was about his web site and different phases of his life but not much on strategy. Not worth buying. For buying his book you should get free acess to his website.
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on July 22, 2012
Unfortunately, I have to agree with the other reviews that say this is nothing more than a marketing tool for the author's website. While the book did contain some good information, none of it was about the subject of the book which was dividends. When it comes time to talk about dividend stocks, the author just refers you to his website and his free newsletter... which is just another marketing tool to try and get you to subscribe to the "Premium" service. I was hoping for so much more.
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