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on November 28, 2012
I was very pleasantly surprised about the quality of this item in comparison with its inexpensive price. It is a very efficient little case that looks professional, and feels good in hand. Naturally, this case will add a little bulk and weight to the phone, but I think that is obvious based on the pictures.

Before purchasing this product I did have one concern based on reviews for similar products. With some cases customers were experiencing issues with the S-pen and the magnet used to secure the case. I am pleased to say that this is absolutely not an issue with this case. The magnets are located on the closing tab and on the front of the case which are not in close proximity to the device when using the S-pen.

The other worry with the S-pen is the accessibility when the case is on. I have experienced no trouble with this as the cut-out seems sufficient to get at the pen.

The fold feature is an excellent addition and works well.

There are only two minor issues, depending on your needs with the case. First, white will stain easily. So far I have been able to clean off scuff marks with a little water, but time will tell if it will continue to be easy to clean. The other issue may be more problematic for those users who want to utilize this case as a wallet. There are a finite number of cards or materials that can be added to the front pockets. Three cards and you are at the limit before the magnet won't secure properly.

Overall, I genuinely like the product for my needs.

I hope this information is helpful to you.

For an at-a-glance summary of this review please find below my pros and cons:

1. Snug, secure fit
2. Quality feel
3. Looks professional
4. Feels good in the hand
5. Closes securely
6. S-pen works well with the case on
7. Prop functionality is sturdy and well designed

1. The wallet portion cannot accommodate more than 3 cards or the case won't close properly
2. White will stain easily, but can be cleaned with a little water for most marks
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on November 19, 2012
i'm gonna start my review and just say that this is the best case of its kind for our beloved Note 2.
i went to a t-mobile store and checked out the OEM samsung case and left disappointed. that thing is just a glorified back cover that has a plastic flap to cover the screen.
in no way can that thing protect your phone.
this case is not only cheaper, but cooler looking. it acts as advertised. the phone even stands sideways should you need to!

the only "negatives" would be that 3 credit cards/id cards etc is the absolute max. it's so good that you'll want to use it as your wallet.
another con is the fact that the case smells weird, perhaps even toxic. i had to rub it with some alcohol just to get the smell away.

but other than that this case is flawless and a must have for the galaxy note 2.
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on May 2, 2013
I bought the blue and white stripe folio case, and the color is very classic. It isn't as bold as the hot pink nor is it too dull as the black. It's very stylish and already got compliments from my colleagues. (I really wished Bear Motion made a case with black and red stripe folio case...just to add one more to the collection)
1. The plastic case that holds the phone is not the strongest but definitely not flimsy.
2. There is no microfiber lining that protects the screen from scratches. Though the fake leather isn't rough, I would still suggest to use a screen protector.
1. Has easy access to all controls and ports, a open section for camera and speakers, and just 30sec installation.
2. This supports S4's auto-wake/sleep function and has a adjustable horizontal viewing position to watch videos or read books etc
3. This is a cellphone case where you can fit your credit cards. Since it's so perfectly & specifically designed for the S4, its very compact unlike a wallet. Another thing is, not only can you keep your credit cards, you have another section on the side (behind the cards) to keep some cash.
4. The snap closures fit very well to the front cover. Also there is an extra 2-3mm gap when you close it, which gives the case enough space to add more credit cards or cash.
5. The plastic case inside is about 2-3mm smaller than the outer case. So if you drop your phone by mistake (when the case is snap closed), there is no way you could damage your phone. Because the outer case will protect the phone, and even if worse, the plastic case will do its job (I don't want to try the same with my new S4 when it's not closed)
6. And yes, you break or rip apart your folio case.. do you think $7.99 is still too expensive to buy another one? I must say these guys have a good taste for designing quality items at low rates. Totally worth the money you pay.
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on May 11, 2013
I've only had this case for a couple days now and I've already received so many complements on it. It keeps my phone secure in the plastic holder and also has a couple slots for an ID or credit card. I really like the snap closure too and it gives me some added reassurance that my phone won't fall out of the case.

The only complaint I have is that the case color is called purple, but in reality it's more of a really dark magenta/pink. I don't mind the color so I'm keeping it. Just wanted to mention it in case someone had their heart set on a true purple.

***UPDATE (AUGUST 2014)***
Over the several months, I purchased 2 more of these cases (blue and green) for my Samsung Galaxy S4 because of how much I loved the purple one. The quality on these new cases is REALLY BAD. It's so bad that I was compelled to update my review from last year.

I've changed my review from 5 stars to 1 because of the really poor quality of these new cases. The product can't be trusted to securely hold your phone or to last for more than a couple hours. These cases are not reliable or usable with the current manufacturing materials.

Within hours of putting my phone in both cases, the plastic part that holds the phone fell off of the wallet part of the case. I have tried several hardcore glues and can't get the plastic to adhere securely to the wallet portion. The plastic holder on the blue case is also cracked by both the power and volume buttons and doesn't hold the phone securely.

The case is also much lighter (which isn't necessarily a bad thing), but for this product it's not good because they are obviously using poorer quality materials that are really sub-par. The blue and green cases are now in the trash.

Ironically, the purple one I purchased last May is still going strong. It's a little worse for the wear (color wearing off, getting dirty, etc.), but it's still working.

I will be looking for a different brand of phone case going forward. It's really too bad because it was a great phone case.
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on December 24, 2012
After weeks of research, I finally took the plunge on buying a Galaxy Note 2 and wanted to make sure I had the best protection for it possible. I researched cases and finally decided on wanting a wallet case; the only downside, I needed a case that did not have a magnet as so many people had complaints of it interfering with the S Pen. The reviews for this case were good, some complaining that the item is not genuine leather (it's vegan leather/eco leather...not a dealbreaker for me) so I decided to give it a shot. $12.99 with Prime Shipping and 3 days later I had the case in my hands. All I can say is...I FREAKING LOVE IT. I'm a minimalist and I hate carrying a purse around with me everywhere, this thing holds my ID, debit and credit card and a small amount of cash. It's perfect. The fitment is snug, I don't feel like my giant phablet will go flying when I open it and I love the snap shut feature. Some have complained about the hole being small to get the S Pen out, personally, I have not experienced this problem (maybe I just have small fingers?).

My only recommendation if you're planning on getting this case is to get a screen protector. I have one on mine which makes me feel okay about my cards touching the screen when the wallet is closed, but this isn't really a design flaw or issue with the case.
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on December 26, 2012
First off I would like to say that I love this case. However, I'm going to have to return it because the magnetic closure makes part of my screen unresponsive to my S Pen and I'm afraid if I keep using it the damage will become permanent. I know the title of the product says no magnet but that's not true. Mine definitely has a magnet to keep it closed.

Edit: I have been in contact with the company that makes these (Bear Motion) and, apparently, I got an old model and they haven't been using magnets in them for awhile. Currently working on getting mine replaced which I'm ecstatic about because I love it!

Edit 2: I know it's been awhile since I wrote this but it was brought to my attention that I never updated my status on this. Let's just say that the company handled the exchange of cases in a quick and timely manner and the new one I received has a snap button closure and it works wonderfully! No more S-Pen problems. :D
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on December 3, 2012
I got this case in black for my BF, and purple for me. Below is the review I wrote for the black version. Purple is the same, with one addition: it is a very bright purple! I was picturing a royal purple, but it is actually more like Orchid. On to the review:

Very satisfying design - feels sturdy, fits Note 2 snugly, and protected it from a waist height fall onto linoleum. Slim and visually appealing, and closure feels secure. I bought this product largely because of its positive reviews, so I won't restate them here; suffice to say, they are right. An unexpected benefit they didn't mention: when you fold the cover back (you can use the magnetic clasp to hold it closed behind the phone), the extra thickness blocks the heat of the phone from reaching your hand.If I could change one thing, it would be to add more protection to the top and bottom of the phone - the edge of the case protects them a bit, but the hard plastic shell covers only the back and sides. But that ideal aside, of all the actual cases I looked into, this offered the best balance of protection and usability.As other reviewers mentioned, I think it's best to see this item as a pure phone case, and not attempt to make it double as a wallet - it could accommodate a few bills or cards, but it would make me nervous to cram it with materials that might damage the phone.
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I ordered this case as an inexpensive interim solution until my budget allows me to get the Zenus Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Bohemian M Diary Wallet Case Cover [Brown] High End Genuine Leather Case for Galaxy Note III. That case, though, is a vanity purchase.

This case is exceptionally well constructed and provides me with a layer of basic protection. Ever since cracking a screen on a phone I've insisted on a case. This one gives me a level of comfort. It is also convenient since I normally carry a few cards and my driver's license in the pockets. Those fit, but you cannot stuff this or it will simply not close properly.

Things I love include the snap instead of a magnet (which would wreak havoc with the SPen), and the fact that this case appears to have been designed by someone who knew what they were doing because it fits the phone like a glove.

I also love the conveniences like having the camera lens and all of the buttons and charging port accessible and unobstructed. Those and the fact that I do not need to replace the back cover of my phone with a kludge like some other cases are what sold me on it.

Although it looks awkward to use for talking, it truly isn't. While this is an interim case I would have no problems using this as the only case for my Note 3 because, frankly, it does everything I want and need at an incredible price.
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on January 15, 2013
If you want a nice looking case that will protect your Google Nexus 4 Phone, this is it.

My wife always keeps the phone in her purse so this is great for keeping it safe from getting scratched or dirty. It is also good that the case has compartments to carry an ID and cards when one is going out with a small clutch (talking about saving space!). The plastic clip-in case is actually pink instead of black (as in the picture), which is nicer because it goes better with the case in general. The case has a good grip (not slick) that makes it more difficult to slip out of your hands.

-- Nice looking
-- Good finishing
-- Bright color (hard to misplace)
-- Good price
-- Seems durable and good quality
-- The camera works perfectly without interference from the case
-- The clasp is easy to open and close

-- The case is a little "thick" to hold while talking. What I mean is that the open flap kind of gets in the way but this should be expected with the design---at least the discomfort is not too bad.

This case definitely met expectations and my wife would recommend it to friends and family.

UPDATE (6/2013): The case's button clasp started to fray away at the hems. The case is usually in a purse or sitting on the dresser. My wife wrote the company, they responded quickly, and she received a new one in 9 days. Great response time and happy about the service! Still keeping it at 5 stars.
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on November 26, 2012
I ordered this case because I figured with the Note 2's big screen it should be protected. I had gotten used to not having a screen protector on my last phone so wanted to find a way to protect the screen without going that route. I also didn't want to pay a lot since I try and get a new phone every year so sinking money into one phone seems like a waste to me.

The case is great as it doesn't add a lot of bulk yet covers the entirety of my phone. I like that I can easily pull the S-pen out and that it can also be used as a stand to prob the phone in landscape mode to watch movies or play games. Having the extra slots to put cards in is nice but I haven't worked up the courage to use it as my primary wallet yet. My stuff would be exposed as I held the phone to my ear and I don't know if that is something I want to do. I will update if I end up going that route. Either way it makes a nice place to put business cards or slip in small pieces of paper you are given.

I like that the magnet is placed on the front of the case as I have read reviews that the S-pen gets messed up with it on the back. I can confirm that if i have the case folded around where the magnet is behind the screen the pen can get messed up but I just open the case back up and use it that way to alleviate the problem. I like that you can use the magnet on the flap to keep the front of the case from flapping in the wind while holding the phone to your ear.

The only thing that is negative for me is already after a week part of the fo-leather lining around the magnet flap is starting to peel off. Other than that I am extremely happy with my purchase and will continue to consider Bear Motion in the future when I buy phone cases.
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