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on November 26, 2010
First, pardon my English, I am a native speaker of French. A great fan of Sabuda's work (I have bought about 15 books from him), I have purchased this book as soon as it came on the market. Living in Switzerland, I have no possibility to purchase it at a local store but order it online. I was quite confident, as I very much appreciated all his previous books, especially the "Alice in Wonderland" one. Well, I am very very much upset with this one.

The drawings and the paper engineering is awesome, with lots of interesting mechanisms. Alas, it has not been manufactured properly at all. I must point out that my book is a brand new one and that I have received it in its original unopened plastic enveloppe protection.

Only the first 2 pages are ok, then the following ones are nice to watch, but with plenty of manufacturing (or conception?) defects. Here is an non exhaustive list of what I have noticed:
- the Best's Castle panorama: one of the building gets stuck and does not unfold completely (the rear tower got bent), the other one on the right does not come out either
- the monster's face: it was torn on its basis and the right ear does not "pop" at all as the articulation and the pink "feather" is damaged.
- the banquet table: it is a shame, it was so badly stuck on the paper (the feet of the table were too short and stuck at the wrong places) that it does not unfold completely at all and the Beast's face looks like... well, nothing close to a Beast's face, with glue prints all around and a piece that was not stuck anymore though it should have been.
- the small sections: they were not better at all. For instance, the one with the chicken could not unfold properly either and the chicken's head do not pop out from their crate.
- the final scene under the arbor: one of the branchs was torn away the first time I have open these pages!

Note: I am a very careful person and I already own a large collection of pop-up books from different editors and authors from all around the world (40+). This Beauty and the Beast one is for sure one of the worse manufactured pop up books that I have ever had. Sadly, I cannot return it as I would pay as much shipping fees as the price of the book itself.

It is a pity, as this book would just have been one of the most amazing pop-up books ever... without all these defects!
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on October 21, 2010
I bought my first Sabuda book (Alice in Wonderland) about 5 years ago and I have been in love with these books ever since. I now own several and my 5 year old daughter loves them just as much as I do. I pre-ordered this for Christmas and knew I didn't need to wait for a review to buy it. Just came in yesterday and bravo to Sabuda for making another masterpiece. There are some elements of other pop-ups we have come to know and love from his previous works, but also a few new elements. The beginning of the book has three accordian style pull-out view boxes you can look in to and actually see Beauty's father walking down mirrored halls in the beasts castle. Later on you open to Beauty and the Beast dining at a table right in the middle of the book. The final page has Beauty and the Beast in the middle of a magnificent rose garden with 3-D hedges and you lift a flap to transform the Beast to a prince. As if the stunning pop-ups aren't enough, I think the two other reasons I am so dedicated to his work is that he is so respectful of the original writings of the authors. This is the original store of Beauty and the Beast, not the Disney version. Secondly he has found a way to make pop-ups books worth reading. Pop-up books are notoriously light on the wording because the pop-ups required most of the space on the page. He has incorporated pages within the pages to make them worth seeing and worth reading! This is a great way to interest a young person in reading who otherwise might not like to read. This is a MUST HAVE for any lover of pop-ups like myself, or anyone who is in love with this tale of Beauty and the Beast!
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on April 21, 2017
I bought a used copy that was listed as "Good" condition however I would consider it just fair. Almost all of the pop ups work so I can't complain, the only one that doesn't is the table with Beauty and Beast. There is also a major dent in the cover, for that alone I would hand listed it as "Fair". With all that said, the copy I received has Robert Sabuda's autograph. Do in glad they listed it as they did, otherwise I would have bought a totally different copy. The book itself is beautifully done like all of his work and if it's taken care of it will provide enjoyment for you or your family for many years to come. My daughter is only a year and a half but I've bought quite a few of Sabuda's books to share with her as she gets older.
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on March 2, 2011
After seeing the Wizard of Oz pop up book, I thought this one would be similar.. needless to say, the pop ups in this book are horrible, some of them do not work at all! The table scene is sooo screwed up it doesn't even look like a table!!! Would not recommend this book AT ALL... JUNK!!!!
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on November 14, 2010
I purchased this from Amazon.com for my granddaughter. Upon receiving it, I found that quite a few of the pop-ups sequences were not working properly. For instance, the little tree in the foreground on page 1 is supposed to open up fully into a 3-dimensional tree. In my copy, the tree pops up...but is still flat. On page 4, there are supposed to be 4 pavilion columns that pop up. My copy only had three. Upon closer inspection I found that the fourth column was stuck behind one of the other columns. The table setting with Belle and the Beast is simply a mess - I couldn't get the table to fold out correctly at all. There are other irregularities but it would take up too much time explaining them here. I contacted the website of Robert Sabuda and his staff replied back that it is a manufacturing problem and that if I wanted a properly working pop-up book I should not order from Amazon.com but instead order straight from them or from a brick and mortar book store where I can make sure the book works properly before purchasing. I returned my copy to Amazon. I really like the book and have seen previews on how the pop-ups are supposed to work but since ordering from the Sabuda site is quite bit more expensive I guess I'll have to shop my local bookstores for a good copy.
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on February 1, 2013
I have never written a review for a book but these books are the coolest I have ever seen. My 6 year old daughter got the wonderful wizard of oz as a birthday gift from a friend. Upon opening it, we all were gobsmacked at the beautiful pop up art work and engineering involved. I am a software engineer by trade and am in awe at how these books function and the art work involved. Make no mistake, these are not the typical pop up books that I grew with as a kid in the 80s. These are a marvel of story, artwork, and engineering. The stories are slightly different from the typical stories that we know from the movies but that adds to experience. We quickly bought two more books and plan on getting Peter Pan as well. The price is great and you will absolutely be pleased.

Buy anyone of these pop up books as from day one this will be your young ones favorite book
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on November 30, 2017
Its beautiful but has a lot of small print. Meaning you kinda have to make up your own story for it because they children lose their attention towards it if you read the whole thing
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on January 7, 2018
Paper is light weight in stock, causing a few parts to tear. Assuming the quality has gone down since the last time that I purchased these 10 years ago
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on January 26, 2011
Many people these days know the story of BEAUTY AND THE BEAST solely through the 1991 Disney film. The traditional French fairy tale on which the movie is based, however, bears significant differences from the story of Belle and Sebastian, and there's hardly a singing teapot or candlestick in sight. Now paper sculptor Robert Sabuda has retold the original tale and embellished it with his wonderfully intricate three-dimensional illustrations as part of the "Classic Collectible Pop-Up" series that also includes Sabuda's earlier favorites, PETER PAN and THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ.

The story is simple enough. A merchant with three daughters loses all his fortune. When he hears a rumor that one of the ships he thought he lost might have survived the storm that destroyed the rest of his fleet, he heads to the city, promising his daughters that he will bring back their hearts' desires. His older daughters long for jewels and fine cloth, but his youngest daughter, Beauty, wants just one thing: a single perfect rose. When her father, waylaid by a storm, finds himself in a mysterious mansion, he decides to pick one of the roses he finds there. A terrible beast appears, demanding that he die for his theft, but offering him an alternative --- his daughter's life for his own.

The merchant is allowed to go back to visit his daughters one last time. On learning of the monster's bargain, Beauty --- who feels responsible for her father's misdemeanor --- offers to go back in his stead. When she does, she's surprised to find the beast both kind and temperamental. He continually asks her the same questions and then grows upset when she can't give him the answer he desires. When a family emergency calls Beauty back to her home, however, she's surprised to discover the extent of her true feelings for the Beast.

This tale is retold in classic style, without gimmicks or humor, and would be perfect for an adult to read aloud to a younger child as a very special bedtime story. The text is dense, but one of the brilliant things about this work is that, as in other books of Sabuda's, the three-dimensional design includes miniature fold-out pop-ups that break up the text and offer their own small delights.

Sabuda's artwork here is a mixture of brilliant jewel and rose tones, beautifully capturing the majestic ugliness of the Beast and contributing a regal intensity to the illustrations. He also nods to the past by using numerous detailed, delicate silhouettes to depict characters and scenes, especially in the mini pop-up fold-outs that are set alongside the larger two-page illustrations. Particularly ingenious are the series of windows into the long hallways through which the merchant walks, disoriented, near the beginning of the tale; these fold out accordion-style, and viewers who peer through the tiny windows see (thanks to a trick of mirrors) a seemingly infinite hallway stretching out in front of them.

Sabuda's paper constructions are both robust in design and delicate in structure, making this book an ideal choice for adult-child reading and sharing. Unfortunately, many of the copies (including mine) suffer from manufacturing defects; one two-page spread, in particular, just doesn't pop up correctly due to a misplaced table leg. The publisher is apparently going to fix these problems in later printings. In the meantime, the power and romance of the story and the strength and beauty of Sabuda's paper sculptures still carry the day.

--- Reviewed by Norah Piehl
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on November 16, 2010
I got one of the very first of Mr Sabuda's new book, I pre-ordered it, and it is beautiful. But there is a production problem with one of the pages so that the pop-ups don't work correctly. I hope by now the manufacturer has corrected this. I have contacted Mr Sabuda and found out they are even more unhappy about this glitch than I am. This isn't my first Sabuda book but it is the first one I have with this problem. It makes me realize how much work he puts into his books to make them work so well. And I have made a few pop-ups, nothing like what you will find in a Sabuda book, but enough to know how much work it takes to make even the most simple pop-up work right. So I would still recommend this book and hope that you would get one of the corrected books.
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