Customer Reviews: Behind Blue Eyes
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on February 25, 2008
Seine Simmons has been in love with Michael O'Neal every since her father hired him when she was a teen. The attraction grew the older she got. The main problem is her father and her pedophile brother. Michael is white and came from humble beginnings so her father feels he is not right for her and her brother is jealous because his father trusts him because of his great business mind. Lawrence fires Michael because he refuses to stop seeing Seine. All hell breaks loose when Michael sets out for revenge against the father and son and Seine is caught in the middle. The drama will keep you on the edge of your seat and the sex scenes are hot as hell! The end will surprise you when dark secrets are revealed about the Simmons family. The ending will make you want more.
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on February 10, 2008
This was the first work I've read by Ms. Cromwell, but I was pleased to see how she handled the romance and the angst between Michael and Seine. She wrote Michael as not being good enough for Seine, whose father had ideas of her marrying a lot higher then Michael. Usually in the story the woman isn't good enough and in this case the author took a different turn.

Michael was truly a ruthless character, and I had no problem with that until he turned on his woman but even then he did only what was professionally best for her---Seine...well she just plain pissed me off more often then not, but I knew she loved Michael so in the end I let it go. The author did well setting up the road blocks to HEA, and that is always a good thing, and of course her secondaray characters were well-rounded and necessary to the the story and I was pleased with the entire romance, even liked the spicy parts.....they were just that good. Heat, romance, betrayal, forgiveness all packaged in a hot novel. Enjoyed.

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VINE VOICEon May 13, 2008
"Behind Blue Eyes" was so bad that I couldn't even finish it. I didn't relate to the characters, the writing style bordered on the vulgar and I didn't get the connection between the hero and heroine.

I gave it two stars instead of one, because I have run across worse books. However, I could finish those. I didn't make it pass 75 pages with this one. Save your money for something else.
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on January 22, 2013
The book description is great and it starts of with a nice premise but from there it goes down hill. This is a book about conversations very long conversation. There are pages of each character talking about their feeling and I am not joking and there is very little action in this book I don't know how this couple got together because all they did was talk ,talk , talk. I have a big problem with Rafael being a pedophile and Siene being mad because Michael wanted to turn him in I was like WTF? This book would have been great if it had a author instead of someone who likes to just talk.
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on June 14, 2008
I didn't really care for this book. It's rare to find paperback IR books so I typically buy them when the excerpt is good but this book was disappointing at best. The main characters were weak and petty and immature. The female lead was the boss' daughter and her love interest was an employee of the boss & he had a point to prove (not that I could tell you what). They didn't have heat or chemistry or passion and all the backbiting and convinning within her family as tiring to read. Anyway I wish I had read it as soon as I got it so that I could have returned it for a full refund.
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Wow! That was one heck of a read. Talking about drama, this book is full on drama. Once the ride starts, it does not stop. To be honest, I could not handle being around any of the people in this book. Talking about stress....

Let me say, I loved Michael. He is in some ways diabolical, and crazy as a fox. He is a needy, heartbroken boy. He is a powerful, dangerous man. Gosh, he was one of a kind. I think he might up there with my favorite heroes of all time (okay I like the dark, scary heroes ala Anne Stuart, Kresley Cole, JR Ward, and Christine Feehan). Even at his most evil, he did not annoy me for some reason. I was just sitting there with my mouth open, asking for more. He's the kind of hero I really love reading about. The ones that you cannot forget because he's no cookie-cutter, samey-samey, run of the mill Ken (as in Barbie and Ken) type. I also gravitated to him because he was so in love with Seine. He needed her so much and couldn't imagine his life without her. He had the world, but he really just wanted her, and was willing to walk away from everything more than once for her. He needed to be loved like life needs water. How could I resist him?

Now Seine. She was a little more complicated to like at times. She teased this tiger's tail. She pressed the red button. And she got the runaway train that was Michael O'Neal. He even warned her more than a few times. She told him that she would never leave him or stop loving him or give up on him, but her actions didn't back that up in a very crucial moment. We all break promises in life, but you cannot break that kind of promise to an all or nothing man like Michael O'Neal. I knew that in my heart. I felt, this is wrong. I wanted to yell at her when she threw his love back in her face. "Are you crazy?" I wanted to yell at her: "Okay I know he's kind of evil and unstable, but the man loves you liked crazy. Choose him like you said you would." She really disappointed me in that scene because she didn't make the right decision in my opinion. So I kind of felt that Seine was a bit of a spoiled brat. She had the silver spoon and was the Little Girl Lost in some ways (with her father not being there for her). She wanted her Prince Charming not realizing he was the Dark Prince.

Now that is the interesting thing about this book. None of these characters are perfect, sweet, kind, and adorable. Probably the most likable (other than my absolute love for the diabolical Michael O'Neal) is Lynda, Seine's lifelong friend. She was the voice of reason for these two crazy people who were crazy in love with each other but didn't know how to love each other. I really liked the part where she gave the knowledge to Michael, and the numerous times she gave counsel to the headstrong and not very forward thinking Seine.

To be honest, the bedroom scenes verged on being a little too erotic for me. It would probably pass by a seasoned erotic romance novel fan without even eliciting a blink. Let's just say there are certain things I don't like associated with sex and there's a wee bit of that in this book. But it was not enough to make me throw the book away. I would say that you should read this book even if you aren't into the erotic stuff. Because it's too good to resist. How could you pass up reading about a guy like Michael? Have I said I love this guy?

Let me reiterate, this book is intense. There are a lot of yelling scenes. Again, DRAMA. How exhausting. I found the dialog and the narrative very memorable, showing that Pat does have a command of language and a realism to her writing; it has a life and a precision that is memorable. The language is raw and earthy in a way that is kind of new for what I've read so far. However, it wasn't jarring because it fits the emotional climate of this book. The people therein are passionate and very in-your face. If they didn't talk like that, I suppose it would have been peculiar. I'd probably avoid them like the plague (maybe stare at Michael a little first before slinking away in fear).

I definitely would read this book when you are in the mood for a very fiery, passionate, not always comfortable read. I doubt you'll be disappointed if you read it prepared to have the earth shake under your feet with all the violent emotions in this book. It was a great love story that really challenged me in some ways, and very unique from what I've read in a long time. Bravo, Ms. Cromwell.
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on February 17, 2010
This was a very good book. very spicey Micheal was my hero. For a white boy he was very strong and he did not let
anyone stop him from getting Siene his lady. He loved hard. If I could find a man like this it would be til death do
we part LOL. Great book I could not put it down.
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on May 25, 2009
Well developed scenarios that keep you guessing what is going to happen next, just when you think you can figure it out. Surprise! Great Job.
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on January 22, 2008
This book lost my interest before the end of the first chapter. The characters were unbelievable. Michael is in need of some serious therapy and Seine is running a close second. The drastic mood charges were hard to follow, and the story line was just unrealistic. I did finish the book because I love to read and I was hoping it would get better but it didn't.
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