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on April 28, 2016
I bought this to fix a Dell XPS laptop whose hard-drive had been having problems. Essentially I had to replace the hard-drive, and I needed a tool kit to pry open this laptop. This tool kit had everything I needed, from tweezers to pick up small screws that had fallen into those small holes, to a small screw driver needed to screw them in. I couldn't have asked for anything better (or less?).

At this price point, I got it for around twenty dollars or something, it's much cheaper than taking a computer to a nonexistent technician nowadays. Highly recommended.
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on April 5, 2016
It mostly duplicates other tools I have around the house and garage, but having them all together, and handy makes a big difference. I just finished an embedded programming project where I was interfacing a micro-controller with a motion detector, light dependent resistor, pushbutton, and 7 segment LED display. The needle nose pliers were just the right size for pushing, pulling, and bending pins so they would make positive, continuous contact with the through hole on the microcomputer PC board. I've also used it to remove screws when removing and replacing laptop HDDs and DVD drives. The soldering iron doesn't seem to be grounded, so I'm leery of using it to solder anything electronics. You will need to supply your own solder, and it seems, solder wick.
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on April 17, 2013
A lot of these kits are over burdened with tools that you will honestly never need. I've found this to be perfect not just for fixing PCs but also for fixing up electronics in general. The Soldering Iron is cheap and without a case.

The first time I used it it looked like it was going to burst into flames before it finally settled down, and somewhat annoyed no stand came with it. The rest of the products work great.

Since it was impossible for me to find an exact list of the products here you go:
Screw driver handle with various bits
soldering iron
needle nose pliers
wire cutter
small screw driver and bits (in the blue case)
Wide tongs
narrow nosed tongs
Allen Key set
Long narrow screw driver
razor knife
Cable Cutter/crimper
various hex socket wrench bits
grabber tool
dusting brush
and last but not least the most worthless flashlight you will ever see. Seriously, take the batteries out and put them in a good flashlight you buy yourself, then take this POS and use it to play fetch with your dog..

I think I missed a few, but they are just fluff pieces I haven't had to use.

The quality of the tools are strong and durable, and the only way they could be better is if 1 of the screw drivers was magnetized to help retrieve the screws, but not the end of the world.
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on October 18, 2013
I'm taking a hardware and networking class once a week where we take apart desktops and laptops, troubleshoot problems, and then put them back together. I'm using this kit for about 3 hours per week, total, and by week 5, my ratchet screwdriver broke (the ratcheting part came apart, and it no longer holds the bits in place.) Since I only have a few weeks left in the class, I can make the other little screwdriver in the kit work, but if I had bought this because I needed to use it everyday, I would be totally upset!

Also, it could be because I just didn't pay attention to the items that were included, but I had assumed that since it came with a solder gun that it would also include solder wire. So, when I got my laptop open and was ready to solder some wires, I realized all I had in the kit was solder wick NOT solder wire. (Solder wick enables a person to desolder-- remove solder-- from something that is already soldered.)

So things I had to purchase after purchasing the kit: The flashlight is dim and cheap, so I had to buy a little LED flashlight which is much brighter. I had to also buy some wire stripper pliers (whatever the thing is that is claiming to be wire pliers in the kit is junk and cannot be used). A new ratchet screwdriver, and some wire solder. For the amount I spent supplementing and replacing my kit, I could have bought a much better kit and saved myself a couple trips to the store.
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on February 14, 2012
I have been using this kit for building and fixing computer parts since I purchased it in late December 2009 and I must say that the kit has been useful. However my biggest gripe is the metallic ball/ball bearing located in the screwdriver-to-socket adapter located on the top of the 2 way screwdriver (the one that you use to mount your torx bits). Many a time it would just fall off into the computer and I have spent considerable time to retrieve this tiny thing and retrieving this tiny thing is no easy task. Without this tiny component your screwdriver is useless. I wish Belkin would look into this and come up with a better solution. Also, in just a little over a year of using this kit the parts have started showing signs of rust. I am not sure if this is due to the climatic conditions here in India but considering the fact that most of the time the kit is sealed shut in its box I think this blame also has to go to Belkin. Due to these drawbacks I am giving only three stars. Otherwise this is a good kit and I have had fun using it.
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on November 26, 2013
I didn't expect a much different product, but some things were even cheaper that i thought. (the "flashlight" has been an ongoing joke in my small shop - it is worse than something you'd get for 25c in a four pack at a dollar store - including some cheap batteries) The tools are pretty bad - there's nothing here I expect will last beyond six months, and not even a week of real consistent work. I bought these because sometimes I do work outside of my shop, and I thought this would be an easy to grab kit. I know I am spoiled by my Wiha tools at home, but these are not something I'd give to my 12 year old if he was serious at all about the work he was doing. Fine for a grab and go, emergency only, situation - beyond that - if you use tools such as these for your work, forget it.
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on July 19, 2012
The ratchet screw driver is very poor quality. It slips, turns freely, and doesn't ratchet. I'm returning the tool kit to Amazon and I will purchase a Fellows tool kit.

I tried to contact Belkin and it was nearly impossible, as tool kits are not listed in the product menu. Therefore I couldn't continue to the next step to contact tech support. They obviously don't want us to call customer service, as no number is listed on their site. I had to call their corporate office to be transferred. By then I was so disgusted that I told them of my frustrations and that I will buy Fellows or other brands in the future.

Amazon rocks. Belkin does not.
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on August 16, 2016
This came much faster than I thought. I love the sleep black case that carries everything, things were out of place but you just easily slip them back in. The flashlight is a little flimsy, but I don't think it's entirely bad. I got this since I'm attempting to become an IT and ComptTia a+ certified.
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on April 29, 2013
I purchased this toolkit to take to work with me at a computer repair shop. There were tools there but I wanted to have my own personal set.

I will start off by saying that as others have said, the soldering iron doesn't work. I plugged it in, it heated up, and started smoking. I'm suspecting it has something to do with the synthetic wire that's inside of it running the leads to the tip. The tip, however, was removable and is a great tip to use for another soldering iron that works.

The flashlight just doesn't cut it. It barely gives any light at all and is easy to fall apart. The part that holds the battery(a pretty long slim metal rod and coil at the end) can be used for reaching things in screw holes(such as wires in the way of laptop case screws).

The other tools, however, are great. The plastic grip on the interchangeable screwdriver is great. I haven't tried the black carbon tools out yet because I really have no need for them. The exact-o-cutter works great and is very, very, very sharp. The small screwdriver/flathead with the Belkin logo on it is an okay screwdriver as well, except it lacks a good grip.

All in all, it's an okay deal for what I paid for. I was expecting more out of it though. 1 star taken away for the soldering iron and flashlight that didn't work, and one star for not having better quality tools in it, and the fact that the tools slip out so easily.
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on October 13, 2011
I bought this set for building my new computer. My boyfriend and I had a smattering of tools around, but I wanted to make certain that I had everything I would need. Who wants to stop in the middle of a build to drive out to the store and grab one specific tool? Just before I started building, I opened the case. Everything was picture perfect. I think I have used about every single on of those tools since I started. They're all quality pieces and have done everything (and a little more) that I've asked of them so far. The only thing I not a fan of it how tight the box lids are. I suppose it's good for security, but it's a little too much for me.

All in all, I would highly recommend this set.

Update (May 23, 2012):
I'm still pulling out this set for random odd jobs! Lots of "some assembly required" furniture come with little L-shaped screwdrivers, wrenches, hex-drivers, whatever. I will still pull out this set instead! I love having so many tips to choose from with the handy mini-screwdriver. Being able to change direction (in vs. out) on the fly, is awesome! And, nothing has worn down that I've seen. Everything, even the elastic holding the pieces secure, still looks brand new!
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