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on December 11, 2012
The keyboard structural quality is very good. Good feel when typing. There is an LED light indicating the keyboard is turned on. The charge cord is 5' which is pretty standard. The leather is thin and light weight which is desirable for compactness. I was really worried that the whole setup would be pretty thick and heavy. I don't want a thick heavy book to carry around or I'd just get a laptop. The letters on the keyboard keys are light gray on black. White on black would be preferable if you type by sight. If you are a tactile typist then probably not a problem. There is no place to hold a capacitive stylist which is a negative.

Belkin vs CrazyOnDigital Ionic Bluetooth Keyboard Tablet Stand
The keyboard can be removed and the viewing angle of the display adjusted to varying degrees. Adjusting the viewing angle is not possible with the Ionic which we also considered. Another differential is that with the Belkin my wife can use this as a laptop, with the Ionic, you need a flat table surface to support the display.

One important note that I've not found anywhere, even on the Belkin home page (because they don't even list this product) is that the Kindle wakes up when the folio is opened. It also happens to turn on when closed to so the intelligence is not that great but that could be a Kindle issue, not necessarily a Belkin product issue.
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on April 24, 2013
The keyboard doesn't sync with my kindle, so what's the use in having it. I am sending it back but unfortunately it's a third party seller so hopefully things will go smoothly. I wanted a replacement but amazon said they can't do that, being it's a third party seller, so buyer beware on the 3rd party sellers. I will update as soon as I get a response from this seller. I really loved the product, the style, was so excited to be let down immediately. I tried everything I knew and even looked it up on internet only to find it happens a lot to other buyers. I hope they fix the problem and I would for sure buy it and tell others about it, but we will see how this goes. I am a amazon addict and I rate as I see it. Not that I have ever took back a comment after the buyer has fixed the issue, they like myself are not perfect. If they fix the issue I fix the rating.
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on March 30, 2013
This cover is extremely awkward to use and I would have expected much more for the $100 price. It is near impossible to get to the switch and the cover design makes the Kindle very awkward and heavy even with the keyboard removed.The design joins have the look of homemade with the way the seams extend beyond the unit. I have separated the keyboard and can use it that way if I really need a separate keyboard.
I have since replaced it with another brand that is 1/5 the price regular and I got that for 1/2 off and it is much easier to use, has the on feature incorporated in the cover and the switch is also easy to access if needed. It even includes a stylus. So I found that the $10 cover was much better than the $100 cover.
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on February 4, 2013
I read the reviews before purchasing, and was hesitant but it seems about the best option available so I ordered it. AS several others noted, when the keyboard is in the Velcros, the kindle tends to tip over when in use. And the base of the Kindle is not anchored so when you use the screen taps, it pushes it till it tips over. It should have been designed so the keyboard could slide back away from the Kindle in the easel position to allow greater angle on the Kindle which would make it more secure. If you disconnect the keyboard and reattach the upper Velcros to the lower position it sits pretty well, but ut us a pain to have to disconnect the Velcro each time to use it this way. There are lots of special keys on the keyboard, but the symbols on the keys are just about impossible to see unless you are in a very brightly lit area. White symbols or back-lit keys would make it much easier to use in lower light. It did pair easily, and when set up right typing is pretty comfortable so I gave it three stars but I would be the first one to replace it if something more user friendly designer became available. Belkin must have been in a hurry to get this out for the Kindle market and didn't give it the design thought it needed.
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on May 19, 2013
Before I decided to buy the Kindly HD 8.9, I knew I would want to use it more as a notebook, and therefore, I'd need a decent keyboard. I chose this one because it included the keyboard and the case and would be very handy for traveling. It has lived up to my expectations beautifully.

The keyboard is full-sized, so I can type normally, which is important to me. It connects to the Kindly quickly and easily. The battery lasts a long time, so I don't need to even think about recharging it much -- whereas the Kindle needs to be charged frequently. The keyboard is attached to the case with velcro, so when I don't want to have the keyboard "in my way" when I'm not using it, I just remove it quickly and easily and reattach it just as easily.

The case is sturdy enough to protect my Kindle well, and yet is quite light and small. It's not too thick to slip into a bag. I can make it stand up in various positions for viewing. I find that I keep my Kindle in the case all the time, and just remove the keyboard when I don't need it for awhile.

I had a problem with the keyboard not connecting to the Kindle about a week after I got it, and I called customer service and someone walked me through a process of downloading something that corrected the problem. It just required the one call and the problem was fixed. I really appreciated that!

I would definitely buy this again, and so appreciate that it is designed just perfectly for the Kindle.
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on January 15, 2013
I only bought this because my previous case (a case made by Poetic) had a keyboard with issues. Some keys didn't work correctly so I sent it back. I bought the Belkin product because of the historical positive experience I've had with Belkin products. The keyboard feels great and is responsive, but the actual case is lackluster at best. It doesn't turn off the Kindle's screen when closed (the Poetic case did) and the design looks like someone was doing a stitching project. I actually am thinking about returning it. Also, the Poetic case used magnets to secure the keyboard inside of the case. This case has velcro, which means over time, that velcro will pick up all kind of stuff and have more and more issues being functional.
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on April 21, 2013
This is the first time I've ever left a product review, and I'm doing so because when I was trying to decide which keyboad to buy for my Kendle Fire 8.9" a review comparing keyboards would have helped me a lot. I ended up buying the Belkin after I bought the the Bear Motion. In my opinion, the Belkin is far superior. The following is a comparison:

The Belkin was a bit more difficult to pair to my Kendle, but not by much. The Bear Motion connects using a clearly marked bluetooth button located right next to the on/off switch. The Belkin's pair button is one of the keys on the keyboard, which took me a second to figure out. Then, it took me another second to figure out that you have to hold it down while your Kendle finds the keyboard, but after that, connection was simple. Both seem to remain connected without a problem.

Case Design:
The Bear Motion is much thicker than the Belkin, although it does look a bit nicer. With the Kendle inside, the Bear Motion is well over an inch thick, as thick as my laptop. The Belkin is under an inch, and fits well in my purse, making it much easier to keep with me all the time. Overall, the Belkin beats the Bear Motion in case design, with one exception. The Bear Motion puts the Kendle to sleep and wakes it up when you close and open the cover. The Belkin does not, and I wish it did.

Keyboard Design:
This is where the Belkin really stands out. The Belkin keyboad is designed like a small laptop keyboard. The key layout and distance is very similar to a laptop, with raised keys, and the keys are very responsive and easy to get used to. Obviously, the keyboard is quite a bit smaller than a normal keyboard, but it is so well designed that you hardly notice the difference. I type 80 words per minute, and the Belkin barely slows me down, despite its small size.

The Bear Motion has a very poor design, in my opinion. It wastes a bunch of space with a fake leather boarder and wrist rest, making the keys far too close together, which makes it very difficult to get used to. It slowed down my typing speed considerably. The other major problem with the Bear Motion is that the keys are not very responsive, and the spacebar practically has to be beaten in order to engage. Typing on the Bear Motion was incredibly frustrating for me because I do type fast, so having only every other letter engage, and the spacebar almost never engaging on the first attempt, made me want to throw it across the room. This was why I ended up buying the Belkin after being very dissapointed with the Bear Motion, it became almost useless to me due to the design flaws.

Overall, the Belkin is a FAR better keyboard, its only real drawback being that the case doesnt put the Kendle to sleep, and the keyboard is attached with velcro, instead of using magnets like the Bear Motion. Neither of these problems matter to me, though, when you consider the keyboard. The Belkin keyboard is so much better than the Bear Motion that those little drawbacks don't make a difference for me. I needed a keyboard so I could use my Kendle as a mini laptop that I could keep with me all the time in case I ever get a minute to work on homework. The Belkin makes that possible, the Bear Motion just made me irritated, and I will be returning it.

The Belkin is a bit more expensive but, in my opinion, it is worth it. If you want a cheap keyboard that doesn't really work that well, or if you are a "hunt and peck" typist, the Bear Motion would probably work for you. If you want a keyboard that mimics regular sized boards, that is responsive, and that you can maintain a decent typing speed on, cough up the extra money for the Beklin. It is worth it.

I hope this helped :)
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on April 1, 2013
I received this keyboard and case in the same shipment with my new Kindle Fire 8.9", and it has proved to be very handy. It is constructed well and should stand up to some abuse if need be. I had no difficulty in pairing the keyboard to the Kindle with the included instructions. Some other reviews have mentioned that opening and closing the case turns the Kindle on and off, but I have not found this to be so. The Kindle screen will go black if it is not used for some time, but it is not turned off. Perhaps that is what happened to the other reviewers.

There are some features that I wish were designed better, which is why this only gets four stars.
1). The frame that holds the Kindle should have been attached upside down (180º) from its current position. This would put the Kindle controls on the left (I don't think left or right matters much), but most importantly it would have put the recharging opening at the top of the frame instead of the bottom. As it is, the Kindle can only be charged with the case closed (which means not being able to use the Kindle at all), or while lying flat, or in portrait mode with the keyboard removed from the case entirely (two methods which WILL allow access to the Kindle). Whichever way, it was a bad design decision.
2). The keyboard is attached to the case with Velcro, but the front edges of the case tend to curl outwards slightly when not on a flat surface, or when being carried closed. Because of this, the keyboard is not as firmly attached at those two points as it should be, although the inside Velcro edges are effective enough as long as the case is not being manipulated upside down or in portrait mode when open. I have wrapped a thick rubber band around the edge of the case and the front of the keyboard to keep them from separating.
3). I am a touch-typist, but the layout of the keyboard is slightly different from my PC keyboard so I sometimes need to look for the location of a rarely-used key, and the gray lettering on the keys is difficult to see even in daylight.
4). Since the Kindle Fire's speakers are on the back of the Kindle itself (a Kindle design flaw, not Belkin's), unless the Kindle is propped up so that the stand section of the case is away from the back of the device, the speakers will be muffled. If Belkin had put cut-outs for the speakers, it would have been a better idea.

I do have one wish, which does not affect the quality or usefulness of the case: black is nice, but perhaps Belkin will come out with different colors sometime in the future.

All in all, I truly do like this keyboard case, and the second, third and fourth features that I dislike are more of an occasional minor irritation than anything, but the first issue seems to me to be rather important, and it is, to me, a major problem that Belkin needs to address.
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on May 16, 2013
This case and keyboard is okay. Yeah, that pretty much does sum it up. So what makes it just 'okay'?

The case itself is flimsy as many have said, but mine does stand up as the picture shows. The keyboard stays in the case by pieces of soft, but strong, velcro as shown in the Customer Images from C. Wollin. The rubber feet fit nicely into the spaces in the case, so the keyboard doesn't have a space between it and the case while it's stored. When you use the Kindle in Portrait, not using the Belkin keyboard, it just sticks right to the back, making it a bit awkward to hold for me at least, as I'm not accustom to holding and pressing keys while reading.

The keyboard has a on/off switch, so it won't just type away while holding and reading. However, when the keyboard is plugged in for charging, it turns on regardless of the switch position and attempts to pair with any devices known to it. This is stated in the small quick-start guide included.

My purchase did not include the USB charging cable which the page says is included, under "Bluetooth Connection for Cable-Free Operation". The keyboard has stopped working as I attempted to re-pair it with the Kindle Fire. The Kindle now says the keyboard is now not compatible. I've already sent an e-mail to the customer service of Belkin, and if/when they take care of it, my rating will be improved and will update this review as needed.


Not really sure what happen! I turned off the Bluetooth, turned it back on. The keyboard was no longer on the not compatible list. So I paired it, and it works again! I've sent the customer service an email about the situation, and the fact that the keyboard works now. One business day to hear what they say about the USB cable.
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on March 14, 2013
I bought this specifically for the keyboard. I'm picky and need them to be "just right." I searched through all of the available keyboards for the Kindle Fire HD and nearly bought a cheaper keyboard made from the same company, since this one is so high-priced. The one thing that steered me toward this one was the fact that it's made specifically for the Kindle Fire. All of the keys are relevant and useable unlike some of the other keyboards out there, and the size is really doable for my hands - medium-sized woman hands. My husband's giant hands don't have any problems typing on this, either. My favorite thing about this keyboard is that the letters and characters are where they're supposed to be, not stuffed in awkward places my hands aren't used to typing. It's a normal keyboard for the condensed size, but it's larger than most of the mini-keyboards out there. It paired super easily with the Kindle and I like the on/off switch to preserve the battery. The case is good and works for our needs in many ways. It keeps the Kindle and keyboard together when traveling and protects the Kindle, although I'd recommend sliding a cloth in between the Kindle and the keyboard to protect the screen. The case isn't flimsy, yet not super stiff. It props the Kindle up nicely and puts it at just the right angle for typing if you're sitting at a desk, but it's not lap friendly as it's not quite stiff enough. It does hold the Kindle in tightly and doesn't let it slide around. My biggest gripe is that the Kindle can only take an hour and half in the case before it heats up tremendously and starts shutting down, even with a large amount of battery life left. But, I bought this mainly for the keyboard anyways, since it had everything I need in a keyboard. I docked a star only for the overly high price and the inability to use the case for long periods of time, but overall, I'm happy with my purchase.
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