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on February 22, 2015
Belkin - you've really let me down here! I am a huge Wemo fan and evangelist - eight wall switches, six lamps controlled through the outlet and have two sensors. Then I bought three of these. My wife just smelled a burning odor and found this plug smoking in our wall. Please see photo below.

Please note that this product could have killed my children. I just feel lucky my wife found this in time. I have three of these that are now useless. Wemo/Belkin - I do expect to hear from you with a plan for taking these back. I do note additional burned plugs in other reviews and have also reported this item to the CPSC. Sigh - do not buy this.

***Update*** March 15, 2015

HOURS after I posted this review, Belkin contacted me telling me how critical it was for them to get in touch with me to rectify this. I replied immediately. Two weeks went by and I heard back from them on March 5th asking for my receipt and the photo taken of the burned Conserve Socket. I sent these to them on the same day with a request for them to contact me immediately. Amazingly, two weeks later I still have not heard back from Belkin about this. I can only surmise that I received my initial email because Belkin only cares how my review affects their sales and could not care less about nearly burning my home down with my three children inside it. For shame Belkin!! You've officially converted this Wemo evangelist into a Wemo hater.
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on March 7, 2015
I purchased this two years ago. It worked really consistently to power a Dyson AM05 Hot + Cool Fan Heater until this winter.
The time it stayed on seemed really reduced. 6 hours became 3 or less. A few weeks later I started smelling burnt plastic or burning wires.

My immediate thought was that the Dyson unit was on fire. It was not and showed no sign of any issue. I unplugged it and ran a test with another outlet without the Belkin socket. The Dyson ran fine with no odor emitted.

That's when I noticed the Belkin plug. It must have shorted out and was burning whenever I activated it. See the attached photos as both the front an rear have fire damage.

I will send it back to Belkin and see what their reply is. This is obviously a major concern.

11/2017 this was replace by Belkin at no cost and we have not had any issue with the replacement for one year so far.
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on December 30, 2014
While it works, it works fine, as stated, you can set the timer to 3 different settings of 30 mins, 3 hours or 6 hours and the unit would shut off after that time.

However, I wouldn't recommend using this with anything that draws a lot of power (a heater for example). In the manual it states this outlet can handle upwards to 1800 watt. It doesn't, and I found out the hard way.

I used this with my radiating heater. It has 2 settings, 900 watt and 1500 watt. While using this with 900 watt, it works fine. However one day I used this on the 1500 watt settings, 10 mins in, I started to smell burning plastic and saw this outlet puffing smoke.

As you can see in the photo, part of it melted. Good thing I was nearby, I wouldn't wanna imagine what would have happened if I wasn't. It was already past my 1 year warranty as this was the first time I used the max setting on that heater. But from here on I would be careful with any Belkin products that has electrical currents running through.

So, if you are using this for a lower wattage use, it's great for what it does. Just don't use it with anything that draws lots of power.
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on January 3, 2015

I goofed below. The relay IS correctly rated for 125VAC per JamesH's comment.


Discovered after a year and a half that there was some heat damage. The plug was almost fused into the thing. I use it a couple times a day to heat water (680 Watts for about 10 minutes). The result is a melted socket. (see photo). I verified that the heating was indeed due to resistance inside the unit and not the plug on the water pot. I dissected it and made another interesting discovery. The back of the unit says it is rated for 15 amps. The relay inside is a 10 amp relay. Bad stuff. Either way, I wasn't even close at about 6 Amps. Stay away from this one.

(original review)
it works and I use it for a hot water pot for tea that I used to forget to unplug. It feels well made and has worked for a year so far without problems. This device would be perfection if: 1. it had a brighter indicator light (it's very difficult to see in any ambient lighting), and 2. it could be turned off by pushing the button again. This last point is baffling. It's billed as an energy saving device, yet you can't turn the freaking thing off without letting the timer expire or unplugging it. **sigh** It's like it was conceived and physically designed in full perfection and then at the last minute handed to an engineer who spent 30 seconds thinking about how it should work before wiring it up and calling it a day.
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on December 7, 2015
I bought this product because it had such good reviews, I am so sad I couldn't give it a better review. After reading some of the other reviews, I'm just glad it didn't burn my house down. I basically used this as an extension cord for 2 months. One morning I woke up and it was just dead. All my outlets worked, the product just decided to poop out. Poor manufacturing by Belkin. Forget calling Amazon if you are past your 30 days, they will just direct you to Belkin and I've been on the phone with Belkin for nearly a half hour with someone I can barely understand and it looks like they don't care much either. SUPER POOR QUALITY.
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on December 25, 2013
At first I thought this would be exactly what I needed so I ordered one. When it arrived I plugged it in and there was no power, not even to the "always on" plugs. The circuit breaker was not tripped, so I sent it back in exchange for a new one. When the second one arrived the battery in the transmitter was dead, even though it had a plastic tab to keep the battery from being connected. I went out and bought a new battery and it worked. Then after a week I came home and found that the equipment connected to the strip was on when I thought was off. I thought I must have left it on or someone hit the switch by mistake. I tried to turn the power strip off and it would not turn off. I unplugged the unit and reset it. It would turn on but not off. Then I changed the code in the transmitter and power strip and it began working again. Then a few hours later it turned itself on again and would not shut off. It is useless to me.

This product is a great idea, and if it worked I would have loved it. It seems to have some design or manufacturing flaws, or a reliability issue. Buy at your own risk.
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on August 15, 2012
This is a cheaply made product, not up to the standards of prior Belkin purchases. Much worse is that it quit working after a few weeks. Not worth the hassle of returning. Great idea, poorly executed.

PS - It really needs 8 and 10 hour options to cover the spectrum.
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on February 5, 2012
We bought two of these to use for the computer and game room. We wanted a way to turn off the power drain when items were not in use. The remote capability of this unit seemed like just what we were looking for. The first one we bought initially seemed fine and so we bought the second one. When the second one arrived, the remote did not function at all. We did some trouble shooting and narrowed it down to the switch function just not happening. If the switch had made a good connection, everything would have worked. About that time, the first one's remote started behaving badly. The light on the switch was blinking as if a connection was constantly being made. Also, the switch started to feel a little spongy, like connections were not being firmly made.

While the surge protectors themselves may be fine, we bought these for the advertised functionality of the remote switch. We are an adult only house, no kids pushing the switches or playing with them. The switches appeared to be be very poor quality. Instead we bought the green Tripp units, which were a iittle more, but didn't have any switch to worry about.
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on June 24, 2017
I am disappointed at having to give this product one star, because it truly deserves zero stars. It is the single worst product that I have ever purchased from Amazon.

Purchased two of these in April 2015; one as a gift, one for myself. I use it to automatically shut off power to an old coffee percolator. Critical, since the coffee percolator has no auto shut off feature.

I noticed in June 2017, that the Belkin auto shut off outlet had ceased functioning properly. When set to the 3 hour setting it continued to supply power for 6 hours. I unplugged it from the wall outlet, inspected it, found it to be undamaged nor wet. I moved the switch through the available settings and plugged it back into the wall outlet. After several hours and numerous observations it became apparent that the unit had completely failed, and would function only at the 6 hour setting. Not trustworthy for a coffee percolator.

I purchased the exact same Belkin timer in June 2017, and it is defective right out of the box. It will function on the 30 minute setting and the 6 hour setting. When set to the 3 hour setting (which I normally use) it will occasionally function correctly, or it sometimes stays on for 6 hours, or not shut off at all. Absolutely undependable and unacceptable from a safety standpoint.

I will return this item to Amazon today, as I consider it a safety hazard. If you own one I would suggest never walk away from it if you are depending on it to shut off anything critical.
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on August 14, 2012
This wattmeter is physically well built, easy to read, etc. Separating the display from the receptacle is a convenient design. The device will multiply the measured power by a rate per kWH you enter and display the resulting cost per month or year. All good so far.

Unfortunately there's one major problem that makes what could have been a great product pretty annoying to use. That is the lack of any user control over how the meter averages its readings.

Some background: Either due to electrical noise or the fact that many consumer electronic devices use switch-mode power supplies that don't draw a steady current, the meter is often unable to give a stable reading. Instead, the numbers bounce all over the place. Note that *this is not a flaw - it results from the way the appliance uses power*. The Belkin handles this in the correct way - by averaging readings over a period of time - just as the power company's meter does.

The problem is that the user has no control over the period during which the average is taken. You plug the meter in, and get useless random numbers for 45 minutes (this delay time is fixed), at which point it changes to "average mode" and at last gives you the number you've been waiting for. This is fine if you want to leave one appliance plugged into it for a week and then find the average cost. But if you want to successively measure each of the components in a crowded electronics cabinet, it will take much longer than it should. Averaging over a minute or two would have been plenty to get a usable reading. So, if Belkin had chosen to let the user start and stop the averaging process, and displayed the resulting readings in watts as they converge to a constant value, this would have been a really useful device, and it would deserve five stars. As it is, many will give up before they get the information they came for.

Compounding the problem, the device *will not ever display an average* when set to display power in watts, but only when set to display energy cost or CO2 emissions! If, like me, you really want to know how much power something uses when it's active, and it's one of the many devices that the meter can't measure without averaging, here's how you can get the answer:

*** How to get a usable (short-term averaged) watt reading from the Belkin meter ***

1) Set the electricity rate in the meter to some value. What it is doesn't matter.
2) Use the meter in "cost mode", set it to display the cost per month (not year), and leave the appliance on for at least 45 minutes to get it to display an average.
3) Take the cost per month given by the Belkin meter, multiply by 1000/(R x 730), where "R" is the rate from step 1). The result is the number of watts your appliance is using. (The factor of 1000 is to convert from kilowatts to watts. 730 is the number of hours in a month.)
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