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on June 21, 2016
The Belkin Conserve socket is the surge protector that was made a decade too late imo. Many of the power saving benefits continue to be diminished as years go by due to more and more energy efficient appliances. But has a whole it still offers a form of "automation" like managing to turn on multiple appliances when the master plug is turned on i.e.: lamp + fan + desktop. Although not rated for outdoors I also tend to like it for patio light projects for festive times.

Pros: Switch is quick. Little or no lag
Cons: Energy saving benefits will depend on how you use it but plan on energy saving appliances for long term if that's your goal.
Neutral: The dark profile makes it ideal for behind the TV or outdoors but stands out a lot when plainly plugged to the fall.
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on August 17, 2010
I've been thinking about buying a controlled power strip for quite some time. Now that I have a home theater with a ton of components, with combined vampire power that is somewhat significant (standby modes must die!), it was time to take the plunge.

What do I like most about this Belkin unit? It just works. It arrives in a nondescript cardboard package with a tiny little booklet, alerting you to the fact that you can just plug this in and let it function as intended. I have my plasma TV in the control outlet, and the rest of the devices are as follows: 1) Onkyo AVR, 2) PS3, 3) XBOX, 4) Wii, 5) Subwoofer. Note: if you have a powered subwoofer, I highly recommend using the strip to control it. For whatever reason, almost all subwoofers use an inordinate amount of power when in standby mode. So, in practice: I turn the TV on and the rest of the electronics have power within 2-3 seconds. I turn the TV off and everything shuts down in about 5-6 seconds. I like the delay on shutdown. For instance, it takes a few seconds for the PS3 to completely power down. So if I forget the PS3 is not yet off and kill the TV, the delay is long enough to allow the PS3 to cycle off before cutting power. Whether intended by design or not, nice.

I looked extensively at the "Smart Strip" units also sold on Amazon before the Belkin was available. They seem like fine products, but many users complained that adjusting the sensitivity was difficult and the strip would often fail to properly determine whether the control piece of gear was on or off. As with anything, YMMV. This Belkin has no such adjustment, perhaps indicating the internal sensitivity is just better. It has worked flawlessly every time for me.

The only thing I don't like about this unit is readily apparent before buying, but just be aware: I wish it had more controlled outlets! Not a con because I bought it knowing full well its outlet capacity, but we always want more.

In conclusion, if you have a home theater, buy this strip!
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on June 16, 2012
I bought two of these energy savings outlets at different times. The first one I bought was for my home theater. I had it set up to the TV being the control device, with game consoles and Bose system as secondary. Thought it was great that all the standby lights disappeared, which meant money saved. Once I turned it back on, I discovered my stereo system did not automatically turn back on, so I have to turn that on manually each time I turn the TV on. Also if I am in the middle of a video game with no place to save and need to leave, I have to remember not to turn off the TV if I want to keep my game. If I turn off the TV, the game ends and I have to restart with the console giving me a reboot error for improper shutoff. It was frustrating a couple times, but after awhile it became routine.
The second one I bought was for my computer. I started to notice that even though my computer was idle, my monitors and computer stereo were still on. So I made the computer the control device and the monitors, stereo, and printer as secondary devices. When my computer goes on idle, everything shuts off. I did discover though, that my printer does not like that, and gives me a reboot error for improper shut down. I have to make sure that I turned off my printer manually each time I finished using it to prevent reboot errors. Easy manual workarounds to save a couple bucks each month, but thought it best to bring it up.
The product also has 2 outlets that are not tied to the primary control device so it won't shut off. This is great thinking, as I have my wireless router and VOIP router connected to the extra outlets, and I can't have then shut down every time the TV is off or computer goes idle.
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on December 26, 2014
The Belkin Conserve Power Strip does a great job helping me to conserve energy. I bought two, one for my office and one for my living room.

The office strip is great because it turns off my printer, scanner, monitor, and speakers when my laptop goes to sleep. There is one trick I want to share: if you use a port replicator, plug it into the "always on" outlet. This way you can wake up your laptop without having to open it!

The living room strip turns off the cable box, blu-ray player and two lamps to either side of the TV when I turn the TV off. Why does it control the lamps, you ask? I bought these two floor lamps at a yard sale, not realizing they were designed for a switched outlet and had no controls to turn them on or off! I had intended to use them to create a more relaxed atmosphere when watching TV, so I realized I could solve my issue by plugging them into my Belkin Conserve Power Strip. It works perfectly! I have one tip to share about this set-up: be careful about plugging your cable box into this set-up. My Verizon FIOS box seems to think that every time it turns on it is recovering from a power outage and takes several minutes connecting to the server and re-downloading stuff. It's frustrating, so you may not want to use this set-up if you have FIOS.
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on January 8, 2013
I bought this sometime ago but didn't want to go through the effort to tear apart my setup and install it. Finally I did and I am quite pleased. I am using it with a Panasonic Plasma TV and it is so far working flawlessly. It shuts off the power hungry Pioneer amp connected to it when the TV is turned off, and turns it back on when the TV is turned on. I also connected the PS3, WII and a couple other devices to it so they are not siphoning power when the television is off.

I never considered it reasonable to have to reach behind my equipment to power off the power strip when things were not in use, yet I hated the idea of all those devices siphoning power where not being used. With this I have the best of both worlds. I am doing my part to conserve power and lower my power bill, while still having the convenience I am accustomed too.

If I run into issues like others have I will update.

*** Oct 2013

It has been a year, and the strip continues to do it's job. A few seconds after I shut of the television, I hear the receiver click off. A few seconds after I turn on the TV, the receiver turns on. Very happy with the results. I need to buy more to use in other areas of my home.
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on September 22, 2011
Have used it for a short while now and it has done exactly as described. I have the TV as the control device. I then have the stereo, Wii game console and remote chargers, and DVD player synced to it to turn off when the TV is powered off. When I turn the TV off, all units, in order, stop receiving power to them, so they aren't draining energy through standby. When I turn the TV back on, they turn back on to standby mode. There is about a three second delay. Works flawlessly so far, and as described, I now can rest assured that these devices aren't sucking power for useless standby. I have the DVR hooked into the one of two untouched units, so it is unaffected by the TV. This is so that I can continue recording scheduled shows.

It looks well built, clearly marked, and easy to use. The one difference as described by others, is that it is very tall! Two inches is my guess from the side profile. This is twice as tall as the previous old style power strip. Length is the same, and it has the same space for plugs as a traditional power strip. The space issue wasn't a problem for me since it is located behind the entertainment center, but if you for whatever reason need a slim height profile, do not purchase this item. I can't really think of a reason that this would ever be needed, but just in case.

Price was high, basically three times the cost of a regular power strip. But, it also does a lot more and seems built well and works well. Besides, without many of these on the market, I'm not really sure what these should be priced as. Based on product and function, I give this five stars.
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on March 29, 2014
I use this for three personal computers. My husband and I each have one in the game room, and I also have an office I work from home at full time so I have a personal computer next to my work one.

When each PC is turned off the axillary items shut off, which are: two monitors, a lamp, iPhone charger.

This is great because my husband, as much as I love him, is forgetful and when he comes to bed he leaves everything turned on. Now with a flick of the switch, in this case the computer power button, all the stuff that no longer needs power isn't lighting up the room with various colors and the lamp isn't distracting me from sleeping.

Also, I'm not sure how recommended this is... but if you wanted to keep everything out of the way I've used double sided sticky tape to attach power cables underneath my desk so we can zip tie the cords and keep everything neat looking.
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on April 12, 2015
We purchased this in December of 2013 and it is still serving it's purpose. When we turn off our TV, this cuts the power to everything else plugged into it (except for the cable box). Energy savings stated on the box were estimated to be $67/year. Not sure of our exact savings but our bills have averaged lower overall. Cuts phantom power also.

Great purchase and we recommend it to others. Buy with confidence. Smile. Hope this is helpful!
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on July 13, 2013
I purchased this to automatically turn off my amplifier when I switch off my AV receiver. I have an Onkyo TX-NR1010 AV Receiver plugged into the strip's master outlet. I have an Adcom GFA-555II amplifier plugged into a switched outlet, and a Denon DRS-810 tape deck plugged into another switched outlet. When the AV receiver goes into hybrid standby mode, the amplifier and tape deck do not shut off. I called tech support, went through turning the AVR and power strip on and off repeatedly to allow the controller IC in the power strip to "learn" the current draw changes. I have a current meter that allows me to monitor the current drain. in standby mode the AVR draws 0.7A. When everything is on, the AVR draws 2.4A That should be a significant enough change to trigger the power strip, but alas, no luck. Tech support ended up telling me my equipment is incompatible with hteir product. Once again Belkin makes a piece of garbage that doesn't work, like the last 2 USB hubs I bought from them that disabled every device I plugged into them. End result? don't bother. Spend the extra money and get a smart strip that allows you to manually tweak the trip point for standby mode on your master device. This auto-sensing IC they use is for the birds.
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on August 26, 2010
I was really excited when I'd first seen this product prior to its release. I live in an apartment where I only pay the power utility, and I'm a heavy user of electricity with a PS3, 360, Mac Mini, PC tower, 200W stereo system and a 32" LCD television. I was really excited to get these since I don't need some of that turned on all the time but some things (like the Mac and the PC) would be useful to have on all the time.

Enter the Belkin Conserve Smart AV Energy Saving Power Strip. Does it do what it's advertised to do? Absolutely! If you've never used a master-control power strip before it may be a bit confusing to use at first, but here's the basic rundown:

There are three kinds of outlets on this thing: one master, five control and two main ("always-on") outlets. Plug the main device you would use with the other devices (in this case, my stereo, computers and gaming consoles are used when I have my television on, so I put my LCD television into the Master outlet). Then I plugged my peripherals that I only wanted to use when the television was turned on (my PS3, 360, and stereo system) into the Control outlets. Finally, I plugged my Mac and PC into the Always-On outlets at the end.

So what happens? My Mac and PC are allowed to be always-on; thus even when my TV is turned off, both my Mac and PC will backup and do whatever I told them to do (you can always just shut them down if you aren't using them, but my Mac uses next to no power and my PC normally gets shut down after use). My gaming consoles and stereo are only turned on when I turn on my television; thus my PS3 and 360 only use power when my TV is turned on (which is awesome since I have the older models that suck power!). The only one that is a bit of an outlier is my stereo, since I could technically use that even without my TV turned on by hooking up my iPod and plugging it into a normal outlet, but it's not that big of a deal.

All in all, as much as I would love one more Always-On outlet, this is a great little product. It's the same size as a normal power strip in terms of length but it's considerably thicker (it's about 2-3 inches tall). The only other slight downside is if you have some weird-shaped power plugs they might not all fit well on this because, like a normal power strip, it's pretty tight in space. However, I still noticed a difference (a couple of bucks lower) in my power bill after setting this up with my main electronics setup, so I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good power-saving option.
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