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on May 23, 2014
I bought this "Conserve Socket / Timed Outlet" primarily to prevent trickle/overcharging my cell phone. This isn't a HUGE deal with batteries being the way they are these days, but typically it is not a great idea to just leave your phone charging and charging and charging after it is already fully charged. It is a less efficient way to charge your battery and get the most life cycles out of it. This device allows you to set a timer that will automatically turn off power to that device/charger after 30mins, 3hrs or 6hrs.

Ideally you should unplug your phone once it is fully charge and try not to charge it again until it is between 40-80% full. However, many of us are in the habit of leaving our phones plugged in when we go to bed. So they get charged to 100% and the power stays on. Then the battery loses JUST a little bit of its juice before the charger kicks in again. This happens all through the night and has the drawback of 1) wasting your electricity and 2) reducing the total number of recharge cycles your battery will likely handle. This won't necessarily have an immediate impact of how much of a charge your battery will hold over time (referred to as memory), but it will mean that you will need to replace your battery sooner because it just won't charge very well after a while.

With this adapter, you basically:
- Plug your device/charge into this outlet
- Set how long you want it to charge for (30mins, 3hrs, 6hrs)
- IMPORTANT: Press the "Start" button to start the timer and allow current to get to your device/charger
- After the specified time runs out, the outlet kills power to that device/charger.

It is very simple to use and is very affordable. Surely it will save you its cost in power savings before you know it.

Things to be aware of:
- It IS NOT a surge protector, but can be used with one
- You need to press the 'Start" button to initiate charging, so the Conserve Socket needs to be somewhat accessible - not behind a bed or something.

Here is a link to a much more in-depth article about batteries and how they relate to charging your devices:
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on March 4, 2015
This is actually a random buy that ended up surprising me. There are a couple areas of our house where light switches cross, so some lights remain on potentially for days without our knowledge. In our workout room I ended up installing drop lights and connected them to this timer. Now, we never have to worry about lights remaining on AND I can time my workouts by how many times I push the button.

I think another one will be required in our kitchen for the under cabinet lights which get left on all the time... and then for my workshop or on the workbench since I often run in and out with my arms loaded, and end up returning later that night just to check the lights.

All these locations have waist or higher outlets so provide easy switch access. I do not think it would be beneficial if one needs to get down by the floor simply to use the timer function.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon June 7, 2015
This is a great device because it is simple to use, looks great, and has a few options for customizing how it works. Essentially, all you do is plug it into a/c socket, and then plug whatever device you want to auto-shut-off directly into the device's plug. You flip the switch for 30-minutes, 2 hours, or 2 hours (why is there no 1-hour setting, however? weird), then push the little grenn button on the top to start the power flowing. When the device reaches your designated time, it just turns off the power. No clicks, clacks, or other mechanical noises, it just turns off. So, if you have, say, a reading light by your bed, and you keep falling asleep with it on, this little device will take care of it for you. A great item, and I'll probably order another for a second location in the house. Five stars.
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VINE VOICEon July 1, 2014
While this one only has three time options (1/2 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours), it's very easy to use and not too large (on a wall socket you can fit that other plug, on a power strip probably not).

I use it for my humidifier in my bedroom. I have it set to 3 hours, and every night before bed I push the little button; this means it will run for 3 hours, then turn off. This makes a HUGE difference (I live in Utah) and means I don't need to worry about turning it off.

My sister has a heating blanket that can easily accidentally be turned on, so she uses the Belkin plug for insurance that it will turn off and stay off once she leaves the couch.

Now, I've used a similar product with fine pin adjustments (like this Mechanical Outlet Timer), and I have to say those are really nice because you can not only set things to turn off, but to turn on again (e.g. set a heating blanket to be on when you are going to bed and when you wake up in the morning). But for some things, it's probably safer to make the conscious decision to turn on the plug. Also the pin ones tend to make noise and this one is completely silent.

There are so many more potential uses for outlets like this. Don't we live in a fun time?
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on September 7, 2016
Excellent idea for a wall outlet timer. I use the 30 minute timer for a small fan for my shower. Unfortunately my master bathroom does not have an exhaust fan to prevent moisture build up that promotes mildew and mold growth so for a long temporary measure I am using the 30 minute timer to set a small fan aimed at my shower to dry up the standing water in the shower to prevent mold from forming. Works great! Just press the button on this timer and it will turn off after the selected time. No need to unplug the device or reset anything. When you need to start the timer again just press the button. Couldn't be easier.
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on June 18, 2016
I didn't know such a thing existed and was really happy to come across this. I bought 2 units - one for my desk and one for my living room A/V setup, and so far they've been great. The best part is the timer feature. It's not adjustable (11 hours I think - targeting office workers), but I typically turn it off manually when leaving anyway. The bonus is that if you go to work or go on vacation and forget, you don't have to worry. I read some negative reviews on this site, but I can't recall the reasons behind them, so I was a little concerned but with few other options out there like this, I figured why not try it. So far I've had no issues, and it is solid, heavy-duty feeling, and the switch and timer functions work as stated.

One caution is if you have any devices that take a while to boot after the power has been off (cable box or possibly a smart TV), then you might find it annoying if you have to wait.
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on October 7, 2016
In my ceaseless effort to save money on electricity, I was looking for a way to kill power to my desktop and monitor while keeping the router alive. This surge protector does exactly that. I looked into the automatic ones, but it seemed like too many moving parts, and many people reported that after awhile the automatic outlets just quit working. The remote is great, and I used the adhesive to mount it to the side of the desktop so that when I want to use it, I switch it on, and when I'm done and shut it down, I switch it off. Six is the perfect amount of outlets for a desktop, monitor, and two printers (and there are still two more if I want to use powered speakers, a SATA port, or whatever). Definitely recommend this for saving electricity!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 1, 2013
I started using timers in the garage to control the portable tool battery chargers back in the old NiCad days. Overcharging just destroyed those batteries (and it's not too good on the lithium batteries, either). So I'd set a mechanical timer to a few hours, and walk away. That way we could charge a bank of batteries with a control on each charger.

When I moved to 18v lithium tools, i got these electronic timers. I have found them ideal for this purpose. I use mostly Milwaukee red lithium 18v systems, so the built-in battery charge indicator is a pretty good indicator of the amount of charging required: i've found that the smaller red lithium batteries require about 30 min for a half charge, the bigger red lithium battery packs require 1-2 hours for a full change, and so forth. This Belkin allows me to time the charge accordingly. 3 hours is more than enough time for Milwaukee battery packs, and yet not too much overcharge.

These chargers are also useful for charging acid battery packs which are from my experience very sensitive to overcharging. I use these Belkin timers to charge the batteries on my Currie e_bikes - just set the timer, plug in the charger, and walk away. Full charge takes about 6 hours.

I have had 3 of these for several years, and use them with power strips in the garage. They seem to work fine for my applications. Recommended.
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on May 3, 2016
This is perfect if you always forget to unplug your electronic devices or turn it off when leaving the house. Belkin's energy-saving outlet has 3 pre-sets you can select from (half hr, 3 hrs or 6 hrs) so it shuts off after that set time. The downside is that it doesn't have other pre-sets or you can't program them in. I personally use 3 hours. It's a good mid-way option. They ship fast and deliver on time. For the amount of money you pay, I say it's pretty worthwhile. Belkin products are generally durable and I've had mine for 5 years now.
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on May 26, 2015
This item has been absolutely invaluable to me. I bought it to use specifically with my flat iron as I can't tell you how many times I have left the house, and accidentally left my flat iron plugged in, and on. Not only have I left my flat iron on, but it has also burnt part of my dresser and a piece of clothing that was accidentally left under it! After this happened, I knew I had to buy something to solve this issue, as I was scared one day I would come home to a fire in my house. In my research, I came across this Belkin item, and let me tell you, my problem has been solved. This item has worked wonderfully in the THREE years that I have owned it, and has not only allowed me piece of mind in knowing that I won't be burning my house down, but to continue to use my beloved flat iron.

There are three settings on it, ½ hour, 3 hours, and six hours. I personally keep it plugged in at all times and on the half an hour setting. All I have to do when I want to use my flat iron, is press the button on the top. The light turns green to let you know that it has turned on, and then when it turns off, the light goes away to alert you that it is turning off. I can use my item, and then walk away even before it turns off, knowing that it will automatically shut off on its own.

I would absolutely recommend this item to anyone, as it has worked great for me :)
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