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on January 12, 2012
My old computer is limping and sputtering to its final end, but I have just been DREADING trying to transfer all of my stuff to a new computer. I've got backup and Carbonite, but jeez - this is daunting. It was almost easier when my last computer crashed and I just had to rebuild my files!

Belkin truly softened the trauma of the deed. Although I need to reload programs, all pictures, files, music and data breezed right on over to the new computer with relative ease. I kept checking; I couldn't believe it was THIS easy. The only sound was me holding my breath.

And, through Amazon, the cable and software are $20 cheaper than through Dell.

Maybe next time, all I'll have to do is connect a cable and even the programs will show up. We're getting there.

Man, when did my computer become such a big darn deal in my life?

Update: Last night I finished installing the programs and zap! all of my data was there - complete, where it should be and in the right folders. Even my little yellow sub cursor app is back swimming on my new computer. This transfer cable and software does EXACTLY what I hoped it would. Woo hoo!
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Like most things computer, I think the performance of this product really depends on the technical level of the user, the amount and type of data to be transferred, and the age of the computers involved. I myself have taken college level computer courses and sat for cert tests, so I'm not a beginner. My data was about 80GB total, mostly photos, word and excel files, and email. Where I got tripped up was, my old computer was a seven year old, partially functioning Dell. Because the CD drive was malfunctioning, I couldn't use the included CD to load the driver software. Once I got the software from the Belkin website, I was able to get some semblance of activity, but no actual working connection until I juggled USB ports on the old computer. Once connected, there were lots of connectivity error messages on both computers. Before the actual transfer of data started, I got a blue screen of death on the old computer and "lost connection" on the new. After a reboot and a reconnection, I was finally able to start the transfer. It took over six full hours. (!) I thought that was ridiculous for the amount of data involved. Happily, it seems all my data and settings were accurately and completely transferred, and once I got my programs installed, everything looked, felt, and worked the way it did on my old computer. Inexplicably, several folders of compressed files had multiple copies of files, adding about 10GB of data overall and cluttering up twenty or so folders. (I suppose having extra data is better than missing some data, though.)

Was the end result worth it? That's really hard to say. I feel like if I had tried another method (big USB flash drive, or maybe a transfer to/from a separate hard disk) the whole process might have been less time intensive, but probably would have required more work. I'm also not sure about moving settings, email preferences, and things like that. My guess is that if my old computer had not been so old and could have loaded the driver software more readily, things might have gone more smoothly. Then again, for the amount and type of data transferred, I don't think it should have been as time intensive and the results should have been better. For the price and (relative) ease, this cable was not a bad option, and I think if I don't wait seven years until my next computer upgrade, this is the way to go. It seems obvious, however, that this cable is not going to be a practical solution for all computers, data loads, and users. If you have moderate data demands and younger computers, of if you just don't know a thing about computers, I'd say this is a good choice for data transfer. If you have a large quantity of diverse data or older computers, and you know the difference between an application and an icon, you may do better with some other data transfer method.
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on May 14, 2011
Well, as some other reviewers indicated, it takes multiple times for this to work. I would say third time's the charm. The first two times, both computers sat like they were paralyzed. No lights flashed, nothing. And I kept getting multiple Smart Ram error messages on my old machine. Ended up rebooting both machines twice. Then I did what I should have done before I started and ran some diagnostics and corrective procedures on my five year old laptop that has been a bit quirky lately.

After that, everything was pretty simple. Fortunately I read the instructions first. The CD included with the cable made installation of the needed software on the old computer a breeze. Followed the onscreen instructions, and the third attempt went very smoothly, with visible signs of movement, and a bar indicating about how long it was going to take. Actual transfer time was 60-90 minutes for about 14 gb of files and user info.

I don't like that you did not see what was being transferred until after it was done. And some things were transferred unnecessarily. It loaded a Corel folder into Programs, but of course did not transfer the corresponding software for me to run WordPerfect. I guess that's actually minor. It did transfer my ITunes. Transferred today's Webshots wallpaper to my desktop, but did not transfer my Webshots photo files, which I accumulated over many years.

So, some little minor glitches but I think overall it worked better than I might have hoped. I'm pleased that I bought it, it made what could have been a very stressful procedure fairly simple.
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It wasn't so long ago that the transfer of data from your old computer to your new one was an expensive, quirky and time consuming undertaking.

You had two choices - either pay someone to it or buy a "buggy" and
over priced software program.

Regardless of your computer "savvy" this little wonder is absolutely effortless to use.

1) Insert the CD

2) Follow the completely non technical prompts

3) Connect one USB end of the cable to you old computer

4) Connect the other USB end to your new computer

5) Select what you want to transfer and viola!

remember only files, photographs, images, video can be transferred. Programs cannot be transferred.

You'll be hard pressed to find an easier, faster and affordable way to transfer the files you need to your new computer.

It's dazzling, effortless technology.

The price on Amazon can't be beat. Plus it's prime eligible so two day shipping is 100% free.

A brilliant product that does exactly what it claims.
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on January 6, 2014
I'm very satisfied with the transfer cable. It made the transfer of getting the old windows 7 laptop to the new windows 7 desktop computer a pleasure. Cable was long enough to connect both computers with no stress on the cord. Transfer time took approximately 1.5 hours to transfer 200 GB. Very good information to set up and complete the transfer. I was a little concerned as my old laptop was already set for windows 7, but the directions were for a windows XP or Vista to be converted to a windows 7 on the old laptop, then it would transfer to the new windows 7 desktop. Installed disc to old laptop, anyway, and proceeded following the directions "on screen" and transfer was made flawlessly. Make sure you set up your old computer first before transferring to the new one. Very pleased. Definitely worth the money spent.
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on April 2, 2012
I bought this when I purchased a new laptop and needed to transfer information from my old one to it. Included in the package was a CD that had the program to use for transferring. If I ever feel like I need clarification, I won't hesitate to read the directions, but this seemed pretty self explanatory to me. Hooked it up, ran the CD on my old laptop, clicked the button to start the transfer, then sat back and let it do its thing. So it was pretty simple to use, but I still knocked off two stars for the following reasons:

It took FOREVER to transfer. Realistically, it was more like several hours (3-4), but I was transferring maybe 400gb. I didn't think it'd take that long, but I'm not sure if this is normal.

It didn't transfer everything. The last time I did a laptop-laptop transfer (with a different cord and program), everything was transferred. It was like having my old laptop in my new one. That didn't happen this time around, but again, I'm not sure if it was because of this product or maybe something with Windows 7. It did give me a list of things that weren't transferred over and I was instructed to just re-download them. For the most part that wasn't a problem, but there were a few programs where I wasn't able to do that without purchasing them again, and I didn't want to do that.

Most importantly, it didn't transfer the way I thought it would. I thought everything that was in my old Program Files would just be moved over to the same directory on my new laptop. That didn't happen. Instead, it created a new directory (Program Filesx86). I'm not sure why it did this, but now when I download stuff, it'll default to that one and I have to keep redirecting it. I just wanted one folder named Program Files, not two. I'm not sure how to fix that since I can't delete the new one it created.

If you're looking for an easy transfer method and don't have much to pull over from one computer to the next, this one should be right up your alley. Just bear in mind it'll probably take a while for the transfer to complete, it may not transfer all your files as advertised, and it may create a new directory instead of transferring it to the location you thought it would.
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on February 18, 2013
I moved about 85GB of files from an XP computer to a new Win7 computer, but not without some problems. Windows Easy Transfer kept crashing on the XP computer, to the point where I was thinking that the cable was a waste of money and I would have to use flash drives. Finally, I went to the Win7 computer and opened My Network or whatever it is called in Win7 to see if I could see the XP computer and perhaps use the cable and Windows Explorer to move files. As soon as I did that, the Win 7 computer downloaded some files, and all of a sudden everything worked, and the files started flowing, but fairly slowly. Best time to do a transfer like this is overnight. I suspect that the problem arose because I had installed Easy Transfer on my XP machine before buying the cable, and the version on the included CD may have been an older one which overwrrote the installed one. The other lesson here is to have internet working on the Win7 machine before you start the transfer.

Also, I was a little concerned about the warning that Windows Easy Transfer would not move programs. My concern was that it would automatically exclude .EXE files, but that turned out not to be true. This is a good thing, since I keep some program files in places other than the Program Files folder on my computer. I did have to use the advanced options in order to designate specific folders to come over, but I could have brought everything in Program Files over if I wanted to. What the warning really means is that Easy Transfer will not register program files on the new computer. So it is perfectly OK to bring over simple applications which do not scatter .DLLs and controls all over Windows/System32, but anything which needs to be registered in order to know where its various components are, or in order to become the default handler for a certain file type should be installed from CDs or downloads on the Win7 computer.
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on May 15, 2011
First, it's a bargain online, even with shipping, compared with the $49.95 retail price at stores like Best Buy.
Fairly simple instructions, and comes with a CD and user pamphlet. As was the case in other reviews I read, mine did not function on the first attempt--you have to stick with it, and try again. My second attempt was successful. Be prepared: depending on your USB data rate and the size of your transfers (mine was 48 GB) it may take overnight or longer to complete your files transfer. Mine took approximately 20 hours. But it did transfer all my files, video clips, photos, documents, bookmarks,and even old Outlook Express e-mails. The old e-mails transferred in a .dbx format, so I had to import them into Windows Live e-mail to be able to read them--worked like a champ!
Well worth the approximate cost of $25, including shipping, for this device.
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on August 11, 2010
There is nothing wrong with this product, but transferring your data from a Windows XP computer to a Windows 7 computer is not easy. You must install the transfer software on the XP-SP3 computer, and I had to do several cleanup exercises to get it to install. Once installed, the software would not run on the old computer, and I finally found some instructions on the web that explained how to make some registry changes to allow the software to run on the old PC. After about 3 hours of researching, cleaning, and modifying the registry on the old PC, I got it to run, and everything worked well from there.

Again, nothing is wrong with this product, this is more of a Microsoft issue than a Belkin issue. The Belkin product worked well once I got through all the "old PC" issues.
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on April 26, 2011
I invariably lose data when I get a new computer, so when I saw this I thought there might be hope for technology challenged me. Wow--just plug this into the old computer, and it seamlessly transfers your data. If you need updates to your old computer, it installs those for you before transferring. You have the option to pick and choose just which items are transferred, if you like, and it does only take a few minutes and you're good to go. I transferred from a Windows Vista to Windows 7 with no problems whatsoever. Highly, highly recommended!
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