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on March 27, 2015
Doing some reading and researching back in October 2014 I came across the 25ft Belkin High-Speed Internet Modem Cable which suited my needs and so I bought it. Am 55yrs old now and am expecting the Belkin Modem Cable to outlast my lifetime because in my opinion it’s an exceptional data signal transfer device. Its wire and parts design includes dual tough double layer insulated sheaths one silver within and the second a transparent insulation surrounding the outside. The silver insulation obviously is capable of deflecting, reducing and eliminating outside signal interference the transparent insulation reduces tangling and twisting therefore this particular data cable connected from the phone jack to the modem provides the exact reliable physical and smooth signal transfer service required.

~Some Background~ § For the past ten years I've had Digital Subscription Line internet (DSL) combined with 23 years of phone line service but in late 2014 due to the rising costs of internet service and in particular absurd increases in phone line maintenance fees I in turn cut off the phone service and switched to a more suited pay as needed cell plan. § Living in Chicago I discovered internet monthly service costs are generally compatible across the spectrum of company’s so decided to stay with the same Internet Service Provider (ISP). Due to terminating my old phone line I was required to upgrade to the newer service named the Atypical DSL+2 internet subscription plan (ADSL+2) which also required a Uverse modem; to my surprise the modem was supplied free of charge. Anyway, the Uverse modem was designed to accommodate “triple signals” through the broadband service that is ~ a phone line, the internet and the Uverse TV service simply via the my ole’ phone jack nonetheless, my interest was strictly oriented on reconnecting the Express 1.5MB internet service I preciously had and nothing more. § Due to my apartment floor plan the phone jack and PC sit around 20 feet apart so I connected two internet data cables one 15ft grey and one green via a commercial cable extension adaptor which I used throughout my ten years of internet service. § The Technician who came that day back in late 2014 to reconfigure the outdoor and indoor interface wiring in addition to installing the new Uverse modem strongly suggested I eliminate the poorly extended internet data cable scheme (he was the first tech in ten years to ever mention and denounce this type of signal connection system). § His suggestion was to obtain a longer one piece internet data cable which would optimize signal transfer by significantly reducing air wave electrical interference and the adaptor signal transfer losses which result from commercial signal extension adaptors. § It was a great eye opening discussion because it was the motivation I needed to do the right thing and obtain the proper ADSL+2 modem data cable and length required. § There are many brands and choses out there but am certainly glad to have chosen the 25ft Belkin ADSL+2 High Speed modem data cable. I strongly believe the Belkin Modem Cable through personal inspection was constructed to endure with proper use a reliably long life through its superior design and parts quality; thanks for reading.
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on March 18, 2013
I used this cable to replace the infamous GREEN cable that comes with the ATT Uverse modem. This particular green cable is not a regular phone cable, although it does look like it with RJ-11 inputs at either end. Rather both the green cable and this Belkin cable are CAT5 cable with RJ-11 ends. This allows you to perfectly replace the short 5 foot green cable with this 25footer! I have absolutely no issues with my connection with this cable. It is a little more difficult to get out of the UVERSE modem than a regular phone cable or the green cable...but it's not a big deal....just a little more finicky. Other than this, it's perfect! Buy it if only to replace the hideous green color.
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on February 8, 2015
I was having an issue with my wifi kicking me off on my laptop and my dvr not being able to access on demand until I bought this and hooked it up to my router. I was able to put the router next to the dvr and hook it in directly. I really didn't think it would make a difference since the wiring of my house is ancient but it seems to help with the signal reaching my laptop but I have not had an issue since.
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on January 5, 2015
My parents would always say, if you have something bad to say, say nothing. I have no respect for Comcast nor Cox, probably one in the same. A little hesitant to switch to DSL through a phone line, but this switch was well worth it. I could have used a wireless connection but did not want to sacrifice speed nor privacy. Hence, the Belkin. This cable is double shielded.......meaning no loss of signal and no outside electro-magnetic interference. Since the installation using this Belkin, absolutely no problems and the internet speed in out of this world. DSL technology has been improved over the last 5-10 years and other internet/tv providers are giving those other "numb-skulls" a run for their money, especially in the area of customer service. Not a lot a money for a superior signal and that's what you want from the jump. My parents had another saying " buy cheap, be cheap is what you will get.........cheap.
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on April 1, 2015
Excellent product!! I had kept losing my internet connection receiving error messages. Since I replaced the AT&T line from the wall to my modem all of the interruptions have ceased. I purchased this product for 11.98 on here. It has increased greatly since then so there may be cheaper alternatives that are of good quality. And I suspect when they have more inventory than they would like the price will diminish again. This has been a great purchase for me eliminating internet interruptions. No more worrying I can't access the internet. By the way, the product feels so durable. I have a feeling it will last me a long time. Very good purchase. I wish I could be so complimentary about every purchase I make off Amazon.
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on March 10, 2017
This is a very high quality, well made cable.
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on December 27, 2011
This is a RJ11 DSL Modem cable Not an RJ45 CAT5 network cable.
This cable is used to connect a DSL Modem to the isolated( hopefully) wall phone jack.
This is not the cable used to connect the modem to the PC.
The cable the DSL "tech" used in my initial installation was poor quality, it had bad locking clips and was too short. The Belkin cable gave me the extra length I needed and it locks into the connectors securely.
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on October 26, 2015
This cable changed the reception from poor to very good. Prior to using this product the quality of my TV was very poor, I was not able to use the wireless function and wired the entire house to the modem. I received better TV but was still having a problem with low signal quality. The problem was the reception from my phone jack to the modem was very poor because the Rj11 cable was old and was affecting the performance of the router This cable improved everything
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on October 29, 2014
I rarely leave reviews. This is one of those cases in which I do. I need to move my ATT wireless modem. I had read several reviews that this was way faster than the "green cable that ATT provides you" It might be per distance, but I bought this one, measured the speed and it went down by a factor of around two. Just to make sure I did several tests. So, no, I have a 18 Mbits/sec and this dropped my connection to about 6. With the (shorter, admittedly) green cable from ATT I measured 16Mbits/sec (I have a plan that i supposed to have 18Mbits/sec). So 100Mbits my ass.
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on July 27, 2015
Great cable. Consistent high speed and solid connection. This is the best investment I've made in my internet service. For a fraction of one month's bill, this improved my connection and speed.
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