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on November 4, 2012
I'm not a huge review writer, but this product and the support provided by Belkin warrants some comments.

I originally purchased this around February 2012. The product failed within the first 30 days while being hooked up to my computer and a TV. There was no smoke or surge - it simply shut off and never turned on again. No fuses tripped within my home... something apparently just shorted out inside the unit.

I did a simple exchange with amazon and received unit #2. This one worked until this week when the same thing happened. Powers down and never provides power again. I know amazon no longer will be able to aid me in the process but I know there is also a manufacture warranty.

I visit Belkin.com and find the warranty page. They have a process similar to Amazon which allows them to ship you the new product, then you return the defective one to them once the new one is received. I'm thinking this is great... nice and easy like amazon. So I type in the model number (BE-112234-10), select defective product, and click next. At this point it wants my shipping and billing information. I understand they will want they billing details as they need to have someone to charge in the event I do not return the product.. okay, no problem.

So far there has been no mention about how shipping charges are covered (both return shipping and new product shipping). This is obviously a huge part of the equation for a $25.00 product and I assume it will be covered eventually once they provide some actual dollar figures about what I will be charged if I don't return the bad one. So I click next after filling in my shipping/billing details... and... Surprise! You have been charged $64.99+ tax for a total of $69.80. It allows me to print a shipping label which is basically just their address and nothing is prepaid. So now I am annoyed. They have charged me $70 dollars and I have to pay to ship the item back. They couldn't highlight EITHER of those two points before charging me?

So I check my email for an order number so I can contact them to get this straightened out. No email. Fantastic. No record of a transaction except them telling me I'm getting charged.

So I contact CitiBank (my credit card) to notify them of a probable dispute at this point... and they tell me the actual charge was $80.30. So not only did Belkin deceptively charge my credit card but they charged it for more than the stated amount. I am assuming the extra is for the shipping to send me the new one. So they want me to pay $10 dollars to ship the product to them, $10 dollars to ship me a new one... wait... the math is starting to fail here. This product varies from $18 to $25 here on Amazon.

Anyway, short version: product failed twice (which to me warrants the one star review alone), Belkin customer service then provides the trifecta of failure. I'd buy a new one from amazon but at this point I don't really want to give Belkin even a dollar.

**Review update 1 month later -
After my initial issue, I emailed Belkin support to notify them of the issue and request the order cancelled. Five days later I received a response that appeared to be written by an actual person (versus an automated reply) that stated

"Thank you for contacting Belkin Technical Support.

In response to your query, I understand that you have experienced issues while filling the replacement form, you have been charged $69.80 for the replacement and $20 for the shipment.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused. I will certainly help you with this.

It seems that you have been charged $20.00 for shipment and you haven't received about the status of your order. I do understand how you feel from your end. Please call our customer support department during business hours"

So that was great. I try to call their customer service. Excessive hold times killed my lunch hour so I give up and instead notify UPS that I am refusing delivery of the package. So they reroute the shipment back to Belkin. I assume all is well - until today... a month later.. They charged me again. No words. I never received anything and tracking shows it was returned to their docks almost a month ago, yet they charge me. How is this a major company.
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on August 3, 2012
I bought this product last year from Amazon for a home theater system based on the largely favorable reviews. Two weeks ago lightning hit a tree near the house, traveled down the trunk and entered the house wiring. We had a JBL Home Theater System (7 speakers + subwoofer), a Panasonic Blu-ray player, and a Pioneer receiver, all new, plugged into our Belkin surge protector. It was grounded and operating properly according to its lights. Nevertheless, all components were damaged beyond use.

All of this prompted me to do some research. The real news: none of Belkin's products, or other similar surge protectors, can protect electronic equipment during a catastrophic surge, such as that caused by a close lightning strike. They just aren't designed to do that. For them to have a chance to do their job, you need a whole house surge protector wired into your exterior electrical service (where the meter is and the power enters your house from the grid). Such a protector, properly connected by an electrician, will dissipate 85-90% of the initial surge from a lightning strike, and allow a Belkin-type protector, if good enough, to do its intended job. Belkin doesn't tell you that, but leads you to believe that it doesn't matter, because they give you a "$200,000 Connected Equipment Warranty" for this model. So you're still okay after a lightning strike that fries your expensive equipment, right? Wrong!

If you read the fine print on the warranty claim form, you are screwed from the minute you depend on Belkin for protection. First, they require you to mail them your surge protector, at your expense. Once it is out of your hands, and in theirs, you have no control over what they may claim about whether it did its job or was properly installed. They demand to know if you have renter's or homeowners insurance, and if so, what your deductible is (meaning, they'll only pay the deductible at most); whether you've filed a claim and if so, what the claim number is and who the insurance agent is with contact information; if you haven't filed a claim, the reason for your failure to do (meaning, if you don't care enough about your stuff to file an insurance claim, you're sure not going to see a penny from us). And now, the kicker: they reserve the right to have you mail them all of the equipment you are claiming is damaged--at YOUR expense and with ABSOLUTELY NO GUARANTEE that either you'll get it back or that they'll give you one red cent even after they receive your damaged equipment. And if they do deny your claim after all of this, your only resort is to sue them, and the amount of damages claimed may exceed the limits for small claims court in your state (meaning you'll have to hire a lawyer--have you priced one lately?) This is absolutely nothing but a SCAM based on false advertising, designed to give the consumer a false sense of security. Belkin might as well be located in remote Siberia and have no financial assets. I seriously doubt that the company has EVER paid a claim under their so-called warranty. Do yourself a favor. First, get yourself a whole-house surge protector, and then, protect all of your electronic equipment (including appliances) with appropriately scaled surge protectors from Monoprice. Their quality is well-known, their prices the lowest for the amount of protection you receive, their advertising largely word-of-mouth, and they make no ridiculous claims about what their products can't possibly do in order to lure you to waste your money.
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on September 14, 2010
I had a power surge in my house. The only thing items that got damaged were the ones on this surge protector. It made loud pops, smoked, and arced until I unplugged it. I called file a claim but the policy is such that

1) you only get reimbursed for the value you could resell your damaged products before the damage occurred
2) you have to go to a repair store (lugging your tv and electronics) and pay the repair store to give you a quote ($40 fee) just to have a chance at a refund
3) you have to pay to mail back your surge protector
4) Belkin may request you to mail your damaged devices for them to check at your own cost (seriously, mail my dead tv?!?)

After multiple phone calls with Belkin (whose customer service is polite), I've come to the following conclusions. This is a scam. The $5 surge protectors did their job. My laptops were fine. The expensive surge protector made a mess, let my equipment get toasted and resulted in a lot of hassle that didn't even help me get a replacement tv.

I wouldn't recommend this to an enemy!
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on January 13, 2016
It caught on fire and burned my carpet, but it didn't burn the whole house down since I was sitting right next to it.
review image
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on February 25, 2010
For this item, BE112234-10 (10ft/3m Cord), the box has these Technical Specifications:

Continuous Duty Electrical Rating:

Maximum Energy Dissipation:
4156 Joules
H-N: 2052 Joules
H-G: 972 Joules
N-G: 972 Joules
Phone Line: 160J
Joule is a measurement o fenergy a surge protector component can absorb. A higher joule rating reflects higher-quality surge protection and longer product life.

Maximum Spike Current:
H-N: 120,000A
H-G: 48,000A
N-G: 48,000A
Maximum spike current is measured by amperage. Higher amperage rating reflects greater absorption capacity against lightning or sudden dramatic power spikes.

UL Clamping Voltage (3-Line):
UL 1449 330V

Response Time: <1 Nanosecond
A rating of <1 nanosecond indicates a response time to prevent disturbances before harming equipment is less than 1 billionth of a second.

EMI/RFI Noise Filtration:
150kHz~100Mhz up to 75 dB Reduction
Electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference causes AC-line contamination that leads to computer lockups, audio video interference, and data loss. The greater the decibel reduction across a wider frequency range, the greater the clean protection.

Product Features (on the back of the box):
-Includes Belkin Lifetime Product Warranty
-Features detachable clip to help you manage and hide multiple cables
-Offers secure wall-mount option for added convenience
-Protects electronics such as telephones and DSL/cable lines
-Provides 1-in, 1-out coaxial-cable protection for your home-theater equipment
-Features 1-in, 1-out RJ45 ports to protect your Ethernet connections

EDIT: Here's a photo of the box and back of product showing clamping voltage as 330V for BE112234-10.
review imagereview image
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on October 19, 2016
Disappointed that this offers little to no protection...only plus is 8 outlets on a switch. The one i have allow numerous plugs to melt into it without shutting off....
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 7, 2015
I really do not plug anything directly into a wall socket anymore. I have a full house surge suppressor and a house that was built in this century but I really like the additional security of using surge protectors. One critical item for me is that the surge protectors are UL certified to meet their 1449 standards. I am too concerned about fire hazards to use any surge strips that are not UL certified. I trust the Belkin brand which has the UL seal on the bottom.

Belkin is the brand that I have throughout most of my house. I like the flat grey style with varied outlet spacing which permits easy insertion of adapters. They all have a sturdy, thick cord which is available in various lengths.

The older models that I have mostly include the coaxial and telephone protector feature. I find that I don’t use either at all and was happy to see that I can now purchase this streamlined version that just gives me outlet protection.

I have never had a Belkin surge protector stop working for me. Fortunately, I have never had a major surge that destroyed any of them either. I do appreciate the convenient on/off switch and light since it makes it easy for me to turn them off when there is a major electrical storm or when I am away. This Belkin eight outlet protector with an eight foot cord meets my needs in a number of areas.
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on April 5, 2017
I was in the need of a surge protector for my PC and TV, used this thing for 5 months and everything was fine, suddenly it started to having a strong burning smell coming from the device, I can't trust this device anymore can't keep using it to protect my PC and TV with that burning smell, contacted Amazon Support and Belking Support but they want me to pay for the shipping of sending it back in order to honor the warranty, I'm living in Venezuela and the cost of the shipping for me is bigger than the item itself I told them this option won't work for me, but they told me it's the only way, I have to send it back and pay for the shipping of the damaged device, I can't recommend this thing if you plan to protect your electronic devices, it's just a nice looking outlet power strip, nothing else. Very disappointed what a waste of money and time.
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on September 12, 2017
I bought this to consolidate a pair of 6-outlet surge protectors behind my entertainment area. I don't really have much heavy duty stuff there: cable modem, router, TV, subwoofer, soundbar, PlayStation 3. I turned off the old surge protectors and started plugging in equipment one-by-one into this new Belkin surge protector that I just had taken out of the box. I think the PlayStation 3 was last to go in. Not sure what exactly happened, but plugging it in killed the power supply unit on the PlayStation 3. Now it won't even enter standby mode.

I contacted Belkin about this and they want me to ship out the surge protector to see if there are any signs of internal damage with the surge protector before they reimburse me. Since the surge protector is still working and there was no power surge event of any sort, I'm sure they will deny the claim (and I'll be out the shipping costs both ways). You can tell their "lifetime" warranty is a joke because it says right on their website that "lifetime warranty" is a subjective term and to them it only means for the natural life of the product, or about 5 years. Ridiculous.
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on July 27, 2016
I bought ten of these for our church network, primarily because of the Ethernet port. It works fine with some PC's but others do not like it all, with LAN connectivity being severely hampered. I tested the continuity of the Ethernet port and found that only lines 1, 2, 3, and 6 connect. The other 4 lines do not connect through. They were all the same, so it was not a random quality problem. I contacted Belkin support but they were clueless. Even the third tech did not understand what the Ethernet port was supposed to do, they kept asking me about my modem. My guess is that some network cards find 4 lines okay while others do not. The photo shows the continuity test results. When I perform the same test on a different brand of Ethernet port protector, for example the APC PNET1GB, all 8 lines are connected.
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