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on January 15, 2016
I love these. I use them on cords all over the house, both those in use and stored. They come with the fuzzy Velcro material the length of one side, and the hooks on an inch on the end of the other side. I just wrap them tightly around the cord until the hook material is in the right place. It's not a difficult concept. If the Velcro hooks ran the length of the other side, it would probably be very difficult to remove the tie when you needed to.

They're tough - in four years I've never had any wear out or fall apart, and some of them get pulled apart over and over when I need to lengthen or shorten a cord. My iPod dock, for instance: some days I put it on the kitchen counter, next to an outlet, while I'm cooking, and I use a tie to shorten the cord. Other times I bring it into a room with me as I work, and I take the tie off so that I can plug the cord in further from an outlet. I've never had a problem despite all the wrapping and unwrapping of cords.

I've accumulated more electronic devices with cords, so I'm ordering another set. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you buy these. They make my life much neater and less tangled.
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on October 19, 2014
Of all the Cables Ties we've used, tried to use and thrown away, these are the best for keeping Cables manageable for Meetings on the Go! Whether coiling LAN Cables, Mic or HDMI Cables - Really helps in overall organization of Meeting A/V Gear! A few lose their sewn on black tabs but only when a heavy handed User gets carried away. Otherwise, these will last and last unless they get misplaced. Too short for Electrical Extension cords.

Would like to have these Velcro Ties with ability to place on a Cable and stay there whether tied or not but no so yet. A Removable Zip Tie would be great but have not seen what we need yet that's better than these Velcro Ties.
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on June 4, 2014
These are the typical hook and loop solution. They are mostly loop, and towards the end there is a 1" piece of loop sewn on. I found this to be rather stiff and didn't readily bend to conform to the cables I was wrapping. 8" is a nice length, but much longer than what I needed, so I ended up wrapping around a few times before trying to close it. You could probably cut an end off, but I like longer ties, as it seems I'm constantly moving things around and I get very frustrated when I find something a few inches short. If the 1" hook part were not as stiff I'd give it the extra star.
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on January 11, 2018
Looked for these locally but couldn’t find them. So much nicer than the cheap ones with Velcro over the entire length. Easy to use and most importantly easy to remove. They’re a bit pricey but they work.
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on November 3, 2013
The only thing I wish these had was some means to loop through, so that they could be attached securely to one end of the cable. Otherwise I just wrap one end around the cable and staple the two ends together, and now it's "permanently" tethered to one end.

I guess the only other downside might be that the option to purchase a single colour was not available. What if you want to have only one colour for your cables, so that they don't end up being in your partner's case? And I suppose the colours could've been brighter.

But they do look nice, and there's plenty of length to handle just about any normal length of cable being wrapped up.
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on October 26, 2015
This is awkward when wrapping small bundles of cables. Because one side of the tie doesn't have velcro until the end, you have to wrap it around the cable many times, and you still might not get it well secured. A much better product is
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on February 9, 2016
I bought these to clean up my various cables around the home, but found them utterly lacking. THe velcro came off far too easily, and the black tags at the end made labeling difficult. I ended up buying ColorYourLife 20 PCS Reusable Fastening Velcro Cable Ties with Microfiber Cloth in Retail Packaging -7" (Black+White) instead, and it has worked far better for me. I left a review for them as well.

You can find far better products for a similar price than these. I wouldn't waste my time.
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on December 11, 2013
Same review from me as for the Case Logic Cable Ties. These are fine, but because they're only grippy on about an inch at the end, they really only work well on larger cables, like power cords and ethernet cables, etc. I wanted them to wrap up all the little headphone and micro usb cables that I have cluttering my backpack. And these definitely are not good for those size cables. The colors are nice and will help you corral cables at your desk.
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on January 19, 2013
Don't spend a lot of money. Buy these easy to use velcro cable tie wraps that allow you to use and reuse over and over again Comes in multiple color pack (for that color coding you want to do). Remember these aren't just for cables. I've used them to hold shelves together for extra support! These really stay stuck together! I've chained a few together for a bigger project I needed help together. A must have in any household.
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on January 31, 2014
The product works great but after doing a little more research I found that you can get 100 Velcro cable ties for about $7. With these, you're basically paying for the little Belkin label that is sewn on. Just do an Amazon search for Velcro Reusable Self-Gripping Cable Ties.

I don't recommend this product unless you absolutely only need 5 of them and want a brand name sewn on. They did work great but just not worth it to me compared to other options on Amazon.
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