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on June 2, 2016
Fits and works great. Doesn't lift off your head at speed. I find the visor of little use, it tends to hit the bridge of your nose at times. The pit boss does not work well with goggles, the strap tends to sit too high or too low in the back which pulls the goggle too high or low. Motorcycle glasses work much better.
Worked flawlessly in a 30mph lay down crash. Did not feel any impact but could hear it scraping against the pavement. The ear flaps did not scrape. Very tough, thought it would have shown more damage.
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on June 23, 2015
Generally a very nice helmet. I've owned Bell helmets for years and trust the brand. I have four complaints, though:
1. The smoked visor is really awful. It's hazy and if the sun hits it from the side, it becomes nearly impossible to see through (much like a hazy windshield in your car when the morning sun hits it). I cleaned it carefully and examined it - I don't see anything to explain the lack of clarity other than manufacturing defect or poor quality. I ordered a clear visor and am very happy with it - I use it with sun glasses so I don't really miss the smoked visor too much.
2. The visor rests on the bridge of my nose when it's down and if I push it up a little, it drops back down. This can get very uncomfortable. I can't tilt the helmet back enough to make it clear because of the adjuster and the design of the rear of the helmet. I may take my Dremel tool to it to raise the nose notch up a bit, but out of the box, it doesn't fit as well.
3. Reference #2 - It may be the shape of my head, but the padding in the lower edge of the rear of the helmet protrudes quite a bit into the space where your head goes. Combined with the adjuster, it makes the helmet difficult to wear comfortably for me. The back of my head is fairly straight down to my neck, meaning that the protrusion presses against the back of my neck, forcing the front of the helmet down. If you have a bulbous rear skull, this would probably fit really well. I may experiment with removing the adjuster and see if that helps. I've got it run all the way out and it's 'acceptable', but doesn't allow me to change the position of the helmet during a long ride to relieve the pressure on my neck. Lifting up presses harder on my neck. Pushing down on the front presses the front down over my eyebrows uncomfortably and makes use of the visor impossible due to #2.
4. The ear cups in the zip-on insert for a helmet headset are a nice touch, but tend to put the speakers slightly too low for my head and they aren't adjustable. I have to put on my helmet then press the pouches up a bit so that the sound is playing into my ears instead of below them. Again, it's probably got to do with where my ears are on my head, but the lack of adjustability is a bit of an issue for me.

All of that said, I still like the helmet for the most part. I think some of the problems I have relate to the DOT specifications as I have another more traditional helmet that has the same issue with the back of the helmet. The government, as always, mandates that things meet a one-shape-fits-all protection, which just doesn't really work if you aren't the one shape they mandate! The only other thing that I wish was that Bell had a summer insert for the speakers. The one that comes with the helmet is fairly heavy and insulated which will be nice in cooler weather. But if I want to talk on the phone or listen to the radio in the summer through the headset, I tend to sweat quite a bit due to the heavier insulation. Perhaps I'll have someone make one that can zip into the existing zipper and only provide the ear cups portion for the summer.

EDIT - 2/23/2017 - Ok - I've been using this helmet now for a year and a half and I've decided to give this helmet another star. Here's why:

- Even though in the original review I mentioned possibly removing the adjuster, I did not realize until recently that the adjustment mechanism is removable without damaging the helmet. It actually snaps right out - this is a very good thing for my head shape. The adjustment system is probably great for a lot of folks, but it pushes the helmet forward on my head to the point where the visor presses against my nose. I got around this by buying a sheet of 1/2 thick high-density foam that I put in the top inside of the helmet, but it was never really satisfactory. When I took the adjuster out (just follow the side straps under the liner and give them a good pull - they'll unsnap - then do the same on the main piece in the back), suddenly the helmet fits perfectly and the visor sits nice and straight and doesn't hit my nose. If you're having problems with the visor, you probably have the same problem I do. Just remove the adjuster! If you're careful, it will snap back in without problems, so you can try it both ways. Also, you might want to note that there are several adjustment holes in there, so you may be able to readjust the position of the adjuster to make it fit you better.

- Unless it's Winter, don't bother with the pouches for the speakers. I switched to a half-helmet headset for my Harley iMC Motorcom HS-H140P Half-Helmet and Helmetless Headset for 7 Pin Harley Davidson Audio Systems and during the months when it's too warm for that neck curtain, this is probably the best solution.

I have added some pictures that show the removed adjuster, where you can see the snaps that it connects with. Also, a picture of the snap holes in the rear of the inside and one of the adjuster holes on the side under the liner. Note that the side snaps are way up under the liner - just follow the side strap for the adjuster and you'll find them.

I like this helmet enough that I am going to purchase a second one for my wife, now that I know more about it. I still have to mark it down for the included visor and no summer version of the headphone curtain - I would still prefer that to wearing an external headset, but those are minor items that don't detract much for an otherwise excellent product that lives up to the Bell name.
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on March 21, 2017
Size is a bit small. I would consider myself a small/medium and this medium just barely fits. I know they need to be snug and I have probably been wearing my other helmet too loose but I just couldn't get over the pressure at my temples. I am a 55 cm head and I would be at the top end for fitting into this helmet. I ended up returning it and ordered a different helmet because I thought going up to a large and using the adjustable band wouldn't be the best thing to do to get a comfortable fit. So, if you are normally a medium, I would order the large. Pros: adjustable band, removeable neck, earphone pockets, attractive (I ordered camo design), nice shape (don't look like a mushroom head), retractable visor. Cons: on the small size, visor can hit bridge of nose, hot/sweaty with no airflow, default visor is a smokey color and I would have preferred clear. Overall it is attractive but I couldn't get over the sizing issue, hotness (I live in Florida), and visor.
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on March 19, 2017
I was very excited about receiving this helmet, but unfortunately am returning it. The helmet sits on my head securely and feels good. But when I put it on and lower the shield, it does not center on my nose. The left eye of the shield hits my nose. I don't have this problem with other helmets I own with shields. This helmet could just be defective. It could be the inside of the helmet is twisted. My helmet is a 3XL.
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on December 6, 2016
Was looking to replace a helmet that was on my head when I was hit by a car while riding my motorcycle. The helmet that hit the pavement was a Scorpion, which was a comfortable enough helmet, had the flip down visor and did the job protecting my head during the accident. My only complaint about that helmet was that is was a bit heavy, and that the way it fit my head caused excessive head wobble from wind. After shopping around for a replacement helmet I decided on this Bell Pit Boss. It is lightweight, fits great and does not cause head wobble. Additionally the easily adjustable ratchet band gives you a custom fit every time you put it on.
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on March 6, 2017
A bit tight. Bell claims the mushroom look is not there, however I disagree. Wound up going with a "sons of anarchy" style. Quickly shipped though, and arrived in great condition.
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on March 8, 2017
great helmet so far. bought it as a replacement to a stolen pit boss carbon fiber that was awesome too. The red stripe looks pink compared to my bike but it is a great helmet.
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on March 7, 2017
The Great Gazoo
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on March 22, 2017
My husband loves it and it fits perfectly.
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on March 1, 2017
Great adjustable fit. The built in shades work great!
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