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Color: Solid Matte Black|Size: Large|Change
Price:$249.95+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on May 19, 2015
Awesome helmet once you get used to it. Find some goggles that fit right with it and BOOM! Looks legit and no air gets in. Fits my Sena 20S perfectly too.
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on December 26, 2013
had the unfortunate event of getting into a motorcycle accident. Nothing terrible, most severe injury was a broken scaphoid. In the moment of the accident a million things run through your head, I was conscious of all possible dangers like the impact, where my body was going, where my bike was going, is the truck behind me going to stop in time. But the most relevant to this review was 'is my head going to slam into the asphalt or the cars around me'. unfortunately it did slam into the ground. I am a former Marine and am very accustomed to wearing helmets and the feeling of objects hitting it, it was never a comfortable feeling. However as my head hit the asphalt there was almost a very comforting thought that ran through, it was almost 'springy' and not dramatically so that I get whiplash, just enough to where it wasn't a bad experience. I know this might sound weird but considering I might have suffered a TBI, I feel like this helmet did its job very well. I didn't hit the face guard though and wouldn't expect it to do much protection against impact due to the fact that it is flimsy, but might have protected from road rash to the face. It does however do great for that annoying rock bee dirt or any other random flying object that will hit you in the face. Plus it looks awesome, like your about to go kick down doors, the looks you get with this helmet is priceless. Great helmet! Safe riding!
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on May 22, 2016
This is a great helmet, it makes riding my harley davidson dyna bob with a helmet look cool. It also muffles the really loud exhaust note so it doesn't bother me. HIghly recommend. I ordered the shiny black, but received the matte, in hindsight that was a good mistake because the matte looks really mean.
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on August 10, 2015
I'm loving this helmet. As a Harley rider, I've always worn a half helmet, but with getting older and having kids now, decided I wanted a little more protection. This helmet is a perfect combination of safety and "looking cool". The other huge bonus is the decrease in wind buffeting. With the half helmet, by 50 mph my head would start getting buffeted around, even with a windshield. Not so with this. Even up into the 80+ mph range, the wind passes easily around. Definitely glad to have made this purchase.
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on December 17, 2014
I must admit, at first this helmet felt huge, ungainly, and heavy. By the end of my second ride my body had become accustomed to it. Now my other helmets feel so lightweight and flimsy that I don't trust them anymore. I locked my front brakes up on loose gravel and took flight off the bike and over the handlebars, I hit the ground and threw myself into a roll. I don't want to imagine what would have happened if not for this helmet.

It is a comfortable fit once I got used to the bulk of it which took me two rides, I cannot comment on the face mask part as I have not really used it. Bottom line I trust this helmet to comfortably protect my grey matter in style.
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on April 29, 2014
I received my helmet way before i thought i would get it, the way to measure your head for size they have posted was right on the mark, the only down fall helmet appears a bit smaller looking in photo then when you get it but its DOT so should have expected that it would be thick and the face piece fits really nice without the insert, with the insert kinda uncomfortable on the bridge of my nose, will have to play with it a bit see if i can get it to fit a bit better with the insert in. Over all really sharp looking helmet and good in between style from a open face an enclosed helmet but still get that open feel.
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on January 29, 2017
Lets say at the beginning i was a little sceptical to order a helmet in the USA to ship to italy! But after i bought it everything went the right way. In only 5 days after ordering the helmet arrived. I did not have to do anything for customs clearance. UPS carrier did it all for me. Amazing! Incredibely fantastic. Therefore the dealer of the helmet in America was very kind and answered to all of my questions. Thanks a lot to them!!! The helmet is great and very comfortable to wear. This is the helmet i was looking for. Great balance between quality and price. I recommend to all custom bike drivers!
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on August 3, 2015
Not impressed with design or function. I bought into the hype that this was a really cool, new helmet. As a half helmet with no mask it's functional, but not optimal.

The rear collar area catches the wind horribly and makes it hard to turn my head at speed, a safety issue. Above 65mph the wind pressure inside the helmet is significant and very distracting, again due to the rear padding/collar I believe. The helmet also will pull straight up from all the wind it catches and dig the chin strap into your neck. The chin strap is ridiculously, insanely, unnecessarily long. Seriously, unless you're Herman Munster with a face 3' long you're going to have a ton of slack and there is no built in way to shorten it.

The facemask is not at all comfortable or easy to put on. It rubs the bridge of the nose when riding, painfully so at speed, and you can't put the helmet on with the mask in place so you have to fumble the thing into place after. Also equally annoying to have to take the mask off when removing the helmet.

Overall NOT worth the money. Many better, more economical options out there. I would not recommend. After 3 rides you can find my helmet on craigslist in the near future.
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on May 31, 2015
I had been looking for a new helmet to wear during a hot humid summer. I had a full face that was working, but as the days became more humid there just was not enough air in there to make the ride enjoyable. So the search began. I looked all over the place. I was not a huge fan of the 3/4 open face helmets and the true 1/2 helmets seem to be pulled back by the wind and apply pressure on my throat.
The moment I spied this helmet I was in. Hook, line, and sinker I had to have it. There was too many pro's on why I should have it. I haven't seen anyone else with it which was a huge plus. The real deal was that it combines a lot of awesome things from so many helmets. The protection level of a 1/2 , the comfort of a 3/4, and it's own type of style.
The front piece coming on and off was awesome. I read in some reviews that people have to take it entirely off to put the helmet on and take it off. In my case, this is not true. I just undo one side and it comes on and off with ease. The looks I get riding around the city are awesome. This one of a kind helmet flows so well with my Breakout. People cant help but stop and stare.
All in all I am very very happy with this helmet. The sizing was true. I used a fabric measuring tape and got my size then ordered based off the chart. I have Prime so it came very quickly. I ripped it out of the box and had to immediately go for a ride. I noticed when I put it on the first time the front side on top was a little abrasive. Right where the removable liner and the actual helmet meet it is rough, but I pulled the liner down just a little bit further and that fixed that issue. The air flow through the helmet was good. Very little drag on the head. Now all I need to do is get some speakers to put in there and get lost and find my soul.
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on December 15, 2015
Fit was perfect, the muzzle makes cold riding much more enjoyable, and its a very comfortable helmet.

Update: I've had this helmet for 2 years now. I commute to work 8 months out of the year, 30 miles each way, 5 days a week. The helmet is still in great shape and as comfortable as it was when new.
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