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on November 3, 2013
Jessica and Mason will capture your heart in this book. Jessica manages to escape an evil Vampire only to find herself drawn to another Vampire. Mason finds himself beginning to care very deeply for Jessica but he doesn't want her to choose to live in his world, if that truly isn't what she wants. This story is a journey of these two people learning to trust and love again. Jessica has to overcome the scars of her past for these two to have a future together. Mason wants Jessica very much but it has to be on his terms. This story is emotional, sexy and will make you want to alternate between laughing and crying at times. Their chemistry is undeniable and I guarantee you will love this story and read it again and again.. HEA
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on October 9, 2009
I finished this book last night. Stayed up past the time I should have gone to bed but I had to know how the story ended. I wish I could have written this last night so I didn't have a day of work to dull the joy of the story. First I have to say that I thought Ms. Hill was going to drive me to sexual frustration with this story. I think this the first book that she has written that the hero and heroine don't claim each other until so close to the end of the book. However, there is so much sexual tension that I would squirm in my seat wanting to find a release for all the energy. I also have to say that this story is now at the top of my list of all time favorite books. Of course there are a lot of Ms. Hill's books in that category. I will also mention that there is a definite BDSM theme to this book and there are flashes of violence against the main female character so this book isn't going to be for everyone.

I have wanted Mason's story since you first mentioned him. He has intrigued me as much as Lady Lyssa and Lady Danny. Ms. Hill definitely didn't disappoint me. Mason's restraint and caring around Jessica melted my heart but there were times I wanted to shake him until his teeth rattled, much as Lady Lyssa and Jessica probably did. He is such a wonderful hero especially for his faults. He cares so much but there is a dangerous air to him that I wouldn't want to cross too much. I cried for his loss of Farida. I am not sure I wouldn't have done the same to her family and people if I had been in the same situation. Finally I will always have a soft spot for a Dominant male that is so confident and loving. They just make me HOT. I also was angry over the loss of his horse in such a brutal and unfeeling way. I love animals and it hurts me to see one tortured and killed.

Now for Jessica. She is such a brave and wounded soul. I so rooted for her to recover and see that not all vampires were like what she had been exposed to for five years. She is bright and intelligent and I could see why Mason was so attracted to her. I so enjoyed watching her bloom under his care. There were times I wished I could have held her and told her that she would get better and be able to face life again. I know she will be one of my favorite heroines for a long time.

I was also glad to see Lady Lyssa, Jacob, Lady Danny and Dev show up. I was excited about meeting Jacob and Lady Lyssa's son. I am sure he is going to be a handful when he is older. I have to wonder what this trio of mated pairs will be up to in the future. I am not sure the vampire world will survive with their stodgy ideals in tact if and/or when this groups decides things need to change. LOL

Beloved Vampire is such a wonderful book I know I am going to have to re-read it again soon. I love this series so much and I am now looking forward to Gideon's story with bated breath.
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on January 11, 2014
This is the love story between Vampire Lord Mason and Jessica Tyson the abused servant of a vampire. It is an erotic story with strong flavors of BDSM but it is also romantic and beautifully told.

I really enjoy this author's style of writing and I like how she managed in this story to include characters from previous books in the series. Lord Mason and Jessica were both well drawm characters but it was Jessica, the fragile and abused human who learnt to trust and heal in the very capable hands of Lord Mason. A keeper for me.
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on April 27, 2015
I admit it, I Don't like paranormal books. That being said, this book was recommended by several Joey Hill fans.

Joey is my all time favorite author, so I decided to dip into the paranormal waters & see for myself why everyone loves Lord Mason. If anyone would have told me that a Vampire would become one of my favorite book boyfriends, I would have laughed at them! But that's exactly what happened. Beloved Vampire is a beautiful, touching love story. The love that Mason has for his Jessica is so beautiful & soul touching, I actually teared up on more than one occasion.

I have read all of Joey's contemporary books & Beloved Vampire just proves to me that her talent is limitless. I urge you to read her books. Mirror of My Soul & Rough Canvas are truly Masterpieces. Her male characters are Pure Alpha & her females are strong.

Her books have a special place on my bookshelf & I own many of them in kindle form too. If you're looking for an author who writes books that will touch your soul & stay with you long after you've finished reading them, please try some of Joey's books. You won't be disappointed.
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on October 9, 2009
First, I must say I have been a Joey Hill fan for a few years now. I started with "The Vampire Queen's Servant" and instantly fell in love with each character and Hill's ability to deliver such a powerfully romantic storyline where the women are predominantly.....well, the dominating ones. I love how fearless she is and how she never skimps on any of the saucy details while ACTUALLY telling a great story.

That being said.... this particular installation of the Vampire Queen Series blew me away. I HIGHLY recommend reading the series in order but Beloved Vampire is definitely one to look forward to. The story is touching and romantic, and the love scenes....well, they are SO much more than just love scenes. You get plenty of background on each character so when things do get steamy....holy wow. Hill has this amazing ability to suck you into an intimate scene, seduce you with descriptions of unbelievable eroticism, taking your fantasies to places you've never imagined on your own...

This one is HOTT....I was shocked at times, heartbroken at others but mostly drooling over each and every page of this book. Most of Hill's books have had a similar effect but this one I could hardly resist licking the damn cover at times. ;-)

I must warn you though, there is a lot of heavy BDSM and some memory flashbacks that can and will ignite feelings of anger and fear but the relationship between the main characters is honestly relayed in a way that can be admired. For those of you looking for a typical "Fabio", kissy-smoochy, floral romance....look elsewhere. I for one....LOVED this book and can't wait for Ms. Hill to add more to this series.
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Jess was stolen by a corrupt and cruel vampire 5 yrs ago. Forced to do unspeakable things and endure horrible torture she is quite traumatized. The only thing that got her through these five years is a diary she found depicting the love and life of Farida and Mason. When opportunity presents itself Jess is able to kill the cruel vampire that had held her hostage for so long. Wanting to complete one thing before she dies she heads to the Sahara to see Farida's burial site. On her deathbed from killing her previous master she makes it to Farida's eternal resting place. What she didn't expect to find was Mason and the fact he is a vampire. Unable to let her go Mason mark's her as his servant in order to grant her a chance at a real life. Flashing back in forth between Farida's journal and Jess' POV this is an incredible story of love lost and new love beginning. Understandably Jess has a hard time accepting what a severant life is suppose to be and that most vampires are not abusive. Being an erotic novel, it isn't what i expected, the erotica parts is mostly hearing what Jess went through and what Mason wants to do with her. There aren't that many scenes with Jess and Mason actually together having sex. Not to say that it isn't sexy as hell, just in different ways.
I loved this book, loved the journey Jess and Mason went through. There were also apperances of Lyssa & Jacob and Dev & Danny.
Highly reccomend this novel
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on November 22, 2014
Love this series! I can't get enough! I can always tell when I love a book, because I dream about it that night and add my own stories to the plot. Joey H. Hill always pushes my boundaries but also makes me think. Yes, they are amazingly sensual books but the stories are well written and the sex adds to instead of detracts from the story.
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on November 29, 2009
Jessica is on a journey to her death, following the tale of true love to its final resting place. She escaped a master vampire and only wants to die in the presence of the beauty that died so long ago for love.
Mason watches as a strange woman defends his dead beloved. He may be a vampire, but something calls out for him to save the girl.

Can the two over come Jessica's fear of vampires and Mason's fear of losing another love? Will the vampire world allow it?

Beloved Vampire is spectacular is all it's raw glory. I loved Vampire's Claim and hoped that Beloved Vampire would be just as good and Joey W. Hill did not disappoint. To tell you the truth, for me, Beloved Vampire was even better. It starts with such heartbreak and loss. Jessica is so strong and she doesn't even know it. Mason is just as lost as Jessica. They need each other to become whole again. The passion and sensuality are all there in Beloved Vampire but it is so much more. It is really about the strength of character to survive hell.

Ms. Hill weaves the world of BDSM into the mastery of vampire life so effortlessly, it's like they were fated to be together. It is nice to see such a domineering character's love for his submissive. Beloved Vampire shows the beauty of a true D/s relationship in a way I would like to see more of in stories.

The beauty of Jessica and Mason in Beloved Vampire is just cause to Joyfully Recommended that everyone read this tale of life, love and overcoming one of the biggest obstacles, yourself.

Reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
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on March 23, 2012
This book like the entire Vampire Queens series takes you to the very core of emotions and simmers in the seductive bed that is Dominance and submission. Joey W. Hill really does take the physical and emotional content and collides them together making a raw landscape of darkness that you can smell, see, hear and NEARLY touch. There are very few people that can delve so deeply into the core that is Dominance and submission yet make there words so compelling that even the most vanilla person would find this book more then rewarding in a plethora of ways. Do not by any means think this is just another tacky romance novel... This book takes the reader to the darkest recesses of the soul and not only shows them the light but the darkness that so few of us know exists and even fewer live. READ THIS BOOK in short.... and let yourself be taken in by the raw beauty that is Beloved Vampire.
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on August 7, 2011
I started with book 1 and haven't been able to stop reading. It's easy at first to flinch a little at the world Joey Hill has created, but as I read through book 1 and the following books in the series, the world we're introduced to and the relationships in it become about so much more than they initially seem.

I love each book for different reasons, but this one really stands out for me. Having both characters, Lord Mason and Jessica, struggle to overcome pasts of horrible heartbreak and even worse torture, made their story together all the more powerful. The quick flashbacks Jessica has of the abuse she suffered were at times hard to read, but seeing her character grow from beginning to end was amazing.

I couldn't put the book down. The whole series has completely sucked me in, and I can't wait to start the next book!
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