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on December 8, 2015
This is my first projector and I'm really happy with it. I can't believe what I've been missing out on. The picture is fantastic, even the black levels in darker type movies are great. We have been using it for movies, TV shows and video games with a lag noticed with fast pace gaming. I got carried away with all the reviews and comparisons out there on different projectors. They pretty much all have good reviews, just pick one and roll with it. I was torn between this one and the HT3050($999), I decided to save $200 and do not regret it. If the picture is off a little I'd never know looks every bit as good as my 46" tv and probably better. We are using it with the factory default vivid mode and like it the best. It is lightweight, small and looks nice. I was going to go with the BenQ 1070 to start with but I figured I'd spend a little more and get a newer model to help with resale down the road.

I have 7 foot ceilings so I made my own mount to put it basically directly against the ceiling. The image is just a hair below the centerline of the lens(when mounted upside down) and can be adjusted farther down. I was worried I wouldn't be able to put the screen as high as I wanted but it worked out well. I bought an Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 Series, 110" screen SB110WH2($259), really nice screen by the way. I've added a picture so you can see roughly how high the screen is and how the projector is mounted(picture taken right after screen/projector was mounted,wires and sound system not dealt with yet) I used 1/2" thick by 2 1/2" wide aluminum bars, 18" long to reach over 16" on center floor joist's. I did have to machine some areas because there are some plastic sections that protrude down on the bottom of the projector. I also removed the rear adjustable feet and the pad from the front foot so the 1/2 thick mount would seat against the ceiling. Honestly a good hard 1/2" thick wood could be used for a more easily made really is light. I mounted the projector to the mounts then the mounts to the ceiling. I'm mounted about 9.5 feet from the screen and I did add about 3/32 worth of shim between the back legs of the mount and the ceiling to bring the image up just a little more. It did not affect the image squareness and helped get the screen a little closer to the ceiling. I did not use any keystone adjustment.
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on September 6, 2016
I'll avoid going into some of the technical details covered by other reviewers and just tell you my story. I was looking for a projector that could be used for my daughter’s birthday party, and as one of the final pieces in my garage makeover, I decided to dive into the mind-numbing research of projectors.

As someone that has never owned a projector, I really didn't need the top of the line AV line but did want 1080P with low lag and a self-powered USB outlet so I could run a streaming stick anywhere I could find power, outside our inside. It turns out the $600.00 - $1000.00 segment of projectors is quite busy with competing offers from BenQ, Optoma, Emerson etc. pitching different perks like DLP, 3D Ready, Native 3D, MHL, powered USB, Glass Lense, Aspect ratios, Brightness etc. All of these seem to be spread out over many many models, some of which classify themselves as "Home Theatre", and others that are "Office. There is also throw distance which covers short throw, long throw, and not listed which seems to be in the middle.

It was a daunting new world. For me I broke it down to what I wanted. Normal throw, higher brightness, 1080P, with awesome reviews. After many, many videos on youtube and spending way too much time on AV forums I narrowed down the playing field to DLP because LCD seems to have much less vibrancy in the picture side by side with all the screenshots I had seen. This left a few players and their versions, which can be confusing because Amazon and the vendors sell older and newer versions of the same product side by side.
I settled on either Ben Q, 1070, 2050, 3050 or Optoma HD141X, HD142X, HD27. The forums tried to push me higher up the chain but for my needs these were the right options. 3D, DLP, 1080P, powered USB, great picture, good battery life. Check.

The BenQ versions seemed to edge out the Optoma versions at nearly every review. While some of the Optomas where less expensive in the hundred to two hundred range and had some awesome features like Native 3D, high resolutions, better specs it seemed that out of the box the BenQ has the edge with amazing quality.

In the end, the price different was only negligible between the older W1070 to the HT2050 and the 3050 differences of the two didn’t wow anyone enough to recommend so I went with the 2050.

Now, how did it work? Out of the box on an Elite Screens 120” It looks amazing. Even considering I am using a Roku streaming stick and the default was 720P, I was impressed, and then overjoyed when I say MLB live with the 1080P turned on. I will leave the spec-head comments to other reviewers and just say that the picture is bright and clear, responds well and is very impressive to everyone that has seen it running in my blacked out garage. No rainbows for me!

Oh, you may be wondering about how light effects the picture. When sunlight hits the screen it dulls it considerably, but when I turn on the garage light I can still see a very good picture. I will say that for the best possible picture try to limit any ambient​ light. Also, this thing gets hot so a portable AC or fan may be needed in small places with little ventilation.

If your story is like mine know that I spent quite a bit of time reviewing and weighing the benefits of many similar projectors and ended up with this one as my choice, maybe you will do the same.
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on May 1, 2016
I researched projectors for months. I ended buying this Benq HT2050. It is great. First it is a lot quieter than a lot of other projectors. Installation is straight forward with good amount of adjustment ability. There is a chart for distance to screen size, it is not accurate. I had it mounted 155" from my 120" screen and I barely had to do any adjustments. Gets ready in seconds. Picture quality is very good and 3D movies come to life with it. The native speakers are nice, but I have it hooked to Sony STR-DH520 with 7.1. The only inconvenience is that I have to mute the native speakers or there is noticeable echo. It is hooked to Xbox as well and there is no lag at all.
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on May 28, 2016
Bought this a month ago and the bulb made a loud pop and no more picture. It's a shame, I like the picture and features, but I only have 40 hours and the bulb popped already. Will submit a warranty claim and update with how that goes
Edit: made a warranty claim, they paid for shipping and it took 3 days to repair and hey shipped it back to me. Hopefully, it will be fine this time with a new bulb

Edit2: projector came back, remounted and it's working. Hopefully I'm set for a while

Edit3: bulb popped again. This happens when watching 3D movies. Very disappointed

Edit4: benq is sending me a new projector. Fantastic customer support.
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on April 21, 2016
Amazing projector! Within the last few months I went from a UC40 (too dim and washed out), to an Optima HD26 (bright, clear image but very washed out and dull colors) and finally to this projector. Kept the UC40 because its more of a toy than a serious projector, HD26 was returned and finally after my search and hands on experience, I'll be keeping the BenQ HT2050.

In comparison to the HD26 I find this projector to be wayyy ahead in term of overall image quality. This projector is very bright, no real noticeable difference in brightness compared to the HD26 even with the difference in lumens. The colors are insanely better and really pop. Infact, in terms of color: this projector defaults into vivid mode with has a little TOO much color pop as the saturation is upped on that preset. It still looks absolutely great but after a while I realized to my picky eye it was a little too saturated. My fiance even made a comment on how well the colors pop and shes not much of a techie, but we were used to the HD26.

I enjoy Cinema mode with saturation and brightness turned down to 45 for both settings. HDMI settings set to PC which for me makes the gamma a little easier to see dark details in combination with the gamma setting set to 1.8. Otherwise I found the HDMI video setting to be a little TOO dark. You can play around with this to your liking. HD26 didn't have this kind of flexibility.
(FYI If you are connecting the projector to a PC, In the Nvidia control panel I changed the "Dynamic Range" color setting for the BenQ from Limited 16-235 to Full 0-255. Supposed to help preserve full black detail as well as white)

-This may be more of a personal gripe but the Optima HD26's lens cap attached to the mechanical bit you turn to focus the projector making an unfocused picture each and every time you put on and remove the lens cap. With this projector (HT2050) it attaches to the ring section that is part of the body SEPARATE from the focusing mechanism which lets me have a focused picture at all times no matter how many times I remove the lens cap. A lot less of a hassle in my opinion.

-This projector features an ECO Blank Mode (there's a button on the projector and a button on the remote for ECO Blank) to make the picture dim down to a pure black signal letting you step away from the projector while its on to save lamp power. Really great feature! I find myself using this feature all the time while HD26 optima did not have such a feature and would waste lamp power while I got up for 10-15 minutes at a time.

-Menus are much nicer than the HD26. Easier to navigate, has a cool purple color to them that pops (that was the first thing you see when you turn on the projector and see the menu color pop a rich purple), and also allows you to change the position of the menu so that when you are messing with video settings the menu isn't blocking the middle of the picture but rather can be moved to the side to allow you to better change settings to your liking in real-time.

Not really any aside from menu settings being unique to each HDMI port. Though this may actually be a blessing in disguise depending on if you prefer different settings for difference devices but say for example if I go into cinema mode on HDMI input 1 and tweak the settings to my liking. Then I plug in a separate device to the HDMI port 2 and switch the signal over to HDMI 2, the Cinema mode tweaks I made on HDMI 1 don't carry over. But again, no big deal as the picture quality doesn't require much changing to have an amazing picture.

Get this projector! I've very visually picky and this projector satisifed my needs. I have it hooked up to my gaming PC projecting onto a 100" screen.
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on May 9, 2016
I went back and forth with which projector I should get. I looked at all the brands and decided to go with this model. I am extremely pleased. Picture looks fantastic on 120" screen.
Carl's blackout cloth is the cheapest way to go for a screen and is very good. I also bought that on Amazon for around $40. It came with instructions to build a frame. You can have a 120" screen for less that $100.
The speakers on the projector get pretty loud. I strongly recommend a suround system. Onkyo makes a great 5.1 Dolby atmos for a very reasonable price. I use this projector for gaming and movies mostly. Blue Rays are the best. Easy set up. Highly recommend. Very quiet too. I can't hear the fans.
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on December 28, 2016
Buying this BenQ projector was my third attempt at finding a projector to fit my medium sized living room and it turned out that the third time was the charm. This projector exceeds my expectations for a sub 1000 dollar product. Black levels are excellent, color accuracy is solid and the dreaded rainbow effect is minimal (which is something that I am sensitive to).

I'll start off with the black levels. I honestly can't tell where the letter boxes on movies end on the edge of the screen which was very obvious on all three of my previous projectors. To say it another way, if I'm displaying a pure black image I can't see where the edges of the projection end. With lower end projectors you usually have a lot of light leakage in the black so blacks show up as a gray color. This is (nearly) completely absent on the BenQ. Blacks are indeed black and I couldn't be happier.

I'd like to comment more on color accuracy but this is something I've never had a superb eye for. I can tell when things are off but I lack the ability to perceive the finer differences in a well calibrated display. That being said this projector has great color accuracy to my eye and I haven't felt the need to do much fine tuning.

One thing I hate with DLP projectors is the rainbow effect. For those unfamiliar DLP projectors can have a problem with light shapes moving on black backgrounds such as credits in movies. If you move your eyes there appears to be a rainbow colored trail the follows the light shape. It's really distracting to me and I'm glad to say that this is not a problem with the benq projector at all. I can see it a little bit if a shake my head a lot but I can in no way see this effect under normal viewing conditions.

The 3d on this projector is adequate. It's not as nice as my samsung TV. The samsung, the images pop out quite a bit and you have the ability to adjust the depth of the 3d which this projector doesn't offer BUT it's fine and there's nothing to complain about. No ghosting or double images and the projector is definitely bright enough to support the dimming effect of 3d glasses. If you're a big fan of 3d like my wife and I are then you'll most likely be satisfied with what this projector can do.

A nice feature that this projector offers is the ability to project large at relatively short distances compared to other projectors. My living room isn't that wide from couch to screen, probably only 9 feet but this projector get's to the entire 110 inches with out maxing out it's zoom. There are better options out there if you have an even more narrow living room but they are more costly.

All in all I'm delighted with this purchase for it's cost and performance. If this projector fits your budget then I wouldn't hesitate to buy it.
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on January 28, 2017
For $750, is an amazing projector! The original lamp on my current projector costs $3500. Rebulbing it, costs $900.
I can buy this projector for $750? Obviously, there is a difference but it is actually a small difference.
If I did not see the picture on my own projector for so many years, I would not miss anything!
This is that good!
Recently, I have seen some 4k projectors - in the $10k range. They were no better than this, with 2k!
First of all, there not much of 4k material. Some Blu rays might be real 4k but many are 2k upscaled 4k blu rays.
The 4k pictures you see at costco are amazing but you will not see them at your house, no matter what projector you buy, for several years to come.
Until 4k becomes more common, I would encourage you to not to hestitate to buy this projector..
No need to spend $3000 or $5000 or even $10,000..
Getting a 4k projector today is like buying a car with V12. Nice to floor it for a few secs but we don't have German autobahns!
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on July 25, 2016
I was really nervous about switching to DLP after years of experience with LCD projects at home, in the classroom, in the boardrooms, and conference rooms. I was looking for a good projector to use in the home to watch flicks with the kids. But, I also did not want to break the bank just to be able to see movies at home. Although a bit more pricey than competitors, after 3 months of use (4-5 hours per week) I concluded that this was an excellent purchase. I highly recommend it.

Fan noise is minimal and unnoticeable with videos playing
Speaker on this unit are good, however, I send the sound to Sonos speakers for better sound quality
I have not noticed any ghosting effects
Default settings are great. I have yet to configure them and do not think I need to

Not so good:
The sound output from the BenQ produces muffled sound. To correct this, I purchased an HDMI​ video sound (Fosmon HD 1996) splitter that allows me to send the sound to Sonos speakers.
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on November 27, 2016
Better than expected. I already have two BenQ projectors--1070 and ST and both work fine but I decided upgrade for HT 2050.
Supposedly all of them same but price difference tell me there is something behind the curtain and, yes, HT 2050 has better colors and, in addition,
if you wait for sale price you save money. Sure, you should also invest in some nice sound system and then life is good.
I use regular white wall with picture size about 9 by 14 foot.
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