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on September 6, 2016
I'll avoid going into some of the technical details covered by other reviewers and just tell you my story. I was looking for a projector that could be used for my daughter’s birthday party, and as one of the final pieces in my garage makeover, I decided to dive into the mind-numbing research of projectors.

As someone that has never owned a projector, I really didn't need the top of the line AV line but did want 1080P with low lag and a self-powered USB outlet so I could run a streaming stick anywhere I could find power, outside our inside. It turns out the $600.00 - $1000.00 segment of projectors is quite busy with competing offers from BenQ, Optoma, Emerson etc. pitching different perks like DLP, 3D Ready, Native 3D, MHL, powered USB, Glass Lense, Aspect ratios, Brightness etc. All of these seem to be spread out over many many models, some of which classify themselves as "Home Theatre", and others that are "Office. There is also throw distance which covers short throw, long throw, and not listed which seems to be in the middle.

It was a daunting new world. For me I broke it down to what I wanted. Normal throw, higher brightness, 1080P, with awesome reviews. After many, many videos on youtube and spending way too much time on AV forums I narrowed down the playing field to DLP because LCD seems to have much less vibrancy in the picture side by side with all the screenshots I had seen. This left a few players and their versions, which can be confusing because Amazon and the vendors sell older and newer versions of the same product side by side.
I settled on either Ben Q, 1070, 2050, 3050 or Optoma HD141X, HD142X, HD27. The forums tried to push me higher up the chain but for my needs these were the right options. 3D, DLP, 1080P, powered USB, great picture, good battery life. Check.

The BenQ versions seemed to edge out the Optoma versions at nearly every review. While some of the Optomas where less expensive in the hundred to two hundred range and had some awesome features like Native 3D, high resolutions, better specs it seemed that out of the box the BenQ has the edge with amazing quality.

In the end, the price different was only negligible between the older W1070 to the HT2050 and the 3050 differences of the two didn’t wow anyone enough to recommend so I went with the 2050.

Now, how did it work? Out of the box on an Elite Screens 120” It looks amazing. Even considering I am using a Roku streaming stick and the default was 720P, I was impressed, and then overjoyed when I say MLB live with the 1080P turned on. I will leave the spec-head comments to other reviewers and just say that the picture is bright and clear, responds well and is very impressive to everyone that has seen it running in my blacked out garage. No rainbows for me!

Oh, you may be wondering about how light effects the picture. When sunlight hits the screen it dulls it considerably, but when I turn on the garage light I can still see a very good picture. I will say that for the best possible picture try to limit any ambient​ light. Also, this thing gets hot so a portable AC or fan may be needed in small places with little ventilation.

If your story is like mine know that I spent quite a bit of time reviewing and weighing the benefits of many similar projectors and ended up with this one as my choice, maybe you will do the same.
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on December 8, 2015
This is my first projector and I'm really happy with it. I can't believe what I've been missing out on. The picture is fantastic, even the black levels in darker type movies are great. We have been using it for movies, TV shows and video games with a lag noticed with fast pace gaming. I got carried away with all the reviews and comparisons out there on different projectors. They pretty much all have good reviews, just pick one and roll with it. I was torn between this one and the HT3050($999), I decided to save $200 and do not regret it. If the picture is off a little I'd never know looks every bit as good as my 46" tv and probably better. We are using it with the factory default vivid mode and like it the best. It is lightweight, small and looks nice. I was going to go with the BenQ 1070 to start with but I figured I'd spend a little more and get a newer model to help with resale down the road.

I have 7 foot ceilings so I made my own mount to put it basically directly against the ceiling. The image is just a hair below the centerline of the lens(when mounted upside down) and can be adjusted farther down. I was worried I wouldn't be able to put the screen as high as I wanted but it worked out well. I bought an Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 Series, 110" screen SB110WH2($259), really nice screen by the way. I've added a picture so you can see roughly how high the screen is and how the projector is mounted(picture taken right after screen/projector was mounted,wires and sound system not dealt with yet) I used 1/2" thick by 2 1/2" wide aluminum bars, 18" long to reach over 16" on center floor joist's. I did have to machine some areas because there are some plastic sections that protrude down on the bottom of the projector. I also removed the rear adjustable feet and the pad from the front foot so the 1/2 thick mount would seat against the ceiling. Honestly a good hard 1/2" thick wood could be used for a more easily made really is light. I mounted the projector to the mounts then the mounts to the ceiling. I'm mounted about 9.5 feet from the screen and I did add about 3/32 worth of shim between the back legs of the mount and the ceiling to bring the image up just a little more. It did not affect the image squareness and helped get the screen a little closer to the ceiling. I did not use any keystone adjustment.
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on August 20, 2017
About a year ago I started researching modestly priced projectors with the idea that having one in my living room would be a cool thing for movie watching. The whole thing seemed to be rather involved and impractical so I had given up on the idea until recently when a family member mentioned the need for a projector to use for a few upcoming presentations. Through my previous research I felt that the HT2050 from Benq was about the best overall projector in this price range I decided to take the plunge.

I bought the projector as well as a Silver Ticket 120 inch indoor outdoor portable screen from Amazon. I found out right away that setting up the projector and screen was very easy and it only took a few minutes to have it up and running with a source from a computer or hdmi. The picture quality is astonishingly good!

After having it set up in a few different locations I decided to give it a try in my living room. With the projector about 12ft away from the screen it produces an image that fills the entire 120 inch screen. Yesterday evening my wife and I decided to have a movie night and the experience was much much different than what we normally get from our wall mounted 60 inch LCD TV. It was so much more immersive and truly a fantastic experience to have at home in our living room. The movie we watched was "The Big Lebowski" from Blu-Ray. We had both seen this movie many times in the past but getting to watch it on the projection setup was a new experience. Small details in the picture just became so much more obvious as did film grain and changes in focus from shot to shot. All of which added to the presentation. In my experience I like the "cinema" mode the best along with "Smart ECO" mode for the projector bulb setting. Later when I do permanently install the projector I'm going to run through some calibration but out of the box the projector's picture looks nice.

The HT2050 has a built in speaker that isn't terrible and it is certainly fine for most uses and having it built in allows for quick and easy setup. Our living room is equipped with a 7.2.4 Dolby Atmos receiver and speakers so I just turned off the built in speaker for the movie night. The projector currently is siting only a few feet away from the seating location in the room but it is quiet enough that you only notice it when you listen for it during a quiet passage of the movie.

The HT2050 is not perfect though. The HDMI ports seem to be a little loose and I had to route the somewhat stiff HDMI cable carefully to make sure it stayed fully seated and the lens shift feature while useful is somewhat limited when you're trying to aim the projected image at the screen. The lens cap is also a little flaky and it doesn't fit quite as nice as it could. Also my room isn't incredibly light controlled so viewing during the daytime might not be ideal. In my experiments it was ok but a little more washed out than I'd like. In the evening/night it is bright and the colors are well saturated.

The remote control that comes with the projector is nice and functional and having back lighting is a nice feature. It seems to work well every time I've used it at any reasonable distance or angle.

If you're like me and thinking about getting a first projector but it seems to be either overkill or somewhat intimidating don't worry it isn't difficult and the results are great. Plan on spending some time experimenting with the projector displaying an image on different surfaces. I tried it out on walls, an old silver projection screen, the back of a garage door and finally onto the Silver Ticket white screen. I'm now planning on permanently mounting the projector at the right location from the ceiling in the room and then installing a motorized screen as the next step but I'd still like to use the portable screen and set it up in the back yard for a movie night which would be awesome.

It is now 3 months later and in that time I've permanently mounted the projector using a Vivo ceiling mount and it is projecting onto a Monoprice motorized 120 inch retractable screen which drops down automatically when the projector turns on using the 12 volt trigger. Most of the time we watch TV on a Vizio 65 inch LCD panel but when its a movie night the screen drops down in the same location but in front of the TV. The projector is mounted with its lens 11 ft back from the screen and we watch from about 10 ft back it makes movie viewing at home a whole new experience.

We watched the entire Ken Burns Vietnam series using the projector. My Dad who served there in 1967 and one of his friends who was in Vietnam a year or so later were over every night and it was great! The projector made the show so much better.
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on June 16, 2016
I have had this projector for a few months now and it has been great. It is very quiet and easy to setup, the colors are wonderful and it has nice inky blacks. I calibrated it with a Spyder 4 Elite and it looked almost the exact same from when it was straight out of the box.
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on November 22, 2016
I purchased this model after a lot of research and have been nothing short of impressed with it. It has great clarity and the sound is actually very sufficient if you do not have an immediate sound source to feed this through. Settings were great out of the box and it is very straight forward and easy to use. I am projecting on a retractable electric screen with a viewable space of 96x54 and the projector is ceiling mounted approximately 11 feet away. It has a fairly short throw and the color and clarity is amazing with some ambient light in the living room. The Benq ceiling mount works great with this, although was somewhat tricky at first to figure out, but would suggest getting it if ceiling mounting. I also just added a Polk surround system and have all of my devices feeding through an a/v receiver with a direct link to the projector with an hdmi cable and it's all so smooth and looks great. The keystone correction is a great feature for vertical movement, and distortion is not noticeable when using a slight adjustment. This projector works great throwing on just some black out cloth if a screen is not quickly available. If you are looking for a great home theater set up that can be versatile and not be a distraction in a room such as the main living room like mine, this projector ceiling mounted with a retractable screen is a great option, especially if you have some natural light in the room, it still looks great. It's like seeing all of your favorite movies and shows on the big screen again. It also streams Roku feeds with great quality. This projector really does function as if it's in a higher tier of ranking in home theater projectors.
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on May 14, 2017
Jaw-dropping image quality. I had previously an almost-HD Infocus DLP projector that was really good for its time. Back in 2002. This one is so much brighter, contrasty, great black levels, punchy color, clear detail in bright whites. I use it in Cinema mode because I only watch movies on this and it's just like I'm at the movie theater, with my 120" Da-Lite screen. The 3D, again, is jaw-dropping. Now I want to see every Blu-Ray out there, just to gawk at the quality of image. Specially the 3D movies!
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on August 26, 2017
I really want to give this beauty 5 stars but i can't at the moment. I'm one of only two of my friends that can see the rainbow effect on this projector. It's a rgbrgb projector for goodness sake and we still see it.

I commonly watch foreign films and shows with subtitles which is where i notice it the most. I also see it during action scenes. Pretty much anything that causes your eyes to quickly shift around the screen. It can be aggravating after a while but it is much less pronounced than with other projectors I've seen.

If anyone has any suggestions on how to counteract this problem that would be great. I've been wondering if switching to a black screen might help. As soon as i can fix this one problem I'd give this product 5 stars.

For anyone without the rainbow effect curse this is an amazing projector and for the money it's a steal. The image this produces is gorgeous and the vertical lens shift is a huge bonus for initial setup.
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on September 27, 2017
Stunningly good! I have a hard time finding any faults with this projector. It’s been repeatedly reviewed by professionals as the best choice under $1000 and it lives up to expectations. No rainbow effect for me on this projector and I do see it on some others. Great contrast and color vibrancy. I expected 3D to be dark, but I couldn’t even detect a difference from 2D. I should note that I am not new to projectors. I have had a home theater since for well over 10 years and my original projector (Sanyo PLV Z2) was good, but it doesn’t come close to the BenQ HT2050. The greater brightness and contrast of this projector let me increase my screen size by contrast 50% and its still a better picture than my old projector.
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on February 22, 2017
After a ton of research, I found this gem of a midrange projector for my home 6 months ago now. It is bright, clear, quiet, and I do not see any weird artifacts.The throw distance is fairly short, so you don't need a large room to get a big screen. Light leakage is present, but not excessive. I considered building a ventilated box on the ceiling to block leakage and noise, but it's not needed. I used blackout cloth for my screen, so I can't comment on the accuracy of the color reproduction, nor are my eyes finely tuned to these sorts of things, but I have always enjoyed the picture. No problems with it mounted on the ceiling upside down. Nice lighted remote. would replace with the same if it broke.
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on September 10, 2016
One thing that is not mentioned is you can change a setting called Wall color/Screen color to one of 4-5 settings. I had this projecting on a blue painted wall and hey what do you know I set the wall color to blue and it automatically adjusted the colors for a blue screen/wall; obviously it cant fix white but anything that was not white looked perfect. Beautiful picture. People are saying that the speakers are weak well I had this in a 12x11 room (I know its a small area for a projector but it was a quick test) and with the volume set on 1 I thought it was decently loud not quiet as in I could not hear the fan over the movie. Then again it was hooked up to a PS4 and from personal experience the Playstations tend to default to a loud volume so YMMV.
Ps. I tried connecting it to my computer via HDMI and it was having trouble keeping the signal but that may be due to my particular set up. did not try VGA yet.
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