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on February 20, 2014
This is a great monitor, I love these things 27inch gaming monitors. RPG gaming mainly here. would not suggest for those FPS gamers as there is a small motion blur in quick action games like BF4 and COD. Cant beat the price. I own 3 of them...

I'm a graphic and photo editor.... I would not suggest using these as a primary monitor for any color correction because the gamma is off even when using professional screen calibrating devices... The whites are a tint of blue.. The screen for sure has a small tint of blue, its not a settings issue, its a hardware issue with the monitors, thats how they are manufactured..... thats why the price is so low.
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on February 17, 2014
I rolled the dice and bought one of the "Refurbished" monitors.
CONS: I assume that it was returned due to the AWFUL factory defaults. When you turn on the monitor it doesn't "auto detect" an HDMI input. All you have is a black screen,you MUST go in the menu and tell the monitor to Auto detect HDMI.If a person didnt catch that,it would probably be boxed up and returned :)
The factory settings are absolutely horrible IMHO, brightness is maxed, and the colors look bad.
Pros: After fixing the above, and setting the colors and brightness to my liking, the monitor is FANTASTIC!! No complaints,no lag,ghosting,and zero dead pixels!
In summary, i don't think you can beat it for the price point,but i wonder how many returns they get from people who turn it on.take a look, and send it back due to the terrible factory settings!! Definitely not plug and play, but it rocks after you fine tune it!!!
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on December 22, 2013
I spent a lot of time reviewing monitors to replace a 25-inch LCD that I loved but finally capacitor-ed out after five years. I write a lot and need clear type so I had second and third thoughts about this unit: Not from reviews (what I read were very good) but because of my misgivings of a unit with such an excellent price.

But I went with it and kept in a back pocket a more expensive "plan B" if it didn't pan out. I shouldn't have worried so much. It was very good indeed! While I have no desire to test it with video games; (hey, I'm 65,) for my work, the screen is excellent, and needed very little tweaking. This is a "bright" monitor and brightness level (gamma and sharpness, with it,) needs to be toned down for normal to dark locations like mine. Actual color adjustments were minor as the unit, from the box, produced vivid and accurate enough color balance for my work. I do video, so I should know what a well set up monitor looks like. The NTSC color bars were extremely clean. I would recommend this screen to those who want something more than a 25". Also, this one let me forget entirely about wanting a more expensive 29-inch unit that might also require a new graphics card to gain the top resolution. This one is big enough, and with my years old graphics card, serves my needs as well as any I have had a chance to use. How's that?
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on June 14, 2013
I looked for a long time for led-lit monitor, Doing a lot of research it came down to an asus or this. I chose this one mainly for the screensize.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I received my first one.

It's very responsive, even with higher paced games.

After a couple months I bought another one I would highly recommend this for anyone looking for nice screen realestate, good for gaming, graphics, movies and a general usage monitor. Plus it looks really nice.

Happy Customer of Two of these puppies
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on December 9, 2013
Affordable and energy efficient. I am impressed with the energy efficiency of this 27 inch LED backlit monitor, it uses less power than the 19 inch monitor I replaced it with that used CFL backlight. If you are as concerned about energy efficiency as I am, I would suggest that you plug it into a Kill-A-Watt meter or the equivalent while you are setting up the monitor because you can create a brightness setting that is the most electrically efficient that way. I have configured my monitor to consume approximately 27 Watts by carefully balancing brightness, contrast, and gamma. I believe its internal default is to power off after 20 minutes, but you can set that down as low as 10 minutes. And when it is off, it is truly off with no phantom load - impressive!

Overall, this is an excellent quality, high contrast, high-resolution, computer monitor.
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on May 26, 2014
I was at Frys and they had one of these displayed. I tested the demo with all the buttons on the side. I was literrally standing in line to buy it at the store when i saw this on Amazon for $30 cheaper. No questions asked i bought from Amazon. Shipping was a little iffy since the monitor arrived with barely a layer of styrofoam.

With great joy, i took it out of the box, cleared my desk. Took 2 mins to install the stand and cord (cord is a little short compared to other VGA & power cords). Powered on my tower, threw in the disk, installed the driver and simply press the "Auto adjust" button on the side of the monitor. I played. Rich colors at 1920x1080 resolution. I liked this because it was HDMI compatible and the "senseye" enhanced the quality of the video.

You can easily spend another 100-200 dollars on a Samsung or a Valeo and the quality would not be the same. I tested it out with a Blue-ray disc and was totally satisfied. I cant wait to get another one.
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on October 7, 2013
I had not heard of the brand and was expecting a very cheap monitor; however, I have to say that I love it even though it is only 1920 x 1080. The picture is bright (might have to reduce brightness) and clear. I use it mostly for online gaming and I love it. I am using it place of my 24" monitor (@ 1920 x 1200) and although it is slightly less resolution I prefer the 27". I am very happy with the price as well.

The only issue I had was related to my system setup and not the monitor. Since I had my TV connected to the HDMI on my video card the monitor would not display until I disconnected the TV, it looks like my video card (ATI Radeon HD 6700) can only support 2 active devices at one time.
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on March 3, 2014
The display is bright and works well with a couple systems I tried. I actually turned the brightness down quite a bit once I settled it in place. It holds it's own nicely to my eyes with the 27" iMac display nearby in my home office.

The stand is both sturdy and adjustable which is very nice to have. A VGA Sub D cable was included but you can instead DVI or HDMI cables. It's nice to have the option especially when dealing with multi-monitor setups and docking stations and the like.

Packaging was adequate to protect the monitor in shipping without being hard to get into. Overall I'm quite pleased with my experience and purchase.
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on January 18, 2014
When this arrived I was pretty upset because it did not say, in the setup instructions, that you have to push the menu button to choose input modes. My HDMI cable was not detected and I was ready to send this back. In checking every button I finally figured that out by, accident almost, and it has worked just fine since then, about one month so far. The speakers in the back aren't the best, my former monitor had them in the front, but there is just no space for them there on this model, smaller bezel. There are no dead pixels it is sharp and clear for streaming movies and shows ie; podcasts. It was on sale so the price was OK.
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on May 23, 2014
I was in the market for a larger monitor and was about to make a purchase of another brand costing much more money. Just as I was about to place the order, the reviews for this monitor caught my eye. I don't plank my money down until I research and item, by reading as many reviews as I can. I have never heard of "BenQ" and would have never considered it for purchase but the reviews on Amazon, as well as, You-Tube reviews convinced me this was the one.

I'm super happy with my purchase and I'm considering purchasing a second, if my graphics card would support it. The picture quality is the best I've ever had. I'm running it with HDMI input, but I've also ran it using VGA, and both are excellent.

A couple of things worth noting:

1) The user manual comes via a disk, but is also available on line - My suggestion is that you read it carefully.

2) The monitor has to be set manually to the correct input (HDMI, VGA, or DVI) corresponding to output connection on your
computer. The buttons on the side of the monitor take a little time to get used to.

3) If you are connecting to HDMI, like I was, and are getting a "No HDMI Signal Detected" on the monitor check for a graphics card driver update - This was a stumbling block for me - "3" days worth to be exact. I found this tip on the internet. While I was downloading the driver I was thinking, "Could this really be a simple as this?" - Bingo - It was!

You can look at the screen at angles and there a now shadows, that were obvious with earlier larger monitors, just a clear crisp picture.

I would definitely purchase another - Buy it - You won't be disappointed.
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