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on January 4, 2015
I was first hesitant to buy this monitor. I purchased a Asus VG248QE a month before and connected to my PS4, the monitor failed and had flickering and screen dulling issues and finally stopped working. I was so upset and disappointed.
I took time again to know which is the best display for console gaming. And I went to the BENQ site and was comparing all the models and checked their reviews and finally narrowed my search to 2 monitors this one and the RL2460T. I liked the design of this monitor and the extra HDMI port which is available to connect your media player (Micca speck D2) after seeing those displays which can tilt and rotate is just a fancy gimmick. So I shelled out my money on BENQ RL2455HM it's the best and performs like a champ and I am astonished by the quality , sharpness and the responsiveness of the monitor. There is never a lag and I tried out all fast paced FPS and RPG games it's responsive and you will never miss the target. Would recommend it to anyone who is a casual, average or hardcore gamer. You will never go disappointed.
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on July 21, 2016
I use this monitor to play games such as overwatch and battlefield4. This monitor is great. My eyes do not get tired when I use it and the design is cool. The monitor has a awesome 1MS response time, so you can be better at games that require you to have fast reactions. This is the best Gaming monitor especially for the price and it is even sponsored by Major league Gaming.
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on April 17, 2016
Update: 5 months later, still going strong, even with multiple hours of usage daily. I purchased the BenQ RL2455HM 24 inch Console Gaming Monitor, I use it for my computer, I did hook it up to my Xbox and I even hooked my home theater system up to the headphones output jack on this monitor, volume didn't get as loud as through the TV, but it was loud enough for me to enjoy a game with the best speakers in my house. The ONLY problem I have with this monitor, is not having 2. I am currently using a Steam Link, I can't unhook this monitor from my computer and plug it into the Steam Link, Windows 10 doesn't recognize the monitor unless it's actually plugged into the TV. So I plug my old monitor into the computer so I can duplicate the screen still, but the resolution only duplicates my old 1024 so the sizing doesn't match up, which is just weird, because if I have this monitor plugged into to my computer the screen duplicates to either 50'' a 40'' TV with no issues. My old 50'' TV just gets so darn hot, I wanted to use this monitor, I could get the screen to 1920x1080 with a custom resolution setting, but the screen was still a half inch away from the borders of my 24 inch monitor. SO 5 STAR REVIEW FOR THIS MONITOR (even if I paid $200, and it's $175 now) and I give Steam Link a 2 star review because Steams Controller Companion with a 50ft HDMI cable works better.

Huge upgrade from my Dell XPS 19inch monitor I bought back in 2006. Nothing wrong with my old monitor but this monitor has more viewing space and better picture.

The only problem I have with this monitor it's so large I don't have enough space on my tiny desk!
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on December 3, 2015
I purchased this monitor specifically to connect to my Sony PS4. I had been playing on a 60 inch Sharp Aquos LCD TV for years. With such a large television, I kept missing things and getting killed from my perifory. After working a large Call of Duty and Halo tournament that was held locally, I noticed all 120 machines were hooked up to BenQ monitors. So I started researching them to find out more. I discovered that since I was going to connect this to a console, I didn't need 120 or 144 mhz. 60mhz was sufficient.

It took me a day or two to get used to the new screen, but I can honestly say that my gaming has improved significantly. Even my friends and clan members have commented. The response time is amazing, as is the clarity and color. I did find it to be too bright out of the box and had to dim it down as well as tweak several settings. Now that's done, I just turn it on and go.

I'm very happy with this monitor. So is my wife, as she got her tv back.
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on February 22, 2014
Signal-processing delay & on-screen motion are the two major contributing factors that will alter our perception of latency and wheter or not

we will feel 'connected' to our gaming inputs vs. what is happening on-screen -not to mention color-accuracy, brightness & contrast ratio.

LCD-panels have yet to best CRT-monitors and, most-likely, never will.

Moving on, I will attest to the fact that these BenQ LCD-panels have been designed with the competitive-gamer in mind & hardware-performance

should satisfy the majority of hardcore & casual gamers.

*Display latency and on-screen motion rivals the old-school CRTs (picture tube).


Pre-XB1/PS4, my preferred gaming-display was a 480I 28in 4:3 true-analog Sony CRT Monitor -which produced a clean & bright image with,

virtually, undetectable nanoseconds of display latency.. Unfortunately, the XB1 / PS4 console releases, essentially, forced many CRT-

enthusiasts to migrate to these inferior LCD-display panels. Alternatively, digital-to-analog converters or hunting down and acquiring a used

HD-CRT would be the only other, and less practical, options.

I had decided to migrate to my 55" Sony Bravia (Game mode enabled). Picture-output was above-average, however, screen-size (for gaming) &

perceived latency was far from optimal. I then began to shop around for an LCD-panel that would suit my needs as a competitive-gamer. After

several weeks, I had decided to purchase the BenQ RL2455HM LCD Gaming Monitor. Honestly, I figured that I would be sacrificing picture-

quality in exchange for higher-performance. Surprisingly, I was wrong.

I had noticed that many reviewers will complain about this monitor's color accuracy. this monitor gives you full control over the RED GREEN &

BLUE (each has its own intensity slider from 1 to 100 -affects brightness) Dialing in the 'perect' settings takes a reasonable amount of time

& effort, however, I will be providing a few suggested-setups that may be used as a reference-point in order to expidite the calibration-

process, for you.

I have provided the, current, display settings that I use for multiplayer gaming, below.

Try these settings for gaming (DVI / HDMI)


The following low-latency gaming settings are based off of the 'RTS 1' mode using Full-RGB Color Output.

*You must begin calibrating by, first, selecting the 'RTS 1' prior to altering the provided display settings:


Picture Mode :: RTS 1
Brightness :: 71
Contrast :: 43
Sharpness :: 1
Black EQ :: 0 -OFF
Color Temp :: USER : R->98 : G->92 : B->95 (Software Calibrated WARM User Profile)

AMA :: High -Sends extra voltage to the pixels in order to produce a smoother & more CRT-like on-screen motion (Pixel-Overclocking)
* -The side-effect is a lighter or darker outline on trailing edge of darker objects over lighter backgrounds (Pixel-Overshoot).
* -Typically, the less-aggressive 'AMA : High' setting would be the best choice regarding 'screen-motion vs. picture-quality'.

*((AMA :: Premium -slightly faster at the cost of more-noticeable overshoot / ghosting - this ))*
* -If you choose to use Premium then try using R->97 : G->84 : B->87 to help mitigate this, to some degree

Instant Mode :: ON (In other wods : Game-Mode - Enabled)
* -The LCD-panel's quickest signal processing-method

Dynamic Contrast :: 0 -OFF
RGB PC Range :: 0-255 (Must, also, set color output on gaming console or PC to 'FULL-RGB' reference levels)
Display Mode :: FULL

**User Color Temp Explanation**
(I use warm color-tone settings because these, generally, produce a deep & natural-looking image while, also, reducing eye-strain).

The '97-84-87' user setting is, actually, a personal favorite (Especially for BATTLEFIELD 1)

The '97-87-92' setting looks nice, also.

Adjust your Brightness & Contrast settings around these values & you should be good to go.

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on September 25, 2016
I received this fine monitor on the 9th of August (just over a month prior to writing this review) and I gotta say, admitting this monitor is awesome would be a severe understatement.

I originally purchased a '42 Sony Bravia for the sole purpose of it's low lag time of 17ms. For gaming, it's a solid choice and I don't regret my choice. I mainly play Destiny, exclusively actually, and my Bravia displayed Bungie's world very well.

In Destiny, I have become increasingly interested in improving my Crucible game. I had also recently purchased a custom Battle Beaver Customs Elite Controller with maximal tension on both thumbsticks. My game improved slightly, but one thing was missing: a monitor. I did some research that led me to this purchase.

The only way to really showcase how potent the 1ms response time is would be to adjust to the BenQ and then sit with your old monitor. The difference really is that striking. And besides the obvious increases in play due to no lag, the display offered here is super crisp and clean; there are details seen on this BenQ that I never picked up on before.

To summarize, this monitor is worth every cent.

Two complaints. This monitor can definitely strain the eyes if you play for prolonged periods of time. Each Crucible session lasts me 2+ hours. The first couple of days I exexperienced wicked migraines, but they passed. Definitely play with gaming glasses, like Gunnars. And secondly, the speakers are decent quality, but only decent. Definitely have a pair of headsets to maximize on the whole immersive FPS experience.

So yes, as evidenced in this glowing write up, gaming monitors are beyond a worthy investment. I love this thing!!
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on May 24, 2016
Amazing monitor. I went from using my 55" Samsung to this, and I can tell you that the response time for this monitor is absolutely mind blowing. I will do all my Xbox one gaming on this from now on. Hands down, you should buy this if you are any kind of gamer. Crystal clear, good size for competitive gaming, and an unbeatable input response. It needed a little calibrating out of the box, but after calibrating, the pucture and black levels are stunning, and probably the best i have seen. I have an LG, Sony bravia, and Samsung to compare.
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on May 5, 2016
After playing competitively in Call of Duty for years I found myself without my original 19" tv and my performance suffered drastically. I finally was able for a major upgrade and within the first few matches I was back at it. I love the quick display switching capabilities and custom tuning the monitor offers. I play most games in 24" but when I want to play at 21.5 I can easily switch. Worth every penny and the staple addition to my setup. Even though I use my A50 headset and have the monitor volume muted--if you wanted to use it the sound isn't bad at all. Would have paid full retail if I had to. Thanks BenQ
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on June 14, 2016
First off let me say it comes out of the box with the most jacked up settings so don't be discouraged with it. Once you adjust the settings to what you like it's the best monitor I have ever gamed on! I pc game and my gtx960 on max settings runs basically a solid 100fps with v-sync off on battlefield 4. So I over clocked this monitor to 70htz and its running a perfect solid 70 frames per second and never drops below that now and it's absolutely amazing the color and how fast the respond time is! No ghosting what so ever! Battlefield 4 is kinda a older game so pushing max settings with good fps is easy. On overwatch I'm running a solid 70fps on max settings with v-sync on or off so this monitor fits my needs perfectly. Also have it hooked up to my PS3 for mainly Netflix and I do very minor gaming on it and the pic quality is not bad at all. On my pc it's the clearest picture I have ever seen on a monitor. On my PS3 it's ok. PS3 is outdated and I'm used to gaming on a pc with a ton more fps and way better graphics so that's probably why. For the money I paid and for the specs my gaming pc has this monitor hit the spot perfectly! Couldn't be happier with this buy! Owned it for a couple weeks now and every time I turn it on I still get the wow factor. Thanks Amazon!
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on August 30, 2016
It's not a bad monitor, its just not preferable. All the buttons on this laptop are physical buttons, which I have no issue with and I think many people prefer the physical buttons.

My issue with this monitor is, if you have more than 1 device plugged into it, it gets really really frustrating jumping between the different devices. For example, I have my CPU and my PS4 hoooked into it. The PS4 is on HDMI 2 and the CPU is on DVI. If I had the PS4 on and wanted to switch to my CPU, I have to press the buttons 7 different times and go through 3 different menus. First you press it to open up the main menu, then you scroll all the way down to menu, then you have to go to system go to input and then finally scroll to which one you want to switch to.

This is ridiculously slow when compared to how the menu looks when it isn't receiving input from anything, its the standard choice between HDMI 1 or 2, DVI and D-Sub. For whatever reason, they wanted to make you jump through hoops to switch inputs if you have more than 1 thing turned on.

and God forbid you turn off one of the devices while switching to the other one, the monitor will shut off for a few seconds no matter what you're doing. Whether thats adjusting the volume or brightness on the Monitor or the display mode, the monitor will shut off for a few seconds.

So After 2 years with the monitor, I'd rate it a 6/10 or a 3/5. Not top tier obviously because of the price point, its much more for a person on a budget.
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