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on May 25, 2016
I bought this for an orphaned wild rabbit that our dog brought to the backdoor. Didn't even break the skin of new born bunny. We researched and found out that the little one needs this prebiotic before he can start eating solids. The mother provides this in the wild through her feces. The little guy is thriving and will soon get some greens and carrots added to his diet. He seems to enjoy the prebiotic.
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on December 8, 2010
My rabbit has been on antibiotics continuously for 6 months. Probiotics are a must to keep her from having GI issues, since antibiotics do a number on the all-important intestinal flora. I had used the tiny Bene-bac tubes from a local pet store before, but for a 10-pound rabbit this 15g tube is much more convenient. She gets 1 g every other day (the amount recommended for 10 pounds), and it is easy to measure and dispense. Supposedly pets like the taste of this stuff, but my bunny hates the texture (sort of gooey and oily, like vaseline). As thick as it was, she easily just spit the whole thing back out! But mashing it with a small bit of banana and some grated apple nicely disguises the texture and taste, and she enthusiastically eats it off the plate this way. Warning: If you want to try this with your rabbit, check with your vet first, because giving sugary things like banana and apple with stomach issues might make your bunny's situation much worse by feeding bad bacteria in the gut.

I got my first tube from my vet when I asked him if he had any probiotics on hand. Since then I've bought it here (from Nature's Horse), because it is half the price and has an expiration date much further away -- a year vs. two months with what my vet had. Since probiotics contain live organisms, the expiration date is important. I will always keep a tube of this on hand for stressful situations that might compromise a sensitive bunny gut!

Update Nov. 5, 2013: I now have several rabbits that are having issues with diarrhea, and with these bunnies I don't have to mix the Bene-bac with anything. I just put the requisite amount on the back of a teaspoon and every rabbit I have licks it off eagerly!
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on October 30, 2016
I notice a difference in my cats' loose stools by the next day when take get benefit-bac gel. I rub a glob on their paws and let them lick it off. They won't eat it on their own and it's less stressful on all of us than forcing it down their throats, which I have never tried.
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on September 15, 2015
Works! My friend gave me one of his adult corn snakes to rehabilitate. She was having weight gain issues for the last year or so since she laid her first/last clutch of eggs. She started puking up her food recently I guess and wasn't even digesting pinkies. I ordered a few different supplements, highcalorie food, appetite stimulants, and probiotics to try out(all bought on amazon). The bird and reptile gel is the first that I started with, and so far she has not puked up any of her food yet and it gets fully digested. Feeding 1: 2 XS pinkies that I could see mothers milk in there belly and filled pinkies with bene-bac, Feeding 2: 4 XS pinkies, 2Fuzzies, filled at random with Bene-Bac and 1ml of Fluker Labs SFK73030 Insectivore/Carnivore High AMP Boost Reptile Supplement, 50gm. Feeding 3: 2XS pinkies, 3Small pinkies, 4 Fuzzies, finished off the first tube of bene-bac and 2.5 ml of Fluker's Repta+Boost. Since she is now able to digest her food without puking it up, this product Works! I've noticed nothing I bought has that good of instructions of quantity to give, so I just guess, or base it on how much I can stuff into the food source.

Cons: amount to give? IDK, stuff is green like boogers. kind of a pain to sqeeze out of tube when nearing end. also I could see this being hazardous if apply directly to animals mouth since when releasing tube, air or whatever is near it gets sucked back up into it.

Pros: It works, corn snake can now digest its food!

Other stuff I bought to try, but haven't yet: Zilla 11864 Jump-Start Caloric Supplement and Appetite Stimulant, 4-1/4-Ounce Bottle, Nature Zone SNZ59231 Appetite Plus Reptile Concentrated Solution, 2-Ounce, 2-Ounce, PROBIOS POWDER CHR404, 240 g, (and a future buy: Oxbow Carnivore Care Pet Supplement, 2.5-Ounce)
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VINE VOICEon June 14, 2011
After a number of bouts with Pasturella and numerous courses with antibiotics, my rabbit's snuffles and head tilt finally went away. Sadly, after receiving the antibiotics, the rabbit had ongoing diarrhea. Per the advice of our vet, we tried the all hay diet to no avail and eventually she prescribed probiotics. The diarrhea initially went away, but came back after stopping the probiotics. Enter Bene-Bac.

On maintenance therapy, I have a happy rabbit who is diarrhea free. Sadly, our local pet stores only carry the small tubes of Bene-Bac in small quantities. The combination of the expense for the tiny tubes and the fact that we had to go from pet store to pet store to find which one had the Bene-Bac in stock, led me to Amazon and this product.

Buying the Bene-Bac in larger quantities saves big time on cash. Unlike other probiotics, the rabbit (for some reason) actually likes the Bene-Bac and eats it excitedly and willingly.
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on October 23, 2013
My chickens were suffering from a bacterial infection when they were chicks. To get them feeling better, the vet recommended this. My gals LOVE the taste of this and willingly fight to get their dosage. We use this on an as needed basis to keep them healthy and happy. Chickens love Bene-Bac (Bene-BAWK to them!!)
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on June 18, 2014
Purchased because I am bottle feeding 4 kittens that never had the benefit of mother's milk. (Not by choice unfortunate circumstances, babies were saved though) It's difficult to portion out as suggested and is too thick to be "sucked up" into a syringe small enough for teeny kitten mouths. I did read it is also good for adult animals as well. I have an adult cat around 7 years old who has inflammatory bowl disease. He's on steroids to help with this. I began adding this to his diet as well (about twice a week at the recommended dosage) and he's does even better with the Bene-bac added to his steroids and special food diet. I purchased some in a pre-filled syringe, and that was much easier to give to my adult cat, but still difficult for me to give to my teeny kittens. I am going to be purchasing the one pound jar in hopes that is easier, that option seems to be cheaper in bulk as well.
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on June 23, 2017
We give this to our chickens after they have been on an antibiotic to help their digestion.
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on June 11, 2013
I have been using this product for my Macaw for years. I purchased this from my avian vet at a much higher cost for sometime now. It's great to be able to mail order at such a reduced cost. It is simply birdie yogurt. The taste must be great since my bird takes it willingly. I just squirt it directly in his mouth. Thy syringe is dose calibrated and simple to use.
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on December 13, 2014
Bene-Bac PREbiotic gel is a good product for preventative care for birds. The plastic syringe has measured increments on the plunger for dosage measurements. It is easy to use and to administer either directly from the plastic syringe or squeezed out onto something your bird will eat.
I purchased this prebiotic gel after using antibiotics for my parrot. I also purchased the PRObiotics thus helping the different parts of the digestive system. A little goes a long way, per size and dosing of your bird. I am happy with the purchase, there is enough to save (plastic cap on syringe) for using it many other times as it does not expire quickly.
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