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on December 1, 2016
This is his second one..Great for teething and daily jawboning...pretty much indestructible. THe first is still intact but scraped on the ends..went up one size as he's a bit larger than his early puppy months. At my last visit to the Vet, she recommended an omega supplement that has DHT and EPA. I came here on Amazon and bought this Vitapet Omega Fish Oil Chewables with EPA and DHT for Dogs with CoQ10and Daisy, my Cocker Spaniel, just loves these...which makes it nice to give them to don't have to fight it....they take them like an awesome treat! This has cut down on her itching BIG TIME....she rarely scratches at all now & her skin and coat are just so healthy. These are perfect...3 chews a day for her & she's happy & healthy. Thanks for such a good product!
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on November 16, 2013
It's both of my dog's favorite bone! Anytime I pick it up and give it to them they get super excited. They don't normally play with something very long, but this is the exception. When there's other toys around, they grab this one first. Going to order another one!

Update- 9-2015: We have ordered many more. Dogs love these. We call them "crack bones" because they're obsessed!
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on February 23, 2017
Personally, I don't love it - but my dog does. God knows why, because it sure as hell does not taste like bacon.

...not that I've tried.

We have 4 or 5 in the house right now because it's the only toy he does not immediately destroy. It's a very hard plastic, so great for strong chewers. As it gets worn, the edges get really rough so definitely keep an eye on your dog and make sure they're not hurting themselves. The wishbone shape is cute, but it's also pretty easy for my dog to hold between his paws when he goes to town on it. He closes his eyes and gnaws on it so passionately that I get a little jealous because I don't think I have ever enjoyed chewing something as much as my dog enjoys chewing this (and let's be real, we have WAY better stuff to chew than they do.)
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on January 13, 2016
So I leave my dogs at home most of the day and I feel day for them. I put the radio on and I also bought $100 worth of chew toys for them. I bought Kongs, Chompion, Nylabone, etc. Ive bought animal hoofs for them to eat and they choke on those once smaller, I read horrible antler chew stories of teeth breaking off, so I wanted an alternative. This is their GO TO CHEW TOY, Black Kong Ball is #2. If they keep at this I will be buying more. I like it because its not the TOUGH Nylabone style where the Retrievers give up after a min because they cant get into it at all and its a ROCK, but its strong enough to keep lasting while being taken down and eaten (smells also they must like that). If they dont see or think there chew toy is eatable, they give up. So far so good!
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on August 9, 2013
The dogs and I love it.

~ It smells wonderful to the dog but I can't smell it at all.
~ There's no residue on the carpet after a chew session.
~ It's not edible so the dogs didn't fight over it. (I gave 6 Benebones to 5 dogs.)

My high-energy dogs took their Benebones from me and sat right down to chew for a while. The most relaxed of those dogs was the first to stop chewing but the craziest one stayed on his bone for quite some time. This is exactly what dog owners need: an appealing, durable bone to keep active dogs entertained. For less busy dogs, this seems a perfect toy for doggie alone time and/or crate time.

American made from American ingredients, recyclable packaging and 1% goes to animal causes. What else could you want? (Pics above.)

Update: it has been four months and this is definitely my Favorite Dog product Of The Year. All nine of my dogs chew on the Benebones; the older ones on a whim but the younger ones multiple times a day. The other hard chew toys in the toy box are obsolete.

My life has always revolved around dogs and for a good chunk of it I owned a training and consultation business. I wish I'd had this product to recommend to my clients all those years.

BTW, those of you whose dogs have chewed that "third" knob off... If you are concerned about it, you can always pass the Benebone to a smaller neighbor dog. But, alternatively, you may want to encourage your dog to chew the other two knobs by wedging the chewed end firmly into a toy (a rubber ball or a Kong?) or drilling a hole into the chewed end and tying the Benebone to something. If you add a bit of bungee line to your tie and attach it to a tree you now have a tug toy as well as a chew toy. You could attach the Benebone to the inside of a crate and - bonus! - it doesn't get buried in the yard, LOL!

Do I own stock in Benebone? No. It's a small company run by only a few smart, environmentally aware, animal welfare friendly men. But you can bet if they sold stocks I'd be buying it!
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on April 18, 2016
I have two shih tzu puppies about 10 months old and they love to chew so I was in search of different bones/toys that would help entertain them long enough so they would avoid chewing on my tv console. I had heard that benebone was offered in a barkbox previously so I know they were reputable and decided to give them a shot. Boy am I glad I did! With the same purchase I had ordered several other bones nylabone and some elk antlers and the two of them can’t stop fighting over the benebone (bacon flavor) its pretty funny since the bone is also their size 1 dog is 7lbs and the other is 10lbs. It holds their attention for what seems like forever but usually they chew and chew until they finally chew themselves to sleep. I actually have to purchase another one since they fight over the 1 so much and don’t do well sharing. So far its been about a week of a lot of chewing from these little boys and no pieces have broken off just a lot of chew marks which you can see in my photo below. If you are looking to keep a chewer entertained I would highly recommend this bone as this has been a lifesaver for my furniture. I will be repurchasing this item in the peanut butter flavor since I have had such success with the bacon but I will be getting the mini version since the regular benebone is very large for them but they still highly enjoy them and drag it with them everywhere.

If my review was helpful please let me know by clicking "YES" below. Also, feel free to ask me any questions about the product you may have. Thank You.
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on January 16, 2014
My three year old 50lb female pit will go through a 3 foot long rawhide bone in a matter of hours. Not a joke. And she tends to swallow the large flat sections she tears off, and then spends the next two days hiccuping and drooling because it gets stuck. Vet said NO RAWHIDE EVER so I had to find an alternative. Rope toys are destroyed within minutes and make a mess. Plastic toys, same. This dog has incredible jaw strength and reduces all toys to rubble in no time. She has a Kong, but she is bored with it. I bought this Benebone after reading reviews... Best $12 I have ever spent on my dog. She got it Christmas day, and its now Jan 16, and she's only barely made a dent in it. We used to give her rawhide for 15 minutes at a time once a day... The Benebone stays out all the time and she can go get her chew on when she's bored and in the mood. Awesome. She loves the thing and takes it with her outside with her when she basks in the sun. This is seriously the most robust chew toy I have ever used, and so far so good as far as her sensitive stomach goes. For $12 I don't care it it lasts a month, I'd be buying them regularly. But this one has stood up well so far, and other reviews say the same thing. When she gets it down to a little nub, we'll replace it before she can swallow it (crazy dog). But I fully expect to buy maybe three or four of these a year based on our experience so far. Small company makes it, family owned, which makes supporting them that much better for me. Forget the large mass produced junk you buy in the chain stores and get this instead. I am seriously impressed after a few years of thinking I would never find a chew toy that would handle my dog. I am telling all my friends.
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on March 15, 2014
My Sophie is a 20 lb Jack Russel terrier mix...and she loves to chew!

I had been buying her nylabones, but she destroys them in less than a week. Or at least, gnaws them to the point that I'm afraid she'll swallow the little stubby. So then I take them away from her.

I was a little hesitant about this seemed like it might be too big, and at first it was. But after a few days, she got used to it and got confident - the first few times she tried to carry it around, she dropped it. Now I'm finding it in my bed almost every night! She loves it, and even though she's been chewing on it for about 2 weeks, it hasn't decreased in size. It's just all fuzzy on the end she's been chewing on. That's another thing. It does "flake" like the nylabones, but the pieces are much much softer. Nylabones are the devil to step on in the middle of the night, and while I don't particularly care to step on anything, stepping on the benebone is a much more pleasant experience.
The shape is amazing. It is really easy for her to hold, even though I think she is a smaller dog than what this bone was intended for. I can't personally attest to the bacon flavor...but she seems to quite enjoy it. I haven't noticed any cracking or breaking - it seems pretty legit. I can't say for a larger dog - maybe a more powerful jaw would do it in, but I have to doubt it.
This is an extremely well made product and I am very happy with my purchase. In a year, or however laughably long it takes her to work through this thing, I'll be buying another.
One last comment: the packaging is very minimalist and you can see that the manufacturer had the environment in mind when designing it. Nice touch!
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on April 5, 2017
Both my GSDs love the Bacon Benebone and I am super happy with this product. We aren't very diligent about brushing their teeth (I know shame on us) and our female had some gross looking brown stains on many of her teeth. Before getting them professionally cleaned I wanted to try this product as a few IG accounts I follow raved about how great it was. I REALLY wish I had taken before and after pics, no b.s, the difference is that big. She still has a little bit of buildup on some hard to reach spots way in back but it's a vast improvement overall.

I monitor the dogs pretty closely and they haven't had any gum bleeding or gastric issues while using the product. Both dogs are pretty heavy chewers and have gone thru most of the handle so it looks more like a V now.

The only problem we had, was jealousy over the bacon Benebone. Neither of our dogs seem to have any interest in the P.B one, which I thought was a little strange since they love their P.B dog cookies. Really hoping that once the Bacon one is gone they will start in on the PeanutButter one, otherwise it was a waste of money =/
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on April 26, 2015
I got one of these bones as a Christmas present from a co-worker. I had never heard of this brand of bone before, I've always given my pups Nylabone. Being the good dog mommy that I am, I researched the company before handing it over. I was really impressed with the all natural ingredients and was at ease letting the dogs have this bone. Now I'm really mad at my co-worker for only giving me one bone when I have two dogs. My dogs usually get along and love playing tug of war, but not with this bone. They were running after each other trying to steal the bone and whoever got the bone would hide so it wouldn't get taken away again. Needless to say, I immediately ordered another bone!

It's been almost 5 months now with these bones and they have not touched any of their other bones. I've probably swapped out the bones three times now, I've got some pretty determined chewers. The oldest is a 90 lb Golden Retriever, the youngest is a 40 lb Shepard/Great Pyrenees/Chihuahua mix (weird, I know).

Definitely a great bone, I've been recommending this to everyone I know!
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