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on November 22, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
My recommendation would be to find the tripod and its case in this bundle and buy them separately. It's sturdy, versatile, and held up well to being thrown in and out of the car on a long road trip.

The bag, on the other hand, we ended up using just for extras and accessories, not the cameras. It had no stiffness, not even one sturdy side or insert, that would have made us trust it with our laptop or cameras, especially while walking, when the equipment is most likely to be banged around. The bag also wasn't deep enough from front to back to hold multiple cameras or a laptop and camera.

If this set sold for just a little above the price of the tripod and tripod carrier, it might be worth buying because then the bag could be seen as a bonus. But paying good money for the bag as well isn't worth it.
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on May 15, 2012
Four stars to the messenger bag: the Tenba messenger bag included in this bundle is fantastic for the amateur photographer- it keeps your equipment secure and well padded! There is also no chance of the velcro or snaps coming undone. It is a great little bag! The photo insert securely holds your camera and lenses. The quick access zipper is also quite handy so that you don't have to open the bag completely to get at the contents. My main beef with this bag is that it is supposed to hold up to a 15 inch laptop... my laptop is 17.3 inches, so this bag definitely doesn't work for my laptop. For what this bag is built for, it is built well and should last.

Three stars to the tripod and ball head. The Benro A0570F tripod with BH0 ball head is in my estimation an average tripod at best. The number one reason is due to the lack of extended height... this little guy only extends 56.9 inches... so if you are OVER 5 FEET TALL this tripod is EXTREMELY AWKWARD to use unless you are using it only for low-level shots. Low level shots are possible with this tripod since the legs are variable angle. The central column is reversible to enable more close angles for low level photography which is nice, but there is no added way of converting the central column to an extending arm to enable the extremely low angle, off to the side shots that make wonderful photos easier to achieve. The ball head is basic at best- you adjust the head to the angle you want and lock it in place... no tweaking is available.

Five stars to the tripod bag! This little tripod comes with its own carrying case which is great. It is one of the best carrying cases that I have seen-padded shoulder strap and padded carrying handle. There is also padding surrounding the contents of the case, keeping your tripod safe.

Overall, for the price, there are better tripods out there, although you might want to take a look at the messenger bag for purchase by itself.
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on October 26, 2011
Tripod Review-I already have a Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod and 322RC2 Joystick so I know what QUALITY is and this Benro tripod has quality filled in every where you look and touch.

I needed a much lighter tripod/ballhead for travelling since carrying Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod and 322RC2 Joystick along with your Camera and Lens become so tiring especially when you hike. Benro is much lighter but sturdy tripod though I will still use my Manfrotto in windy/rough conditions.

Bag Review-I have a lowepro vertex bag which I use when I go on long trips and I require 4-5 different lenses. I needed a bag which can hold 2 lens (17-55 F2.8 IS USM and 70-200 F/4L IS USM - You can do anything with this combo : and my Canon 7D. This bag is a very good quality product with umteen zippers so you will never run out of space for your filters, wires and other small accessories.

It also has a well padded laptop compartment which can hold up to 15 inch laptop, thats an added advantage.

I highly recommend this bundle.
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VINE VOICEon June 22, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Right out of the package, I noticed the quality and durability of both the bag and the tripod.

First, the tripod. It is really solid--durable and higher quality than my old tripod. It's easy to use and seems sturdy. It also comes with a carrying case with a shoulder strap which is very handy.

The bag is large and versatile. I've been using it to carry both my laptop and camera. There's plenty of room for everything you would need. There are several padded compartments/dividers in the main part of the bag to keep things protected and from shifting.

Both the handle and the shoulder strap are thick and extra padded--a must when you're carrying so much heavy gear. With all the cushioning, I feel safe having my fragile items in this bag. The front flap has a double closure using both velcro and double buckles.

This is a high-quality bundle for sure.
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on June 7, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What a pleasant surprise when this Pro Bundle Tenba 15-inch Black Messenger LE Bag and Benro Tripod Kit arrived! As someone who travels frequently, these items were the answers to my prayers. I have been very frustrated with problems getting all my camera equipment, computer equipment and tripod through airport security.

First, the messenger bag. It has many padded compartments to handle cameras (3), lenses, backup batteries and chargers (3), filters, memory cards and sticks, manuals and full body camera carrier as well as my computer with cords, chargers, etc. My Kindle and charger will also join the group. The shoulder strap is great to disperse the weight evenly. This bag is very serviceable for carrying a lot of equipment and not injuring your back. An amateur photographer would use this bag but it might not work for a professional who needs quick access.

Second, the tripod kit. The padded carrying case measured 25 inches long and included the tripod that has legs with angle adjustment locks along with rubber feet, a set of interchangeable spiked feet (with wench), a Single-Action Ballhead and a shoulder strap. Tripod is of good quality and light weight. I easily attached my Nikon D90 with no problems.

For the price, this Tenba 15-inch Messenger LE Bag and Benro Tripod Kit are recommended for the amateur photographer.
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on March 5, 2012
* Weight: 2lbs 14.5oz of the tripod/ballhead combo on my digital scale
* I am 5'7" and with this brings the camera exactly to my eye level when fully extended

* The ballhead BH0 is very solid and does not suffer any droop, even with a canon 5d2, 70-200 2.8 mkII, and 580ex speedlite attached on either the body or the tripod ring on the lens.
o Should you remove the ballhead, there is a reversible mount for a ¼" thread and the standard 1/8" thread so that you can mount your camera directly on the tripod itself. There is a washer nut which allows you to raise or lower the threads on the reversible ¼" or 1/8" screw.
o Dual-lock quick release head. It sounds nifty, but I find that the release is a little tricky at times and definitely not as easy as a manfrotto quick release which has a simple switch to prevent their quick release from coming out. The benro's quick release requires you to push the small lever in every time and then pull the large lever out. Sometimes the large lever gets stuck and you have to wiggle both the small and large lever together to get the quick release to come out.

* Legs fold out up to 3 different angles
o In order to change the angle of the legs, there is a metal latch that you pull up, adjust the legs, then depress the latch back down to lock. Manfrotto uses a spring button that you depress as you lift the leg up.
o The legs release and unreleased by a simple twist turn on the rubber knobs though the legs don't slide out all that readily. (out of the 6 legs that extend, I've found that 4 extend with the aid of gravity while the other 2 legs need a slight pull to be set in place.
o The tip of the legs where the tripod touches the ground have the option of switching between spiky or rubber threads which are screwed onto the tip of the leg. There is a metal hex tool to tighten the spiky threads onto the tripod or you can do it by hand. Personally, I would rather leave the rubber footies on. One thing to note is that there is rubber glue on the threads which can get messy if you switch between the spiky and rubber footies so be sure to have a plastic bag if you do plan on switching back and forth.
o I found that the legs were tight upon receiving them and used a hex tool to loosen the left screw of at the top of each leg just a tad to allow the legs to move easier.

* The stem rises with a quick twist of the center column which rises readily and is a nice feature of the tripod.
o The stem does not have a rubber washer so when you release the stem with the quick lock, the metal comes in contact with metal.
o This stem does not come into two pieces so that you can't have the tripod close to the ground. The lowest this setup will go is 16 inches. Maximum height is 67 inches.
* There are two bubble heads to determine whether you are on a flat surface 1) on the ballhead and the second on the tripod itself. Additionally there is a compass on the tripod which is a nice touch should you ever get lost in the woods.

Video of benro's ballhead: [...]

Video of benro's tripod (but not the same model):

Conclusion: Excellent tripod for the money! Best value'd tripod on the market for under $100. I had also considered the slik pro sprint tripod however this is just so much better (in my opinion) My previous tripod was a heavy manfrotto 3001bpro which weighed over 5lbs. The only thing that I would add to this tripod would be a rubber washer so that when you lower the stem, there is something to cushion the metal on metal contact.

Tenba messenger bag
* Very good quality bag with the major weakness being that the handle of the bag does not seem to be reassuring if you like to fully load the bag with 12 pounds of gear. I do wonder if the stitching will hold however the strap for the bag will probably be used moreso than the handle.
* Pretty light but provides reasonable padding for the interior components in conjunction with the camera insert
o Huge plus that the camera insert is removable
o This means you can use this bag as a school messenger bag since you are able to store your laptop and textbooks beside each other
* The padded strap is thick, cushy, and durable
o ONLY CON that I could think of are the metal clips that attach to the metal loops on the bag. There is nothing to reinforce the metal loop and is PRONE TO FAILURE if the bag is grossly overloaded
' I WOULD SUGGEST ZIP TIEING THE METAL STRAP to another portion of the U hook to prevent a strap failure.

* Capable of holding a laptop, tablet, books, and other items
o There is also a nametag on the inside of the bag which is handy to have should your bag ever get lost. I believe this feature is grossly overlooked
* This bag is not quite the same as the tenba small laptop bag. It is identical with the only exception being that this bag does not have all the pen holders or small pockets near the Velcro area. Also, instead of two pockets on the exterior flap, there is only 1 pocket. Subtle differences, but basically the bag is pretty much the same. Size wise, I do suspect that they are both the same size with the only differences mentioned previously.

* This is big enough to hold a 70-200 2.8 IS mk2 mounted to a 5d2 in the middle slot, with a 24-70 on the right slot and two speedlites in the side (without the padded case of course)
o It will also hold the laptop but things might get a little tight afterwords for anything placed in the exterior pockets.
Conclusion of the bag: Much better value then the overpriced crumple bags however the build quality isn't as solid in regards of the metal strap loops and the handle at the top of the bag.


After owning this bag for a short while, I have finally come to the conclusion that the quality of the bag and tripod is lacking in some respects. For 1) the tenba bag does have some weight to it 2) the bag's straps are held together by 2 metal Clips which will fail if you overload the bag with 15lbs in normal day to day use and 3) the tripod legs don't always tighten securely. My benro tripod has one loose leg extension that seems to tighten whenever it feels like it. Not sure how to explain this, but one extension tightens but sometimes comes loose even after tightening it all the way. I believe i have a manufacture defect and will be sending benro an email.
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on November 29, 2011
I received this from Amazon and almost immediately knew I was returning it. Though the tripod looks great, it is far smaller and flimsier than I was expecting. There are three extensions and the smallest is barely thicker than a pencil. At full height (without the center post) it is fairly flimsy. With the center post fully extended, forget it, a slight breeze would shake that thing. It didn't feel very strong, and it does only say it supports 8.8lbs. I would be vary nervous putting my DSLR on there, especially with any long glass.
The ball head was pretty flimsy but could at least be locked down. Though the thumb screws were pretty small and was either tight or not at all. So it really wouldn't be super convenient for repositioning, which is the entire point of a ball head.
I can't actually say what the bag was like as I didn't bother looking at it after I saw the tripod.
This tripod would maybe be ok for a point and shoot, but like I said, I wouldn't put a SLR of any kind on here. So I guess I went back to my partially broken but sturdy as can be Tilt-All tripod. That thing is a beast and very tall and sturdy at only about a hundred bucks.
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on May 26, 2011
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Benro A0570F Aluminum Tripod w/Benro BH0 Ball Head and Tenba LE 15" Messenger Bag

Benro A0570F Aluminum Tripod
Folded w/head - 23"
Extended w/head (leg length) - 51.5"
Weight - 2.5 lbs.
Load - reportedly supports average weight gear

Top of the line tripod and head duos can cost up to $1000 so $200 is considered a good price to pay for reliable equipment. Benro (and its sister Induro tripods, owned by Mac Group) get good reviews at Amazon and are even more popular outside of the US, particularly in China. Serious photographers often say they prefer Benro to the better known Monfrotto tripods because they are more compact and stable.

The selection of an aluminum tripod over a carbon fiber one depends on how you will use the tripod and how much you are willing to pay. Carbon fiber is lighter, has less vibration, stays warm in very cold environments, and is more expensive. Aluminum is stronger, more stable (weight is good in windy situations), stays cooler in hot environments, and is less expensive.

I thought weight would be an issue because I'm not that strong and I sometime carry around a tripod for a full day. Although I have two lighter carbon fiber tripods, 2.5 lbs shouldn't be a problem to most people, including me.

The legs loosen and tighten with only a half screw making the tripod quick to set up and take down. Per the manufacturer, the design of the legs makes them resistant to dust and moisture so that you can use them in adverse conditions. I was unable to get two of the smaller legs to lock down in the collapsed mode so I'd appreciate if someone would tell me if there is a trick to it. Because of the carrying case, though, it's not really an issue.

BH0 Ball Head
You can see a closeup of the head here at Amazon (Benro BH0 Single Action Ballhead $47). My camera mounted and dismounted easily, way quicker than on my other heads. The leveling bubble will be particularly useful to me as I have a tendency to take photos with a slight tilt.

Tenba LE 15" Messenger Bag
The bag's fine; larger than I really need for my gear but that's a personal choice. I will say that the shoulder harness is so well made that I wish that Tenba would consider making shoulder harnesses for string trimmers. I make actually take it off the bag and use it on my new Echo.

This is my fourth tripod and will be the one I use.
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on February 21, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Benro messenger bag has enough space to hold more than a camera. The bag has an inner insert with compartments that can be adjusted to conform to the shapes of various items. There is sufficient room for a laptop, power cord, notebooks, business cards, and mouse. The bag has a thick padded strap that can be detached. My overall impression is that the bag is well constructed and does not feel like it is in danger of splitting at the seams when filled.

Features I like about the bag:

1)The layout of the interior bag is adjustable to needs. The bag has a specific spot for a lap top that is padded. An additional removable insert is provided that has several compartments that can be adjusted through the use of velcro pieces.

2)There are plenty of zippered sections where pens and papers can be secured. Some of these zippered sections are on the interior of the bag. There are also two zippered sections on the exterior of the bag - one large section and one small section. The large zippered section is adequate to hold several folders. A smaller exterior zippered compartment permits access to a cell phone, pens, key cards, paper clips, or even a comb.

3)The bag has a large flap that can be secured with velcro and snaps. If in a hurry, the bag also has a zipper that allows the user to access the interior of the bag without unhooking the snaps and velcro.

4)The exterior zipper that allows access to the interior allows the user to place a music player inside the bag, which allows the payer's cord to exit through the zipper.

5)The shoulder strap is adjustable.

6)The shoulder strap can be removed in favor of a handle that is also on the bag.

7)The bag is well-padded.

Things that could be improved:

1)The carrying handle that can be used in place of the shoulder strap should not be used if the bag is completely full. The handle is simply not constructed for use with heavy weight on a consistent basis.

2)The bag has no tread or rubber on the bottom, which might be useful for elevating the bag on damp or dirty floors.

All in all, this bag suits my needs well. I like that the inside of the bag is adjustable to fit various items that may be needed for the job.
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on November 29, 2011
To give you some background, I am a semi-professional photographer and own 3 other tripods and 4 different backpacks/slingbags. I purchased this set from Amazon's Black Friday sale and consider it an amazing deal. Even without the sale price, I still consider this an exceptional value for the money. This is not professional level equipment but as a starter kit, it is an excellent accessory bundle. You are essentially getting a BENRO A-058M8 Aluminum Tripod, a Benro BH0 Single Action Ballhead and a modified version of the Tenba 638-221 Small Messenger (Black). If you need a lightweight ball-head tripod and a messenger style camera bag then this set is a no-brainer. I purchased this primarily for the bag which I will use for a specific type of outing where I need quick access to my camera without setting down the bag. I just received the bag and it appears to be relatively well padded and has some flexibility with the removable insert. While I prefer camera backpacks over the messenger style bag, the shoulder pad is wide and well padded so that should help with comfort for heavy loads.

Because I already own other tripods, I may give this one away or possibly keep it in my car for impromptu shoots. I noticed some of the reviewers were questioning the weight load and sturdiness of the tripod. I mounted a Canon 7D with battery grip attached with a 100-400L (approximately 5 lbs) to the tripod and it could easily handle the weight. The quick release plate worked well although I found the ballhead movement to be a little rough as compared to some of my other heads. As others had noted, the tripod footprint in the standard position is not very large so I would not use this in high windy conditions or soft, uneven surfaces. However for solid, flat surfaces the tripod is more than adequate. The legs do adjust to different angles so that is another option to provide greater stability but you will lose height. Also the tripod column has a hook to hang additional weight to provide even more stability. Finally the bag that comes with the tripod is also well padded and well built. Overall, this is a highly recommended set if the bag and tripod fit your needs.

12/4/11 Update
I did some quick testing with the tripod and there is a certain level of vibration that takes time to dampen. This could be a problem for long exposure shots or possibly shooting slow shutter speeds with a long lens. FWIW, most lightweight tripods will have some vibration - even the carbon fiber based models. It's part of the compromise of weight versus convenience.
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