Customer Reviews: Bentgo All-in-One Stackable Lunch/Bento Box, Blue
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on November 2, 2014
I have hashimoto's autoimmune disease and am following a strict diet. Bentgo boxes help me prepare my meals in advance which saves me time and any temptation to go off the diet. Love these boxes!!!!
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on May 21, 2013
I love my Bentgo! I was getting tired of using ziplock bags (too much waste) as well as glass containers (too clunky) and mismatched plastic containers (well - okay. I realize that's just fine and functional, but I wanted something *sleek*, you know?). Hunting for Bento boxes online, I decided to go for the Bentgo as my first Bento to see if the Bento lifestyle worked for me.

The price point is phenomenal for the size and quality. Go ahead and do a Google search for Bento box providers and you'll see what I mean. I found that, for about this price, you could get big Bento boxes that weren't microwave or dishwasher safe, or you could get teeny Bento boxes made out of durable, food-safe plastics. Now you see why I picked the Bentgo - a decent sized Bento that is microwave, dishwasher, fridge, and freezer safe, as well as BPA-free for under $15! Wow!

Now for the Bentgo's performance. I LOVE this thing. I know some have mentioned they would like the size to be a little larger, but I have no qualms here. I normally put a leftover meal (i.e. chicken and rice something or other, pasta with a thick sauce, etc) in the lower compartment, with cold fruit and veggies in the top divided portion. I have also been able to pack a sandwich in the lower compartment if I cut it diagonally and situate the pieces so that they fit. I haven't had any situations where I wish I could pack more food in the Bentgo or anything like that. That's considering my usual lunchtime appetite, so YMMV. I'm not normally one to take salads for lunch, so I can't speak to how it works for salads, and that's where I have seen most people have issues with the Bentgo.

As far as the Bentgo's watertightness goes, I have not had any issues here, either - so far. For thicker sauces, such as a thicker dressing (ranch, thousand island, etc) and some pasta sauces that aren't particularly viscous such as spaghetti sauce or thicker Alfredo's and pestos should not present any problems at all, really. As long as you're not replacing your football with your Bentgo or tossing it gleefully into the air as you walk, these sauces shouldn't come loose. I wouldn't recommend packing any oil and vinegar or broth-based soups in this thing, as they recommend against it, and I can see why. The silicone barrier seals well enough, but not completely, and the same goes for the upper lid. I have packed saucy dishes and ranch dressing in my Bentgo and have had no problems at all as long as I keep it upright.

The strap also works well and fulfills its duties admirably: it appears to be strong, durable, and does it's job keeping the two compartments fitted together well.

My only nit-picky item would be that the silicone barrier does stain, but it washes clean completely with just the stain left behind. This is purely cosmetic, and not anything I am concerned with at all, but it's worth mentioning. A simple bleach followed with a boil may take care of this issue, but I haven't tried that yet. Also, the utensils do pop out occasionally, but not always (for me). If they do pop out, I have found they do still keep the utensils in place during transit, they just aren't stuck in there.

The Bentgo delivered on everything I was looking for in a Bento: size, ease, and durable plasticity. I am now happily enjoying the Bento lifestyle, thanks to the Bentgo!
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on January 28, 2016
Convertible design. Can compress to 1 thin box when lunch is over to make it smaller.
Comes with utensil and separate lid for each of the box. (but its poorly made)
Modern sleek design. Looks nice.

Carrying compression belt to keep the box lid close provides no security.
Food will leak or fall out if belt slips out, which happens often.
Although the idea of stacking the containers are nice, it really doesn't save much space.
Secure by a strap. Not very tight. If tilt or drop, will leak.

Poor lunch box design. It's nice that it comes with plastic utensils, but I doubt anyone will use it. It is very poorly made. Decent space to allow food storage. Minimal design, but requires a strap to keep the lunch boxes and the lid together. Will spill if dropped. Will spill if the belt slip out. Poorly thought out.

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on July 1, 2014
Great bento box and an amazing value for the price. Holds my meals perfect, easy to wash and clean, stores compactly in the cupboard. Stop throwing away paper and plastic bags from lunch, a couple of these are cheaper than the competition and can be used for years with proper handling.

As others have pointed out, they aren't good for liquids, but Bentgo has a locking cup for that (which is also excellent). The size is actually perfect for an average adult sized meal and great for maintaining portion control. The utensils are serviceable but if you're packing soup you might want to bring a deeper spoon. The dividers are handy and keep you from having to deal with paper or silicone cups to contain foods.

They are not insulated nor will keep foods cold, but work fine if you pack them in an insulated bag with an ice pack, or keep it in the fridge. Work just fine in the microwave for reheating (not cooking) meals as well.

These containers are great value, functional and look nice too (I've had many people ask what they are and then look to buying their own). I highly recommend them for anyone looking for this style of container.
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on March 5, 2015
I really enjoy the bentgo box. I like how light it is for transportation, easy to clean, and save a lot of space when done with lunch or organizing it. I use it for my husband and for my kid (before I bought the kids bentgo). I attached some photos of how I used it. And of course, I will rate it 5 stars!.
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on October 18, 2014
the quality is great about this product.
but actually it's pretty small.
if you are going to buy this lunch box for your kids or you are on a diet, it's a perfect choice. but for adults it's pretty small.
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on February 28, 2015
The idea and the look of this product is great but it didn't work for us. It was for my 6 yr old son's lunch and there were a few issues. Getting the band back on was a challenge because the top and bottom slide around but he picked it up within a week or so. I love the size and I normally wash both compartments by hand and within 1 week, the top lid (white) for the white compartment didn't fit properly. It was very hard to get a good seal without the lid continually popping off. My son said he had problems at school and just yesterday he brought it home and the top compartment was shattered on 1 side. I asked him what happened and he said he tried several times to get the lid on and he finally pounded it with the side of his fist to the top lid and it broke. Not only is it an expensive mistake to have purchased this but dangerous if those pieces had cut him. I would NOT recommend buying this item, especially for children.

I'm updating my review since placing the original review:

I was contacted promptly by the seller with options for a replacement. They shipped out another Bentgo Box quickly and it was already received. I hope we have a better experience with this box. I appreciated the promptness of the seller!
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on March 13, 2014
Our whole family loves our Bentgo boxes. My 6 year old son loves them so much that he wants to use them for every single meal, every single day. I love the design and that they compact for easier storage. We don’t have a dish washer in our house so we really appreciate easy to wash dishes, which the Bentgo is. They fit plenty of food but are small enough to toss into a tote bag for easy travel. Our family is getting ready to move to Montreal on mission and will not have a car. We love the portability of these for taking on public transport or for walking. I will definitely recommend these boxes to my mommy friends and give them 5 stars!
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on November 24, 2014
We were so excited to send my daughter off to school with healthy portions & bag-free lunch. Well, although this is a cute little box with good intentions, it is not practical. The lids fall off. When it happened the first time, I thought, well my daughter is just being rough and not opening it properly. So, I took it to lunch myself. After carefully pulling off the gray holder, my pasta salad was in my lap because the lids do not snap in place. It would be a great product if the lids would seal without the gray band. Even the gray band doesn't keep the food in. My daughter is 10 and very responsible and she kept losing her lunch when she would open this. We had to start putting things in bags, which defeats the whole purpose. I'm disappointed. Save your money & your child's clothing. Don't buy this. * It may work for an adult who can carry this perfectly upright all day and is very careful.
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on February 7, 2015
Very bad.. After few days the lower section contracted and now it has started to leak from the gap created.. Now I am searching new Lunch Box.. Disappointment..
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