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on February 5, 2017
If I could give this 10 stars I would. DK
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on July 7, 2010
After much research I bought this range 2 years ago, and overall I'm very pleased with it. Here's how I rate my Bertazzoni from good to bad:

First the best part: It's strikingly beautiful, and the cooktop is amazingly versatile in its heat range. This is also my first time using convection, and I LOVE it, I had no idea roast chicken could be so good! The price point is also fantastic.

Now the pretty good:I also really like the electric ignition feature. It took
a bit to get used to, it can be tricky to get the oven properly lit. You have to keep the door ajar untill its fully lit (takes around 60 seconds)and if you close the door too soon the flame goes out. So a little fussy, but no big deal.

Now the kinda bad: The oven is HUGE, probably overkill for my family of four.
I feel like a huge energy waster getting it all fired up to bake a simple casserole. Also you MUST use two oven thermometers if you are doing something delicate like a souffle. (Which I have done, and it turned out beautifully.) One side gets hotter than the other and the oven temp NEVER matches what the setting on the dial says. Using the convection feature and two thermometers corrects for this problem completly. I get extremly even and uniform browning while baking 4 trays of cookies at once and my pizza is perfectly crispy. In retrospect I might have gone with the 30" model, but I REALLY wanted 5 burners. Anyways...

The worst part: It has a truly uncool (uncool, get it? Sorry, bad pun) cooling feature that vents hot air into your kitchen. The first page of the manual explains that you will need to double the exhaust in your kitchen to compensate. Which I am in no position to do at this point. It's fine in the winter, actually cuts back on our furnace usage, but in the summer it makes my house an inferno. So, light summertime baking is no longer an option. Not that I love baking in the summertime anyway, so I am learning to deal with it. I do wish I had known this ahead of time, I can imagine it would be a deal breaker if you lived in New Mexico (I live in Portland, Oregon by the way.)

I do love my Bertazzoni, and I would recommend it to someone who loves to putz around the kitchen, and has time and patience to deal with the quirks. If you are busy and highly value precision in an oven, this might not be for you.
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on August 14, 2013
Love the looks and the stove top burners. I have had problems with oven staying lit from day 1. Bertazzoni sent out a repair man three times, could not understand him with his Russian accent. Then the warranty ran out during this time. Bertazzoni did NOT help resolve the issue, needless to say, we had our appliance man to look at it. Ended up the thermalcouple had deteriorated, he replaced it and no more problems. Now my oven door is popping at the right hinge, and jumps up and down an inch. Called Bertazzoni and was told they never heard of this. REALLY, look on the web at how many ranges people are having issues with the hinges popping. Even after replacing they say it still drops. It is too bad they DO NOT back up their product when you have issues, especially since this range is at the higher end. Would I recommend this range? Probably not. I would recommend a Wolf, which now sells their range in a half inch gas line instead of three quarters gas line. If they had this at the time I would of bought the Wolf range instead. And yes the oven runs very hot, you need to lower temp and cooking time.

UPDATE:. Going on our 4th thermalcouple......I cannot bake any sort of cake etc without burning bottom and sides. I have lowered the temperature more then 50° shortened the cooking time, and still burns, and then I end up with a gooey center with burnt side and bottoms.......As stated earlier the stove top burners are great, but Bertazxoni oven is a major defect. They do not stand by their product, so I can honestly say now, I DO Not recommend this stove at all............If they correct the issue with the oven, I would gladly purchase a new one in the future....3/22/17
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on March 17, 2012
We've had this range for about 4 months or so. It was a welcome upgrade from the horrible flat-top electric one we got with our new house. It is very minimalist, which sometimes make you question if you paid too much. But it's beautiful in its simplicity.

The range is great> Love the various 5 burners. The middle (largest) one is finicky, but could be a safety thing. You have to hold the ignition for a bit longer than the other burners to stay lit. And it's gone out on me a couple of times on very low. Speaking of safety, I love how it will NOT let raw gas out of the burners. We have a 3-year-old who likes to play with things and even if he turns on the knobs, we don't have to worry about gas spewing out into the house. Nice. The burners cook very evenly. Whether it's large fancy meals or something basic like grilled cheese, which, I have to say, come out perfect on this thing (or it's just my skills!).

Now, the oven. I'm actually going to call our local service tech because I think ours burns way too hot. Because I was told by the sales guy that it is more "efficient" in cooking, I set everything down by 25 degrees. Well, I still think it's too hot. Baked goods take anywhere from 5-10 minutes less to cook WITHOUT the convection on. And when the convection is on, my stuff actually appears to be blown lopsided by the fan. But, it still gets too hot. For example, dinner rolls (you know, the buttery Pillsbury crescent rolls). Even with the oven dropped 25 degrees, they cook in roughly 10 minutes, instead of 16 and the bottoms burn. Today, I had a 16x9 cake, cooked for 30 minutes (directions said 32-36) and bottom was burned.

So, we'll see. I don't want things in the oven to be so high maintenance! Just cook normally, please! I guess we could buy a thermometer and check ourselves, but it's still under warranty.

Lastly, since there are no "gadgets," there is no timer and you have no idea when the oven is up to temperature. So, keep that in mind when buying a commercial-grade/style range.

Giving 4 stars for now. I'll drop it if oven issue isn't solved.
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on November 2, 2011
Bought this item for a (new to me) home in southern NH. Needed a 36" wide stove, and this fit the bill.

A pro-type range at a much more affordable price than the Wolf, Viking, Dacor, etc...

What is is: A minimalistic approach to appliance design. Mechanical controls -- mechanical thermocouples to keep the flames lit. Requires a little more knowledge and understanding than more modern digital electronics, but very simple and probably highly reliable. Good news is that the thing worked well with a recent power outage... great to cook while the lights are off!

Haven't done a lot of baking yet, but the convection features seems to be the ticket with this thing to keep the oven properly stirred up.

Like the previous reviewer said, has a front fan to keep the door area cool, and this radiates some heat. No big deal for me.

The burners are fine for me, but are not a powerful as some pro ranges which, in my opinion, are oversized for the normal home cook. I love the center burner and its 'wok ring' -- gets very hot and suits me fine.

Styling is minimalist compared to other appliances. Like I said, no digital panels, simple knob turns do everything.

So... would I buy again? Yes. Just be sure it is what you want. If you want the 'star trek' approach to appliances, this isn't it. If you want a very good cooking appliance, with basic controls, that seems very well made and will work a long time (impressions based on quality of unit, I don't have 20 years experience with this), then this is the ticket.
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on March 29, 2016
I've never written a review before but this warrants one. The oven just does not stay lit. That's really inconvenient when trying to bake anything. Sure, I could hang out by the door constantly checking that the light doesn't go off, but I don't always have the time for that. It does look pretty but that's just not enough to recommend it. If you do a little research you'll see that this is a common complaint with Bertazzoni and yet, their service department acts like they've never heard of this problem before. Hmm. I say just buy another brand.
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on March 11, 2014
I have a 5 burner model. The top is ok but the oven is Horrible! everything burns! I have paid $100's of dollars in repair to the damn Bertazzoni repair guy and still does not work. He was rude, and did nothing but adjust a screw in the small whole on the front. And he broke that and left.I have had it with this thing. Worst oven I have ever owned. Looks nice but that is it. STAY AWAY from this brand
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on April 15, 2015
Sorry I bought this stove. There's a great deal of guessing needed when using it. Lighting the burners is a tricky process. You never know when or if you've actually lit the stove (customer support--which is hard to get a hold of--said I should look for a flame in the bottom corner of the oven Really? There is no way to know if the convection is actually on and nothing on the stove indicates if a temp has been reached. But the most annoying feature of this stove is that the stove-top stainless steel is cheap. It doesn't clean up well no matter what you clean it with. The same is true for the stove top burners. I bought this stove for a vacation home. I should have paid an extra $1000 and purchased a comparable Wolf.
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on October 30, 2013
I have had this stove since July and have had problems from day one!! The stove won't light half the time and when it does light it goes out when you shut the door. And only one burner in the oven works!! So your food cooks on one side. I live in a rural area and can not get a service tech to come out. Today one came early for an appt that I had scheduled for two weeks. He left because I was 5 min late due to weather! Plus it blows out hot air when the oven is on. In Texas, that extra heat is not needed!
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on November 7, 2015
I have had nothing but trouble getting the oven to light reliably - and I had the whole range replaced after much hassle. The new one has the same problem - takes 2 or 3 tries to get the oven to light - sometimes stays lit but often goes out and I have to start over. It has a noisy fan that vents directly out the front so heats up the whole kitchen and is very loud.
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