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VINE VOICEon May 29, 2014
I first tried a Serta memory foam mattress at a local discount home center to see if I would like this type of mattress. The Serta was soft when I sat on it, but was rather firm (hard) when I lay down on it. I prefer this, so I took the chance and bought this one on Amazon since it was less than half the price. Surprise! This one is MUCH softer, although still fairly supportive. It is like a soft pillow top mattress (see my picture of a cat's feet sinking in the surface). I do sink in some when I sleep (my weight = 165lb) and I wish it were a little harder, but it is comfortable to sleep on. I have rated it 5 stars, even though it is a bit soft, since I could not have otherwise come close to this comfort and quality for anywhere near this price. This is a bargain!

Some people have complained about the smell. Yes, it has a mild smell for the first several days, but I don't find it is very obnoxious in character, and I was able to sleep on it the first night. Is it hot to sleep on? No matter what mattress I sleep on, I go to bed cold and wake up sweaty. This mattress is no worse than any other (I am using a mattress pad).

When the mattress comes, it is compressed in a white plastic bag inside a floppy cardboard box (see pictures). Remove the mattress from the box immediately and move the mattress in this bag (by grabbing each end) and place onto the box springs or platform bed BEFORE further unwrapping (see picture). Do NOT cut the bag, rip the seam instead (see picture). Mine expanded to full size in under 10 min (see picture).

Update 6/2/14
I was too quick to complain about the mattress being too soft. Now that it has had a few days to equilibrate, it had firmed up a bit. It is now as firm as the Serta mattress I tried, and I no longer have complaints about it being too soft.
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on March 18, 2017
UPDATE 03/24/17: This mattress is AHmazing! It's cushy so I understand why extracurricular activities are not easily accomplished but I think adding an eggcrate foam to it would help. I haven't slept this well in three years! I have a vinyl backed mattress protector on it, so I do get warm sometimes. However, I think it's more from the vinyl than the mattress. And it's not terrible warm either. Will definitely recommend to everyone I know.

Delivery was disappointing. My bed was scheduled to arrive Tuesday March 14 and it didn't ship til late Monday night March 13. So it didn't arrive til Friday March 17.

That aside, I am really excited about this bed. To prospective buyers, please do your research on memory foam mattresses so you know what to expect. I believe the disappointed reviewers were uninformed consumers. To start, this mattress arrives in a large box, weighing about 60 lbs. I literally flipped it up the stairs, head over heels, to my room by myself. It comes in a tarp like material, compression bag. Pull it out and put the mattress where you want it. The compression bag can be ripped along the seam to remove the mattress. There will be another clear plastic wrap compressing the mattress. Cut it off once you have the bed in position.
It will begin to decompress once exposed to air. There was a slight smell to it when I opened the bag but nothing overwhelming. And I have a super sensitive nose. The mattress comes zipped in a flame retardant cover. It says it can be washed but from other reviews, I would just put a removable, washable mattress cover/bag on it. That way, you are protecting the inner mattress and get to keep the cover clean.

Within about 10 minutes, the mattress looked and measured like it was fully decompressed but when I sank to the bottom, I knew it needed more time. Proper research will show memory foam mattresses need 48-72 hours to fully decompress. But only if they were compressed to begin with. As the hours went by, the mattress got firmer. It's been 12 hours and there's still a faint smell. The mattress is firmer but I will wait the required time so that I don't ruin it. From what I can tell by lying on it briefly, it feels like a dream.

So far so good. Great price and my first memory foam. But please do the research so you know what to expect. You will be glad you did.
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on March 25, 2013
I am not sure how anyone can sleep on any other kind of mattress now that we have this wonderful mattress. We have used every kind of mattress over the years and memory foam types are the only kind we will use since they are the best for pain relief and comfort. We have this one in queen for our bed. This is by far the best mattress we have ever used and here is why.
We looked at memory foam mattresses for days on end after deciding to buy a memory foam mattress. We went to stores and tested everything from Tempurpedic to lesser priced memory foam mattresses and still weren't sure which one we should get. I know Temperpedic's reputation and love their mattresses but we didn't want to shell out 4 to 7 grand for their best mattress so I investigated the science and foam levels of their mattresses at length for days on end for weeks prior to this purchase to find the secret to their mattresses so I could apply that to finding one of equal comfort for a fraction of their prices.
I found many other memory foam mattresses here on Amazon and in the stores that boasted about their 3 inch memory foam and 7 inches of base support foam but after close investigation I found that though it sounds great at first all we would really get was 3 inches of memory foam comfort and that to me is no different than a 3 inch memory foam topper. I wanted more comfort than that, and the most inches of memory foam for the price for myself and my family.

More memory foam means you will sink in a lot more (less pressure points that you feel) before your body hits the other base foam. As I have back problems and Fibromyalgia (which my mom refers to as the Princess and the Pea Syndrome) I knew we had to have a mattress that would alleviate any and all pressure points such as my hips and knees.

The #1 secret most memory foam mattress makers won't tell you to look for is the size of the memory foam (top portion), and the super soft foam (middle portion) vs the high density foam base (base foam). Some makers say theirs are the best because of more total mattress inches (14" 17" etc) this is not true. Height does not measure how much it will sink in. The key secret is to look for the size in inches of memory foam and to add that to the size of the super soft foam, this is how many inches of pure comfort and sink in you will really get! Temperpedic knows this as their mattress have smaller foam bases and more LAYERS of memory and super soft foams. The foam base is made of a firmer type of foam used as a foundation in much the same way as box springs are to create a firm base, that type of foam does not provide much give and is definitely not something you want to feel while sleeping so keep that in mind. This mattress has 3 inches of memory foam + 2 inches of super soft foam and that gives us 5 inches of LAYER memory and super soft foam comfort. Just what we were looking for!

At first look, you may be shocked at how a quality memory foam mattress could live in such a small box, but just give it a day or so to puff back up to its regular size which it does incredibly fast, it took less than 30 mins for ours to reach 8 of it's 10 inches. This mattress is compressed tightly for shipping purposes so it will not look fluffy and soft when you first open that box. Wait to open the plastic wrap covering until you get it to the room you want it. Once its opened up, it is very difficult and hard to move around so I suggest placing it on your bed frame or box spring before opening the plastic seal. The rolled up mattress is incredibly heavy, think about getting help with this if you have back problems, and is even harder to move once the plastic wrap is taken off, hence the advice to place it on the bed before unsealing the plastic. We bought a memory foam mattress frame platform bed for our memory foam mattress as well as a Malouf mattress protector. We have added pictures of the box before opening as well as the mattress once it was opened for a few hours above. My little brother loves it and even named it Heaven on a Cloud, and we all agree!
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on December 4, 2017
Bought this for my son's room. Now that he's 4 it's time to upgrade from his day bed to a 'big boy' double bed. I can't get over home comfortable this is. Upon 1st setting it up I was very skeptical for 2 reasons, 1st, it had a,strong chemical odor as soon as I unpackaged it that last a week.
2nd, it isn't very thick.
After a week the odor was gone. After falling asleep on it myself, I can vouch for it's comfort. We use no box spring and have it on a platform bed that doesn't require one. Amazing quality for the price. My son sleeps very well as there is no creaking noise that his crib used to have. I suggest leaving it open in garage for a week after opening to let it off gas it's odor but other than that yes it's a great buy.
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on March 30, 2017
Expanded to its full 10" size within MINUTES. It started blowing up as soon as I cut the plastic. Its one of the most comfortable things ive ever laid on. My boyfriend refuses to get up. We both have bad back problems and he said his pain completely goes away when he lays down. There was also no smell whatsoever. Its definitely worth every penny! I can't even get my cats off of it. 😂

UPDATE: Its been almost a year. I still love it. I suggest it to anyone looking for a new mattress! I have friends who spent $500+ on their mattresses and mine is still better!
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on December 17, 2017
So I bought this mattress about 7 months ago. My roommate kept telling me how much bigger her queen size bed feels in comparison to mine. I told her she was crazy, and to stop being dramatic. Well finally 7 MONTHS LATER we decide to smarten up and find a tape measure. This mattress is 3 inches shorter in width than a standard queen size mattress. It’s 57” when a queen is supposed to be 60”. It may not sound like a lot, but believe me, it totally is. Especially when your partner is like a baby koala that clings to its mother at all times, and you have to practically kick the sh** out of them to get them to stay on their side. So. All in all, I’m fairly disappointed. I wanted a queen size bed. Not a larger full size bed. Plus it’s a lot firmer than I originally hoped. Which means the foam isn’t breaking down so that’s good, but I hoped it would have been more form molding/squishy/sinky/quick sandy/cloud like.
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on August 2, 2016
I bought this for an upgrade for my boat. Once out of it's sock and cover it was an easy trim with a razor knife (be careful if you try it). Much better than the 4 inch non-memory foam that was in there. If it were for home use I would likely buy the 8".
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on February 16, 2017
This is a great deal on a nice mattress! Its hard to believe the price on this is so cheap, I think it's more comfortable than my boyfriends purple mattress and he loves sleeping on this mattress too. It's firm yet soft and it's surprisingly easy to move around. Such a great deal, don't pass it up, you won't regret it! Keep in mind that the shipping of this sucked and they were super late and behind in getting it to me, claiming weather but I have a hard time believing that. However, everything else about this product outside of shopping was awesome!
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on May 17, 2017
I bought 2 of these for my grandchildren's bunk beds when they moved in with us about a year ago. They have held up very well and a very comfortable. I can say that because I've had to crawl in bed with the younger one until she falls asleep sometimes falling asleep myself. We are purchasing 2 more so they can have the same mattress at their new house.
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on November 1, 2017
Mattress came very quickly. It had that chemical smell a lot of mattresses have when they're shipped in plastic, however 48 hours of letting it sit, rise to size, and air out got rid of it. Mattress is pretty comfortable and easy to move. It was a little more firm than I anticipated but I'm still getting used to it. I can't feel my partner turning over in bed which is a HUGE plus. It feels very supportive when I lay on my side and I have not woken up sore yet. For the price you pay I would say this is an excellent mattress. If you are looking for something firm, yet more on the softer side, I would go to a 10 inch instead. So far, we really like.
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