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on April 10, 2017
It's kind of nice when you can read a series of 12 books and not be able to tell anyone what part was in what title because the story line just flows that well!

I really wouldn't suggest anyone just buying this book without buying the whole series and starting from the beginning of the story. As a matter of fact I wouldn't suggest buying any of them without buying the first book of the series and starting from there.

This series follows Zoey Redbird, a teenager who finds herself turning into the most powerful Vampyre the world has ever seen. (Yes the spelling of vampyre is how they spell it in these books :) ) Zoey is faced with the important task of saving/protecting the world from the evils that threaten it. The main villain in this series is Neferet, a woman who used to follow the Goddess over all Vampyres and was at one time considered righteous, however she turned evil and started following the voice of someone much darker. Each book tells a part of the story where Zoey and Neferet clash and have to fight either each other or some one who is partnering up with Neferet.

I'll stop there as I don't want to give too much away, but I will certainly add that the book is very entertaining and did a very good job of keeping me wanting to come back for more. Its easy to understand why this series has such a huge following.

I would recommend it to anyone interested in this genre.
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on June 8, 2014
I became interested in the House of Night Novels after purchasing Wisdom of the House of Night Oracle Cards. I was so enthralled with the tarot cards, and wanted to learn more about the characters on the cards. I have read two books out of A House of Night series, and might I add they were not in order. It's hard to pass up books for $3 at your local bookstore.

The House of Night series fans will be happy for the follow-up and continuity from the previous books. Especially, if you have your favorites. I think the fact I read this series out of order led to me getting restless with the story. There were some parts that seemed to drag on and on - to the point I had to put the book down for a few days.

I wouldn't say this a bad book, but I would recommend reading this series in order. I believe readers that have read this series in order is more invested in characters than people that haven't.
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on February 16, 2011
Ever the master manipulator, Neferet has managed to bamboozle the Vampyre High Council into believing she has returned to the Light and has been reinstated as a High Priestess. Wanting revenge on Zoey Redbird, Neferet must first lure her back to Tulsa. Zoey and her Guardian Warrior, James Stark, have chosen to remain on the Isle of Skye for some rest. Everyone else has returned to Tulsa's House of Night only to find everything on the border of chaos.

Stevie Rae is the first-ever Red Vampyre High Priestess. She is still dealing with her emotions from breaking up with her boyfriend, Dallas, and her mixed feelings for Rephaim, the Raven Mocker that she shares an Imprint with. But the stress on Stevie Rae is beginning to show. So when a friend of their inner-circle dies, Stevie Rae makes the phone call which brings Zoey and Stark back to Tulsa. Though all know Neferet murdered their friend, no one has any proof and she has a solid alibi.

Rephaim, the son of Kalona, strives to keep his relationship with Stevie Rae from his father and Neferet. Torn between his respect for his father and his mixed feelings for Stevie Rae, Rephaim can neither betray his father, nor stop protecting this new friend. However, the Raven Mocker will soon be forced to choose between his immortal parent and the Red One. Until then, Rephaim will brainstorm for a way to remove Kalona's spirit from beneath Neferet's controlling thumb.

** TWO STARS! As with the previous book (Burned), little happens to move events along. As with what happened to Heath a couple of titles past, another character is culled from the series. Dallas, the rogue red fledglings, and Erik only have brief cameo parts in this installment of the series. To be honest, I cannot see any reason for Dallas, Erik, or the rogue fledglings to even have been mentioned.

The character of Zoey still comes across as weak and immature. Hiding away from her problems and leaving others in danger is simply out of Zoey's character. I no longer feel a connection to her. Instead, the character of Stevie Rae is toughing things out. Yet even Stevie Rae is avoiding her duties this time around. She blows off her close friend and Prophetess, Kramisha, often.(Sort of like: If I do not let Kramisha tell me the problem, then it does not really exist.)

Speaking of Kramisha's character, the Poet Laureate seems to be highly intelligent, so why can she not speak proper English? To me, this comes across as a racial slur - something I thought this generation had managed to filter out. Kramisha is more level-headed and has more backbone than any other character currently within the HON series. The authors really need to develop Kramisha's character more and give her more time in the spotlight.

P.C. and Kristin Cast are talented authors who have managed to create a mystical world full of strong characters for readers to cheer on and evil villains for them to hate. Even though the titles of Burned and Awakened are little more than fluff and filler, I have hope that the writing duo will bring back the high standards of entertainment readers had become accustomed to. **

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
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on January 10, 2014
Addicted to the series. Always a good read. I love me some supernatural. I do like the author's style of writing, which feels natural and compatible to the way we talk and think. Good character development. Love the fact that the author references modern icons, movies and events. Story lines are interesting and filled with drama and edge of your seat excitement and anticipation. I do love to hate the villain and this one is evil. Only negatives are ones that waste good story space and time, such as, the repetitive descriptions of past events and characteristics of people and then the romantic events or inner insecurity issues can definitely use some editing as it can, in places, be blah blah blah....tedious and over descriptive for what is needed. I usually just skip over these sections and get back to what's really happening with the story. There are also some typos here and there that bug me on rare occasion because I wish I could just fix them myself! Oh, and though the length of these books are typical, I would love if some authors would just make books that are seriously thick again, like 500 pages or more! Other than that. I highly recommend this series. You won't regret it.
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on April 18, 2012
This series continues to surprise, impress, and captivate me. I always feel a pang of regret after reading every book because I allowed so much time to pass since finishing the last. I hope to pick up Destined sooner rather than later.

The reason this book doesn't reach five stars for me is because at times I find myself tired of and disappointed by the childish nature of some of the characters and the references. I love that the story is rooted in a time that we can relate to so closely but at times it feels forced or excessive. Apart from that I really can't complain.

I love getting the multiple perspectives of the characters and finding myself lost, yet again, in this magical world. I've made it pretty clear in previous posts about this series and its recent books that Rapheim is my absolute favorite character. He and Stevie Rae's future is where I rested the majority of my rating. As you can see...I was not let down. In fact, despite the fact that this story is satisfying and compelling on a multitude of levels, I would be content if the rest of the characters dropped off and all I was reading was about the two of them. Their love, Rephaim's destiny. Gosh, what a perfect character and story-line.

Again, I must point out, this story is deeply rooted in powerful messages and meanings. Not only does this series embrace a multitude of people but it teaches its readers how to find acceptance, peace, forgiveness, and most of all: love. It seems corny to say that, I know, but it really is true.
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on October 3, 2014
long series but got hooked. waiting for the last one - November I think -
read first one to test the waters - got hooked. interesting mix of vampires and native american mythology(forgive me if I'm misleading) Just a heads-up, plenty of graphic language and sexual content - good or bad ? -that's up to you. I don't need it in a book but it didn't take away from the story to me - mostly it just seemed like "reality". (are you with me?) very cool story, interesting plotting - i don't know, I just thought it was pretty cool. Really - it is. Maybe like "Twilight" for guys ?? No - that aint it. I really like the heroine. A lot of the characters really. Ya know i think I'm just now realizing that I liked it a lot more than I thought i did - Hmm
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on June 4, 2011
I've been a bit skeptical of the last few books. Against my better judgement, I bought Awakened and began to read it. I must admit that I was somewhat disappointed.

The story line and plot was very weak in this book. This book was mostly about tying up loose ends and answering a few unanswered questions. Few problems were resolved and a few were started. Not too much happened in this book.

Of the events that did take place, I was disappointed. In the aspect of Jack, I feel that this part is pointless. I have the same feelings when it comes to Heath. Just as the series was going somewhere, Cast bounced back and led me to think differently. I struggled through the book because it did not keep my interest. There were few highs and lows and I could hardly focus.

This book was more about the social, romantic and emotional problems among the characters. Don't get me wrong, I believe that these are very important. What upsets me is that P.C. usually does an excellent job putting all of these things in her books.

This book lacked balance and depth. There wasn't enough for me to worry about in the book. The characters seem to have lost their charm.

Here's to hoping her next books are better.
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on July 12, 2015
2.5 stars
The latter half sort of made up for the suckiness of the rest. I'm really tired of the repeating plot lines and Neferet's predictable, evil behavior (can we have another villian please!?). It doesn't seem feasible to me that she can fool ALL those people.

The ending was good though. After investing 8 books into this series, I do feel like I will read the next book. (and the fact that I already own the next few books lol).
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on January 9, 2016
This series has a lot of potential that just isn't being realised at this point. The idea of being marked as a Vampyre rather than being bitten is interesting. So is making Vampyre society a matriarchy with links back to the Amazons. The mix of mythologies and modern history does seem hurried and not well thought out though. The characters also lack depth - it's hard to really feel a connection or care what happens to most of them. There is never a moment where the protagonist seems to be at risk in any real way - the goddess just comes through and makes it all better. One small but really annoying inaccuracy: eucalypts are not native to the U.S., they were introduced to the U.S. from Australia in the 1850s. Seems odd for them to be portrayed as part of ages old Cherokee ceremonies.
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on September 26, 2015
I am going to take and assume if you are reading this you have some idea of what happened in the first novel.

So I am making my way through this high school House of Night series. I am just not sure how much more of the whining and complaining I can take before I send the book through the shredder. Zoey is just always in over her head. and it just happens to always be the notorious Neferet that is on the other end. I was expecting a better betrayal in this book, and while it is more of a somber tone, it just fell way short in my expectations. The book was just so mediocre I couldn't give it much higher.

Zoey in this novel is reeling from the loss of her friend, Stevie Ray. Her other friends are trying to fill in the gap and make sure that Zoey is okay. However, what bothered me the most is high the other friends are around, they don't seem to feel the loss at all. It's like they all just immediately felt the loss than when Zoey collapsed they seemed to move on and fill the gap. I just found it tasteless and almost insulting. I mean friends tend to get together and talk and comfort each other, not try to fill a hole and whatnot.

However the whole whiny Zoey continues and with the loss it only gets worse. In the beginning it's near Christmas and Zoey's birthday, they come close and she hates the Birth-mas gifts, but doesn't tell anyone other than Stevie Ray. Now when the other friends give their gifts they have that Birth-mas theme and it upsets her. I'm sorry don't hold them accountable if you never mentioned your feelings on the topic. It's not their fault entirely, and the more the novel goes on it's a wonder why her friends even stick around.

Aphrodite is back with a vengeance. I thought she would be more of an annoyance or just a straight up bitch. However, there is more than meets the eye to Aphrodite, and that's the part of her character that I found more realistic. It gives her character depth and personality. She was one of the few characters that grew on me as the novel went on, while the others seemed to hover and dance around the pampered annoying Zoey.

Now the Betrayal, gives a lot of story away, and I'm going to try to explain it without trying to get give it away. You would think it'd be Neferet or Aphorodite, because they are the obvious picks and with Aphrodite getting so close to Zoey. I was rather shocked at the whole revelation and the plot twist that surrounded the Betrayal. However, after it was revealed the rest of the story seemed to follow a straight line to the end. I don't understand the story writing, it's beginning to twist to end. There is little room left for imagination and letting the story simmer and grow, or twisting to let the reader get more immersed in the story.

This is a rather large review for such a mediocre to poor book. I wanted to see more world-building or a better character growth, but that came at the cost of the plot. I like Aphrodite more so than Zoey in this novel and it makes her more realistic and believable in this novel. However Aphrodite just seemed to steal the spotlight from Zoey and it was well deserved. If you made it past the first book, I would be weary about diving into this novel. Take some time, and read some more reviews, I already had it on my shelf so I went on, but I would think twice.
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