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on April 23, 2012
If you want to learn how to cook basics from scratch - this is the cookbook for you. Recipes that are Fast or Easy are labeled as such. The 10th edition was printed in 1989 - I've had it since then and it is the one cookbook that I return to over and over again for basic, unadulterated, real, down-home goodness recipes. Not that it doesn't have the occasional short-cut recipe for those who like things fast and simple, but most recipes teach you how to cook from scratch (many of which are fast and simple). I've cooked my family many a meal from these recipes - some of which I modify for my own tastes. I'll never forget the Christmas I told my mother-in-law that I would bring a pie for dessert, only to realize I totally forgot to pick one up at the store beforehand. With no stores open on Christmas, I looked up the recipe for apple pie because I had plenty of apples on hand - I also had sugar, flour, salt, spices, butter and water - and I baked the most awesome apple pie!! I love the 3-ring binder - it lays flat when I'm trying to read the ingredients and mix a recipe at the same time. My cousin likes mine so much she wanted one of her own - I read reviews of the newest 15th edition which complained of too much processed food ingredients. I can't verify that, but she decided she wanted the 10th edition like mine - so I ordered her one.
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on January 17, 2014
I love this cookbook, and bought it to replace a worn out predecessor. My only gripe? this is like a fat mass market paperback! So that means the spine may not be up for the long haul, the pages are on cheap almost-newsprint paper, and it doesn't stay open well (not an asset for a cookbook). I only just barely didn't return it, but beware what edition you're getting. Its predecessor (which lasted 20 years or so with lots of cooking) had a glossy cover, was larger, and had non-newsprinty-paper (white semi glossy) and stayed open appropriately. I do hope Amazon takes note and does a good job showing you what books are like physically (paper type, important to cookbooks -- for durability, or art books for reproduction quality) for future purchases. Otherwise, this is like a cautionary tale about why you buy some books in person at brick and mortar stores (I'd never buy a cookbook like this in person, and didn't return it because I got busy and had already recycled the packing receipt and it wasn't hugely expensive).
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on January 13, 2017
This came packed fantastically. And arrived incredibly quickly for my Christmas gift exchange. The recipient just bought a house and has limited staple cookbooks, so I figured going with this version would be a great idea.

I received a well-worn copy, personally, of the 10th or 11th edition of this book. The printing on my older one was a bit odd to read with the shadowed text. Other reviewers have stated that this version (16th) had small text in it. I found this to not be the case at all, and many of the recipes in the book were more modern and popular ones, as well as some of the older favorites.

I would highly recommend this 16th edition, especially if you have an older one. They both work well in tandem, but it seemed like this new one had enough newer and refreshed recipes for modern cookers that it would be worth the price to have a second updated copy.

It also came with (if I recall correctly) a subscription to the BH&G magazine, which was a really nice surprise to find. If you're at all considering it or know someone who likes to entertain who doesn't have a newer edition of this book (or doesn't have a BH&G cookbook) then you shouldn't hesitate. Well worth the purchase price!
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on January 15, 2017
Just so that you understand where I'm coming from, I'm 46 and from the South. While I make no pretensions to French cuisine or anything too fancy, I can make bread, still make my great-grandmother's recipe for pie filling, and put up my own chicken broth. I purchased this particular cookbook for my 14-year-old daughter, however, as a good "basic" cookbook (just as I received a BH&G cookbook when I was about her age in the mid 1980s). Wow! Was I in for a surprise. The other day I wanted to make some baked custards, so I grabbed this book because it was sitting on the counter. No baked custard recipe. I had to go back to my older cookbook. Then today my daughter had a friend over, and I thought about making cinnamon rolls, so I grabbed this book. Well, you have a choice of "potato cinnamon rolls" using mashed potatoes (I don't have any potatoes at the moment) or "easy cinnamon rolls" using purchased bread dough. That's when I started really looking through this book. They have, and I kid you not, "recipes" for such challenging creations as "Cranberry-Almond Cereal Mix" and "Steel-Cut Oatmeal." Really? Can people not follow the directions on the steel-cut oatmeal container? To be fair, they still have my old favorite souffle recipe; at least they didn't get rid of it, and some of the recipes look interesting. Overall, however, it seems like a good number of the recipes call for purchased or pre-made ingredients. To me, the BH&G cookbook was always the basic reference cookbook, telling you how to make things from scratch. Compared to my step-mother's version, my BH&G was simplified. Compared to mine, this one seems really dumbed-down. It if continues, in a decade the BH&G will be telling my grandchildren how to make hot chocolate out of a package. Anyway, if you are looking for a cookbook for someone who doesn't know how to boil water, this might be okay and it DOES have some useful information. However, if you are looking for a serious "reference" type of cookbook for old-fashioned cooking, you might want to consider buying an older version or trying to find an old home ec textbook. I think you would be disappointed with this edition.
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on October 17, 2016
Great cookbook! I love it! I had been looking for a replacement copy of my cookbook that I'd had since the 70's that was so well used it was falling apart. This one came in near perfect condition and was worth every penny that I paid for it--I think it was about $35. I wish BH&G would reprint these older editions and make them available for sale to the public! I have bought some of their new editions that are filled with quick easy recipes made from pre-made products, but with my becoming more and more aware of how GMO filled convenience food products are destroying our health, I have totally gone back to making everything from scratch, like my mother did, and her mother did; and cookbooks like this one make that easy to do. If I could have only one cookbook, this would absolutely be it! Thank you to the seller for selling it and for Amazon making it available for me to purchase. I am so pleased to have found it and own a copy now that is in excellent condition. P.S. Pretty certain I will be passing this copy down to my daughter!
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on April 30, 2016
This book is a bit dated, but that's why I wanted to replace my copy that was lost years ago. While I love to cook organic, and farm-to-table, there is still that little girl in me who remembers classic comfort foods from my childhood. There are two recipes, in here, that I've missed. One being the Lemon Meringue Pie and the other are the popcorn balls. It's funny to see all the "dated" kitchens, and so many jello salads-- that have fallen by the wayside in more modern times. Still, there are classic recipes here from roasts, to breads and rolls and great cookie recipes. I'm glad to be reunited with my old friend
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on June 19, 2013
The book has sections on setting up a household, calories, exercises, weight loss and maintenane, and home making ideas. I enjoyed this book - seeing the difference from 1953 to today. Meals were made at home, people drank milk and ate carbs. Meat was the biggest part of the meal, Carrots were bought whole and cleaned cooked and so where other vegetables.

Vegetables such as parsnips and more unusual varieties of swash were discussed in this book.

I learned much about cooking from this older book and keeping a kitchen running for 3 meals, lunches and snacks.

This book got me back to having dinners at home and fixing real food.
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on December 26, 2009
This is the cookbook I learned to cook from - with great success I might add. I was raised as an orphan, was on my own by 15 so had no one to watch and needed TOTAL guidance that this book gave me. At 19 yrs old I loved the Meal Planning section that had a quick glance chart of choices you could prepare with any given entree. If you knew you wanted to cook chicken but didn't want to serve the same mashed potatoes and green beans, you could find BBQ'd chicken, fried or roasted and see two choices each for a starchy food, vegetable, salad, desert and nice to serve or extra. It also offered ideas in the same way for packed lunches and breakfasts. Pictures galore thru-out the book but some of my favorites were in setting and decorating the table and entertaining since I was drawn to the idea but had NO idea how to carry it out. I have since bought probably 10 used copies of this book - one to replace pg. 72 - my favorite bread recipe page and the page missing with the biscuit and pancake recipe. This is the only cookbook I owned till about 10 years ago when I became interested in cooking authentic Mexican food. While at the bookstore a lady told me that if I ONLY bought one other cookbook in my life - it should be one of Mr. Foods. I now own nearly every cookbook he has put out and have passed on his books to all the children, grandchildren and friends as well as my STAND BY FAVORITE - this Better Homes and Garden new Cookbook. I have collected 30-40 cookbooks but ALWAYS return to this one, Julia Childs, and Mr. Food (especially the red one) & Rick Bayless for Mexican. Because I started using this book when I was young and totally new at any type of cooking - I ended up making things that I later learned were SUPPOSE to be quite difficult and gourmet in taste and presentation. The fluffy omlete with cheese sauce and chocolate covered, French custard filled eclairs I am asked to make for gatherings frequently. There isn't room to list all my favorite recipes in this book. I dislike ANY of the newer versions of this cookbook because they tend to use more canned and packaged foods in their recipes. This edition - you are cooking from scratch and without all the preservatives, additives that you find in packaged foods. You will find it MUCH cheaper to feed a family if you cook from scratch.
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on January 1, 2016
This is a GREAT cookbook. It is an ideal cookbook for beginners because it has a lot of information not JUST recipes. There is a whole section titled "Cooking Basics". In each section there are tips and techniques. There are tons of recipes and a wide variety of sections. You get: Cookies Basics, Appetizers and Drinks, Beans, Rice, & Grains, Breads, Breakfasts & Brunches, Cakes & Frostings, Candies, Canning & Freezing, Casseroles, Cookies & Bars, Desserts, Fish & Shellfish, Grilling, Holiday Favorites, Meat, Pasta, Pies & tarts, Poultry, Salads & Dressings, Sandwiches & pizza, Sauces & Condiments, Slow Cooker Recipes, Soups & Stews, and Vegetables & Fruits!
If you are looking to learn more about cooking or simply just want a cookbook packed with a variety of recipes, you will NOT be disappointed!!
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on December 1, 2014
I'm a 35 year fan of BHG cookbook because of its usefulness for new and experienced cooks. I am a dedicated cook and home economist. BHG is and remains an excellent wedding gift. The book has expanded from 20 sections in my '89 version to 27 sections. The index is reorganized (legumes are now with rice and grains, eggs seem to be in breakfast and brunches, etc.) to reflect modern eating/cooking patterns. I still prefer the Ball canning and preserving guide because it's updated more frequently than this section will be in this big book. The inside covers are printed white on red instead of white on blue, making these quick reference pages hard to see. In fact, that's my biggest complaint about this edition. It's harder to see the print than my '89. (63 y/o eyes.) The typeface is sans serif--more modern, but I don't like it, and it's the tiniest bit smaller than the '89. The book is packed with tips and recipes, but that is also a drawback. In my '89, the recipes are seldom broken and carried over to a new paragraph or to the facing page. They are in this new book. Although the steps are now numbered, I still lose track of where I am. The new book weighs 4.2 lbs compared to my '89's 2.6 lbs; therefore, I sometimes remove the recipe from the ring binder, run it through the copier, and work from that. That's not so bad as it sounds because I also take the recipe to the store with me. SO, why buy a cookbook when one can get a gazillion recipes on the internet? Because nearly every time I use an internet recipe it is no better than mediocre or just a downright failure due to typos or bad information. BH&G professionals TEST their recipes and proofread the text. There are more tips and educational content in this book. The binding isn't as sturdy as the '89, but that's no surprise. It's the same binding that's on the Betty Crocker cookbook. Although BC and BH&G are very similar books these days, I have a slight preference for BH&G because I think the food tastes better. In spite of the drawbacks, it's a good value and can be used for many years.
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