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on September 29, 2014
Have used some of the cases on several trips and no problems so far. Like all hardside suitcases, there is not a zipper compartment to put in last second items.

Added in April 2015:

After we used the 28" suitcase for just four trips the case just above the wheels caved in. (See attached photos.) As you can see, I applied epoxy to the crack in hopes of salvaging the case. After the very next trip, the damage propagated to the point that the next use would clearly risk breaking the wheel housing completely off. (See pictures 1, 2, 4, 5) Additionally, on the last trip, one of the four side feet was missing. (Picture 3) It is now just salvage. This is just over a year old and with only four trips to it history.
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on October 26, 2012
I travel 100% for work. Last year 176 flights - 40+ more this year so far. I've used all three pieces and they work fine, but with a few issues.

A footpad came off one bag, but I always stand it on the wheels so no problem. There are gouges and many scuffs. The bag takes the beating and my contents arrive in great condition. 200+ flights later and the bags are holding up fine - if looking worse for wear. Remember, you're buying something to keep your valuables safe for travel. Don't worry about how the bag itself looks.

I've never been overweight when checking in at the airport. Usually below 40 pounds (50 pounds is allowed on Delta). They fit nicely inside one another. Nice for storing while in a hotel room because of limited space.

The spinning wheels have worked fine. The handles have worked fine. The siding is durable. The colors stand out and I find my bags easily. NICE!!!!

When the foot came off, I unzipped the liner to remove the remaining screw (which was sticking out!) and discovered the ugly underside of its construction. I'm sure you'll find the same if you open a wall in your house. Perhaps a can or two? So, don't be upset if you see "how the sausage is made". Just appreciate that the bag works for what it was designed to do. Carry your stuff from one place to the next.
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on April 25, 2015
I shopped around for about three months before buying this set. I have owned this luggage for a few months now and have taken three trips with it: one car trip, two cross-country flights, and a cruise. I purchased the orange and the color is wonderful, easy to spot, but also many compliments. The luggage performed beautifully each trip. I have used the smallest and the largest cases so far and have packed each of with a lot of weight-28.9 lbs in the carry-on and 48.5 in the 28". They both moved well and were easy to handle, even with the heavy load. Some people have mentioned cracking and I thought if that was going to happen it certainly would based on the amount of weight I packed mine with, but I didn't have any problem at all. They are still in wonderful shape. They did get a couple of black scuff marks on them, but those were easily washed off.

I love the amount of space inside. For a 3 day business convention, the carry-on easily packed 4 outfits, undergarments, pajamas, a curling iron, cosmetic bag along with a pair of dress shoes and my running shoes without expanding the size. Between the largest case and the carry-on, I packed for an 8 day trip that included a cruise, so I had 16 outfits packed (day and evening) plus swimsuit and cover, workout clothes, extra hangers, toiletries, lots of costume jewelry and 10 pair of sandals (some were heels), etc. The dividers came in handy to separate my shoes from my clothes.

Some people have mentioned a smell. Yes there was a smell, but I opened them to air out for a day, then I put dryer sheets inside the lining. By the time I was ready to pack for my first trip the smell was gone.

This was an outstanding purchase and I have been so happy with my set, a friend also purchased one. If you would like a sturdy set of luggage at a great price, this is the one to get.
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on December 12, 2015
When I first got this luggage, a year ago, I loved the color, the price and the layout. After a couple of flights I had to have the carry-on restitched along a corner, the pocket on the mid-sized one had frayed, and the big one must have been set against a hot pipe on a flight because it was melted and charred looking. After a year and a half, the handle on the small one gets stuck inside the mechanism and fails to pull out at the most inconvenient times. On the bright side, it's still easy to spot on the luggage carousel.

If you're looking for something for a single trip or two, go ahead and buy this. If you're thinking long term, don't waste your money. Like my grandmother always said, "you gets what you pays for!"
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on December 30, 2014
I ordered these last minute before leaving on a family vacation to Florida. Others needed luggage so I gave them mine and ordered these (in orange) after reading reviews for over an hour. I needed these 3 sizes, wanted spinners but didn't want to spend $300 - 500 at a local store - that's on sale. They arrived the day before my flight as hoped and looked beautiful. I was worried about the offensive odor reported in reviews because I wouldn't have time to air them out but am very happy to report mine had no odor at all.

These are a little heavy as reviewed, but I was willing to compromise since the other low-cost lighter weight bags reviewed flimsy. These are not flimsy. The large bag weighed around 12lbs so I couldn't pack it full without being overweight on a 40lb flight limit. I weighed carefully before leaving but coming home I was about 10lbs heavy - but I knew it would be. If I'd flown Delta I would have been fine. I packed my carryon so full that it almost didn't fit in the overhead with it expanded but I was able to compress it enough to scoot in.

I wheeled these 3 bags all over the parking lots, airports, brick and tile and they glided smoothly. My 8-yr old granddaughter was able to push any of them around easily. We also had no trouble spotting the bright orange bags coming off the baggage line.

I would absolutely buy them again. I think they are a great value and would make great gifts for others or just to have different color luggage.
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on February 2, 2016
After one trip, the large suitcase became damaged somewhere along the flight journey. We literally landed Monday night late and did not notice the crack until the next morning. Cannot return it to seller and cannot get reimbursed by the airline due to their timelines on reporting damage. All around the suitcases did their purpose; they are light weight material which may have attributed to the ease of damage. Holds lots of items, but we are now out a suitcase that we literally bought one week ago. Maybe its time to spend real money on real suitcases.
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on January 16, 2016
I bought it in 2013, and I was very impressed with reviews written here, and I also watched the video. Everywhere it is highly praised.
I was also happy after the purchase. The free rotation of wheels and lightness is impressive, but....

1- it is not sturdy at all !! During one of my first trips, the side of the biggest( 28"H x 19"W x 11"D) one got broken ( picture attached).
2- The smallest one (21"H x 13"W x 8"D) that I use more often is also performing awfully. The stitches around the zip are ripping apart ( picture attached). The worst is today, when I am about to leave for a trip, the handle stuck, and I am unable to pull it out !!

I am very upset with this purchase. I will not recommend anyone to buy it;​ I lost my money :(
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on October 27, 2014
Arrived in fine condition.

Here are the dimensions: Small piece: 21"H x 13"W x 9"D (Expands to 10"D) - 6.5 lbs = 42 Linear Inches ("Carry on" When not expanded).
Middle piece: 24"H x 16"W x 10"D (Expands to 12"D) - 9 lbs = 50 Linear Inches (NOT Carry on).
Large Piece: 28"H x 19"W x 11"D (Expands to 13"D) - 11 lbs = 58 Linear Inches (NOT Carry on).

This product has what appears to be reinforced corners that are in a contrasting gray color. Other product reviews have mentioned problems with the corners of other similar products getting crushed or pushed in. These re-enforced corners seem to be pretty sturdy. Other reviews have mentioned a smell of some kind when the luggage is opened. The only smell that I could detect was the "new" smell of the plastic, or maybe the glue that holds some of the handle backing plates. I threw a dryer sheet in there and after a couple of days I could detect no smell. I noticed that there are backing plates on the inside of the luggage for the handles. I hope that this will help prevent the handles from getting ripped off by the baggage handlers.
I have only had a chance to use this on small local day trips and have not had a chance to let the airlines have their way with it yet.
Note that the carry on does not have any external pouches or pockets. Everything must be accessed by opening the whole bag.
All the bags have a means to expand the bag a bit for those extra items you purchase on your travels.
Amazon was the vendor and the product arrived insanely fast. I ordered this late on a Monday and had it in hand Thursday afternoon!
All in all, I would say this is a good product for the money, and so far I am happy with this.
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on February 17, 2016
Took all of 2 trip for the 28" to crack over an area slightly larger then a hand. After the first time using it the plastic started showing signs of stress from handling. On the second trip when we got to our destination the plastic down the side cracked and spidered over an area approximately 7" and also showed additional stress discoloration in additional spots. Had it shrink wrapped for the flight home and it made it but had to throw it away after this trip. Lets hope the two smaller ones hold up a litter better, but I don't have much faith.
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on June 11, 2017
Got it just in time for a week long trip from Tokyo to Bejing. On the trip the bearings in one of the wheels on the 28" case failed and shortly afterwards the wheel was ground to nothing. The rails of the handle on the 24" case bent on the same trip.
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