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on August 3, 2017
I'm grateful that before I bought the 2nd season, I found an edition of both seasons 1 AND 2 in the original BLACK AND WHITE. I am a purist when it comes to the TV I watch (ed) and I KNEW something wasn't right looking at the "colorized" season 1 I had already bought.The purple cat in the credits, the hues and shadings---I just remembered it in the original B&W and I'm sorry I didn't find the 1 and 2 set FIRST. I know the later seasons were in color; but I watch more TV in B&W now than I have since the 1950's and 1960's--call it going through a second childhood or whatever you want--I call it loving watching things today through the same eyes I saw things over 50 years ago! This version isn't bad if you didn't grow up with the original B&W... but if you did, you can't help but notice the change--some will like it---*I* did not! Glad I'll be getting 1 & 2 in B&W pretty soon... loved the series and with all due respect to Dick Sargent, Dick York was the quintessential "Durwood!" :)
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on July 30, 2014
Bewitched was a groundbreaking, clever, unique, situation comedy that gently addressed our radically changing social and cultural values during the turbulent 1960s. The show first aired in the Fall of 1964 and reflects a world still untouched by the changes that are beginning to rock our Western world. By series end in 1972, the show reflects a social order closer to what we know today. Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery) is a beautiful witch who falls in love with Darrin (played by Dick York, and later in the series, Dick Sergeant). Darrin tells Samantha he just wants a "normal" marriage. He's the breadwinner. He provides whatever is needed. She is the 'good wife' who stays at home and in her place. He asks her to suppress her true nature and not express her witches powers because that's what 'normal' looks like in Darrin's "mortal' culture. Samantha's mother, Endora (Agnes Moorehead) is infuriated that anyone would attempt to control her daughter and force her to suppress her true nature and gifted abilities evem though Samantha says it's her choice to do so. From there, the calamity of differnt world views collide. Throughout the series, Darrin, along with hysterical neighbor Gladys Kravitz and many others meet the ever more diverse members of Samantha's family and learn sometimes happily and sometimes reluctantly that we live in a colorful world of diversity and non-conformity.
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on December 19, 2012
I loved this show when it was on tv in the late 80's and early 90's as a kid. Back then I loved the magical part of the show but now I like it more for the humor and all the cool cars and gadgets they had back than that we don't have today. It also makes me wish America was still like this,it had to be a great time to be alive.
I wish the family unit was still this way as well. A Mom and a Dad living in the same house, married and loving each other. Darrin went to work and Samantha stayed home to take care of their house and children. He made enough to support them and they had no big worries about a job or money. It just seems like a better time than this crappy 21st century where the economy sucks, no jobs, and the family unit is in disarray. God I wish I could go back to that time, I should of been born in the 40's when America was still great.

Well besides my romanticizing the 60's this show is still really good after all that time and I plan on getting all 8 seasons. They don't make shows like this anymore, every things cookie cutter today and utter garbage.
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on October 6, 2017
Bewitched is one of the best vintage pieces of work of the 50's & 60's. But it does not do this long running show justice when the person or persons writing the episodic expansions, misspell words or write the wrong character names. For example, when Samantha's Father comes to visit for the first time, his name is Morris ....not !! Victor. Also, job is spelled with a "j" not!! an "f".From the ones who love and adore this TV Show, we would appreciate the respect we think the TV Show deserves.
Sincerely, Roderick Marc Williams
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on December 16, 2017
To me bewitched is a great little pink and fluffy sitcom you can easily get lost in. It is laced with great writing, acting and stories which have proven to be timeless. Indeed, it would seem that forty-something years on the air has not diluted its core themes or messages or even charm in the slightest – this is a truly perpetual piece and one that will go on and on
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on November 30, 2017
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on October 1, 2013
Brings back wonderful memories of watching this as a little girl in the 70's. Now I'm happy to see this on video so my kids can enjoy the watch with me, and laugh together. Such quality acting, quality shows. Episodes I last saw on THLand some 15 years ago were B&W so I assumed this would be also, to some degree. But every episode is delightful color--my little girl loves to see the rich. colorful gowns Samantha wears to parties! So it is even better than I remembered. Would recommend this to anyone wanting a great, "safe" show for their kids to watch (imagine--entertaing even without swearing or foul humor, or barely clothed actors! This is when talent was actually required TV stars). The only improvement I can say could maybe be done is the episode print on the covers is a little hard to read, small and sorta blending into the background--but, hey, the content is great!
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on March 17, 2016
Five stars of course for Bewitched, the incredible cast, that writing. The wonderful era it represents. BUT, for crying out loud they colorized it. I don't care for that one bit. You do not tamper with a classic. Boo, to Amazon for not carrying it as it was originally aired.
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on November 16, 2006
Blessed with superb writing, dazzling special effects, and inspired casting down to the bit roles, BEWITCHED is a must-see on DVD. I am only at season one, but it brings back all of the nostalgic magic from watching the series live as a teenager in the mid-1960's. Ad executive mortal Darren Stephens (Dick York) is happily married to beautiful witch Samantha (Elizabeth Montgomery). York and Montgomery have a glorious chemistry together; they truly love one another. David White plays Darren's boss, Larry Tate; and Agnes Moorehead is a delight as Samantha's witch mother Endora. Larry knows nothing about Samantha's powers, and Endora endlessly asks Sam why she does not use witchly powers to clean house or make dinner for David or Darwin (Endora can never remember Darren's name). Then there is nosy neighbor Gladys Kravitz (a fun Alice Pearce) who keeps seeing things that her exasperated husband Abner (George Tobias) never sees. Topping them all may be Marion Lorne as endearingly klutzy witch Aunt Clara, who collects door knobs and keeps crashing into walls because she can never remember her spells. In glorious black-and-white and mostly directed by William Asher, season one of BEWITCHED is an incomparably funny and even romantic invitation to own the entire series on DVD, one season at a time. It remains great fun even after forty years!
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on January 19, 2018
I loved everything about this series of Bewitched ... I enjoyed every minute of it... I loved 'Darrin' hahaha he was so cute and funny.
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