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I am fortunate that my sweet husband was supportive of me watching this 2005 film Bewitched late into the night after 12 am last night because I watched this on my cell phone. Bewitched stars Nicole Kidman as Isabel Bigelow who plays Samantha, Will Ferrell as Jack Wyatt who plays Darrin Stephens, Shirley MacLaine as Iris Smythson as Endora,Michael Caine as Nigel Bigelow, Jason Schwarzmann as Jack Wyatt’s assistant Ritchie, Kristin Chenoweth as Maria Kelly, Heather Burns as one of Isabel’s friends Nina, Katie Finneran as Jack Wyatt’s wife Sheila Wyatt etc. Additionally, Stephen Colbert (Stu Robison), David Alan Grier (Jim Fields), and Jim Turner (Larry) have roles that are involved in the gainful employment of Jack Wyatt and Isabel Bigelow. The beginning of the film shows the character of Ritchie working to help Jack Wyatt embark on some type of career redemption/career comeback. At first some of the men working with Wyatt and his assistant want him to cast an already famous actress for a project he is offered. However, Wyatt and his assistant assist on an obscure/currently not yet famous woman to be featured alongside him. The character of Endora is much more famous and popular than Wyatt and takes a liking to Isabella Bigelow despite the history between her and Wyatt. Endora also kind of takes Isabel Bigelow under wing and gives her some unofficial career andor personal mentorship from time to time. Wyatt does have some good in him deep down, it just happens to be buried in the baggage he has yet to release when it comes to what happened between him and his wife Sheila Wyatt and how he feels around his recent career history. Isabel Bigelow has a close connection with her father Nigel Bigelow who tries to encourage her to see the benefits of her gifts instead of just wanting a “normal life”. The plot had some hilarious moments in the film especially with the dynamics between Jack Wyatt and Isabel Bigelow. However, my only caveat is the way the plot was written to make the character of Isabel Bigelow use her gifts powers to indirectly influence Sheila Wyatt to move somewhere else. I understand that both Nicole Kidman and Sheila Wyatt were just doing their jobs in the best way that the scripts were written for them. However, first off a woman does not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out if another woman is trying to influence her in any way. On a positive note, a woman finding out about other women influencing them towards certain actions choices either for positive andor scandalous means can be a blessing-i.e. even critics of each other can symbolize positive aspects of each other when both parties are open-minded in seeing the good/beneficial qualities of each other. My point; even if Sheila Wyatt was much more evil than what she was being portrayed as it was pretty evil for the character of Isabel Bigelow to use her powers to influence Sheila Wyatt to take actions that she herself could have avoided interfering in. Additionally, even though on film Isabel Bigelow got away with using her gifts on Sheila Wyatt in real-life there is always a chance that someone such as Sheila Wyatt will eventually sense if another woman is using her gifts on her for scandalous means (whether psychological persuasion, psychological andor psychic suggestion, other ways etc.). No the answer is not to call out the woman in identity and how to discreetly handle it is something for another post. However, it is important to silently acknowledge the other party for helping shine a light on positive qualities that exist within oneself. Aside from that caveat, Bewitched is both a entertaining and unique film.
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I absolutely ADORE this movie! I was always a fan of the adventures of Samantha and Darren. It was an idea that was perfectly suited to the era -- a woman with special "powers," being allegedly suppressed by marriage and the man she loves. Perfect for the girls who grew up to read Ms Magazine and dabble in (some of us, anyway) things of a spiritual and empowering nature.

Years later, along comes a re-make (but really much more) of that same show, with so much more added. Sorry for the fans of Bewitched who were expecting a line-by-line recreation of the TV show, because this just isn't it. There are wonderful references, but this is not a re-make. This time we explore the adventures of a real witch, who is attempting to suppress her own special "powers" to experience life from a more ordinary viewpoint. Just like the original, however, the witchey-woman comes into her own, no matter what the circumstances around her. The way she stumbles into portraying Samantha on Bewitched is adorable!

I love this movie so much. The comedy, the romance, the music -- it had it all, as far as I was concerned! The casting was also perfection for each and every character. Whenever, I'm feeling down, I'll watch Bewitched and I can always count on it to give me a lift!

I highly recommend this romantic fantasy comedy!
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on April 15, 2014
Will Farrell is absolutely dread full. If it was not for Kidman, a rating of 1 star would be too kind. I was pleasantly surprised how good Nicole kidman was in a comic role. Caine & MacLain were helpful too. This would have been a great movie if a "Darren Type" was playing opposite Kidman. Just imagine Kidman doing her cutesy stuff to a "Darren" type. That would have produced a lot of laughs. Poor ole Darren would not have known what to say, think or do. If you do buy the movie, you could improve it by using the fast forward button whenever Farrell shows up on screen & then go to normal speed when he is gone. It will go a lot faster & you won't miss the cutesy stuff. That is what I plan to do if I look at it again.
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on July 9, 2014
A nice idea. It's not a remake of the original show. It's a movie about re-doing Bewitched as a TV series but the star just happens to be a witch. It's a fun movie and family friendly. The actors and actresses were overall cast well. The characters they have in the movie that were characters in the original TV series are Samantha's parents, Aunt Clara, and Uncle Arthur. (Will Ferrel 'plays' Darren and Nicole Kidman 'plays' Samantha in the new TV series) If you enjoy the old series like I do, you will most likely enjoy this little treasure.
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on February 11, 2018
I love all Nichole Kidman movies, just like I love all Namoi Watts movies.

Those Australian hotties took lame old Hollywood by storm. However, all that set aside, Shirley Maclaine was an awesome Andora.
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on August 1, 2016
It is a very charming movie with the ever so excellent Kidman in a very charming role. I do however have trouble with Ferrell's acting skills...not as funny and brilliant as many will have it. But I like it anyway and recommend it if you want to be swept away into another dimension. All the other roles are perfectly casted.
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on February 16, 2018
Love it
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on September 25, 2017
Such a cute and fun movie. I loved the bewitched sitcom and the movie is just as sweet.
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on March 15, 2016
I was initially skeptical of a remaking of the Bewitched series into a movie, but I do have to say that I was very pleasantly surprised and very entertained by this movie. The acting is superb, and the comedy is lighthearted and completely in tune with the original series. Rent this movie with confidence. It is very enjoyable!
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on December 3, 2013
This story is a great twist on the original television series. If you have never seen it, the gist of it is simply that a modern witch - the "real television-land kind", just wants to live like a mortal, without her natural twitchy abilities to summon up almost anything she can imagine. She falls in love with an ultra-straight dude who is mortified to learn the truth and worse, meet his future mother in law, but who marries her anyway because hey, that's love.
In this story, the writers did a smart thing: they didn't try to recreate the successful - and beloved - original. In this version, Will Ferrell is an actor taking his slippery manager's advice too closely for his own good, but who nevertheless finds the exact right girl to play "Samantha" in a remake. As in the original, he falls in love with the "average girl next door" played by Nicole Kidman to perfection, and talks her into taking the acting job with the intention of making the series all about HIM, "Darren the mortal". This doesn't go down too well. But you don't have to wait for that point in the story for the laughs to begin.
I don't know why this movie got was a fun story and the cast was charmingly super!
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