Customer Reviews: Beyond the Season
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on November 26, 2005
Garth Brooks is (needless to say) one of the biggest stars ever in music. His record sales are (again needless to say) up there with Elvis, The Beatles and Elton John.

This album reached the top 3 back in Christmas 1992 and was still in the charts in the summer of 1993!! It's no surprise. This has to be one of the greatest Christmas CD's ever recorded.

The album opens with "Go Tell It On The Mountain", a story about the first ever Christmas, Brooks gives it his best shot and it works really well.

Oddly enough this album was recorded in July of 1993 in order to get it ready in time for Christmas. In an interview Brooks said he and his band put festive decorations up in the studio to make it feel like it was actually Christmas. This probably helped the sound of the album, such as the next two songs "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" (an old Christmas classic) and "The Old Man's Back In Town" (an original Garth Brooks written Christmas tune) that is about another of the worlds most famous men - Santa Claus.

"The Gift" is a story of when Jesus was young, and about how people bring him gifts and the main focus is on a poor orphan girl, who ends up bringing a gift fit for the king of kings. It may sound corny, but it works really well and it is Christmas after all, so it's allowed.

The next track is "Unto You This Night". This is probably my favorite cut on the album if only for Garth's singing. He performs at his best and puts his heart and soul into this song. Backed by a gospel choir, this is very, very seasonal.

Next up, is one of the most popular songs of the season. "White Christmas". It is also one of the most covered songs of all-time. The first version was by Bing Crosby and since that time it has been recorded by almost everyone in the business from Kenny Rogers and Elvis Presley, to Orville The Duck and New Kids On The Block!

Garth's rendition of this song is first rate and even features an Elvis-like impersonation (at the very, very end), however, mostly it is pure Garth.

"The Friendly Beasts" is a story about the animals of the world recalling the story of Jesus as we get to hear various band members and co-songwriters vocal duet with Garth. This is a very interesting track, though probably not the best.

"Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy" (written by Country legend, Buck Owens) is kinda Rock N Roll. It's a nice look through a young kids eyes when he sees who he thinks is Santa putting out presents on the night before Christmas. ("Santa Looked A Lot Like Daddy, Or Daddy looks a lot like him. It's not the way I had him pictured, Santa was much too thin").

The next track is "Silent Night", another one of the most popular Christmas songs and/or hymns ever. Brooks once again does a great version and even included is a recollection of his favorite Christmas. (Spoken during an instrumental break).

Mary's Dream is a 60 second instrumental (short but sweet) that then takes us to the final song, "What Child Is This". Another story of Jesus' birth and another favorite of the season.

All in all, you can't go wrong with this CD. A must for all fans of Garth, Country Music, Christian music and Christmas music.
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on November 11, 1998
I found Beyond the Season to be not only a great Christmas album, but another great country CD by one of the greatest artists of our time. My favorite song is "The Gift," bringing the true meaning of Christmas to us through the example of charity from a poor, lost child. It brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it. Only Garth Brooks can affect people so deeply through music. If you don't have it, get!
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on November 10, 2006
I've heard much said about the commercialization of Christmas. People go back and forth on the issue and, as far as I can tell, nothing, as far as music is concerned, has been effectively settled.

Enter Garth Brooks and his Christmas offering on the album, BEYOND THE SEASON. My purpose here is not to weigh in on whether Brooks should have or should not have added Christmas music to his stellar discography. Rather, looking at the album flat on, we see one of the best Christmas albums available for celebrating the season country style.

Brooks is in perfect voice as he presents traditional favorites like "Go Tell It on the Mountain", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", "White Christmas" and "Silent Night." Add to that new offerings like "The Friendly Beasts" and "Santa Looked a Lot Like Daddy" and you have a Christmas tradition for this season and many more to come. Great collection of country Yuletide music.

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on November 12, 2001
I first heard this album when i was a child and i "borrowed" it from my sister. I wore the tape out because i listened to it so much. My favorite song is the 'donkey' song (#7 The Friendly Beasts)in which all the different animals in the christmas story sing and tell what they did to contribute to Jesus's birth and to help his family out. I love the whole album and would definitly recommend it to anyone.
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on November 23, 2004
I purchased this cd several years ago for my wife, and it is one of our favorite Christmas cds. From classic Christmas songs such as "Go Tell it on the Mountain", "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen", and "What Child is This" to more upbeat songs, such as "The Old Man's Back in Town" and "Santa Looked a lot Like Daddy", this cd has a little something for everyone.

An upbeat version of "White Christmas" is included, as well as Garth's version of "Silent Night", which includes a narrative of Garth explaining his Christmas of 1987 and his efforts to get home to Oklahoma despite a severe snowstorm.

My favorite song on the disc is "The Friendly Beasts", which includes backing vocals from Garth's band.

I highly recommend this fine Christmas album. I've been a big fan of Garth's for years, and he brings this collection of songs to life with his vocal talents and fine insturmentals. Put this festive cd in your cd player this Christmas and enjoy some contemporary favorites as well as some fun songs, too. You and your loved ones will surely enjoy it.
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on June 19, 1998
Everyone has favorite Christmas songs that, no matter who you hear singing them, always make you stop in your tracks and listen. This album has a few classics that can do that with no problem. It's worth the money for four songs from the album; Garth's version of "Go Tell It On The Mountain", "The Gift", "Unto This Night", and "What Child Is This?". All done with that purity of voice and feeling from the heart that comes from a belief in the music. And this Garth does like a master. Anytime of the year is a good time to hear this album. After all, that Christmas feeling should be felt all year round, right? Now, if he would only make a recording of "O Holy Night".......
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on November 25, 2005
I wore out the tape, and I am now purchasing my 2nd cd. This is definitely one my favorite Christmas cd's. There isn't a song on it I don't really like. Garth did a great job on this one!!
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on July 24, 2013
I am not one who listens to a lot of country music anymore. But I have never been able to get this album out of my head. I bought it on cassette "back in the day" and it eventually disappeared on me. To be honest, I'd forgotten the title and had a lot of trouble finding it. Thank God for Amazon!

This album,, is an ideal country music Christmas album. It has traditional Christmas music that appeal to everyone who loves the holiday sounds. It has "kick-@$$" country sounds that Garth Brooks is known for. And it has some lovely songs about Christmas that I'd never heard until "Beyond the Season." One of those songs actually became a lullaby for my son and he still, even at 14 years old, asks me to sing it for him once in a while.

This album contains memories for me. I can't imagine I'm alone in that. I'll bet you could find some memories in it too.
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on December 6, 2003
I love this album esp the song the gift which is so touching. i recommend every Country fan or garth brooks fan to add this one to there collection.
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on September 4, 1999
As a hardcore Garthnut I have to say I've never been dissapionted by his work, and this album is no exeption!
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