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on December 30, 2010
While this film introduces the world to the madness that is the RAAM and the determination of the riders, I feel there are some key elements missing from the film. I first found out about this race and the film while listening to a RadioLab podcast about limits, where they discussed the limitations of humans, physically, mentally, and emotionally. The segment about the RAAM was moving and I wanted to know more, while experiencing the Elevation I was from the podcast, which brought me to the film.

The film follows the trials of a handful of riders from start to finish. It focuses more on the personal, and almost disconnects from the topic, questioning the abilities and decisions only indirectly and subtly. This film, however, needs a few additional things: narration, increased production value (most of the shots were done with a poor-quality SD camera), and details about not only the riders but also the race. I wanted to know how they prepare for it, the things they eat, statistics, ways they stay focused, engaged, etc. Besides, the film could have been made to be much more gut-wrenching, with the right music director and better editing.

It's unfortunate to hear about Jure Robic, as well. He was the icon in this film.
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on December 31, 2013
This race is insane. I'm a senior racee, Duathlete, which probably makes me a bit insane. Further evidence of insanity: Who at 60 years old goes all out in a race for 2 hours with an average heart rate of 162 BPM? 23 MPH time trialist at age 62? The point is I do things that make me appreciate athletic endurance.

The movie opened my eyes to how compulsive behavior can be life threatening. The people who do this race have problems, serious issues. But who am I to say what is insane and what is not?

This is not a movie about the joys of competition. It's about the will power of the human being, about the insanity a competition can create, and the horror of what can go wrong when add ride sleep deprived. There is no joy of victory, just the agony of defeat and victory.

I ride because I love it, not to prove something to anyone. I compete because I love it, and not to prove anything. Maybe what I do is no different than those in the movie, but I sure hope so...
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on December 30, 2012
Ok, you have done a century ride (or two), or you have run a marathon, maybe you have even done an Ironman triathlon, all of those are huge accomplishments, especially the ironman's.
But just think of racing across America, San Diego to Atlantic City, note I say RACING ACROSS AMERICA, or RAAM, did I say non stop, if your sleeping, you are losing time, this is a race. The record is 8 days, 8 days to ride over 3,000 miles, the record average speed is 15mph, up the Rockies, stop lights, stop signs, 8 days of racing.
What would that take, who the heck would sign up for this?
They do about the same distance in the Tour de France, but over 21 days, and they sleep every night.
This is insanity, and that's what this movie is about, incredible story, you have to watch this.
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on January 2, 2013
The film is depressing and somewhat disjointed, but I had no problems with the venfor. It wrrived on time and in perfect condition. The content and structure of the film are what turned me off. The cast of characters in the film keeps expanding as it runs, and that gave the initial impression that the field of riders was smaller than it actually was. The rambling nonsense that comes from exhausted rider's mouths isn't helpful - I think the film could have used more external analysis and a consistent point of view intellectually. Even documentaries can have a point of view, and don't have to focus exclusively on the participants of the even. Background on extreme event physiology, sleep deprivation, and training for extremely long duration events could have provided an effective backdrop for a more compelling story.
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on September 14, 2017
a t that way loved.
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on March 6, 2010
This film is an up close and personal look at what it takes to compete in the Race Across America and the characters who choose to take the challenge. The race is an emotional and physical journey through heaven and hell en route to redemption, which is (in this case) the Finish Line, in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

I love a movie that has a beginning, a middle and an end. This one delivers. Bicycle Dreams refers to the fantasy that these sleepless bike racers envision and embody. Yet this film is no fantasy. This is a reality film. You see the gut-wrenching, sweaty, physical and mental toll this race takes on riders, crews, and their families. How do they do it? Why do they do it? You feel their pain. You are exhausted at the end. You crave sleep. It's captivating, enthralling, intimidating, heart-wrenching and adventurous. To RAAM racer Bob Breedlove every day on the bike is "just another day in paradise."

Get it. You won't be disappointed.
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on December 30, 2014
This movie is pure inspiring!!! Think you can ride across America?! This isn't just your average bicycle movie, there is real drama and action that grips your heart. I loved this movie, was inspired by this movie, and want to show it to everyone I can.

Also, the folks involved in the production of this movie were ever so helpful with a request that I had made.

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on February 13, 2013
Bicycle Dreams is an amazing documentary that has won a number of awards. The soundtrack is awesome, the story-line compelling, the character depth engaging, and the scenery beautiful. In all transparency, I'm a cyclist, so I'm predisposed to like this movie. I was so moved by the show that I had my wife watch it with me my second time. She is not a cyclist, and has no interest in the sport. She too loved the movie. It shows what we all can accomplish in life with passion and focus. Amazing...a race across the continental US in under 10 days.
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on March 8, 2015
Such a powerful film!!! Some great times and also very sad, but I will not include a spoiler. The ups and downs are all included here as well as some fantastic footage. Just to think of doing a race this long wears me out. Not sure I could even do it!! I have watched it twice since buying and I am sure I will watch many more times. It will not get old.
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on December 5, 2014
My husband and I ride road bikes, but a long ride is less than 100 miles for us now. We have enjoyed watching this movie very much. Anyone who rides, runs, races will understand the determination and the courage of these folks to realize their dream of crossing the United States in about a week. When we finish watching, the DVD goes upstairs to watch while we ride the trainer.
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