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Big [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
Price:$7.57+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

VINE VOICEon October 18, 2015
Maybe I always read too much into what was supposed to be a fairly light 1980’s movie. Everyone has been a kid and unable to do something because of their size and age and wish we were grown because grown-ups can do everything, right? Big presents the perils of wanting to grow up too soon and the dangers of thinking too much like an adult. Of course no one can avoid growing up, but it really does make one pause and consider the things that we lose as we grow up.

While its meant to be a comedy, there’s an underlying darkness or melancholy that surrounds elements of this movie because Josh knows he doesn’t belong in the adult world because he’s 12, but yet he feels things in the adult world that can’t be taken back. I prefer to think of Big as a message to never lose that childhood element of yourself that is imaginative and creative mixed with the spirit of anything is possible. All too often it vanishes with age.

These are just a few thoughts I have.
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on February 6, 2016
As a person who loves extras on DVDs, this product is a real winner. It has both a Blu-ray and DVD disk. The DVD only has a trailer as an extra as all the other bonus items are on the Blu-ray copy. These disks come in the normal smaller Blu-Ray keepsake box and each has its slot to fit into. I had absolutely no play issues with either disk.

The movie, of course, is wonderful. It's a great comedy and pretty much my type of movie. There's not much I'd change, except for a line of profanity that I never like. Regardless, my review here is focused on the bonus material and the set itself.

The one thing I really disliked about the set up of the extras was that instead of utilizing the entire screen to show a list of the extras, there is just a small box near the bottom that had two lines only of description. You have to use the down arrow to move from item to item and sometimes from left to right to make a selection. This was not user friendly in my view. Also, while they had a wonderful play all option for deleted scenes that even included the option of whether or not to include director Penny Marshall's comments, they did not include a play all button for all of the trailers and TV spots.

The rest is pretty much all good. There are several featurettes on how the movie came to be with Gary Ross and Anne Spielberg being interviewed. As mentioned, there are several deleted scenes, including some with the Marshall intros. Frances Fisher is included in one of those. There is a featurette that deals with the real life toy makers, like the ones depicted in the film. An episode of Hollywood Backstories focused on Big is included. There's also a short piece on a carnival that was part of the premier with Tom Hanks.

The Blu-ray disk contains both the original theatrical cut and the extended version that has all of the deleted scenes included in the movie. In addition, there is commentary by Ross and Spielberg. However, the commentary is not like what is normally found. In the features, you hear a lot about audiotapes that Spielberg made while she and Ross were brainstorming and developing Big. In the commentary, they actually play several large sections of the tapes. Then they talk about it. It is not a case of them watching the movie and then talking about what is happening; rather, it's the playing of the tapes and then talking about how things happened. It's pretty fascinating if you enjoy really learning about the evolution of a project.

Finally, there are a couple of Zoltar Speaks cards included.

My only regret about the extras is that apparently Tom Hanks did not participate at all. He's seen in vintage clips from the day, but he did not do any of the updated clips from when the disks were released. I did enjoy seeing the two young boys featured as Josh and Billy, now grown up, in the extras.

The extras were well done and made me a happy one for adding this movie to my collection. Even with my frustration at the special features set up and the lack of Hanks' participation, I'm still giving it 5 stars.
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on April 30, 2016
BIG is a classic movie that will remain a classic for years to come. The concept and premise of this movie is so relatable to kids today, especially if they are short for their age or simply those who wish they could grow up faster than they are. While there is some adult humor that suggests that this movie is more for adults looking back on their childhood rather than kids looking forward to their adulthood, it really suggests to the adult world that life can be a whole lot less complicated than we actually make it. It is worth a trip to IMDb app to see all the goofs and trivia associated with the making of this movie. Big definitely needs to be a movie that remains in your home library for years to come.
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on September 10, 2016
An iconic movie that still holds up today.. Just rewatched this 80s flick with my son and I was a bit concerned that the movie would fall flat on its face. But I was wrong. There are a few things that are odd like Hank's character working in the "computers" department, lots of wired phones, and the sort of creepy dramatic irony that comes with an adult woman getting turned on by a character that the audience knows to be just a boy (actually goes much farther than that but you will have to watch to see what I mean).... But the iconic moments (chopsticks, "I get to sleep on top," etc.) of the film resonated with my son just as they did with me almost 30 years ago. Is it time for a remake? Anyway, defiantly great for a night in with the family, just be ready for a few PG-13 moments...
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on January 29, 2016
As a kid, the greatest thing about this movie was totally understanding how he wanted to be grown up and then watching him try on this super cool adult life. As an adult, it's so fun to watch this little boy try and take on an adult life and not understanding half of what that life entails. This is a unique movie in that both kids and adults can enjoy it for totally different reasons. It's funny, endearing, and really sweet. Lots of laughs from the whole family on this one. Plus when we ran into a Zoltar machine a few months after the kids watched it, they were convinced their wish was going to come true. Ha!
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on December 24, 2015
If your here then i'm going to assume that you have seen the movie, so i'm not going to comment on the movie itself. The biggest draw in picking up this release for me was the extended cut that is 2 hours and 10 minutes( Original Was 1 hour 44 minutes) of material that only extends the film we have grown to love and presented in 1080p. You can tell they took care with this release because the film really never looked this good and as i watched it i felt like i was seeing it all over again.

The Original packaging had a slipcover that played the piano theme from the movie when you opened the flap and latter pressing's just had the common blu-ray case with one blu-ray disc inside. I Personally like the standard cases most because when i put it with the rest of my movies it sit's flush and for someone with OCD that's just a must ;).

There are plenty of special features including the theatrical version that i will list below.

+ Deleted Scenes
+ "Big" Beginnings
+ Chemistry of a Classic
+ The Work of Play
+ Hollywood Backstory: Big
+ Carnival Party Newswrap
+ Trailers and TV Spots

Overall if you seen the movie this is a fantastic edition for someone's collection and if you haven't then what are you waiting for it does not get any better then this ;).
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on October 19, 2017
This indeed is a great movie for everyone to see but there are some things that are kind of risque but kids please watch this with your parents. Otherwise this is a great movie and it proves that Josh does learn being an adult at times is not easy and it takes lots of responsibility to hold down a job. I really like this movie. Thank you
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on September 11, 2012
I am a big fan of Hoagy Carmichael's "Heart and Soul" and when I saw a brief clip of Tom Hanks playing this song on the step piano, I had to watch this movie. I tried to find it on Netflix to no avail. I tried Amazon Instant Video, but I decided to jump in and spend the extra $8 to have the Blu Ray copy. I am glad I did. This movie is a instant classic. I had no idea what I was in for. I don't want to ruin the movie, but it is a very funny movie in which Tom Hanks becomes BIG basically. Hanks does an amazing job acting like a 13 year old living as a 30 year old. The most memorable part was when Hanks and his boss were playing Heart and Soul as well as the Chopstick March on the step piano.

Never once did the movie slow down or became boring. I was craving for more and fell in to the entire setting and the plot of the movie. The acting was great and the entire cast did an superb job. Overall, the movie deserves 5 stars for it's clever laughs, amazing acting, magnitude of imagination and nostalgia. Nonetheless, when the ending came along, I was left in shock wondering what just happened. Is that it? What happens next? There has to be additional footage. It cannot end like this. It called for a sequel perhaps, but I don't know if it ever came out. If someone knows, please inform me! If you never watched this movie and would like to experience 80's nostalgia, it is highly recommended.

+ Excellent Acting
+ Great Plot and Story
+ Worth the $10 to belong in my collection

- Ending left more to be desired
- Slightly grainy picture (not a big deal)
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on July 21, 2017
Blu ray version has great transfer. Movie is still awesome after all these years. This version has lots of additional stuff that fills out all the plotlines. Even better than original film.
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on July 1, 2015
One of the most wonderful of Hanks early films. He is charmingly boyish and carries off this fantasy story so well, you can't help but wish it had happened to you. Elizabeth Perkins performance is terrific as well, watching her transform for all business to loving softness is funny and moving at the same time. Then there is the giant piano scene with Hanks and Robert Loggia, which alone is worth the price of the film.
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