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on May 21, 2013
I have only owned this for a little over a month. I use it 4-6 times a week. To review this product I will have to break it down in a pro / con format. Some things may appear on both lists because what's a pro for one person may be a con for another or vice versa. I also am going to state that I have a NuWave Oven and cooked just about everything in it for three years until the second dome cracked. I was not about to pay $50 for the third dome (the second dome replacement was 20 something). In fact, all of my food items are prepared in a some type of speed cook oven. I also own an Advantium oven.

It's cheap
It's a decent size
It has a temperature setting and a timer
It is easy to clean
It comes with an extender ring
It cooks juicy meats / fish
It's glass so it should not not crack like the Nuwave dome
You can use the same temperature to cook foods that you would in a regular oven
It allows the fat to drip away from your food
It comes with a small recipe book
It's easy to operate
It's not heavy in my opinion (unless you have some medical/physical condition this thing is not heavy to lift)
You can cook foods from frozen
You can steam vegetables
Great for toast and toasting
You can use your own cookware
It has a safety mode so it stops cooking when you lift up the handle

It's cheap
the painted numbers are starting to come off
the recipe book is small and not really helpful for simple easy items the average person would cook
it does not have any suggested cooking times or temperature for food (apart from the recipes)
sometimes using the same temperature /cook time for some foods can cause it to burn if not adjusted
If gets heavy if you try to fill it up with too much water to clean
It doesn't have any additional cook ware that you can buy for this oven (I will try some other cookware from other ovens)
Some may find that this is too big if they have limited counter top space (personally I wish it was a little bit bigger)
You can't pause the timer nor decrease the time because it's not a digital timer
It cooks too fast at times and leaves you with burnt or crispy food
It's awkward putting foods into and taking them out of the oven
While you can use your own cookware, some cook ware fits too snug, and you cant's use the tongs to remove
the racks are too widely spaced and small things fall through
You will have to flip over the cake/corn bread so that the middle can finish cooking
It doesn't come with a lid holder

What I have cooked in the Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven:

Salmon, tilapia, turkey burgers, veggie burgers, thin sirloin steaks, turkey fillets, frozen chicken tenderloins, breaded shrimp, bagged frozen honey BBQ chicken, breaded air fried chicken and turkey fillets, meat loaf, pork tenderloin, turkey sausage links, sweet potato fries, fries, baked sliced sweet potatoes, box crab rangoon, steam asparagus, cheese cake, biscuits, toast, toasted buns, turkey bacon, a carrot cake, and corn bread (but last three didn't do so well).

Helpful Cooking Tips:
I cook everything using the extender ring
I cook fries, toast,breaded box items such as shrimp on the high rack
I cook everything else on the low rack
You can't pile things on top of each other and expect it to cook so don't pile food on top
You will have to flip food over half way through cooking
Only set the timer for half of the time so you can flip it over then set it for the remainder of the time to cook other side
250 temperature setting seems to work best for toasting so far
350-375 temp is the average cooking setting for most things
375 / 400 temp or higher seems to work best for frying or cooking thicker pieces of meats and some other foods
It may be obvious to some, but the higher the oven temp the higher the internal temp you will get on your thermometer reading
It seems that you usually get 140-160 degree reading on a 350 or less cooking temperature, depending on food cooked
Use Al Foil to cover racks and poke a lot of holes in it to cook smaller items...don't forget to spray with cooking spray

Last thoughts:

The Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven is not perfect, but it does produce some great quality food from frozen.

I will continue to use this machine for years as long as it works. I still have to master baking desserts because the center doesn't seem to get done (I believe the fan interferes with this). I gave this three stars because you can't purchase cookware for this, the painted numbers are coming off, does not have any suggested cooking times or temperature for food, and fair or not fair it's not the NuWave Oven.

If you are not a person that cooks in these types of ovens and you are not willing to play around with the cooking times and temperature then do not buy this oven because you will be really frustrated and waste your money.

For the adventurous simple cook willing to practice, I would say this is great for meats, fish, store brought fries, toasting, and box breaded items and any simple items if that's all that you're going to cook.

For the Vegetarian/Vegan, I can't give you a full account of the ability to cook vegetables in here because I cook my vegetables in my Advantium oven because it's been the best cooking appliance that I have used, so you will have to find out on your own if this is the right oven for you. If you want to spend way more money then I would suggest you check out a counter top/over the range version of the Advantium oven because it's great for cooking vegetables and non meat stuff (it does takes some practice getting use to the oven).

Now if you own the NuWave Oven, and your dome cracked again, know that I understand your frustration and borderline addiction to the great food the NuWave Oven produces. If you don't want to buy another one then I would tell you to take a chance on this machine only if you have limited income and you need a replacement ASAP. If you can spend more money then purchase something else like it that's glass. Please do own your research and keep in mind that it's not the NuWave, will take some getting use to, and the things I said in my review ( if you decide to purchase the Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven).

Hope this extremely long product review was helpful.

Happy Cooking!!!!
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on February 4, 2015
I bought this oven TWICE and both times I could only use it for 6 months because the lamp breaks,the company Big Boss did not respond to the first year of warranty, both times they answered me that this product was not available and they would not make a refund. Luckily, I had bought SquareTrade Electronics Protection Plan for my ovens and both times SquareTrade took over my full refund and the return of the oven also was paid for them. So no more Big Boss Oven for me and I don't recommend it either for you
review image review image
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on January 22, 2012
Boss wave arrived with broken bowl base the plastic part that the bowl sits in and has the handles. I called support for a replacement - was told initially that one would be on its way no charge. I did not receive an order number or anything.

I felt I should do a follow up call. Called the next day and there was no record that I even called, requested again to have one sent out was told it would be taken care of waited 2 more days and called back to see if indeed it was on order.

Was told this time they have NO replacement parts for the system AT ALL, they do not support parts for this product and there is no way to get any replacement parts. She said I could send the whole system back at my fee and they would send out a complete new system. Well to ship from Hawaii the shipping would be about the same as ordering a new system. The weight of this rapid wave oven would not really be cost effective for anyone to pay for shipping back in my book as it is quite heavy!

I did order from Amazon and yes I could have sent back to them but my husband tried to glue the bowl base together (just so I could use until supposedly the replacement part from manufacture was being sent since initially they said it was on its way) so therefore was not applicable to return to Amazon. Bottom line there is absolutely NO customer support for this item whatsoever.

My husband's gluing job with JB weld has held up well so I guess that is what I am stuck with. Will sand down the ruff ridges and paint with black gloss paint and call it go I guess? I would never ever and I repeat NEVER purchase an item from this manufacture again. BUYER BEWARE once something malfunctions with this rapid wave oven that you cannot repair yourself consider it a throw-a-way!

I would give it a 3-4 Star for performance and ZERO for product support.
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on December 2, 2015
I shopped for this type of oven for a long time, read a lot of reviews, and ended up ordering this one from Amazon. I have to say I am really pleased with it! My first use was fresh bratwurst that I ordinally would have either cooked slowly in the crock pot or in my convection toaster oven - but that was a good reason to unbox this oven. Setup was easy, and I had the unit up and running with the bratwurst in no time. Cooking time was surprisingly quick - much faster than I expected at 400 degrees. By 30 minutes they were honestly over-done... but that's how I like them.

I've read comments about the timer, but keep in mind that while the timer can't be shut down - just lifting the handle turns the unit off. So you can leave the temp set, lift the handle when you need to turn your food over - then set the top back in place and continue.

Clean up was easy. I washed the glass bottom in the dishwasher, the rack by hand, and then found that I could store the entire system away with the rack upside down and the top upside down - so storage isn't the issue I was concerned about. I like the plastic cradle that this model includes.

One thing I did was place a foil pie pan on the bottom to catch drippings. I line the tray of my convection toaster oven with foil, and felt that would help and so far it has.

Overall I am very pleased, and from my experience so far - I definitely selected the right brand and model!
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on May 16, 2011
4 stars only coz it doesnt cook evenly. I have to constantly open it and flip whatever im cooking just to cook all sides BUT, I STILL LOVE IT. Healthiest choice I ever made. It cooks everything!!!!!! it toasts too. I rarely use my stove and oven except to cook soup but all else, I use this. Its cooks bacon beautifully. I reheat my pizza here and its still crunchy. Its a bit of a chore cleaning it up coz its heavy but what i do is i put a foil plate on the bottom to catch the oils and the grease so cleaning is kept to a minimum. I love this.
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on March 1, 2017
I had this oven for 2 years. It's been a great oven. Take food out of the freezer and throw it in this oven. It's not as fast as a microwave, but faster then any other type of oven. In comparing this to a microwave, the food will taste better when cooked in this.

I've used this type of oven since 1996. I have always like them. But they have 1 big fault.

But all of these ovens have a limited life due to their basic design. They work by using an infrared heat source, with a strong air flow moving that heat around inside the heating bowl. The air moves the heat to every access to the food that you are cooking, so it heats faster then a normal oven. Regular ovens rely on the heat just soaking in and through whatever you are cooking.

When you are cooking meat, or anything with a juice, the juices will drop below the food and the rack (if you are using a rack, which is normally a good idea). The air will also whirl small particles of that fat or juice around the bowl chamber. Some of it will accumulate on the heating element, itself.

I have never found a way to clean this accumulation off of the heating element. The advertisements say that these ovens are self cleaning. Just put water in them, set the heat for minimum or no heat, and start them up. The fan will blows the water (with a tiny amount of soap) around inside, forming bubbles, cleaning the sides. But this does not clean the heating element.

Over time,you will come to the end of the useful life of these ovens. Usually this is between 1 and 2 years. I have heard that you can replace the halogen heat source on some of these ovens. I have no experience in doing so. Considering the cost of a halogen heat source, and what these ovens cost, I have always figured that I was ahead by replacing the oven.

I've had this oven for 2 years. The bowl chamber started to fill with dense smoke tonight. Continued use will make this a possible fire hazard. So, it looks like it is time for me to purchase another one, which I will. As I said, I really like these ovens.

(Note: On previous models, the heat source simply burned out at the end of their lives. This was the 1st to start smoking.)

Actually, these ovens have 2 faults. The one that I mention above. The 2nd one is the glass bowl. Years ago (roughly in the year 1999 or 2000) I made the mistake of taking a hot bowl from one of these ovens and dumping cold water into it. The bowl broke on the spot.
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on January 29, 2015
Whatever you cook in the oven this will cut the cook time to a third. Example - if you would cook chicken for an hour in the over then with the Big Boss you would cook it for 20 minutes and meat comes out juicy.

Seems to be well enough made and the bowl is glass. My only complaint is the writing on the knobs is awfully small and somewhat hard to read. Should be carefull in cleaning the top and just wipe it with a paper towel - you don't want the light to get wet. One thing I liked is that the cord is extra thick and stiff at where it connects to the Big Boss to prevent it hitting the glass and getting too hot and melting.

As a bonus it gives you a light show as it cooks - with the halogen light coming on for 20 seconds then turning off for 5 then coming back on again.

I have used it about 5 times in the month that I have had it with no complaints.
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on March 27, 2017
It worked great for a year. Now it's broken. The fan still turns on, but nothing else works. I was hoping it would work longer.
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on April 22, 2017
excellent product
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on March 22, 2017
This model stopped working correctly right about a year of use. The other one like this that I gave my niece is still working.
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