Customer Reviews: Big Boss Torpedo Multi-Purpose 10 in 1 Kitchen Appliance, Black
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on July 24, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Big for a "blender." Loud for a blender...or any kitchen appliance, automobile, train, or aircraft. But this thing gets the job done!

First beverage, a juiced treat made of apples, carrots, raspberries...and some ice cubes thrown in for good measure. Not having owned a standalone juicer, I can't comment on if it does better or worse, but this Torpedo had no problems at all converting the solids into liquids. Very smooth - a little "gritty" when used with the "medium" screen, but silky smooth with the fine screen. Based on what went into the machine versus what came out to drink, it was pretty impressive how little pulp was leftover. Very nice - and no raspberry seeds!

Next up, we through a block of cheddar cheese in there. Yeah, who puts a block of cheese in a blender? (Well, come on! This is no blender, this is a "Kitchen Appliance!") It whipped through the cheese block very quickly, and while I wouldn't consider the end result exactly "shredded" how most people would consider shredded (and like my Cuisinart can shred - long strips), the little granules that remains after shredding is perfect for melting - so unless you really want long strings of shredded cheese, this can replace other shredders, easy.

Making a smoothie was no problem, of course. Easy to clean up, too.

Couple things that I wasn't expecting, but it's not a big enough deal to take any stars away: 1) Save for the blade and wires, I think this entire thing is made of plastic. 2) The blades are attached to the canister, 3) Press the button, and it handles the "pulsing" by itself, and beeps when it figures you need to take a look.

On that last part: It'll turn on, wait a couple seconds, then go again...and repeat. Pretty nifty, so you can turn it on, make a run for some noise protection, and come back when you have your shooting ear muffs on. Works very well.

The cookbook it comes with is even nice - a little of a stretch to include it in with a blender on steroids, but it's nice. (For example, the mac and cheese recipe is probably only included so they can say to "put hunk of cheese in blender and press the button.")

Would highly recommend this. While it's pretty big, depending on your usage of multiple kitchen gadgets, it may be able to replace a juicer, blender, and food processor. (Food processor is probably the biggest stretch, since this Torpedo does one thing, whereas most processors let you swap out blades to do different things - slice, grate, make skinny fries, etc.)
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
The Torpedo Multi-Purpose Appliance is an "As Seen on TV" blender and juicer manufactured by LadyShip, a brand popular in its home country of Taiwan as well as in mainland China and Hong Kong, the Philippines, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Australia, and Canada, as amateur YouTube videos will attest. It is relatively new to the U.S. market.

The Torpedo is basically a blender with some unique features that make it especially useful for extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. It has three pairs of blades, a spigot, an interior strainer system with two interchangeable wire mesh filters, a vented cap, a lid accessory to act as a staging area and feeding bowl for ingredients, and a vertical structure that houses a mechanical safety feature that allows the motor to run only when the lid is twisted to lock it in place. A clever cleaning brush and a recipe book are also included as well as a pamphlet with favorite recipes from the young couple that promotes this blender on U.S. television, Fabio and Jacopo.

The motor seems powerful (and is correspondingly loud) and combined with the three pairs of blades, does an excellent job of blending and juicing. There is a continuous blend setting, a pulse bar, and a button that initiates a sequence that alternates blending and stopping a few times and then blends for a while, which is nice for smoothies. There is a reset button underneath the unit in case the motor is over-stressed.

I am not fond of the accessories and filters, spigot, etc. as they are not very useful to me and are somewhat fussy to clean. However, for someone who needs a juicer that filters pulp, skin, and seeds, or who wants to dispense margaritas or daiquiris, they would be quite handy.

The blue plastic blending jar, the black plastic shell, and especially the chromed plastic accents do not lend a look or feel of high quality and seem perhaps a bit dated in style although they are functional enough. The safety locking mechanism and its housing are unnecessary, unattractive, and aggravating, and can easily be circumvented by inserting a knife or folded piece of paper into the slot.

Overall, the Torpedo would seem to be a 3 star choice in its price range for juicing but overly complicated for people generally satisfied with a standard blender. It is also available in White.
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VINE VOICEon April 12, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've been trying to lose weight but my Big Boss Torpedo isn't helping. It is very simple to operate. An expensive, highly professional, spiral bound user guide and recipe book combination came with the Torpedo. The full color recipes are easy to read and follow and there is an index that helps the reader quickly locate their favorite ones.

I can perform more functions with my Torpedo than I could with my Kenmore 14 Speed Electronic Blender. The Torpedo has six blades; the Kenmore has only four. Also, my Kenmore operates without the top, which is a safety hazard, especially if one has small children. The Torpedo won't function unless the top is securely locked in position. Cleaning the Torpedo is easy. I simply rinse the canister as soon as possible after using it. I squirt a few drops of liquid detergent inside, add warm water, and then operate the Torpedo for thirty seconds. It's self-cleaning. A brush came with the Torpedo in case the blades need to be cleaned. All the other accessories can be washed by hand.

I have a sweet tooth. Therefore, I first tried the recipes for smoothies, milk shakes and frozen drinks. I made various milk shakes using skim milk and my favorite flavors of ice cream such as mint chocolate chip and rocky road. I also took the Torpedo over to my friend Kathy's house and we made Strawberry Daiquiris. [In order to make frozen drinks, one must have a refrigerator that dispenses crushed ice or purchase a portable ice crusher; I recently bought the Deni 6100 Automatic 70-Watt Stainless-Steel Ice Crusher (Deni 6100 Automatic 70-Watt Stainless-Steel Ice Crusher), which easily crushes ice for me.] My friends enjoyed the Strawberry Daiquiris I made for them. In fact, one night I made an entire pitcher when I was alone watching a horror film. The Strawberry Daiquiris were great. (The horror film was just okay.) Without going into incriminating details, let me say that I was late to work the next morning.

I love blackberries. July is the best time to buy fresh ones when they are in season. I created my own recipe for a healthy, quick-and-easy blackberry smoothie:

1 6 oz package of fresh blackberries
1 cup of Nonfat Vanilla Yogurt
½ cup of skim milk
1 cup of crushed ice
2 packages of Stevia

Place ingredients into blender and press AUTO.

This recipe makes two servings of blackberry smoothie. I've used Stevia for many years and, according to numerous nutritionists, it is a healthy, natural substitute for sugar.

One Sunday, I brought home from church a tumbler full of leftover French Vanilla coffee. I made two servings of Vanilla Coffee Milkshake using the following quick-and-easy recipe:

2 cups vanilla ice cream
1 cup skim milk
1 cup cold French Vanilla coffee

Place ingredients into blender and press ON for approximately five to ten seconds.

One Saturday morning, before going to the clubhouse to use the elliptical trainer, I made an orange juice smoothie with the following quick-and-easy recipe:

1 cup juice
½ cup tonic water
½ cup crushed ice

Place ingredients into blender and press AUTO.

Last Fall, my parents visited me and gave me a lot of tomatoes from their garden. I peeled a large one that was on the verge of becoming overripe. After chopping it up, I put it in my Torpedo along with a cup of orange juice and two packets of Stevia. I pressed AUTO. The orange tomato drink was absolutely delicious. There was enough for two servings. I've found a delicious means for ensuring that my parents' tomatoes are not wasted.

My best friend, Sue, is always giving me canisters of Chai tea ]. Normally, I prepare it using warm milk. However, I decided to use my Torpedo for creating a Chai tea frappe, using crushed ice and milk. I slightly modified the recipe that was on the canister. My girlfriend, Tammy, enjoyed the Chai tea frappe that I had made for her. In fact, I've also made several delicious milk shakes for her. One night, I made tuna salad sandwiches using the recipe on page 44 of the Torpedo Recipe Book. It was easy and delicious. I served the tuna salad on wheat bread along with Fritos and coke.

For a Christmas party at work, I made the macaroni and cheese on page 55. It tasted great. I may have used a little too much ground nutmeg, which gave it a sweet taste. I'll probably omit it the next time I prepare it. I only had one problem while preparing the macaroni and cheese. Because the sauce was very thick, the motor overheated and shut off. I panicked and thought I had broken my beloved Torpedo. Then I remembered there is a reset button on the bottom of the blender. I simply pressed it and the blender turned back on. Thank goodness I had read the instructions at the beginning of the recipe book.

There are so many recipes that I want to try, especially the ones for quiche. The fun part of using the Torpedo is that one can devise their own recipes. They can modify recipes they've found on the internet so they can be used in the Torpedo. I made up my own recipe for the greatest scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are the best when the ingredients have been mixed in a blender and then poured into a hot skillet. Here is my recipe:

6 large eggs
¼ cup, loosely packed, of the following: yellow onion, green zucchini, Roma tomato, red bell pepper, and grated mild cheddar cheese
2 tablespoons of olive oil

Mix all ingredients in the Torpedo and pour into the skillet. Naturally, one can omit one or more of the above items and substitute their own favorite veggie and/or cheese.

The Torpedo is highly recommended for someone who has never owned a blender. It has a lot of recipes that are fun to follow. Hopefully, the budding chef will advance from the simple dessert drinks and alcoholic beverages to the more advanced soups and meals. If only I had more time; I can't wait for retirement. Once the user has mastered the Torpedo, then they can purchase the more expensive blenders that perform like food processors. The Torpedo would make a great gift for the graduate, the new homeowner, or for someone like my girlfriend who makes a nutritional smoothie every morning for breakfast. There are also plenty of recipes for smoothies in the booklet.

Happy Blending!!
Joseph B. Hoyos
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on August 30, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I've had this appliance for about a month now. I have made smoothies, blended salsas and soups so far. I love the auto cycle, which blends for a few seconds then pauses and starts up again. This cycle repeats for about a minute. With my old blender, I would have to start and stop manually to stir things around, especially when I made whole fruit or green smoothies. No more.

I also love the fact that there is a locking lid. My old blender's top came off a few times when I was blending soups. That was a mess! There are attachments that come with this blender, like 2 different filters for juicing, and a spout to attach to the container, so that drinks and juices can be poured out individually. There is also a recipe book included with lots of recipes to try. It's also easy to clean.

My only complaint is the height of the appliance. I used to be able to put my old blender in my cabinet. This one has to stay out on my countertop. And it barely fits between my countertop and upper cabinets. But with all the stuff that it does do so well, this is a minor complaint.
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on November 29, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
First I must applaud the company (and their marketing department) for their innovation and pursuit of creating the must-have "kitchen appliance" that everyone will want.

Unfortunately, after using this for a number of months, it falls short in a number of areas.

First, they say 10 in 1, well, I could say 20 in 1 Kitchen Appliance if I were to brainstorm long enough. I can take a 1970's Blender and call it 10 in 1 by calling it a juicer, mixer, chopper, blender, smoothie maker, frozen beverage concoction maker, etc. Just keeping it real. ;-)

The exterior of the box (and manual) talk about this "new technology" automatic blender mode. That's a lot of marketing hype for, it will pulse your food for 2 minutes with 2-3 second pauses. In looking the box over, I honestly thought it could actually detect how well blended the food etc was and turn off automatically. Nope, it doesn't matter if you put water in it, "automatic" mode is the same thing and it will just pulse water for 2 minutes, heh.

The other difference from this kitchen appliance and a standard blender is that this one has a spout and it has a "juicer" insert. What this means is that you can dispense the juice straight from the spout, without having to lift the blender container and pour it into a glass. I think that's just more parts to break, ruin, malfunction, leak and makes it exponentially more difficult to clean. Oh and the juicer insert? Well, that's no different than just pouring the juice through a metal-mesh strainer before it goes into your glass. Again, I applaud the company for their innovation, but really, how much more useful is it? In fact, what are the unwanted side effects (difficulty cleaning) as a result of this innovation? Unfortunately, I feel the side effects outweigh any gains in usefulness.

Next, there's simple fit and finish and a feeling of quality to consider. The shiny silver pieces are really plastic as well as the base. It absolutely doesn't have the same feeling of quality that our current KitchenAid blender has. For the price the KitchenAid is actually not much more than this one. If this one was half the price, I'd probably add 1 star for value, but even a cheaper Hamilton-Beach blender would perform as well with the same functionality.

I appreciate a lot of the thoughtfulness in many "As seen on TV" type gadgets, but almost any standard blender provides the same benefits as this "10 in 1" kitchen appliance.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This Torpedo Multi-Purpose 10 in 1 Kitchen Appliance does many of the things that any powerful blender such as a Breville, Blendtech, or Vitamix will do with a few exceptions. But it isn't a juicer or meat grinder or food processor in the sense that we have come to know those appliances. It won't chop food into long shreds or fancy shapes like my Cuisinart Food Processor will do or slice potatoes into uniform sized pieces. This is the job for a food processor. It won't turn carrots into pulp-less juice or into juice at all like my juicer will does, at least not without adding liquids or ice. It's not a juicer. It won't grind a solid piece of raw meat into a uniform size grind like a meat grinder will do but it will chop it up if you first cut the meat into small enough pieces. It won't crush big ice cubes into a snow cone consistency like my Breville Hemisphere Blender or Vitamix will do, but if you use small ice cubes it will crush them or if you add liquid to the larger cubes it will blend them with the liquid into a frosty drink.

What it will do, and it does it well, is to blend all sorts of foods with it's powerful motor and six stainless steel blades that are designed in a way that foods don't get stuck in the bottom like they do with my Vitamix. This means I can throw things like spinach, kale, a peeled lemon, bananas, frozen berries and flaxseed into the jar, as much as I can stuff in, along with a cup or two of water and it will blend it all into a nice smooth drink without me having to stop the machine to re-situate the ingredients like with the Vitamix. For me, this is a huge thing. It makes great smoothies. It's also does an excellent job on mixed "frozen" drinks such as margaritas, daiquaris and such. You are limited only by your imagination when it comes to coffee drinks. You can even grind the coffee beans in this blender.

It makes great dips and spreads like hummus, guacamole, and pate's. There are some great suggestions in the little cookbook that comes with it. You can do soups, dressings, syrups, omelets, baby food and pet food. I really appreciate the blade design when it comes to things like hummus because it keeps all the ingredients moving and not stuck at the bottom.

It has a couple screens, one medium and on fine that slide into the blender in front of the dispenser. This will take some or much of the pulp our of the drinks as you dispense them. It doesn't, however, take out all the pulp like a juicer does. I think the fiber in fruits and vegetables is a good and healthy thing, so while it's an interesting feature, I can't see myself using it for anything I can think of at the moment.

Other things I really like about this machine are that it has a powerful motor, 600 watts, which is more powerful that your average blender at this price. It's not as powerful as a Vitamix which are around 1,300 to 1,500 watts, but I'm not sure that much wattage is really necessary, at least for any applications that I have. This also means it's noisy. I don't think there's any getting around the noise if you want power. The beverage dispenser tap on the bottom side is a great feature. (Make sure you keep it in the "off" position when you're not using it.) The instructions say to run the motor while dispensing. This helps thick liquids to dispense quickly. I love the dispenser! The price point is very good for a blender this powerful. It compares very favorably with the other powerful machines that I'm familiar with.

Things I don't like are that it's mostly made of plastic, even the "chrome" colored parts. Since it isn't advertised as BPA-free, it probably isn't. For cold things it may not matter, but for hot soups and such I would like it better if it were BPA free. The container holds 50 oz. 64 oz would be better, but this is still pretty large. The base of the machine takes up a lot of space, more than most other blenders with it's wrap-around styling. Since my counters and cupboards always seem to be too full, I'd prefer a smaller footprint. With the vented top attachments (you need these to keep liquids from splattering all over the place) and the spill collar it's 19-1/4 inches tall. If you don't have a lot of space between your counter and cupboards, this could be a factor. That said, the design is very sleek and kind of reminds me of a fast sports car.

You can put hot liquids into the machine, but only up to 257 degrees. (Water boils at 212 degrees at sea level.) It has only one speed, plus an "Auto" and "Pulse" feature. The normal "On" button is for continuous blending. The "Auto" button will allow the machine to operate for 2 second intervals with a 2 second pause in between. This is very effective for getting ingredients to circulate downward so they don't get stuck in the bottom of the blender. After 5 intervals it will run continuously for 30 more seconds on this setting and then beep and turn off. This is very useful when you're multi-tasking in the kitchen. It would be useful if the machine had more speeds. I often use slower speeds for dips. The "Pulse" bar is for short spurts of mixing and the instructions recommend that you don't do it for more than 15 seconds without a 10 second rest in between.

Using this machine as a blender, it's powerful and has good blade design that works very well. But if I had expected it to operate as a food processor or a juicer, I would be disappointed.
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on April 5, 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I was excited to get this to review through the Amazon Vine program. I love making smoothies and this looked a great machine to do this with. Once I started using this I was a bit disappointed. It is a very big and very loud machine that is overly complicated. The "special" accessories, like the spout and locking lid are complicated and don't add a lot of function.

If you don't use the juicing mesh the spout is pretty much useless. It is constantly plugging and getting clogged and is not easy to clean. The locking mechanism on the top is frustrating and hard to use. If you don't get the top locked properly you can't even turn the machine on. I suppose this is supposed to be a safety feature of sorts, but it is mostly just frustrating.

The only feature I really enjoyed on this appliance is the auto-pulse feature. This pulses the mixture and then stops to let the big bits settle down to the bottom and then pulses again. It's nice because you don't have to stand there and pulse it yourself but can walk away for a few minutes and leave it to auto-pulse.

Honestly if I had bought this myself rather than getting it for free to review I would probably be a bit angry about. As it is after using it a few times, I probably won't ever use it again. I much prefer my Cuisinart Immersion Hand Blender, which works faster, is easy to use and incredibly easy to clean. I felt like I could never get all the little parts to this Torpedo clean enough.

To be completely fair I never tried juicing or deseeding something with this. The motor and blades do seem to be a fair bit more powerful than the Immersion Hand Blender I use. But I just don't need that kind of power for making smoothies or shakes in the kitchen.

I don't really recommend this product. I didn't feel like it was a very good deal for the price and I didn't really feel like there was much functionality here beyond a normal blender.
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VINE VOICEon August 12, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I made a gazpacho recipe with my food processor and then made the exact same recipe with the Torpedo and surprisingly enough, the recipe made with the Torpedo was not the same. The gazpacho tasted funny. And I believe as another reviewer said, it mangles not chops or blends and that was the reason.

It's easy to clean and has a nice canister, however I noticed the spindle on the bottom that turns the blades is made out of plastic versus a steel one that is on the Vita Mix blender.

It does work...I made a smoothie with frozen strawberries and it does work, although takes a bit longer than a Vita Mix would.

I really don't think it would last long considering the spindle is made of plastic though. If you want a blender and can't afford a Vita Mix, get the Breville Hemisphere, although this one makes good smoothies, as a food processor to chop vegetables, it fails.
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VINE VOICEon November 27, 2012
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
As a blender, the torpedo is okay - however i was disappointed to find that is primarily made of plastic - it doesn't feel very sturdy or high end at all. Also, it is very bulky - it won't fit in my lower cabinet and it's a real pain to leave it out on the counter all the time. All in all, I'd say if you're gonna spend this much money, then you should get something a little higher quality.
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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
...on the "10 in 1" claim of the product name.

Our kitchen requires a blender infrequently enough that after our last one broke, we never replaced it. Instead, we got by with either a hand mixer or a small food processor. When the became available to review, it seemed the time to return to blending (with the additional bonus functions!) had arrived.

Overall, as a blender, this appliance is better than forcing "blending" on other appliances that don't specialize in that function. However, this appliance suffers from shortcomings in fit and finish and an overall identity crisis on what it's supposed to do.

-Works well as a blender.
-Generous 50 ounce food/beverage canister.
-No spills or spitting outside the container after operating.
-Nice spiral-bound user-guide and recipe book.
-Effective "auto" setting works well.

-"Chrome" trim on handle and base has a metallic appearance, but is 100% plastic and cheapens the overall appearance.
-Mixed message on applications: "10 in 1" in the description, but only eight are listed on the carton, and only six shown in the instruction manual.
-Very loud.
-Dishwasher safe? Who knows. Online product description says yes, user guide says no. In 2012, it should be a given!
-Single speed (well, two if you count the "Pulse" button). Product literature claims "Smart Electronic Technology" embedded in the blades somehow regulate speed, but there is no discussion of this beyond the claim.

Finally, even if everything else had been perfect, the Torpedo should lose a star for the included book of recipes by Fabio Viviani and Jacopo Falleni. This includes a full page picture of them adoringly holding the Torpedo in a way that can only be described as "awkward".

Even though I haven't seen this on TV, my natural suspicion of products carrying an "as seen on TV" label remains intact!
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