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on July 24, 2016
Well, I never leave reviews, so this review simply means that this thing is absolutely amazing! And I read all of the reviews before I bought it, hesitated because of some of the less than stellar reviews, then bought it anyway. Wow, I am so amazingly glad I did!!! I don't know what those who are complaining about it are doing wrong, but it couldn't have been any simpler to put on my bike, and I put my dog on it and away we went. Mind you, this is a dog who is usually off leash, pulls like crazy when she's on leash, and has a ton of energy. I kid you not, I attached her collar to the bike tow, walked with my butt on the seat and my feet on the ground for about 50 feet, and then started peddling. She never missed a beat. I was absolutely amazed! Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating this amazing way to exercise my highly energetic dog! We are both thrilled! This is her now. Yep, tired! :-)
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I am a casual bike-rider, and for the last few months have been riding perhaps 10-12 miles a week with my 1-year-old Weimaraner, who has boundless energy and a very strong hunting instinct. She is easily distracted by possible prey (including blowing trash, squirrels, and butterflies), and so although she was excited and cooperative about running alongside the bicycle, I was forever on-guard for every possible problem, riding the brakes down every tiny hill, hyper-vigilant to the dog's movements in an attempt to anticipate and stave off issues.

I was hesitant to spend the money on this product (it is expensive), but I wanted to be able to relax a bit while riding my bicycle with my dog.

I have used the Bike Tow Leash twice now (it was delivered yesterday), and it is nothing short of miraculous. The product is simple to install, simple to adjust, and it connects easily and securely to the dog. The tow-leash has enough flexibility for the dog to run happily, but the dog is held in the heel position as it runs beside the bike. If the dog is distracted and heads away from or toward the bicycle, the tow leash holds the dog safely in line. After a few curious hops, my dog settled in happily, seemingly pleased at having been given firmer direction. Additionally, the tow-leash telegraphs turns and speed changes, supplementing my verbal commands.

I've written a long review, but to sum up ...

I used to ride my bike WITH MY DOG and now I am able to RIDE MY BIKE with my dog.

The difference is amazing.
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on May 26, 2015
Best investment EVER!. My high energy Staffy loves it. I even made a video to prove it. Just another took to keep her exercised and in great health and shape.
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on September 8, 2016
I'm watching my son's pit bull for a few months. I'm not much of a dog person, since I like my low maintenance cat. Anyway, this dog has grown on me lately. Unfortunately, I have to keep him in a cage when I go to work. I decided that we needed to get a lot of energy spent, in a short period of time. My bike tow leash showed up one day early (received it last night). So, this morning, I hooked it up to my bike, very easy to install. Rosco, and I, took off. He tried to pull to the back of the bike a couple of times, however, he corrected himself. We took it slow, and he got the hang of it rather quickly. I took his extra leash, we stopped a couple of times, and he did his business right away. He is wore out right now, and I feel happy that he got a lot of his energy out. Our bike tow leash arrived in just the Amazon box. It wasn't wrapped or anything. I assume I got a new one? It looked new otherwise. The design of this brand is excellent. It keeps Rosco just the right distance away from my bike, and seems just the right rigidity. I also notice that he did seem to help pull me along, at times. This was great going up a couple of hills. I did contemplate purchasing some of the other types. I'm pretty sure we made the right purchase.
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on November 9, 2014
****UPDATE December 5, 2016**** 2 yrs later and still working like a charm. The Bike Tow Leash is still in excellent condition and functions exactly as it did the first day we I used it. My husband and I take Jett out on it several times a week and he still loves it. Using it as often as we do, we expected there might be a bit of wear on it but it's holding up wonderfully. A lot of people ask us about the Bike Tow Leash because it's plain to see how happy Jett is jogging along side the bike and how much we enjoy having him along with us on our rides. 2 years later and I can say that this bike hook-up is by far the best one we've ever used and we have absolutely no complaints!

We have a 1yr old Australian Cattle Dog named Jett and we were having a difficult time finding exercise that challenged him. A lot of the things we tried just didn't do much to help him expel all the energy he tends to have. My husband tried to use a leash to take Jett out while biking through the neighborhood but Jett saw another dog and pulled my husband over and he ended up at the ER with a severely sprained ankle. We had had a bike hook-up years ago but it was an awful failure so we didn't think there was any hope for the whole biking with Jett idea. Our dog trainer suggested Bike Tow Leash and after reading the brochure and watching some videos, we decided to try it. I don't use my mountain bike very often. As a matter of fact, I don't find biking very interesting but since my hubby was laid up with his sprained ankle, I decided to hook it up to my Specialized Rockhopper. It wasn't that hard to hook up but I did have to make a bit of adjustment since my bike was a little different than the one pictured in the instructions (I found some ideas in some videos on Youtube so it wasn't an issue). Jett took to it immediately and was running beside my bike right away. He tried to run over to another dog and I thought for sure his abrupt change in movement would affect my bike but it did nothing to interrupt the movement of my bike. Both times he tried to run toward another dog, the Bike Tow Leash kept both Jett and I safe (I wasn't pulled over and the one time he ran toward my front tire, it prevented him from touching it). We've used it several times now and he's a pro at running along side the bike and the look of joy on his face is just wonderful. I have to admit that since being able to take Jett with me, I'm enjoying riding my bike much more than I had ever before. He's so happy that I actually find myself laughing at the look of joy on his face as we ride through the neighborhood! This is the best thing ever for us and for Jett. My only regret is that we didn't buy it sooner! My poor hubby wouldn't be going to physical therapy and we could have been biking with Jett all spring/summer/fall!
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on July 27, 2015
I'm a rather timid bicyclist. I don't like to ride in traffic or in crowds. However, I have a foot problem that makes difficult for me to walk any distance and I can't run at all. Cycling is my main form of exercise. I like the local rail trails and I regularly go about 10 or 12 miles. I always felt so sad having to leave my 80 lb Black Lab home. He's young and active and the exercise would be great for him.
I decided to give a bike leash a try and I read the reviews of all the leashes online. As I said, I am a timid cyclist. The Bike Tow Leash is the most expensive, but the reviews said the dog could not pull you over if your weight was on the bike. So I did it; I bought a BTL and gave it a try. The first day I was too scared to even get on the bike -- and the dog CAN pull it over if you're not sitting on it! I walked him next to my bike every day for a few days and finally got brave enough to ride the bike around my cul-de-sac...And the thing works. The dog can't pull it over and he's controlled at a perfect distance from the bike.
I've gone a mile or so with him in my neighborhood 6 or 7 times and we did a mile on the rail trail over the weekend. I'm taking it slow to build his fitness level.
You cannot feel the dog pulling at all with the BTL. I know he is pulling, because I can see him, but you can't feel it. He went around behind the back wheel once while I was walking him next to the bike, but when we're riding he just doesn't do that. Get him up to a good speed and he doesn't notice anything; he's just running. He stays right next to me and runs with me. I feel completely safe and in control of my dog.

I find it simple to install and remove. Most days I don't remove it, I just clip it up under the seat. It's hooks to his collar easily.

Since my dog is black I was concerned that he would not be visible to cars, so I bought a bright vest for him to wear when we are in my neighborhood where there might be cars. On the trails I didn't bother. I do carry another leash in case I need to take him off the bike for any reason.

The BTL is a smartly engineered, simple, and effective item. I have a exercise partner now that loves to run and never refuses to go. I recommend it highly.
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on September 13, 2016
So I just received this in the mail today and instantly took my lab/sheltie mix for a ride. He is about 36 pounds. To be safe, I tested this out on a large newly built empty parking lot.

1. I did not feel my 36 pound dog pulling even though at first he tried but quickly got the hang of it. I don't know if you could feel a larger dog pull but this leash is amazing in letting me keep balance on my bike. We haven't run into any major distractions like another dog or squirrel so I'm unsure how his strength would affect the leash in a situation like that. You definitely need to keep an eye on your dog in case he wants to stop because I could never feel my dog pulling or wanting to stop so I kept a very close eye on him.
2. The leash is very light I'd say about 1 lb which makes it easy to pedal around with.
3. It was incredibly easy to install on my Mongoose Brutus Fat Tire Bike (in case you have this bike). It did not come with a pamphlet of instructions to install instead it has the instructions written on the actual leash. I'm more visual so I YouTube how to install this, and it was easy. I did not need any additional mounts to attach it to the LEFT side of my bike. If you want it on the right side I think you need to order a special mount of that because of the bike chain.
4. The tubing is flexible but yet feels incredibly durable. I highly doubt it will break ...again I received it today so this review is just based on 1 ride.
5. I like that I can fold it up and connect the other end to my seat when not in use. Since it is so light, I don't see myself uninstalling it when I'm not riding with my dog. It matches with my bike and looks nice when folded out of the way.
6. The leash is long enough to prevent him from going in front of my bike and it keeps him at a good distance to the side of my bike.
7. It's a great workout for my dog, and he came home very tired and calm. He wasn't as hyper or misbehaving anymore because he got the exercise he needed and the rest of the day he was really chill. I never get this from him if I were to just take him on walks so getting him jogging really makes a differences on my dogs health, behavior, and mood. It was way more fun than just walking him too.

1. The tubing/leash is a little too flexible going backwards. My dogs first reaction was to try and walk behind the wheel and get on the other side as I was just moving the bike by walking alongside it. This could be dangerous if he gets distracted and decides to move behind the rear wheel. I wish the tubing became stiffer at a certain angle if he started trying to move behind the rear wheel because the tubing rubs the wheel when its pulled back far enough. Training the dog will be essential to avoid him trying to move behind the wheel.

2. MY BIGGEST CONCERN: A major flaw I haven't seen anyone mention in the reviews is the metal clip used to attach to your dogs collar or harness. Its not a metal bolt snap or a carabiner style metal clip, which I think would have been the safest and most commonly seen metal hook fastener. Instead the leash comes with a lobster clasp swivel trigger clip snap. I included a picture of the end that attaches to your dogs leash/harness. You pull down on the trigger and the lobster style clasp opens but you also don't have to pull down on the trigger. If you stick your finger inside the clasp and pull to one side the clasp will open which greatly worried me because I started wondering if my dog pulls to the side hard enough will this clasp open and detach from his harness? It's not like a metal bolt snap or carabiner where I'd feel more confident about my dog not being able to get loose. Most standard leashes come with a metal bolt snap. I'd google metal bolt snap so you can see what I'm talking about. I've never seen a leash come with the lobster style clasp. No one has complained about this so I'm guessing there hasn't been any problems, but just to be safe with my furry best friend, I attached a normal leash to his harness too in the event he gets loose I still have a backup leash to hold him back. I'd really love to hear other peoples experiences with this type of lobster style fastener since I've only had the chance to take him out today for the first time.

3. The price for this product is extremely high. The only reason I was willing to pay so much was because it seemed the most durable and safest option compared to other products out there. I'm a strong believer of paying extra for a good durable product vs paying cheaper for something that will possible break a few months in, and I didn't want to run the risk of my dog or me getting hurt. That being said, I still think this product is overly priced because it still comes with some drawbacks on the overall build. If there were no faults to how the leash were built I wouldn't have a problem with the price but the fact that it can bend as far back to my rear wheel seems dangerous to me and I'm also unhappy with the metal clip they chose to use to attach to the dogs collar or harness.

I give this collar 3 stars (it's ok) because I feel there are still some safety issues based on how it is made and the outrageous price when it still has room for improvement. I'd gladly pay the price and recommend this product, if the tubing was a little stiffer when bent backwards, and if the metal hook that attached to your dog were changed to something more secure.
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on March 17, 2017
I wasn’t sure if this leash would work for my dog because she is SO STRONG and PULLS so much (seriously, my hand would be red after walks). I read all the other reviews and thought we – meaning my husband (because I didn’t think I would be able to do it) would give it a try. The leash arrived and my husband tried installing the leash on his hard tail mountain bike but it wouldn’t go on (he is going to spend more time with that later) so he installed in on his beach cruiser – easy install. Now comes the moment of truth, off they go down the street and everything is going well. When they return my husband told me to try it. So I did… This leash is AMAZING!!! I didn’t feel like I was going to tip over, I was able to stop when I needed to and the dog didn’t get too close to the bike. The dog can even pull me up the street if I let her. This morning I took the dog out for a run after my husband left for work and we had a great time! If you are on the fence about buying this leash BUY IT you won’t regret it.
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on May 25, 2015
I LOVE this leash!! For reference I own a intact, very high energy male rottweiler, he is approximately 15 months around 100#.
He starts off on a easy trot, he sets the pace, i'm not even pedalling, i'm being taken for a ride, after a few minutes he breaks into a slow run, I can slow him with my brakes, huge bonus. We settle into an easy pace, me peddling periodically, him trotting at my side, stopping periodically for a small drink of water when he seems to want some. Before I know it we've covered 3 km, no problem. I'm back home, my dog is sleeping happily on the floor instead of shredding socks, jumping across furnishings and harassing our older senior dog. A tired dog is a happy dog!
Why I like about this leash: It's sturdy, it flexes, and it absorbs and corrects most of his tugs. I also love that it makes it very easy to monitor how your dog is doing, just stop peddling, see what pace he sets, adjust yours accordingly. You do not want to over do it!!! He cannot run in front of my tires, it keeps him nicely at my side, for the most part.
*** We ride in the country and on one occasion we were chased by 3 dogs from one yard. My dog was able to flex the leash enough that he got behind my bike and brought it to a dead stop. I anticipated it so no harm was done, but I know now that he can do that, and it could happen again! ****
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on December 6, 2014
The leash has made my dog and consquently my girlfriend a lot happier. I have cannondale hybrid cx bike. So the leash is not as easy to install firmly becuase how the back end is designed. With the bolts as tight as I could get them with my fingers my Vizsla could still pull off the bottom part of the mount point when he pulled forward with all his strength. This would happen when my girlfriend would ride ahead of us and he would want to catch up to her.

So, I reenforced the bottom of it with nylon coated steel cable and a wire clamp, both 3/8th inch, which cost about three dallors from home depo. Now my pup can pull as hard as wants with no issues. Some times i can get up to full speed with out peddling at all. Not joking.

So, it's not perfect. But, I'm stilling giving 5 stars becuase it solved and very difficult problem on and particularly difficult bike. On a different bike (or with different dog;) I might not have had to resort to the added reinforcement. All around, I am very impressed with the leash.
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