Customer Reviews: Bill Maher - Victory Begins at Home
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Bill Maher has been one of the best comedians since back in his old Saturday Night Live heyday, but it's with Politically Incorrect and later with HBO's show, it really has sharpened his skills to slash through the hypocrisy, kills the spin-doctors with something you rarely see these days - common sense! Bill wears many hats, political analyst, a formidable debater, social conscious for the political arena, religion and the world situation. You may not always agree with him, but then maybe that is not Bill's aim. He provokes people to think, to look beyond the garbage spewed by media grabbers.

Thanks goodness for Bill's caring, his determination not to let us all get snowed under by hyperbole, rhetoric and flood of misinformation, and making us laugh while doing it.
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on January 30, 2004
I don't always agree with what Bill Maher says, but I'm one of those people who is always glad he says it. But I found myself agreeing with a lot more of what he says in this show than the type of things he said on Politically Incorrect. And his new show on HBO seems to be more on the mark as well. Maybe it's the freedom that comes with HBO and not working for Disney. Whatever your political slant, you'd have to be pretty uptight about your beliefs to not laugh at this special. With Dennis Miller turning into a bizarre infomercial for the Republican Party, Bill is really the only comedian (save maybe George Carlin) doing this kind of provacative material. And I say this as a registered Republican, too.
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on May 9, 2004
The controversial Maher is a voice of reason in a nation obsessed with terrorists, religious dogma, political partisanship, and male-female roles. The comedian tackles these and other hot topics in the way that only the former host of "Politically Incorrect" could.
I don't think a certain Mr. Bush would find much to laugh about in Maher's routines, but the rest of us should find some food for thought, especially in light of the current anti-American climate in much of the world.
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on May 30, 2006
I was disappointed with Bill's "I'm Swiss" DVD, but here, he is dead on. The pacing of the show is great and Bill doesn't hold back on any subject. He makes great points not just about politics, but about all kinds of topics. Unlike his performance on the "I'm Swiss" show, Bill seems really out for blood. And on Victory Begins at Home, he is confident with his material without being smug. Anyone who has issues with President Bush will want to watch this. And it's a must for Bill Maher fans. It's the best stand-up I've seen Bill do. And for those who can't get enough of him at his best, there's a good Q and A session, where some very brave people ask the prickly Maher to say a bit more.
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on September 18, 2004
I saw this on HBO and had to buy the DVD. This was a hit with everyone in my family - Dems and Republicans alike.
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on November 16, 2004
Every few years a social commentator comes along and not only has a strong arguement, but has an arguement that makes sense. Bill Maher is that man. Through his totally hilarious opinions on everything from religious extremists to America's wasteful habits, Bill Maher leaves no one safe from his sharp tongue and quick wit. Maher is a master of words and a beacon of light through the fog of today's media and political lies. AND HE'S FUNNY!!! I bought this thinking it was going to be more of a lecture, but boy was I wrong. This DVD has the perfect combo of jokes and facts to keep you laughing and keep you thinking. A must have for anyone, period.
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on October 17, 2004
I had never watched his cable show, and never understood all the fuss about Bill Maher, but, now I do! Maher is an astute, and exceedingly witty social commentator. Glad I borrowed this DVD from a friend. I'm going to buy my own copy now.
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on March 10, 2004
Besides watching this DVD, I also went to this show (there were about 20 of them with slight variations) and I must say that he is very provacotive, thought provoking and humorous. Perhaps there were a few segments where he went over the board with cursing, but nonetheless it was almost necessary to insert into the show to depict a point.
It's obvious that he has a liberal agenda, like myself, but unlike most left and right wingers who fall into those categories by a mere conviction from media and the like, Bill explores the topics with careful analysis and satisfactorily provides reasons for being a liberal. He also clears up the myth that "liberal" is a negative term, which is true if one is to look it up.
I gave it 4 stars, not because he wasn't good - in fact he was brilliant - but because I felt he should have included more topics and more humor into the show. However, I like his insensitivity to religion and catholic church as well as his promotion of racial profiling in the times of war if we are to win it. He also explores the war in Iraq, oil, SUV's and sale of diamonds.
All in all, good work and a clear voice of reason!
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on April 7, 2004
OK, the title is a little suck-up sounding and was more or less meant as a play on words but in some ways not. As far as political commentators/entertainers go, most just don't get it. The majority of celebrity ilk who think that they have some politcal axe to grind fail miserably at everything except constant sloganeering. It's almost as if they see it in a magazine or on a sign at a protest and they simply repeat it everywhere that they go. Then, there are a small group that pay attention to what is going on, ask questions, demand answers and make suggestions. This is what sets Bill Maher apart from the armchair activists in the entertainment business. While you have Michael Moore on one side and Rush Limbaugh on the other screaming at each other that they are always right, Bill Maher steps far away from the namecalling and posturing and more or less strives to engage in a discussion on not who's necessarily right but how do we fix what has been broken.
Through humor and keen insight, Bill Maher breaks down his views on the day's most pressing issues and offers up ideas on how to really fight terrorism through everything from separating religion from state to boycotting diamond purchases. Initially; and especially if you take the conservative word for it, one might gather that Bill Maher is a "liberal". In truth, he is a liberal but not even close to the way that most of Holloywood leans. Bill Maher cuts through the fat and gets to the heart of the matter and in the end, his opinions really lean neither right or left but Bill Maher has more or less created a niche all his own which seemingly leaves him open to a barrage of criticism but as one quickly discovers, he's all too ready to defend himself with a large success rate.
My favorite part of the DVD is the Q & A Session where he takes a series of questions from his audience. It is so very rare when someone with a certain modicum of fame gives his fans the floor to voice their opinions and concerns and Bill Maher approaches this segment in a very even-handed and rationale manner and for that, I tip my hat to him. He proves himself gracious and humble and that earns a monster amount of respect.
Despite what trappings conservatives have set for him, Bill Maher does a splendid job of dodging them all and proving that liberal doesn't have to equal the steroetypes that; unfortunately, many famous liberals espouse in droves. Bill Maher is a stand alone person who deserves to be heard by anyopne who thinks.
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Maher is a genius at getting us to see all the rubbish we accumulate in our heads.

His delivery on this DVD is masterful, funny and relevant even in 2006, 3 years after it was taped.

He covers everything controversial -- war, religion, politics, sex.

You'll be offended if you are not open minded.

The only flaw is his sometimes pointless use of rough language, the F word, etc.

This performance is more than laughs. It will really stir up your thinking.
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