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Billy Blanks: PT 24/7
Format: DVD|Change
Price:$61.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on January 6, 2012
We have had this and have been using it for about 6 weeks.

I have to say up front that I bought this product direct from its own website, after seeing a TV ad for it. I had an old Tae Bo tape (yes tape LOL) in my home workout rotation, so I knew I liked Billy Blanks already. One of the most important considerations in buying this is that my husband and I planned to use it together, so I knew bouncy annoying female instructors with peppy music and lots of choreography was not going to fly! Another important consideration was that I knew we could not get Insanity, because we both have some minor knee issues from years of running. I considered P90X (we are both in pretty good shape already) but didn't like the idea of many pieces of equipment kicking around my 5-kid-and-a-dog house, and having to change them out during a workout.

When I saw the ad for 24/7, I admit I jumped and ordered it immediately. It looked like the perfect answer for our needs and limitations. By ordering direct from the website, I got an extra pair of gloves, shoe straps, and resistance bands free, and the opportunity to order a third for $9.99. I didn't, but now kinda wish I had because my daughter wants to use it!

A previous reviewer claimed the velcro on the shoe straps is weak and they don't stay on. I have no idea what she is talking about, because ours have very strong velcro and always stay on. In fact, the velcro is so strong that even after six weeks of use, my husband still sticks to the carpet! I can hear his feet lifting as he steps.

In my opinion, the best workouts in the set are the Body Blast and Combo Sculpt. Boot Camp Power and Ripped Core are my second favorites. The Basics disc is something you use 2 or 3 times until you are up to speed, and then really not again, unless you want or need an easy day but don't want to do nothing at all. Between Cardio Burn and Cardio, I would say Cardio Burn is the better of the two, but I have to admit to not much liking either one. Some of the combos are awkward when trying to do them fast, and there is too much walking back and forth and side to side. Billy seems to forget we are in our living rooms, surrounded by furniture and with limited space. We have adapted so that we do the exercises without leaving our floor positions. Another thing to look out for would be your animals. My poor dog took a kick to the face full force this morning because he got curious and I didn't see him in time.

I am trying to get us to the point where we use this everyday, but to be honest, we have averaged three days a week. And yet we still both got through the holiday season without gaining any weight. That says a lot right there. And I cook, real food, including homemade eggnog full of cream and booze, cookies, gravy, and full fat cheese. So we are certainly not eating diet food, yet we got through the time of year most people put on 6-8 pounds, without gaining any, and only using this program 3x a week.

Some people might think that only half an hour is not really enough to get a good workout. That is why the bands are genius. They increase the intensity level of every movement, and give you resistance training at the same time you burn fat and calories. That increased intensity level is why you can exercise for only half an hour but still get a good workout. The fact that the bands are attached to you, so you don't have to hold onto them, is a feature I really like. Your wrists don't start to hurt from having to hold and control a handle. They seem to me to be the same quality as what I used at the gym. The smaller time commitment on this has also made it easier for my husband and I to get it done before he leaves for work. If you can't stick to it, even the best program won't do anything for you.

I bought this as a replacement for a gym membership I could no longer afford. I spent the last year getting my butt kicked by an instructor I loved, and this program's best workouts give me approximately the same intensity level. I sweat, I get sore, and I can see that the muscle tone and slimming I achieved are being maintained. There are pushups and planking in this program. There are burnouts in this program. There are lunges, military presses, and bicep and tricep curls in this program. No one could call it half-assed. I am very satisfied and would happily spend the $90 to get this again.

If I am so thrilled, then why only four stars you ask? Good question. There are a few small things I am not thrilled about. I will detail them here. First, stretching is woefully neglected in this program. For people who know how to take care of themselves, this is not a huge issue. But I would hate to see a novice get injured because of the lack of stretching. There are a few token hamstring stretches, but that's it. Second, at times Billy stops to talk for too long, and the intensity level suffers because you end up stopped for too long. Third, be prepared to hate the blonde chick to his left. She's scary skinny and overacts her exertion level ALL THE TIME. She is SO annoying... I just want someone to hold her down and feed her a cheeseburger. To Billy's credit, though, there are a couple of people in his workout groups who are NOT all toothpicky and super-cut. They look like normal people who are in shape, but still live life. So hooray for that. And fourth, I don't find it motivating to have the instructor say, "three more sets" and then at the end of that say "one more set" and "last one" to add on. At times he will do that and then add more again! Just be honest with me about how many we are doing, because I am trying to follow you and keep up! I do find the notices at the bottom of the screen telling you how close you are to finishing helpful. They start appearing at 50% and then continue to 75%, 85% and 95% done. That can be very motivating when you are having a hard morning. Finally, if you are on carpet, you have to pay very close attention and make sure you are pivoting on your rear toe correctly when twisting to throw punches. If you don't, you will be torquing your knees a LOT and that is a very bad thing.

Finally a couple of little things that really aren't criticisms of the program, just unavoidable things that come with how the program is constructed. As I mentioned before, the velcro on the straps is pretty strong. The straps are designed to fit a wide range of shoe sizes, so for people like us who fall in the smaller medium range of shoe sizes, there is a lot of exposed velcro left over. It sticks to the carpet and picks up stuff like dog hair. It doesn't affect anything, it's just a little gross. We just make sure that the same spot is always down (which happens naturally anyway because your feet and shoes don't change, right?) so that the clean part we use to secure the straps stays clean and functional. The gloves will start to smell a little after a week or two of use. You sweat in them, so they get a little funky. Again, it's not horrible or anything, but it's there. We thought about using Febreze, but they are made of fairly cheap vinyl with some kind of lining, and I am not sure if repeated use of Febreze would start breaking something down. We leave them where they can air out, and it has not gotten bad enough for me to do anything about it yet. Eventually I will rinse them well with plain water and leave them to air dry. Cheap as they are, I have no concerns about durability. I expect them to last a long time, along with the bands and straps.

Wow this got long. Sorry about that, but I wanted to be clear and detailed. I think this program is an outstanding contribution to at home workout options. If you are really out of shape it will kick your butt, and if you are already in pretty good shape it will help you maintain.
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on January 20, 2014
Although I grew up on Tae Bo, I wasn't sure if I wanted to get back into it with the hassle of bands, gloves, and velcro. Several of the reviews here really threw me off and made me doubt the effectiveness of PT 24/7, but I decided to take a risk. It completely paid off!

Let's address some other things you might see in lower ratings right off the bat:

1. "The gloves are too big; the gloves are uncomfortable; the gloves are made with hazardous materials..." - Yes, the gloves are a little large and are one size fits all, but they are not made for wearing to the gym or having slumber parties. These gloves are there for two reasons - to hold the bands in place and keep you focused during the workout. Regarding the last bit - most things are made with hazardous materials. If wearing the gloves was a real threat, then the program wouldn't be legal. It's just like seeing a warning label for eggs and peanuts on a protein bar.

2. "The velcro for your shoes is weak/sticky/annoying/uncomfortable/collects pet hair..." - The solution is simple. Don't use it. The bands easily clip to your shoelaces.

3. "Billy Blanks can't count properly; he does too many repetitions on some sides..." - I think that it is a well-known fact that Billy Blanks has trouble counting. In these videos, however, that was a lot less frequent. To me, his occasional error makes the videos more gritty and real. He makes up for it by giving you 200%, always looking and speaking directly at you, and motivating you like a true personal trainer. Sometimes I even forget I'm watching a video. Just hearing him encouraging me to keep going is awesome during those moments when I feel I can't move any more. Yes, sometimes he does one too many sets on either side, but I've learned to compensate. It's not a deal-breaker by far.

4. "The blonde woman in the front is annoying..." - Yes, she definitely can be "too much" at first. She is clearly pumped up about the workout and really adores Billy, who I think is actually her adoptive father. However, the worst is only in the Basics video. After that, I found her obvious excitement to be motivational, and she helps Billy (and you) keep count. If you're ever lost, just look at her. She knows exactly what she's doing.

5. "Do I really need the bands and gloves to get results? Can't I just do the workout without the hassle?" - Yes, you can. But the bands are really amazing. Give them a try, and you won't be disappointed. As a 6 year Tae Bo veteran, I found the bands challenging me in new and awesome ways. You will always get results from Tae Bo, but with these bands you will achieve more strength, sculpt, and power.

6. "I'm really out shape, and Billy Blanks doesn't take the time to explain the moves properly or do a warmup. You could throw out your back. You could pull a tendon. You could hurt yourself..." - Yes, and you can get hit by a car if you step outside. It's true - Billy doesn't guide you through a proper warm up. Each DVD jumps right into the workout itself. If you are going to do any sort of exercise, make sure that you give yourself at least a 10 minute interval to warm up with stretches. Don't rush to keep up with the DVD right away. Do the moves at your own pace and most importantly listen to Billy. He does tend to get wordy sometimes, but he does explain how to make sure to avoid injury when doing his workout. The Basics DVD is crucial - do not skip it.

I am very much out of shape. A recent car accident took me out of the workout sphere for nearly 2 years. I struggled at first with these workouts, but after a week I started seeing a big difference. If I can do it, you can do it. Several negative reviews almost prevented me from buying this program. I wanted to write this to help others who are facing my dilemma. I am starting week 2 right now, and I feel great. You can too! Good luck.
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on February 20, 2012
This is my 2nd week with 24/7 and its literally kicking my butt. However, in such a short time I am already feeling/seeing results. I have used taebo on and off for years. For me I got tired of having to workout 45 min or more and trying to squeeze in strength training as well. PT 24/7 does everything in a 33 min program. You workout 3 days on 1 day rest. With the resistent bands trust me when I say it feels like you are using weights the whole time.
Another plus you have 7 different discs so you will never get bored.
If you have never used taebo don't be intimidated. Billy starts you out with a basic program. For me even though I am in decent shape and familiar with the typical taebo moves I have no problem slowing it down a notch until I get use to the program. Its a great program and I would recommend it to anyone!

34 years old
135 pds
Severe allergies, asthma, and immunity issues.
If you have a will there is always a way!!!
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on April 3, 2013
Pros: Easy to follow calendar, good workouts that are short enough to work into a busy schedule, I work up a sweat in only thirty minutes, nice mix of cardio and strength training, bands are easy to use and increase resistance, nice mix of upper and lower body

Cons: Not enough abs in the mix--I need to supplement with my own ab workout, occasionally more reps on one side than the other, in one of the videos BB goes on a super-weird, long rant about being strong (i.e. "Imagine someone's life depends on you doing one more pushup...what would you do?" and "someone's trying to take your kids away unless you do x pushups!") which is actually pretty entertaining so perhaps it's actually a pro.
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on February 19, 2013
we purchased this product over a year ago, I was hesitant to even bother with it, after doing the basics a few times and getting on board fully I quickly became addicted. So of the counts and combinations go a little to fast for me to catch up with but with my bad back etc. I was still eventually able to at least attempt and get through all the exercises. I loved the workouts plain and simple they were perfectly geared for my level. I had a lot of trouble doing the kicks and combinations because I am just not flexible enough to get my legs in the right postions but I gave it my best.

The gloves and bands are pure crap, the snapped after about 4 months of use so becareful if you notice any cracking they will snap shortl htere after. we called the company for replacements and apparently they are not available anywhere without buying the entire set all over again. My wife contacted the company several times only to be reffered to someone else and on and on. She did however eventaully get to talk with Shelly who was just as unhelpful as all the rest had been. Needless to say it got thrown out because of the shotty customer service. They know their product is cheap crap adn should at least care enough about their customers to provide support for them when they want to purhcase replacement bands. WE were told to check Wal-Mart.. Walmart does not offer anythign remotely close to the "billy bands" that would work withthis program.

However I really enjoyed the exercises and it did make a difference in my posture. will it burn fat? sure it will, will you get ripped to shreds? no not a chance the resistance jsut is not enough strength to build the muscle. I would typically do one of the dvd's and then go straight to the treadmill and do another half hour run. I tis a good program to help get you loosened up for heavier training. I am thinking about buying another set but would like to see some replacement gloves, bands, velcro etc. I have missed coming home from work and knocking this out real quick and feeling great and stronger and better core strength.
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on September 11, 2013
Billy Blanks does not disappoint. These exercise routines get you going, sweating, and feeling good in just a little over 30 minutes each. I wanted to get back to the basics in an exercise routine and this is perfect. I didn't want a lot of hype or something that I wouldn't be willing to do 5 days out of the week. The routines are varied but still solid exercise that make give you confidence in yourself and an overall feeling of accomplishment. The resistance bands are a good added bonus and I think the gloves actually fit all adult hands (both myself and my son can wear them comfortably) in addition they are made to fit left and right hands equally. I don't use the shoe strap - I just clip the lower clip of the resistance bands to my laced shoestrings and they work perfectly. My only concern is that I am going to wear out the resistance band. Thanks Billy Blanks - I'm still a fan!!
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on February 5, 2013
I am a month in on my exercise with this program and its kicking me into shape, I am totally enjoying the workouts, however, I am somewhat disappointed that the gloves are already starting to pull apart or at least the thin covering is already tearing. I am starting to feel tall and thin and everyone is asking what have I been doing lately - of course I am always quick to let them know it's Billy Blanks' PT 24/7 workout dvds. I will definitely be uploading my before and after pictures in a few months from now.
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on April 14, 2014
This workout is NOT for beginners such as myself. The gloves were much too big for me so I do not use them. I gave it 4 stars because my husband use it and it's a pretty cool workout for someone who is a regular at it. I have only done the first 2 myself. The Basics and Cardio. My Honey came up with the idea to hook the bands to my shoes and use the foot wraps on my arms. Works out really well so he use the gloves and just hook the bands to his shoes as well. Overall the workout does what it suppose to do. I really like Mr. blanks and plan to get through the whole PT at some point!
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on November 2, 2012
I really enjoyed this program. It's a great workout. Many people complain about the velcro not being strong enough. However, I think they may have put the strap on incorrectly. The first two days I put the strap on incorrectly. When I looked closely at how Billy and his team put it on, I realized I didn't put on correctly. Once I did that I had no problems with the strap. The velcro goes on the outside. Once you fasten the strap to the velcro, you have to put the end of the strap through the metal loop.
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on May 23, 2013
I have always love Billy Blanks and I have to do low-impact exercises and while this is low impact I can't really jump around a lot and he tends to sometimes do that with kicks. I just stand there and do the kicks instead of jumping, it's better than just doing nothing. I use my own resistance bands, so I can't comment on the gloves or the resistance bands that come with the DVDs. I really like these workouts since they are only 30 minutes. It's gets me moving, if you do the kicks and punches right, you will see results. He also likes to do push-ups which is my least favorite exercise but he doesn't do them in all the DVD's so I wouldn't worry about it.
Remember, if you do the exercises right and use the resistance bands, you will see the difference. Awesome workout!
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