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Judging an exercise workout is an extremely subjective activity. One morning I will jump out of bed and be totally in the groove and the workout is fantastic--my adrenaline moves it along despite any deficiencies. On other mornings--just the opposite: my energy takes more time to activate and when Billy stops the action to talk or motivate, the effort is lost on me. When my enthusiasm is low or I simply haven't fully awakened--I don't want to do extreme moves like jumping or kickbacks. During these moments, the workout becomes tedious and I have to fill in for myself--running in place or modifying the exercise to make it work for me. Unfortunately, having to think to much, simply doesn't always mean an optimal workout. With all this in mind, I will review this workout from the perspective of a veteran Tae Bo participant on a "good" energetic day.

"Billy Blanks: Tae Bo Max Intensity" could have been disappointing to this long-term Tae Bo exerciser. I say this because, nothing has compared to Billy's original Tae Bo Live Advanced series that consisted of twelve different sixty minute sessions with good music, floor work and consistent momentum without a lot of "motivational" breaks. Tae Bo Max Intensity keeps moving and when Billy lingers in his pauses to start a new sequence, the action is intense enough in the moments beforehand to warrant a few deep breaths without feeling that your heart rate is waning.

Winter in New Orleans can be cold, dreary and just plain bone-chilling making outdoor exercise less than optimal. I try not to put the heat on too often--I hate dried up sinuses. This workout is the best thing to do to kickstart the body first thing in the AM. The warm-up in cold weather is slower and extremely enjoyable as it reaches a sweat stage.

Like many of Billy Blanks' recent DVDs, this workout lasts for almost sixty minutes and includes the usual warm-up and cool down of stretches and tai chi breathing moves. The actual cardio is fairly fast-paced with stirring electronic music recycled from one of his other recent DVDs. For the most part the workout has a few slow "learning" moves and then the more intense "cardio" portion of the same move, amped up at about 3 times the original pace. However, once Billy rushes out of the warm-up gate, the movement doesn't really stop until the tail end of the cardio segment.

Billy includes more jumping and sliding movements in this workout than usual. I work out on a slab, so these moves are less than perfect for my situation and I find that I must modify in order to save my joints from the pain and damage that could ensue. Instead of these "jumps" and "kickbacks," I would prefer floor work that includes butt work and push-ups--my personal nemesis. When Billy slides, I pick up my knees and attempt to keep up with the beat rather than have my shoes catch on a hard floor.

As always, Billy continues to be fun and motivational. If you like his personality and his workout ethic, you cannot fail to enjoy watching him work out with his posse.

Bottom line? "Tae Bo: Max Intensity" is a good workout that might challenge veteran Tae Bo exercisers because of it keeps the action going. Jumping and sliding moves that don't work for those of us who do not work out on a padded or raised floor might change the momentum a bit. Billy's Tae Bo Extreme! Billy Blanks, TaeBo, Push Your Limits presents another even workout using a step to increase cardio with weights. As much as I appreciate Billy's additional "Intensity" moves that compete with newer "Insanity" workouts, I simply do not have the facility to incorporate them into my workout. For me adhering to a program with more cardio and smoother transition Tae Bo moves is the key. Recommended.
Diana Faillace Von Behren
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on September 11, 2014
Today is my third day of doing this work out. It it Tae Bo at it's finest! First, I like billy's outfit ( coz Lord knows I HATE his wardrobe - very distracting ).

This Video is full of moves after moves after moves.....The dvd is 60 minutes long, but the actual workout is 57 intense minutes. 3 minutes of cool down at the end, about 4 minutes of warm up at the beginning, but the warm up starts off upbeat too.

Billy doesn't do a lot of talking in this one, he's a bit distracted by his gloves some where in the middle. A lot of the typical moves, and a couple of new ones, some challenging and awkward but after 3 days, am getting used to them.
If your are a beginner, don't even try, if u are a tae bo addict like me, this one will challenge you, you'll sweat calories, you will be sore for days. I love it!
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on January 20, 2017
Not what I was hoping for. It was basically an over-extended warm up. By the last 10 minutes I was so bored. My heart rate only picked up a couple times throughout the workout but slowed right back down like I was just taking a stroll. I was so disappointed. Billy Blanks is great though. He loves what he does and wants to help people get healthy. Beginners may find this challenging.
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on October 29, 2013
I have been doing Tae Bo on and off for some time now and I love Billy. This workout will definitely make you sweat! I've done the Insanity workout and lived to tell the tale! It's not as intense as Insanity but it's close enough that you will be a little sore the next day. It's fast pace with a few low intensity spots. It has some old moves and some new moves all rolled into on. I highly recommend. It's a great cardio workout!!
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on December 9, 2016
You should definitely have a few other Tae Bos under your belt before you try this one. I mean, I did, and I still wasn't ready; he doesn't mess around in this one. Very little time to learn the moves compared to his other DVDs, and moves from one move to the next without any real warning. Lucky for me, almost all of them were moves he covered in his other videos.
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on April 30, 2017
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on January 26, 2014
I love Taebo and find the DVDs I have to be effective, even enjoyable sometimes. I know some of his workouts are a little easy, but most of what I have is good. This has to be the best Taebo cardio based DVD I've tried. I haven't tried them all, but I think he got it right with this one. It gets your heart rate up like it's supposed to, there's less standing around and talking, and he does both sides of the body unlike some of his past workouts. I'm kind of proud of him for stepping up his game. Billy Blanks delivers in this one. Great job!
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on January 21, 2016
A 700 calorie burn is always great in my book! The moves are familiar to other tae bo workouts and there seems to be less recovery time in between the "kicking it up a notch" pace. It was challenging and has a bit more jumping moves (burpees and high knee jumps) but if you have done other tae bos in the past, you can do this.
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on October 13, 2013
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on March 24, 2017
Great workout.
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