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on March 26, 2013
as an avid reader of game guides, i had high expectations for this one, and was not disappointed in the least.

this limited edition guide is beautiful. the cover art is exceptional. the introduction by ken levine was a welcome addition. i am always interested in what his take on anything is. the layout is concise and full of just the information you would hope.

the chapters are as follows:

welcome to columbia
detective training
guns of liberty
the height of columbia fashion
booker's campaign (140 pages out of the 272 pages are dedicated solely to the campaign)
enemies of the people
achievements & trophies

it was great that they listed the controls and variations of the difficulty settings on one page. it's nice to have as a quick reference, especially as you begin playing (though the game does a solid job of introducing you to the mechanics in efficient time). the guide also outlines the basics you will see throughout your journey (i.e.: power ups, weapons, gear, infusions).

the information on what elizabeth can do, as well as how the tears work, is helpful since these are new additions to the bioshock series.

the vigor section was one of my favorites. as someone who was a HUGE fan of plasmids in the original, i couldn't wait to read up on the various vigors and how they could be combined to best effect. the images are terrific, and the information is well fleshed out.

the section on randomized and guaranteed gear is excellent. there is also a supplemental section with example builds which could be helpful for someone who wants to try out different playstyles but isn't sure how to set them up.

the walkthrough itself is the best i've seen. it is explained concisely, and illustrated perfectly. the images are of good size so you are actually able to tell what it is you are supposed to be doing/looking for.

i am always grateful for the enemies section of any guide, and this is no different. it is well laid out, and the information comes in entirely handy. knowing each enemy's weakness is invaluable.

the achievements section is the best i've seen. laid out for someone who doesn't want anything spoiled, it is separated into story achievements, difficulty modes, combat achievements, vigors & tears, and upgrades & collectibles.

the key that comes with the guide is decent. it is fairly solid, but the white portions look a little cheap. i honestly don't care, as i didn't buy the guide for the keychain. it's just a little bonus.

honestly, this is the most polished and 'clean' guide i've ever seen/used. i highly recommend it. and it makes me even more excited for the forthcoming art book.
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on April 10, 2013
If you're a big video game fan like myself, chances are you enjoy buying strategy guides from time to time. When collector's editions are available, they usually only contain a hardback version with identical information. Not so for the Bioshock Infinite collector's edition. As soon as I opened the book I knew some care had gone into making this. You'll get a key (which is in the game) that is a keychain (go figure) that is adorned with the bird and the cage logos from the game. It's a neat keepsake to remember the game.

The guide itself is large and contains a lot of information. The art collection of characters in game along with developer information was really interesting to read as I was playing the game. More than once it helped me understand an event or give me a tip that proved beneficial in battle. Now that I'm finished the game, I find myself going back and reading through the different sections to see if I missed anything for my eventual second play-through of this wonderful game.
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on May 28, 2013
So, I realize that you can't always have giant, complex, exhaustive strategy guides for moderately linear FPS games...but somehow this still feels just a tiny bit short on details.

I'd have really liked more depth to some of the walkthrough, some better tips on how to defeat certain enemies, some better strategies for combining Vigors and environmental elements...etc.

The maps are fine, but a bit lacking in detail. The enemy listings are somewhat brief and don't necessarily give enough strategy information. And I would have REALLY liked some extra insight into how to tackle the 1999 mode.

And that's the total of my criticism. Everything else about this book is absolutely resplendent. The art is gorgeous, the background information is wonderful, and the overall presentation is very nice. It's moderately easy to navigate, and you can generally find the information that is available quickly.

I guess I just wanted more, which is no surprise when what you get is this good.
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on January 16, 2014
I simply bought this because I was wanting to use it in my collection. Of course as soon as I received it I opened it up to see what it was like inside.

It's a great guide. Very informative and detailed. Gives you tons of information and many pictures to help you through your quest. It's a great quality book as well. I only wish I would've bought this before I finished the game.

A friend of mine used the key-chain with her car keys and said that the paint on it doesn't hold up well at all. Probably within a month it was a solid color.
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on May 16, 2013
As someone who is a completionist when it comes to playing games, this strategy guide was extremely helpful. What makes this guide unique and what I think every guide really needs to have (since getting all achievements/trophies pretty much falls in line with completing the game) is a achievement/trophy guide. While the strategy guide did not go in depth with some achievement, especially the Heartbreaker achievement, it does seem to go in the right direction.
The only problem that can be noticed is that some of the maps depicted, did contain some errors or at times were confusing. The map will tell you that an item will be in this location but, after hours of searching, there is nothing there or is at another location. This will require that you keep you track of what you are picking up in every area.

Overall I'd say that the guide was all around helpful. Aside from some the small mistakes and misleading maps, it provided some interesting facts about the developers, the characters in the game and essentially everything you need to know about Bioshock Infinite.
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on March 26, 2014
As a diehard Bioshock fan already, this was a must purchase no matter what. I haven't been disappointed one bit. the guide has an amazing hard cover that shines a bit and the content is everything a fan would want to help play Bioshock Infinite with.

As an added bonus, the key is a nice touch, but i'm too much of a collector to actually take it out.
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on July 16, 2013
I bought this guide after I beat the game on Normal difficulty and I wanted to go for the platinum trophy. As any guide should do, the maps pointed out all the collectibles for the most part. However, it would've been nice if the Voxophones and other things that appear in a subsequent visit to an area were noted as such. Looking for something that won't be there until later is pretty frustrating. The tips for defeating the enemies were descriptive and helpful.

All in all, the guide is filled with helpful information and beautiful artwork accompanied by inside scoops of what went through the developers' minds as they were creating Bioshock: Infinite. It's definitely the best game I've played all year. However, The Last of Us is sitting by my TV just waiting to be played for the first time.
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on May 17, 2013
I bought this after my first run through for the game. It was more so I could get the key that came with, but I was pleasantly surprised with how good the book was. The inside is a decent blend or art style with the tips and tricks and features stats for weapons, creatures, ect that are as complex as the game itself.

This left we wanting a little more from it, like better general combos or some outright answers to game questions. It didnt further any details on the story as much as give insight to the playability to parts of the game.

Overall, a great purchase, I'm quite satisfied.
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on March 20, 2014
Honestly, I bought this for the collection value. I love all things Bioshock (and I wanted a copy of Elizabeth's key). It's a gorgeous hardcover book full of game secrets. It's a must for any fan.
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on April 3, 2013
I bought this for the key which is surprisingly nice, it feels like it would hold up nicely as a keychain and is an excellent prop. The book itself is very thorough and a must have for anyone looking to complete every achievement :-)
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