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BioShock Infinite [Download]
Platform: PC Download|Edition: Standard|Change
Price:$2.95 - $349.95

on April 28, 2016
A very engrossing game but a bit too complicated for it's own good. The "tears"(shifts in time) are so many, you are not sure where(or when) you are and the ending is more of a postscript (again overly complicated) that you can skip although is does reveal who Elizabeth is. The "vigors" are superpowers that give you specific abilities but I found I use only about half of them(shockjockey, an electrocution bolt of electricity, is my favorite). I also wish you could carry more than 2 weapons. The battle scenes are challenging but sometimes feel like they were just added for the sake of another fight. Finding hidden stuff along the way is very fun and money is picked up so you can buy upgrades to your vigors and weapons. Salts power your vigors, you have a "shield" that wears down in battle but regenerates if you are not being hit and your health which suffers once your "shield" is broken. The obviously right wing political world you are fighting in is overturned with you(Booker Dewitt)` and Elizabeth leading the way using these "tears" in time. Your mission of rescuing Elizabeth to bring her back to New York to wipe away your gambling debts becomes more of a mission to help the right wing run world free itself as you become more involved in Columbia, this floating world above the earth where Elizabeth is held captive.
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on August 17, 2013
After reading about how AMAZING this game is for months on end I was a bit worried that people were just going crazy because there wasn't many good games being released around the same time as Infinite. Well, I think everyone did get a little caught up the in reviews, but the game is still wonderfully put together.

So many games these days are all in grey (I'm looking at you Fallout, Metro 2033, etc.) and Bioshock uses color wonderfully in this game. The gameplay is pretty much the same as the first 2 Bioshocks, although with Elizabeth throwing you health and ammo it is much much less challenging. Maybe I need to tweak the difficulty settings...

I thought the overt segregation/racism in the game was a bit questionable at times, whether it was included to actually enhance the story or just in there to be edgy. Other than that the world that they created is fantastic. So many little details, Booker's comments about the environment to himself when you're exploring are great and often hilarious, and while the game is very linear it does offer a few choices throughout (although I won't say much more than that about the story).

It's the first game I've played on the PC (1&2 on Xbox) and I didn't like the default control scheme very much, but I tweaked the controls to how I liked them. One of the many reasons I switched to PC gaming, but that aside it can be taxing on some older systems and you really want to see this game in all it's glory, so make sure your system can handle it. If you liked the first Bioshocks then you'll like this and you'll want to pick it up (maybe next steam sale?).
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on December 22, 2015
I got this after I downloaded the demo of an earlier BioShock game from Steam. I liked the looks of that and so took a chance. Anyway, I got it and activated it on Steam and fooled around with it a bit. I'm still at the start of it but it's one I can get into. When I had to leave it, I was trying to figure out the first real puzzle and just hadn't got very far yet. It play great on my system and ran great the first time right off the bat. This was a bit of a surprise as my Win 10 Pro system sometimes requires tweaks to get games to run OK. Anyway, I'm planning on getting back to this game and then we'll see. So far I feel like I 've got another winning here.
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on March 12, 2017
I have mixed feelings about this game. Let me start with the good. Amazing graphics, 10 on a10 point scale. It is pure eye candy. Voice actors are good. The storyline was compelling and kept my attention until the end. The ending is somewhat flak Gamepla becomes repetitive. At first it is a challenge, but it is the same thing again and again, it became boring to me. Replaybility is almost zilch, there is no deviations and no alternative choices. Graphics are the best part of the game.
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on January 22, 2014
I only played halfway before I got bored and frustrated with this game. My main issues are that they removed the fun aspects of the first two games and added more difficulty. I really miss the ability to customize weapons in cool ways. The six shooter shotgun in 2 was my favorite FPS weapon of all time. They also removed the multiple kinds of ammo. Another thing they removed is any minigames like hacking. I liked the first game's hacking the best, but the second one's was cool to. This one you just find lockpicks. They have made this game very vanilla, which makes it boring and reptitive.
The new powers are kind of cool, but that only lasts for so long. The world itself is very cool, but it too becomes reptitive. That and I found some of the enemies way to difficult to defeat because you have to hit them in specific places and new enemies spawn repeatedly. You couldn't set traps or cycle ammo to do more damage.
I feel like they removed the fun to appeal more to hardcore gamers.
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on November 19, 2013
I had never played a BioShock game before, so I have no frame of reference other than this game. However after seeing a couple of trailers, I had to buy the game. I was not disappointed. It plays just like a traditional FPS, but it's the story it what got me hooked. I feel like I played this game nonstop just to see what happened next in the drama. The gameplay did not seem to force me to level up weapons or skills to advance which was great for me, though it did end up feeling a bit like it was a game on rails. Regardless, the story made the game for me. It wasn't overly long, and as I get older, I seem to develop ADD, so it was just right for me. I'd highly recommend the game to people new to the franchise or veterans (you probably already bought it anyway).
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on March 28, 2014
It's Bioshock Infinite, the game that went mainstream in 2 days. Whoooo.

In all seriousness if you haven't played this game by now you probably should. The ending is the only real connection to the other bioshock games, so you don't need to play the previous ones to know what's going on, which was really nice for me because the atmosphere of the previous games gives me headaches whenever I attempt to play them because I can't see very well.

This game is, overall, fantastic. Graphics, controls, gameplay, characters, your character, just ohmygod. Definitely a recommended gift or a buy.
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on April 28, 2013
Overall I really enjoyed this game. The art style was attractive, the world was detailed and interesting, the characters were memorable and I felt told a compelling enough story that it didn't let me down. You can really have some fun with the sky-hook in some areas and I recommend making use of it (some parts are considerably more difficult if you don't).

I will say that it might be on the shorter end of some peoples expectations if they are the type to rush through just the main story without any exploration or tendency toward being a 'completionist'. Still, I felt satisfied with the experience, even picked up the season pass.

Obviously this is never the case for everyone, but no technical glitches or problems encountered at all. The game ran dandy for me, so provided a fun and trouble free escape from reality.
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on May 9, 2013
To be as hyped as the third installment in the BioShock series and mostly live up to it is a stunning achievement. I'm especially impressed considering that BioShock 2 faltered somewhat, but this game certainly brought us all of the greatest aspects of the first BioShock.

The greatest achievement is their art direction and mood which are very closely related. The environments are themed down to extremely fine detail. Your short walks on the beach or through the fair are very well crafted and effectively done. The garbage fluttering in the wind has themed headlines on it, for cripes sake!

The character customization and gameplay deserve nods, but that is more of a congratulations on not messing up tried and true formulas found in many FPS games.

The plot of the game itself is, again, 98% mood. If you spend too much time thinking about the mechanics of the plot, or try to understand how it could literally happen, you'll end up disappointed. For me, my gut reaction to the plot was to experience some strong base emotions like sadness, hope, anger, etc. Very few video games have the same emotional range or intensity as this one.
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on December 27, 2014
This is my favourite game of the Bioshock trilogy. The graphics are gorgeous. The world of Columbia is presented in vivid, living colour, departing from the dull colours of the last two games (no brown filter, thank goodness). The sound is crisp and clear. My favourite part of the game is when Booker sat down to play a guitar and sing along with his partner Elizabeth in order to comfort a lost child.

I cannot express in adequate language how deeply moving that scene was. You can find it on Youtube. It was art.

The gameplay itself is very fast-paced and fluid in comparison to the last two games. The combat is incredibly well-done. Your new gimmick is the Skyhook (no, not the ones that move the Glass Elevator in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory) and it is a huge amount of fun just to use the Skyhook and glide along the rails. It is also very fun to glide along the rails during combat, making combat far, far more exciting and innovative.

Second only to the Skyhook is Elizabeth herself. Thanks to her, you DO NOT NEED TO HUNT FOR RESOURCES! This is unprecedented as far as RPG's go. You do not need to hunt down every dollar or bullet to advance the plot. You can get all your resources from Elizabeth, who does all the hunting for you! This contributes greatly to the fluidity of the gameplay.

This game is very well-done.
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