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on June 16, 2013
I'm nowhere near your average gamer. I'm a 46-year-old wife and mom. I played games with my kid when she was younger, but hadn't picked up a controller in years. Then a year and a half ago I met Nathan Drake, and renewed my love affair with adventure games.

I recently branched out, took a chance on BioShock 1. That was okay, the story was REALLY different, but the gameplay got a tad monotonous after a while. I happened to finish that a couple weeks before Infinite came out. I really had no intention of playing Infinite. None whatsoever. I barely paid attention to its existence.

Then I saw a commercial for it. Which led me to investigate online. Which led me to buy the game, on May 19. I finished it tonight, June 15. Yes, because I work full time, have a family to corral and a million things going on, it took me almost a month to play this game. But OOOOHHHHHH what a month it has been! I have savored EVERY MINUTE of this game. It's been so damn much fun that I actually feel BAD for getting it on sale. Holy guacamole, the art, the story, the characters, the *everything*.

This game is simply stunning. Even if you're just a sorta-kinda-casual game player like me, you will enjoy the living crap out of this. I am so completely going to play it again, as soon as I can pry it out of my daughter's hands.
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While being a newcomer to the series I played the demo of this game and found myself instantly entranced at how incredible the game actually was from the graphics and effects to the gameplay and story. Also a nice added bonus with the PS3 version is the first Bioshock game that's included which was a very nice touch since you basically get two games for the price one. I don't know if the story is part of the previous Bioshock games but it's a pretty intriguing though a little confusing one.

The controls are pretty simplistic to learn following for the most the universal FPS style of controls though it also has a pretty decent amount of puzzle solving and pretty good exploration areas. The game is a good choice to add to any gamers library and again with the PS3 version you get a nice bonus of an additional game as well.
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on December 19, 2015
After playing the 1 and 2 pack i had to play this one, i must say this game is good on my book. As the atmosphere and level design of the game is so gorgeous and memorable as 1 and 2. While 1 and 2 take place in a underwater city infinite takes place at a floating city. As with the story of this one i quiet liked it more than 2. Its well made to keep on continuing the game hoping it wont end too soon. The shooting mechanics slightly improved as well as having multiple kinds of weapons. Vox side of the guns suck so just stick to the regular ones. Theres a nice weapon upgrade system that is in a vending machine instead leaving you to upgrade the guns you use. 1 and 2 had this but in certain sections of the game and was bery limited. The powers in this game are fine but i still stick with fire and ekectricity the most, some of them either take too much power or arent as useful. Theres more open space on some of parts of the levels unlike 1 and 2 that are tighter. One of the best things done is that Elizabeth can help you by bringing certain things from the portal she opens, a lot of times this has saved me from dying. Overall the game feels new but also a bit of the same with the othe 2 games. Id say the story was well done the most that made me continue with the game
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon September 17, 2014
This was one of the first games I bought for my PS3 when I bought it a few years ago after playing the previous game in the Bioshock series and wow, simply amazing! I see the games's been reviewed in detail here already by hundreds of others and it's been out a while so I can't say anything enlightening or that hasn't been mentioned already. Suffice to say that it has a very unusual story line, not just a typical shooter game. The beauty of discovering a great game a year or two after it's release is that you get to enjoy hours of fantastic game play, graphics and story line at a fraction of the release price. I have no connection to the developers, but I couldn't recommend this more highly!
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on July 27, 2017
Game came packaged new as if bought it at retail store. Very satisfied with the delivery.The game itself has two games on one disk.I'm playing the first game titled " Bioshock",which is and fun and challenging and really looking forward to playing the newer one titled "Bioshock Infinite "when I finish the first one. This game would be better for older teens and adults not children. Hope this review helps .
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on November 25, 2016
Game and case came in great condition. The disc plays well. I am loving the game and story line so far and can't wait to play more.
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VINE VOICEon October 22, 2013
Well I finally got around to playing Bioshock Infinite. Like God of War Ascension it was a release date purchase for me, but I just never got around to it until recently. So I'll try to keep this late review as brief as possible.

If you like shooters or action games...Bioshock Infinite is for you. For chronology's sake I'd highly recommend that you play the first two games before you play this one. But chronology is completely unnecessary for Bioshock Infinite. Here's the good news: You get the original Bioshock free on the same disk (with the PS3 version)! So at least play that if you haven't already.

I loved BioShock; I became immediately immersed in it and spent well over 20 hours completing it during my first playthrough because there was so much to explore in the game. Bioshock Infinite is no different. While the game progresses in a linear fashion, it's a huge open world that is yours to explore and backtrack on with a few optional objectives or just to gather supplies.

The scenery is immense and every town has more detail than the eye can capture. The structures within the towns are perfect and the rooms within the structures are as realistic and...well...just so detailed. I can't even fathom the amount of time and effort that went into putting this game together.

The visuals alone in this game make it worth the price of purchase. And seeing everything in the game can be rewarding. Exploration is usually fruitful, because hidden throughout the expansive game are all kinds of weapons, perks and information about where you've suddenly found yourself captive. And this time it's not under the sea.

The game begins very similarly to Bioshock. You're out on the open sea approaching a structure that seems to pop out of nowhere. But this time instead of entering a doorway to a city beneath the sea, you're propelled into the stratosphere to a city in the clouds called Columbia. And there you find roadblocks o'plenty to prevent you from easily reaching your goals. While there is certainly some familiarity with the game mechanics, the Bioshock Infinite creators have givens fans a remarkably unique Bioshock-esque experience. The main difference between Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite is that while the original was dark and very creepy at times, this third in the series is mostly bright and more action oriented.

So is there anything bad about Bioshock Infinite? Not much. If I to find a flaw it might be that it's all auto-save; you can't just quit and restart the game wherever you left off. You need to make sure that you see it auto-saving, and if you're an explorer like me you could be in an area for a long time without realizing that you haven't auto-saved in some time. So be aware of that.

There's no question here...add this to your cart. This is a 5-star game...whether you've played the first already or not. At the time of this review, Bioshock Infinite is under 30 bucks on Amazon, and that's a great price considering you get Bioshock 1 with it as a bonus. "Welcome to the Circus of Value!"
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on June 9, 2014
Before I get all grumpy I will say this...The game was very pretty to look at, I liked Elizabeth tossing me things and picking locks. Now for me to complain...I really loved Bioshock 1 and 2. I liked the creepy steampunkish atmosphere, the music, the sound effects, I LOVED getting to be a Big Daddy smacking the crap out of splicers with my giant drill or freezing them in the first one and shattering them with my wrench. I liked how the stories intertwined, I liked having a map, and extra health kits, and eve...I liked the fact that I was a force to be wreckened with and that I did not have to have perfect aim because I totally stink at that. None of this was in Infinite. The story was okay even though horribly depressing at the end and I think I would maybe have enjoyed it more if it was a game that was 'from the makers of Bioshock'. Most of all, I missed the creepily delightful Little Sisters that somehow I thought perhaps that Elizabeth had something to do with them..from her dark hair and slender build. I really really wanted to like this game but in the end, I'm glad I didn't pay full price for it because it just wasn't what I was hoping for :(
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on December 26, 2013
As a sequel to the original "Bioshock" (2008), "Infinite" is a game whose pleasures lie in taking in the surroundings of the world that has been so meticulously crafted, enjoying the roller-coaster of thrills from one section to the next, watching the relationship develop between Booker and Elizabeth, and experiencing the mind-bending ending that makes you consider all the previous events of the game in a new light. There are elements dealing with racism, religion, uprising and rebellion, but it isn't about these things. They just help to define the world of Columbia, the floating city in the sky, as a specific time and place. What it is about is two people's journey to discover the truth of what's really happening, and where they fit into it. If there's a downside to the game, it's that the combat never feels as interesting as the original "Bioshock," lacking memorable characters like the Big Daddies, the Splicers, or the Little Sisters that brought about a moral choice. The A.I. of Elizabeth can also be a tad distracting when exploring the environments. Even so, "Bioshock Infinite" creates one of the truly original places in gaming, right along side the underwater city of Rapture in the first game, with a story that's so intricate and fascinating that you'll want to immediately play it again just to try and put all the pieces together.

--- 5 STARS ---
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on February 23, 2016
Innovative, beautiful graphics, and the great BioShock gameplay and stories you'd expect. This is the rare example of a sequel building, adding to, and surpassing an already incredible franchise. Love everything about this game, from the eerie cults to a beach in the sky, this game has it all.
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