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Format: Video Game|Change
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Well, all I did was run round and round in circles not having any idea what to do. No matter how long I played it, I never could figure out what I was supposed to do or how I was supposed to do it. Most games give you hints and tips on what to do after you've flailed around for so long. This game never offered me any clues to help me figure out how to play it.

Other than my own stupidity in not being able to figure out what to do in this game, the game has some pretty good graphics though it is pretty dark in a lot of places. I had heard a lot of good things about the Bioshock Games so I bought Bioshock and Bioshock 2. I'm wishing I hadn't now, because apparently I don't like the game enough to want to figure it out. I think his game just isn't my cup of tea.
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I've been playing first person shooters for a long time, and lots of other games too. And I've been married. Twice. I'm no good, I tell ya', but I do know a little something about games. I've played Doom, I played Hexen, Myst, Dark Forces, Descent, Marathon blah blah. But none of them had It All. Some had great action and weapons, others had a wonderful story, some were lame but had a terrific soundtrack, and others were really good but crashed and glitched at every turn.

Bioshock (1 and 2) is the whole package .... fantastic weapons and abilities; delightfully varied (but always creepy) bad guys and larger-than-life but believable protagonists; a cinematic, compelling story as the backbone for lush, evocative sets; a crazy fun soundtrack and dreadful (in the good sense) incidental music; and blessed stability. I would love this game if only for the fact that I can save anytime, anywhere, any number of times! (Why can't every game do that?)

People who complain that the story and characters aren't as good as the first game are just whiners. Sofia Lamb is a fun villain, and the story of Grace, Stan and Gil's interactions with her are quite intriguing, and lead to some of the game's moral decisions, which in turn decide the outcome of the game (there are six possibilities). As in the game's first instalment, the voice actors are, without exception, superb. One of the key elements that adds depth to this game are the audio diaries one finds along the way, and they aren't limited to the main characters; there is the heartbreaking journey of Mark Meltzer, who chases down the abductors of his young daughter, and the tale of a young girl who was 'discovered' and brought to Rapture, the underwater world founded by Andrew Ryan (and inspired by Ayn Rand) in the 1940s as a libertarian haven for intellectuals. The music and the fashions and propaganda posters are from this era, and generous details render the sets lush and eminently explorable. I've spent many extra hours in the game just wandering around and finding all the supplies and enemies and looking at stuff. You could play the game through as merely a killing game and ignore the diaries and other details, and it would still be fun. I've played the two instalments a total of 5 times now, and I feel impoverished at having been away a week (though I've gotten some neglected housework done). There are also lots of machines (ammo, supplies, ADAM) which can be hacked; the hacking is of a different style than the first game, and I liked both. There are hidden passages, and a few allies, but mainly you're killing everything you see. New to this game are the Big Sisters, who resent your using their little counterparts to gather ADAM, Rumblers (Big Daddies with mini-turrets!), and Brute Splicers. All are worthwhile opponents. You will certainly grow to dread that piercing shriek! With Vita-Chambers available and limitless saves, you really cannot die, and I'm okay with that.

The world is fascinating but it is, after all, a game, and should be evaluated as such. In this second outing you can use conventional hardware at the same time you wield plasmids, which is a vast improvement. I went back to play the first game after a couple of times through this second episode, and that was the thing that was hardest to give up -- using hardware and plasmids simultaneously. 'Conventional' weapons include a drill, rivet gun, machine gun, shotgun, grenade launcher, hack darts, mini-turrets etc -- each with three types of ammo, and plasmids (sweet plasmids!) include the abilities to shoot ice, fire or electricity, scout invisibly, set complex traps, hypnotize your enemies, etc, as you accomplish missions and try to rescue Sofia Lamb's daughter Eleanor, the little sister you are bound to.

As in the first episode, there is a time when your perspective changes and you complete some missions in a new persona. This is fun and interesting too. You'll also be underwater a few times as leaks and floods (and perhaps a torpedo) plunge you into the briny depths, surrounded by marine flora and fauna, and occasionally an ADAM slug (?!) ... and oh, what was THAT swimming just behind those rocks?

The first time I played Bioshock for about 15 minutes and then quit -- I thought it was creepy and confusing and I set it down for a few weeks, but when I picked it up again I didn't stop playing for weeks, and am itching to go back. I'm not brave enough to go into multiplayer, but single player mode has great replay value, three different difficulties (which vary in damage alterations and fewer supplies rather than the number of enemies). There is a place here for varied strategies, so you can play to your strengths whether you're a sniper, a setter of traps, or an in-your-face drill specialist.

You don't HAVE to play Bioshock (1) first, but it would add to the experience to have done so. Is Bioshock 2 flawless? No. But that's like saying Citizen Kane was just 'okay' because the snow looked fake. Which brings up the environments -- breathtaking! One of the most difficult things to get right in computer graphics is water yet here, in a neglected underwater city, you're seeing leaks and stepping in mires of the stuff all the time, and it looks fantastic. I would really like to thank everyone on this team for making this magnificent game. Thank you.

FYI, there's a great walkthrough at ign dot com

This game is sublime. Highest possible recommendations.
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on May 30, 2010
This is a very fun game until a major BUG freezes your PS3...Then you'll want to set it on fire! There should be no bugs in a game that's already been delayed by several months and I have a very low tolerance for this kind of stuff. I recommend you save your game every time you do something significant (waste an Alpha or big sister, help a little sister harvest ADAM, buy new plasmids or tonics, etc.) Above all, SAVE BEFORE you go to a Gatherer's Garden!

This game is designed with unusually long periods between autosaves, which it does once you complete an "area" of Rapture. It is also designed so it can take hours to thoroughly cover one of these areas. Common sense should dictate that these are counterproductive, especially in a buggy game. For example, in Dionysus Park I was literally at the end of this level and had 485 ADAM after spending a few hours poking around every nook and cranny there. Convinced I had done and seen it all, I went to a Gatherer's Garden after receiving a "special gift" from the rescued little sisters. I purchased new plasmids, tonics, slots and had less than 100 ADAM left when I chose "preview" for one of the remaining plasmids available for purchase. Then I only heard the audio and my PS3 LOCKED UP! As you probably know, once this happens you're screwed.

So after a reboot, pretty much everything I had done in Dionysus Park was LOST. It was weird because it looked like some things I had previously searched remained searched (trash cans, corpses)...But I had to rescue ALL of the little sisters again, protect them while harvesting ADAM again, defeat the big sister again. I was NOT happy. I chalked it up to a fluke occurrence. The following day I reluctantly went through Dionysus Park again and cleared maybe 75% of Fontaine Futuristics. Once again I went to a Gatherer's Garden after defeating a big sister. This time I purchased a plasmid upgrade, only heard the audio play and then my PS3 locked up again. Then I realized this is not a fluke. There is a MAJOR BUG hiding in the Gatherer's Garden portions of this game just waiting to knock you back to the beginning of each section. From this point on, I saved after every significant accomplishment and recommend you do the same.

As for the game itself, it's a beautiful landscape as it should be since it's more or less the same as the original Bioshock with enhancements. Playing as a big daddy was hardly distinguishable from playing through the original against the big daddies, and that's unfortunate. Use the drill at all and it runs out of fuel in just a few seconds. Then you're back to shooting guns and plasmids at splicers, other big daddies and big sisters. You rescue little sisters and guard them while they collect ADAM. Go to the next area of Rapture and repeat. And that's really the failure of this game. It's probably the most repetitive game I've played in the past year. Areas of Rapture are strung together with completely linear strolls through the ocean that serve no other purpose than to get you from point A to point B. You scavenge around for items of use, listen to recordings and transmissions from other Rapture residents who guide you around and fight enemies around every corner...Just like the original.

The game also suffers by forcing you to search for and purchase items to prepare for one-sided battles. Early in the game, big sisters will kill you over and over so you simply step out of the Vita Chamber and wait for them to come to you and kill you again while you throw everything you have at them and they suffer very limited damage. Nothing quite like a half-dozen respawns to finish off a single enemy. Then you end up with no useable ammo, no first aid kits, no Eve hypos...So you're forced to scavenge and purchase these items again to prepare for the next big battle. As an example, I repeatedly froze and hit a single big sister with anti-personnel rounds until gone, rocket spears until gone, phosphorous buck until gone and she kept killing me over and over regardless of what I did. Finally, she had a tiny bit of RED left on her damage meter and I froze her multiple times in a row and fired 10 solid slugs right into her belly before she killed me again. The ridiculousness of battles like this take away from the gaming experience...

Finally, Bioshock 2 could be viewed as not much more than additional DLC for Bioshock...The games are that similar. Fans of the original will LOVE this, while those expecting more will be disappointed. There are technical improvements, to be sure, specifically in the area of plasmids, tonics, weapons and the simultaneous use of them...But with months of development delays, shouldn't we be treated to something more than just the same game with marginal improvements? For a $59.99 list price, I think so.
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on November 3, 2011
I played the first Bioshock game because one of my best friends recommended it. It took a little while to get into but a couple hours into the game and I was hooked! However, once I finished the game I was in no rush to play Bioshock 2. It was only $10 new at Gamestop but I just wasn't sure that I wanted to play "more of the same game" as so many of the Amazon reviews that I read had stated.

Eventually I found Bioshock 2 for $6.99 on Amazon Warehouse Deals so I caved in and ordered it. Not long after firing up the PS3 and jumping back into Rapture, I was reminded how much I missed the place! The gameplay in the game is fantastic. Even better than the first. Getting to use weapons and Plasmids at the same time is SO much better than having to switch back and forth between the two like you were forced to do in the first game.

I found the story very interesting. The story in the first Bioshock was very good but it didn't captivate me like I would have liked. Honestly, I wouldn't say that the story from Bioshco 2 "captivated" me either but it definitely caught my interest more than the first game's story did.

Slightly funny story: As I was playing the last hour or so of the game, my girlfriend (who is only a casual gamer) came in the room to do some homework. She ended up doing NO homework, researching Bioshock on Wikipedia, and playing through Bioshock 2 the next day. She also politely asked me to buy Bioshock 1 again so she could play it too.

In conclusion, I would recommend Bioshock 2 to fans of Bioshock 1, fans of the FPS genre, and for anyone who wants to try something different in the world of video games. I'd also recommend downloading the Minerva's Den DLC if you play through Bioshock 2 and want some more.

I have only played the Multiplayer a couple of times and had fun. I can't confidently recommend it to anyone since I haven't played it enough but the couple times I did play it I had a lot of fun.
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on November 24, 2013
This game is simply ok. It's not a great follow up and I do not recommend it.

Pros (improvements over Bioshock 1):
1. You are armed with a plasmid and weapon simultaneously instead of having to switch back and forth between them.
2. New weapon and plasmid options.
3. Simplified gene tonics from three categories (combat, physical, engineering) down to just one.

Cons (diminishments from Bioshock 1):
1. The atmosphere lacks the regular injection of 1960's music to set the mood and draw you in to the time period.
2. The levels are very repetitive in look and layout. Bioshock 1 had a wharf, ice caves, forest, theatre, factory, housing area, train station, bars, and probably some more area's that I'm forgetting. Bioshock 2 had a few cool area's, the history museum comes to mind, but for the most part I felt like I was wondering through the same corridors over and over.
3. Lack of a sympathetic or meaningful characters. Bioshock 1 had characters whose motivations you could sympathize with or despise. Bioshock 2 has no likable characters.
4. This game fails to achieve the creepy suspense that it's predecessor did so well.
5. Stealth was a useful strategy in Bioshock 1 but nigh impossible to utilize in this game.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 2, 2014
I'm only a casual gamer with only a few titles explored. But Bioshock 2 is easily one of my all-time favorites. The story is fascinating, graphics compelling, and as a confessed amateur, found it challenging with my beginner skill set. The opening scene is disorienting as any good game should be as you figure out exactly what's happening, where you are, the meaning of what you're seeing and how to adapt, survive and develop one of two alternative personas of play. After I finished the first run through, I immediately started again to hone my acquired insights and try to improve and explore side details I'd missed the first time. It's a few years old now so with a price of just $10 or so, you'll get a huge rate of return on dollars invested verses hours of entertainment. Highly recommended!
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on June 4, 2014
If you loved the original Bioshock you'll like this one too. It's not a huge departure from the original but it does feel a bit watered down in some ways. (Pun fully intended) With Bioshock 2 you play a Big Daddy. You can feel his massive size with every step and his booming power with each melee attack. He's definitely slower than you may be used to but it doesn't feel like a hindrance in this game.

If you like FPS with adventure elements you'll like this game. It was a fun ride all the way through. The only downside is that this game feels like you're back in Rapture but without all the wonder and awesome original story telling of the first game. Maybe this can't be avoided because we've already seen rapture but the lack of complete originality doesn't help the cause. If this is your first outing with Bioshock you'll certainly enjoy it more but I would actually recommend you go back and play the first game instead as it gets everything right that this game does not.

P.S. The game doesn't make a ton of mistakes but the original is just a better game.
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on October 13, 2013
note: this review applies only to the campaign. i never tried multi-player.

it's a fully competent shooter, with all of the individual elements that made the first game an instant classic, but somehow they just don't add up the same experience. it is incredibly rare that i don't play a game through to completion, but this one i abandoned a little less than halfway through. i really can't even say why, other than to echo what so many reviews have already said: the soul is missing. the splicers are somehow less frightening, the world of Rapture less interesting, and the novelty of playing as a Big Daddy wore off pretty quickly for me. one plus: i found the Big Sisters to be very frightening. if the Big Daddy was the Tyrannosaurus Rex of the first game, the Big Sisters are like velociraptors. and i like being scared by games, so definite props for that.

one last note: i don't even understand how Rapture is still around after the end of the first game. maybe it's explained at a later point than i played to, but unless i completely misunderstood the final chapter of 1, that city should be pretty well abandoned.

anyway. this game is now cheap enough to be worth playing if you're enraptured with the world of BioShock (sorry, couldn't help myself!) but i can't recommend it to the average gamer, not with so many other great titles out there.
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VINE VOICEon July 3, 2010
The first BIOSHOCK was a masterpiece; I'm not sure I've ever used that term to describe a video game before, but there you have it. Obviously, it was an impossible game to top, and so you have to go into BIOSHOCK 2 with your expectations somewhat lowered. That said, the storyline here is solid, if not as unique and engrossing as the original: you are a Big Daddy, searching for the girl (Eleanor) you were assigned to protect. Only problem is, ten years ago, you were supposedly killed; now that you've come to, your sanity (in fact, your life) depends on finding Eleanor and rescuing her from her actual mother, who has taken over rapture in Andrew Ryan's absence.

The graphics are amazing (especially the corrosion effect that happens later on, as well as the flooding and out-door scenes), and the game-play is quite fun. So why only the four stars? Well, the game has a few glitches. Bodies and loot disappear quite frequently; this is something I've always despised about video games, but I understand its necessity. However, in the BIOSHOCK universe, you need bodies in order to survive. So the fact that they disappear is, suffice it to say, disappointing. Then there is the annoying soundtrack; whereas the first BIOSHOCK used music and sound to great effect, the second is filled with your typical escalating "terror" soundtrack (which often occurs even when you aren't under attack; it gets quite confusing). There's also the repetition of landscapes, and the obvious consistency errors from the first game: your Little Sister refers to you as "father" instead of "Mr. B," and quite frankly, the Big Daddies in the first game (and this one) are far harder to kill than you are. Another error, one that's relatively minor but comes into play often, is the slowness of response: when you switch weapons or plasmids, there's a delay before you can use them that I don't remember from the first game. This delay is also evident in the menus and vending machines. And again, thanks to the PS3 controller, you'll often end up ducking when you don't want to; they really need to reconfigure the controls for their games.

There are a few saving graces, however, which make this game a must-play. We get even more moral choices: not only do you decide between sparing and harvesting the Little Sisters, but you also get to choose if certain villainous figures live or die. Then there's the fun of wielding a weapon and a plasmid at the same time. Plus, we've got a few new plasmids (plus a couple old standbys), and the new weapons are rather exciting: the hack gun comes in handy, and the spear gun is one of the more brutal video game weapons I've seen. Plus, there are the Big Sisters, which are indeed quite hard to kill (think a Big Daddy, but fast and agile; they can--and will--climb walls and break windows to kill you). There's plenty of loot to be had (again, when it doesn't disappear on you), and plenty of extra rooms and annals to check out as you explore. The gist is, BIOSHOCK 2 isn't as good as the first game, but we knew that going into it; however, it's not as good a game as it should be on its own. It's still worth your time, however, especially if you're a fan of the first. I'd definitely play the first BIOSHOCK before this one, for all you newbies out there. BIOSHOCK 2 is like an unnecessary addition: yeah, it's fun and worthwhile, but only if you've played the first game.
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on November 18, 2011
I own PS3, I hate the idea of online gaming and download only titles. Online gaming takes the fun co-op feature out of most titles which means you have to pass the controller around the room and wait and hope until your turn comes back around (if you have company). This game changed my perception of online gaming forver. I never played part one, and I saw Bioshock 2 for like $13 dollars and figured if it sucks, hey at least it was under twenty bucks. I saw the screen shot pics on Amazon and I wasnt impressed. I thought it looked like one of those lengthy Final Fantasy type games, boy was I wrong. Its a shootem up type game that mixes elements of Dead Nation, Contra, Splatterhouse, Tomb Raider, and a Modern Warfare type of 1st person shooter. The action is non stop. I beat the game, and the final boss seems relentless. Read all the other reviews. I own GOW 3, and Origins, GT5, Uncharted 2, and a handful of others but Bioshock 2 is the only game that got me hooked. Hooked like Super Mario Brothers had you hooked playing till wee hours of the morning every weekend. Im seriously losing sleep due to playing the online version of this game. My faves are Civil War and Capture the Little Sister. Last man standing is cool too if you dont like playing with a team. You can hop on at any time and join in on a team battle. Do yourself a favor and believe every positive review. This game is that good. I got my moneys worth and then some. If theres any cons, it would be a tricky to aim camera angle, especially when trying to evade an attacker, and also the game sometimes glitches and puts you in another part of the level or may change your view leaving you vulnerable to attack or stepping on a proximity mine (in online mode). Aside from the camera angle issues which are minor, this game is easily a 5 star one. At the price, renting this would be silly. Just buy it, and enjoy. If you dont like it after a week or two, trade it in for a lesser title but I cant see someone not liking this game especially considering the price. Oh, one more thing. In regular mode, this game is SCARY with surround sound, especially when you hear a big daddy chasing you or you hear a missile being fired at you. Okay, enough with the review Im about to get a Bioshock2 session going right now. Enjoy
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