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Bioshock - Playstation 3
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$22.49+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on August 30, 2016
I'm not the best gamer, I take my time on everything and I mainly play single-player RPGs. That being said, this game is beautiful in many aspects, it's story, the music, the scenery is just amazing. This is a great game to play though I did get a bit scared a times, only cause I'm the biggest baby, I got through it and boy was I glad, please give this game a chance.
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on January 10, 2017
I'm late to the party with this game because I don't usually follow the current trends but I gotta say, this game is great. I had an immensely fun time playing this and at night, it adds to an atmospheric and slightly creepy experience. I'll lay out this review the best I can from graphics, gameplay and experience.

Graphics: It was made sometime in 2007 and it's one of the older PS3 games out there, so I am not going to be too harsh. For its time, I think the graphics were pretty solid. There were some screen tearing/jagged edges and frame rate resolution drops here and there, but nothing too bad that I really noticed to get me out of the immersion.

Gameplay: Overall, the gameplay is pretty good. I love the fps feel of it, the action/adventure leveling up and the plasmid power usage. I will say though, the gunplay/plasmid menus can get a bit irritating since you're trying to switch to the right weapon/plasmid you want and in the heat of action, sometimes you can switch to the wrong thing. Sometimes it took me out of the experience since it was more irritating to hold the L1/R1 and switch to the right plasmid/gun. The fact that you can't find any way to change your powers/tonics unless you go to a gene bank added to the annoyance a bit too. I realize that the game wants you to stick to the ones you want and make the right choices, but sometimes constantly backtracking to find a gene bank gets repetitive. I usually stuck with the most useful for battle/environmental situations: Electroshock, Incinerate, and Telekinesis, the rest you can mix and match yourself to your play style.

Story: I'm a big fan of how the storyline went. It's set in the underwater secret city of Rapture back in 60's (post WWII) setting. It's got a huge twist towards the end which admittedly, I had knew about simply from spoiling myself accidently in the past, but still was brilliantly executed. The world, setting, and stylistic elements of the old-fashioned music, technology, etc. really sets it apart from other FPSes around. It's got more style to it without a doubt.

Experience: Like I said, this game rocks. For its time and even now, it's held up very well. I played it a long time ago and just picked it up for myself and after beating it, it's story, plot twists and atmosphere (the splicers randomly respawning in different areas and the sounds they make), are all top notch. It definitely has replay value and I recommend it for any player who likes fps games and also a good storyline.
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I've been playing first-person shooters for fifteen years, starting with Lucas Arts' Dark Forces. I've played Doom and Hexen and many others, and I'm usually pretty disappointed in SOME aspect of the game; either the graphics or poor or it's just kill kill kill with nothing to break up the carnage. It's been awhile since I found a game where I want to go back in and replay levels just so I can wander around the world; it's been a long time since I played a game where I wanted to stick around after all the goals were complete just so I could look at all the compelling scenes and objects -- but Bioshock blew my socks off.

The game looks great on the PS3 (I haven't played it on any other platforms), and the story is immediately interesting. You are stranded by a sinking ship but manage to swim to an anomalous tower jutting out of the water, and as you enter the tower, you find yourself in Rapture, the vanity project of uber-man Andrew Ryan, a character overtly based on the Individualists from Ayn Rand's books. Ryan left the surface in the 1940s to build Rapture and populate it with scientists and pioneers who lived and worked in this paean to self-sufficiency and independence. But something went horribly wrong. Rand's utopia has become a lawless wreck, populated by various types of Splicers, addicts to ADAM, a drug developed by Rapture's scientists that enables super powers like Telekinesis, Incineration, Electrobolt, etc.

As you travel through the game you pick up audio diaries, with entries from a variety of individuals caught in the underwater city, and the story of its fall and degradation unfolds; you see makeshift living areas and graffiti warnings scrawled in blood. The setting is spectacular, and the voice talent on the audio diaries is amazing. Creepy sounds and shadows are used to great effect in creating an ominous mood as you delve further in to Rapture, accomplishing various missions with the help/hindrance of several main characters. You also make moral decisions that will affect which ending you see.

Okay, so that's all just icing on the cake -- how's the FPS stuff? Awesome! There are LOTS of different weapons and each has three ammo types, and a big part of the game is figuring out what works for the various enemies you'll face. There are traps that the more cerebral and forward-thinking warriors can utilize, and there are hefty weapons that rock the place, and you acquire plasmids -- those superpowers that come from ADAM. But, of course, there's a catch. How do you get the ADAM?

Wandering through Rapture is a pleasure, and there are tons of glittering objects for you to pick up -- ammo, plasmids, food, health, audiodiaries, so every new room is fun as well as compelling.

I've played the game twice through, and am on my second time through Bioshock 2, and will undoubtedly play them again, and hope for (and would pre-order) a Bioshock 3.

I would say this is the best FPS I've ever played, and would be one of the things I'd take to a desert island. (Does the island have electricity and a flat screen?)
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on March 8, 2014
There's a few game series that'll always be close to my heart.

Metal Gear Solid, Tekken (nostalgia/family tradition thing!), Assassins Creed (dunno where it's going now though), I'm a huge fan of an interesting story.

Bioshock immerses you into this incredible atmosphere. It's dark, depraved, dirty, dangerous, and you're the one that's delicate.... At least for a little while ;). Anyway, this game jumped up right next to Metal Gear Solid (which is not an easy thing to do, AT ALL). The ending blew my mind. It was awesome. However, the ending cutscenes weren't so great... Don't get your hopes up on that (wish someone told me that). Anyway, get this game if you haven't yet!

- Great addicting gameplay. Teasing big daddies in a theater to fight each other, setting traps, cool unique weapons with upgrades, it's very fun. I took my time because I just wanted to stay in the area and mess around. Good way to make money too!

- Great soundtrack, the music sets the atmosphere so good. A couple times I'd stop just to listen to the radio play a classic song. Even though I know there's freaking creepy people that could be waiting to get ya. So clear the areas out first haha.

- It's kinda open world. There's about 6-7 areas that you can roam about in. When you travel back to areas enemies respawn (somewhat). But it's not a "oh damn it" kind of thing, it's fun because the combat is great. But you can probably avoid conflict if you'd want to (only to an extent if you're progressing storyline, going back is different).

The bad? All I can say is the ending cut scenes... I dunno what they were thinking. Other than that, this is a beautiful game. It's disgusting, but the story is a masterpiece.

You can choose to get this game, or I can command you to order it.

A man chooses, a slave obeys.
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on July 22, 2016
To be honest, at first I felt the controls were kind of clunky and out of place (probably because of all the FPS games with the standardized controls). But slowly I became more and more accustomed to these controls until it became second nature to me. The story behind this game is fantastic, the ambient is electrifying and the game overall is a gem within PS3 games. The only thing I will mention, is that I know that it is supposed to be a horror game of sorts, but after playing Dead Space 1, 2 and Amnesia The Dark Descent beforehand, I am pretty much immune to fear. The biggest takeaway here is to play your horror games in order of least to most scary.
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on August 15, 2012
This is a good first person shooter. It plays very well. Graphics use the Unreal engine and sound is fine. The controls are easy to use. The game length is pretty good at 10+ hours.

There are two main enemy types, Splicers and Big Daddies. There are five different Splicers (melee, guns, hook melee, grenade and plasmid), and two different Big Daddies (melee and guns). Plasmids are basically like spells, and there are other upgradable skills. There are also turrets and flying turrets.

Upgrades take ADAM, and only Little Sisters have it. After defeating a Big Daddy, Little Sisters can either be harvested or rescued. Rescuing gives less ADAM but every two you rescue you get a large ADAM gift anyway.

Your inventory includes all of the guns you find, not just two or so. That is neat.

Health and plasmid power are restored with health kits and EVE, respectively. Food and drink and bandages can also restore.

If you do not harvest any Little Sisters you get a Silver Trophy.

Bioshock is a good game.
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on April 21, 2010
**may contain minor spoilers**

I was basically planning to give this game a 3-star rating through most of the game play, but it won me over towards the end and I think it deserves 4-stars. It did take me awhile to get interested in the game. Something about the story I don't think I found all that compelling, and I did play Resident Evil 5 right before starting on this game, so there was likely some "hangover" effect as I'm a big fan of the RE series (isn't everyone?!).

As I said, the story didn't really engage me much until the end. I chose to help the Little Sisters rather than harming them, and this "savior" role seemed to get me more interested in the story. I really enjoyed the last few stages of the game much more than the beginning or even mid points of the game. For awhile there during the middle of the game, after I had already gotten several plasmids to use, I started to tire of the game a bit because it was pretty easy to just use a plasmid, followed by the pistol or machine gun to take down nearly any enemy you meet (I favored the inferno, but the freezing blast worked well on the "ghosts" - but keep in mind that the freeze will not allow you to collect loot after you kill them). The Big Daddy's were really easy to defeat once I got the hang of it - just use the inferno followed by the electric shotgun buck or exploding buck. In fact I only died one time in the game, and that was very early on when I wasn't use to the game play. So I didn't make much use of the Vita Chambers, though I thought that was probably the coolest design in the game! I want a Vita Chamber in my apartment now! LOL

The game play was pretty fun, though like I said I did grow tired a bit of it about midway through the game. There are quite a number of plasmids and weapons you can use, and they all can be upgraded. In fact I think towards the beginning of the game I thought it was a bit of overkill until I started using many of them and found that I really only liked or used a few of them most of the time. The Inferno was my default, I would use the Frozen Blast if I was fighting ghosts, but that was only in one stage of the game that I recall, and I would use the Hypnotize Big Daddy from time to time to use him to kill other enemies before I killed him, and then use the Bee Swarm for fun sometimes (!) though it wasn't really that effective.

The graphics were good, but "comic-bookish" I thought. In other words I didn't perceive the environment to be realistic, more like a comic book design. But there certainly was a lot of detail. It had a real artistic flare to it. I also liked the tape recorders that you pick up, which fills in the story for you. Though mixing in some paper reports with the tape recorders probably would have been better. And a tip for you, use the subtitles option - for some reason the volume on the recordings is really low and sometimes the accents are difficult to understand. The game was much more enjoyable when I could read the subtitles and understand what was being said! The tape recorders were a nice idea, though the execution of it was not so good, since they were difficult to hear!

You've probably figured this out by now, but there are alternate endings to the game. I got the "good ending" as I rescued all the Little Sisters and earned the "savior trophy" but a friend of mine killed them and he got what he called "the bad ending" - I'm not sure what it was, but I think it is safe to say that you should not kill the Little Sisters, your enjoyment of the game will surely be enhanced.

Final Grade: B
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on July 25, 2013
Bioshock-this was one of the earlier games of this generation, and having just recently played through it a second time, I can say that it's still one of the best games out there. Here's my review (SPOILER-FREE!):

Story: 5/5
Your plane crashes into the ocean, resulting in your discovery of the underwater city of Rapture. What first is an attempt at escape from this utopia gone awry soon becomes quite a different tale. Be ready for a wild plot twist (somewhat overrated, in my opinion). This is the plot you play through, but the magic of Bioshock is that there are audio diaries you can collect that give you further insight to this city. These are actually very interesting to listen to, so they're worth your while to find. The characters are also fascinating, featuring highly unique personalities and top-notch voice acting.

Combat: 5/5
This is some of the best gameplay you'll find. There are a vast number of options you can utilize in combat. Hacking healing stations, turrets, and security cameras makes your fights easier in different ways, saving you ammo and reducing the number of resources you consume. Your 7 weapons all have their uses, and each has 3 ammo types for specific opponents and situations. Also at your disposal are Plasmids, powers you equip that can significantly aid in combat. For example, you might find yourself overwhelmed by enemies and blow everyone away with Sonic Boom, or use Enrage to turn one enemy against another. Tonics are passive enhancements that provide various effects, including making your wrench attacks stronger, or making Hacking easier. Lastly, there are usually environmental hazards you can use to your advantage. Oil slicks can be lit up, water can be electrocuted, and explosive tanks/barrels are quick ways to dole out damage. What this all amounts to is a lot of player choice. Assigning the right Tonics and Plasmids, choosing the appropriate weapons and ammo types, and utilizing what's in the environment are what smart players will do, and the game rewards you for it since you end up saving resources.

Objectives: 4.5/5
This is how games should handle their main objectives. In Bioshock, you'll enter open levels that have multiple paths that you'll explore in order to complete your mission. In one level, you'll assemble a bomb, whose components are scattered in each of the paths. In another level, you'll help an artist complete his masterpiece by taking photos in different places. It never feels like the game's giving you a lame reason to explore the levels because it's all so natural. But the truly explorative player will search every nook and cranny of every place they visit. Doing so will yield more resources, making surviving easier. BUT, what I found was that playing this game the "right" way (being smart in combat and searching thoroughly) makes the game almost TOO easy. Playing on the hardest difficulty, my wallet was always full, my ammo was always maxed out, and I always had the maximum number of first aid kits and hypos. Nothing's more frustrating than being rewarded for exploration...but not being rewarded because I couldn't pick up any more resources. This invincible feeling really detracts from the survival aspect of the game (this is coming from a casual FPS player, not a prodigy). One more thing: most levels feature Big Daddies and Little Sisters. Encounters with these enemies are huge undertakings. Defeating the Big Daddy (no small feat) will allow you to obtain Adam from his Little Sister, which you can use to purchase monumental upgrades. The problem is, there are only 3 Little Sisters at most per level, and once you've dealt with them all, Big Daddies roam around by themselves, harmless unless provoked. The game throws Little Sisters at you too closely together, so you might quickly deal with them all and just be left with Big Daddies you'll surely avoid.

Setting: 5/5
The city of Rapture is amazing. This is one of the most immersive game worlds you'll ever find. Don't assume that everything will be underwater-themed. You'll visit a Medical Pavilion, a power core, apartment suites, and a performance venue, just to name a few. Small details are abundant, and you'll never shake the feeling that you're in a place full of citizens gone insane. Congratulations to the developers for crafting a setting this magnificent.

Overall: 4.9/5
Aside from the gripes I had about poorly regulated Little Sister encounters and the game potentially being too easy, there are also small bugs like objects disappearing into one another, textures looking ugly for a few seconds after loading, and the Telekineses Plasmid not picking up what you want it to sometimes. But in the grand scheme of things, these are very minor complaints. Bioshock is one of the best games of this generation. The storytelling is unique and incredible, the world is as immersive as it gets, the combat is full of choices, and the level and objective designing should be the template for many future games. Simply put, this is one deep, unforgettable experience.
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on December 28, 2010
This is one of my favorite games offered for the next gen systems. First of all, the game-play is very fluid and does not suffer from video-game lag, even on the PS3 system, which helps the player to enjoy the inventive combat system which blends the environment and your abilities to decimate your creepy foes. In this game your role as hero is subjective to how you want play, i.e. there is moral choices involved in your characters development throughout the game. You can choose the path of the stalwart hero saving and sparing the lives of others, or delve into the greedy and self-interested side of your character putting the wants of your character first at the expense of the NPCs vital to game-play. In this FPS, you have two forms of attack, Plasmids(genetic mutations like lightning, fire, etc..) and upgradeable weapons including a monkey wrench, pistol, shotgun and the like. This game does a great job of offering the player more than one option of attacking the unfriendly "Splicers" found in the underwater city of rapture. For instance, if a splicer is standing in a pool of water(a common problem in this underwater city) zap the water and watch'em fry. Or if you prefer, knock'em with a lighting fused shell from your shotgun and, again, watch'em fry. Aside from the awesome FPS game-play you will soon notice that the city of Rapture was well imagined and perfectly rendered with creepy undertones, sound, and of course some very scary scenes that can make the player jump out of their seat. However there is still that sense of empowerment that keeps the player confident during intense scenes of thrilling action. Since there is a morality aspect of the game there is more than one ending, which keeps the replay value moderately high. Altogether, for the price of the greatest games collection you can NOT PASS THIS GAME UP! Buy it and love it!
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on April 21, 2013
it is extremely fun and the game's story is very well written for those of you who just want to know a rating its 8.5/10 game play , 9.5/10 for story , 7/10 for looting materials

those of you who want to know what youre getting into

lets start with the fun part you have unique guns find your favorite and upgrade them with stations theyre a one time use each station so use them for the one you think is the best for your game play, plasmids they are precise and powerful now with every citizen being different you have to mix and match to each enemy , photo-research do it from afar close enough to get a nice pic dont double shot the same person though youll get less points for double taking the same person this helps you become more skilled in defeating them , lil sisters are these creepy zombie like girls they are what decide your adam count and story rescue will give you less at a moment but theyll give you packages of it latter to thank you for saving them, harvest get a lot in the moment but they turn into slugs. its a save them all game to have the good ending , kill one you get the bad.

do the bad story first cause the good ending is more rewarding to watch

now the story its simple at a glance. arms race gone bad in a place that was meant to cause so much good. the story has twists and turns that are unexpected but simple to understand. they explain everything very well its a well researched game. it fits this era well government control , religious view , propaganda , uprisings , drug use

science wise... plasmids exist not how the game exaggerates . its a small DNA molecule that is physically separate from, and can replicate independently of, chromosomal DNA within a cell. Most commonly found as small circular, double-stranded DNA molecules in bacteria, In nature plasmids carry genes that may benefit survival of the organism. Lil sisters have a parasite inside them yes some have a prefered host that they need to survive but the main purpose is to create a byproduct scientist actually do this not the usa since we have strict laws but we do use things to create what we need such as venomous animals to make anti-venom and other medicinal uses .
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