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on December 16, 2013
Season one…
When Birdy an intergalactic law enforcer comes to earth to locate and arrest a group of alien criminals and recover the weapon of mass destruction they’ve stolen a high school student must help with her investigation after the two of them are forced to share a body.

Season two…
Birdy must remain on earth to locate and arrest a group of alien inmate escapees that were involved in the weapon of mass destruction theft, but her investigation becomes more complicated when someone starts killing the escapees she’s trying to arrest.

The animation, English dub and story are great! While both seasons have predictable elements to their narratives that doesn’t make either season any less enjoyable or exciting and I found that there was a few nice twits.
An excellent science fiction anime!
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Top Contributor: Petson February 22, 2013
In an age where everything seems to be going all CG, it's refreshing to see a few studios still doing more traditional animation in an excellent fashion.

The series is super condensed if you've read the manga, with lots of changes to the plot, but the essentials of the manga still come through. Romance, war, heartbreak, friendship, tragedy, and more. It's rare that a television cartoon can have you empathizing for the characters as people, but Birdy, Tsutomu and his friends, and others really come out as believable individuals. I'm really disappointed that they didn't produce the 3rd season (characters are hinted at or seen irregularly who are big people in the manga), but it still was good enough I had to have a copy.

DVD transition, given that this was an HD broadcast in Japan, was done well without unnecessary smoothing or distortion, and our Sony BR player produces a near perfect HD output from these discs. I would have picked this up on Bluray, but it was only produced that way in region 2 with only the original Japanese audio. I can handle watching a Japanese broadcast, but my children also loved Birdy the Mighty and it is simpler to sacrifice definition to get the English audio, plus Luci Christian and the other crew produced a very good dubbing.

Very worth it!
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on September 14, 2016
Got the right one this time, last time I tried to get the first half and ended up with a dbz disk lol. Anyway its is a good action series. The series covers about two arc haven't read the source material because it was never licenses here, but I had the opportunity to watch the original OVA. Here the story is much more developed, but lighter in tone, only thing in common is that they both have the same premise. it is worth a look, if you like action.
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on March 20, 2014
Okay the story is good, the animation great, the fan service in a way minimal, and you won't be screaming at the TV because characters are acting a typical manner that makes you frustrated with poor character development or weak writting.

This is a must have in any anime collection, but I would defently recomend buying it at around $24 dollars.
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on August 25, 2013
Ok, first off, not much of a Sci-fi fan, but this show was to my liking. Up front as far as fan-service it is very minimal and puts more focus on the story line. With this animie you will have heart felt moments, some comedy, some mystery all weaved in a well rounded and written story. I am happy that I added it to my collection.
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on October 28, 2013
I have a copy of the original version of Birdy the Mighty. It is interesting how the author redid the whole story much different the second time. Although the first version is very good, I think this one tops it. You can really feel empathy for the characters, both the good and the bad. The story has a way of going in unexpected directions, so that it is really impossible for the viewer to know how things are going to turn out. The animation, especially the action sequences, are quite good. Please note that there is a fair amount of graphic violence in this production.
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on December 30, 2012
she was so caring for any errors she did and helped an injured person be brought back to normal after some time waiting carefully til everything is healed... i was so touched... your staff work so hard to make me happy just like guardian angels being at my side til i am completely happy with my ordered items!
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on January 6, 2013
A WMD called the Ryunka has come to Earth. An interstellar police officer named Birdy has come to retrieve it. In a battle trying to recover it, Birdy accidentally kills a young man named Senkawa. In order to save his life, Birdy merges with him. Now they share her body until his can be regenerated. Together they search for the Ryunka, and try to save the planet. During their time together, they both meet someone and fall in love. But the Ryunka has a way of tearing people apart. Will either of them be able to be with the one they love? Or will they all meet a tragic fate?

This anime is very well done. The animation, voice acting, and soundtrack are all excellent. It took a few episodesto get into it, but a very serious and emotional story unfolds. Love and loss are major themes in this series. The characters have depth and are very likable. There is a lot of action, drama, suspense, romance, and a little comedy. It's a very well rounded show. The animation style reminds me a bit of K-On; at least in the character designs. It's rated TV MA. I assume it's for violence. The violence can get pretty heavy. There is nothing that I would consider nudity in this series. There is an occasional bare rear end scene in the bath tub, but that's it. There is a lot to love about this series. It has everything an anime needs to be great. I think just about every anime fan can find something to love here.
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on January 31, 2014
I really loved this series and only wish there was a third season. The ending is great but left a bit open ended.

The characters are really likable and both seasons offer different types of tales. But at the same time it's one continuous story that has good progression. Things can get serious but throw in plenty of things that will make you smile and even laugh. If you like sci-fi adventure with a bit of high school setting you'll really like this series.
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on October 18, 2016
Funimation just recently lost the rights to this series so buy these dvds while the price is reasonable and before the scalpers get to it like they did with poor baccano :(
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