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on February 20, 2015
Watching a movie based on a book differs from watching a series made from a book. For one, there's usually more time to flesh out characters in a series than during a movie, along with more time to show how that character changes. On the other hand, how much time is too much?

The key difference, in my opinion, between a book and a TV series, is that a book can get away with more. If Bitten were adapted faithfully to the small screen it would have to be aired after midnight, because some of the scenes between Elena and Clay are just too hot for prime time.
A point I would like to make though, is that the Bitten series is an adaptation. Yes, things are going to vary between them, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Not only does TV-Bitten have to deal with the current rating system, it also has to contend with how times have changed. A lot happened in the thirteen years between Bitten's publishing (2001) and its adaptation (2014), diversity in movies and television and vastly updated technology ranking highly among them.

That said, the CGI wolves weren't impressive. It was glaringly obvious that the blonde wolf on the screen wasn't really there. Since the wolves vary widely in size and coat color, it would be difficult to first find enough wolves to correspond with the Pack, then train them to behave properly. Real wolves would have been fantastic, but I guess TV-Bitten doesn't have a large budget like Game of Thrones.

Did I like it? Sort of, but not enough for a second viewing.
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on October 13, 2014
This show is based upon the Kelly Amstrong's Women of the otherworld books and this season is focused upon its werewolf characters. Although, I hear they are introducing some of her other supernatural characters in the next season. This season is about the lone female werefolf Elena Michaels and her efforts to live a "normal life" (including a human boyfriend and job) but events force her to return to the "pack" by the end of the season.

If you like Teen wolf, you will also like Bitten its more mature version.
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on March 11, 2014
I really like some of the ideas that make this show. However, I probably could write a paper on what I do not like about Bitten. Since I keep watching I will be gentle and just hit some highlights:

1. I will pretty much watch anything with werewolves, vampires; especially with an action/thriller backdrop (Okay NOT Twilight, Vamp Dairies- BUT I really tried)

2. I liked (not loved) the lead (Laura Vandervoort) in the series V

3. She is attractive, but there is something missing for her in this role. She has no dark side or kick butt side. They paint her to be special- like powerful and an amazing tracker, but the way the show plays, she is never special at all. I think she may be capable (as an actress), but they have not directed her in a way to pull off this character.

4. The Alpha Dog is more like the omega puppy. I do not like the Clay (the enforcer) character too much- jury is still out on whether the budding love triangle with work or even makes sense, but would rather see him in the (Alpha) role if they cannot improve Jeremy.

5. Women are not strong enough to handle the change. -- Really?? Do I even need to comment? Listen, I know you can have babies and all-- which is a drastic change to your body, but your body cannot stand this change. Men can go through this change with no issue, but you could never handle this. Oh, except for the ONE lady here who by the way, we keep having to save, because she is not that strong. If she was `special' if she was more powerful, then the entire premise (women cannot handle the change) would make sense. I know men are more physically strong, but this is an internal as well as external change. It would make more sense if men could not change. If they want to work this angle, they need to have more than one woman who can change and do a better/sensible job on why women cannot change or establish that the women who do change are different in some kind of way.

If you love werewolves or you are in need of yet another love triangle, you have to check out at least one episode.
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on June 5, 2014
"It's like Twilight... but... you know, GOOD..." That's how I described Bitten to my husband after watching the first season on Netflix. If I thought it was worth his time to watch it too we'd watch it together. Well, I enjoyed it a lot. Bitten does what a (supernatural) story should -- it keeps you entertained, there's a lot of decent action, there's a love triangle (well done love triangle, too), there's secrets (naturally), a lot of conflict (external and internal for multple characters)...

The story seems more generally appealing (as in for a general audience) than True Blood, much less blood and gore. There's still love scenes but it's more tasteful than the in-your-face sex scenes in True Blood (granted, it's a different network and target audience, but still...)

The romance stuff doesn't typically appeal to me, but Bitten handles it in a way that's more targeted at a broader audience, than just a stereotypical female audience. The interactions between the characters are believable, they're not all equally well-developed but they don't all need to be. The bad guys could have been more convincing but for a short first season it was "enough".

I haven't read the books, but I'm interested in them now. In contrast, I didn't read the Twilight books, friends insisted I should... I watched the movies to gauge my interest and I'm glad I didn't waste time on the books for that.

So I watched Bitten on Netflix, told my husband about it, we decided to buy it through Amazon and he enjoyed it just as much. We're looking forward to Season 2 - they have a good thing here, with a lot of potential if they don't mess it up <cough><cough> Beauty & the Beast remake <cough>

If you seen that one, you understand... ugh... Bitten was a breath of fresh air after so many recent TV show disappointments!
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on February 16, 2014
I've read the entire book series by Armstrong that is the basis of this t.v. show and I liked the books very much. I think people who enjoy the books will enjoy the show. But if you've never read a single one of the books, you can still enjoy this show. It has a lot going for it: the actors are quite good, the setting is great, and the actual adaption of the book stories and themes is well done. For those you who don't know, the story is, generally speaking, about a female werewolf, who happens to be the only female who lived through the transition, and her struggle to decide her place in the human world versus the werewolf world. The chemistry between the leads is palpable and I find I am genuinely interested in the characters. Its not a great show yet, not must see t.v, but it is enjoyable and I have a feeling it is going to keep improving!

(just for comparison's sake, so you can tell if you might like this show because I do, some of my favorite shows are Supernatural, Fringe, Dr. Who, Sherlock, Justified, Arrow, and The Blacklist.)
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on March 31, 2014
Came to this one late, not uncommon from this distance. Didn't really like the first episode, found it to be too formula
driven - a combination of Teen Wolf and any of the various vampire programs out there. Stilted dialog did not help. I will likely not watch any more of this offering. That said, while this is not anywhere near my cup of tea it no doubt appeals to fans of the genre and more power to them. It's our differences that make this old world so interesting.
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on April 7, 2014
This is a bold groundbreaking show that dares to speak to a mature audience in a genre that has been dominated by young adults. I would recommend this show to men that respect women and to women that would like to be inspired to survive trauma and live, well. This show calls for critical thinking and acceptance because it highlights the many differences between want and need. This accomplishment is beautifully wrapped is a paranormal romance horror that is fun instead of being a complex documentary on the effects of child abuse and the therapeutic needs of support to build strong family bonds. This is a very smart show.
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on March 16, 2014
I like this show, I love the characters. But they should keep some of the old folklore about werewolves. That they are stronger even when human. They should not have made them into a dying breed that a woman cannot stand the change and that it i very rare for one to survive, making a woman weak which is so not sure. A woman could go thru hours of labor and this being I know worse can also survive maybe 4 out of 10 but not 1 out of 10 or none at all.

When a series does this it is going to start to fade out the story line and start reaching for more to say and show, I think. I rated it a 4 because the only thing that is lacking is that the packs are so small and that the Alpha needs a Luna or how are they going to continue the growth of the wolves? Also that anyone can be an alpha if they beat the current Alpha in a fight is so unromantic and should have some kind of ancestry. Alpha is passed down by the strength mentally and physically of the Alpha that is why they are in charge. Also they should be able to ring in people like Elena and Logan. They are not suppose to be able to pick when they want to show up or not. That is so undramatic. Logan have the strength not to go when called and not to care that one of them could be dead is so not pack thing. Even to call them and see what's going on, it's like he doesn't care, girl or no girlfriend.

They are more mutts because they can do what they want and choose not to if they want. There are different stories and different rules that anyone can make about paranormal creatures. But when it comes down to the devotion and dedication to each other that does not change in any book. The Alpha command is always the ruler and you do what told. Either nicely or by force. But the love, loyalty and dedication to each other is what separates them from humans. The concept of the story and the characters are good except for Dominic dying. But please make the pack stronger and the Alpha more driven and stronger where it is not that easy to conquer his position or to disobey him.
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on November 29, 2015
I'm a huge fan of Kelley Armstrong's Otherworld books and was terribly disappointed in the TV series. Season 2, especially, played out more like a cheesy horror flick and they totally mangled the story line. Bad effects, one-dimensional acting, and a plot that drags. The books had such great material, the show could and should have been so much better.
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on March 30, 2014
I read the original book, which was the debut novel by Kelley Armstrong. Very good book, but like many adaptions set to television, I was not optimistic. That being said, the first few episodes were a pleasant surprise. First, the show is not kiddie werewolves. It is about adults with adult themes. The casting took some getting used to. The actors that do Clay, Jeremy and Elena are very good. Specifically, I thought Elena was cast perfectly and Jeremy has really grown on me. The plot centers on the Pack, a group of werewolves that have banded together to protect each other and enforce a set of rules that keep other werewolves, known as Mutts, under some degree of control. The conflict arises when the mutts band together to overthrow the perceived tyranny of the pack. And it is dog eat dog from there. Werewolves are not pleasant to start with. Make them fight for their lives and the action is gritty and realistic. The series has gotten stronger all the way through with the last episode, Setting, being particularly intense. Finally, the last theme revolves around Elena being the only female WW and her struggle to adapt to the male heirarchy and how she was turned. If you like werewolves you will love the series. If you like intense thoughtful dramas, try this one.
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