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on May 22, 2017
I enjoy this anime immensely, I do. But I spent money I didn't need to spend on getting the complete first series as well, because this product only said, and I quote - "Complete Second Season."

This product includes the entire series, as well as the OVAs. Whoever labeled this did NOT pay attention. The box does flash a pretty obvious Roman numeral II, but the cases within clearly state what they contain within. "Complete First Season - Episodes 1-24." "Complete Second Season - Episodes 1-12 and 6 OVAs."

So now I have an extra set of the first season, because somebody on the other end did not explain what was included. But I have now done so for you, so please read and do not repeat my mistake.

It truly is a great anime. The missing fifth star in my review is due to the label's misdirection, not the product itself.
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on June 28, 2012
This season surely bets any other season two animes out there. I was thinking that since this is season two the story-line, music, artwork, would be less than perfect, but I was 100% wrong! This season is awesome and it goes pecfectly with season one. Unlike other animes that season one was the best than season two. The story-line was excellent, the figthing was perfect,the music was perfect, and the main characters shine. I was surprise the way this season ended, I loved it:) If you are a Black Butler fan and love everything about season one, then this season will blow you away! You will not be disappointed, I really recommend buying this season, PLUS! the OVAs are included! And the are awesome!
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on January 14, 2013
This picks up where Black butler Season 1 left off. His parents death avenged as agreed in the contract Sebastian gets to collect payment for services rendered devouring Ciels soul. However Sebastian makes a startling discovery now the enraged demon is out for revenge. He meets up with Claude another demon butler who also serves a child lord who he has a pact with

Claude takes care of Alois Trancy who suffered the vilest form of abuse, Alois is needlessly sadistic cruel and abusive taking his frustrations out on and punishing others often displaying psychotic tendencies as he does with Hanna a beautiful maid in his employ one day in a psychotic rage brutalizes her in a barbaric way. He and Ciel are polar opposites Alois is the dark to Ciel's light

Claude is a greedy demon who hungers for and lusts after Ciels soul and finds Alois's soul tastes sour and thinks Ciel's tastes better wants to claim and devour Ciel's soul instead. We get to see rarely enraged Sebastian who partially lose control after Claude crosses the line. Reaper Grell helps Sebastian get to Claude so he can battle his demon nemises and the two engage in deadly combat. An interesting plot twist leads to an unexpected discovery about Hanna, followed by something very strange and shocking happening to Ciel leading up to a very mind blowing conclusion that will not disappoint die hard fans one of whom is me

Unlike Black butler season 1 this one contains many dark elements some are disturbing but realistic and show the darker side of humans. The last part of the final episode with Ciel is a shocking but good suprise I did not see coming I watched it twice. For those who haven't tried season 1 yet you will love it. This set includes 3 DVD, and 2 Blu Ray discs, the anime, artwork, detail, color, and sound are amazing. I only hope they make a Season 3 then I'll really be in heaven, well enough said hope this helps
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on May 4, 2012
I was excited to hear that this season of Black Butler was coming out on DVD in the U.S. because I tried looking everywhere online for the OVAs and could find some of them, but not all. This was the selling point for me!
I had watched this season already once before I bought this, and can say that I liked it because of the return of a lot of my favorite characters --Grell :3-- but I feel like it ended like a bad fan fiction. That's just my opinion though. This season is definitely radically different from the first, which follows the manga to some extent, for those of you familiar with that. However, this one is still wildly entertaining, and includes new characters and another sexy demon butler, so I would suggest it to anyone who's a fan of the series!
I was also pleased that it contained both DVD and Blu-ray! A must have for any anime or Black Butler fan!
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on June 15, 2012
I honestly thought that the Black Butler anime could not get more monumentally epic than the first season was. They proved me wrong. The second season has turned the once case closed ending of season one into a reawakened new story with many twists and turns that keep you on the edge of your seat! New characters and new plotlines combine with the past of the sereies to make everything you knew to be true a lie. Beautifully gothic and full of mythical escence Black Butler is in general....."one hell of a time" but the second season confirms that to the fullest of its extent! With beautiful animation and richly colored characters *all of the ones from the first series plus some XD* I seriously recommend this series to anyone who has ever had a doubt about their existence in the world and has wondered if it is all worth it in the end.....

Contains some strong hints of shonen-ai/yaoi themes

For mature audiences only
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on August 24, 2015
A set of antagonists with real character and dynamic style. Sebastian truly peaks his finesse and bad-assery while being faced with worthy adversaries and Ciel's stubborn and strong sense of will allow him to push through yet another series of conflict. What's best about this season is that every annoying character only has like 2 episodes of face-time. Far more organized, witty, stylish, and enticing. This season is what made enduring the worst of season 1 worth it.
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on August 5, 2013
I know that this season of Kuroshitsuji gets a lot of hate, but I don't understand why.
I think it's a fantastic season.
The only thing that was even a little off-putting was the undertones of sexuality that was just laced throughout the season.
It drudges up the feelings in between Sebastian and Ciel and kind of casts light on the undisclosed feelings in their relationship.
Still, it's amazing and I'd recommend it a thousand times over.
Fantastic show, characters, and just everything.
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on May 4, 2013
I absolutely loved the first season! Almost every episode made me laugh and I must say that the second season was not like the first season. While it had some dark humor and the same great characters, I feel the ending was upsetting. I feel the child abuse was disturbing. This was not through out the entire season where you were constantly seeing this abuse, but little comments are made through out the episodes. These comments are important and go along with the story. I felt this season had enjoyable episodes and fun OVAs. I would recommend those who watched the first season to watch the second season.
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on November 19, 2013
There isn't much to say that I didn't cover for season one. Again, beautiful art, and an ever twisting story line that is fantastic. It's a really great series, and now there are so many secrets being revealed, more background on characters we've followed and just loved, and so much more. The secrets, of course, are not just surrounding Ciel, but his "help" too. It all culminates in an angels versus demons fight.... and that's all I'm saying on the plot and what happens. It's just a great series, and I recommend it.
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on October 13, 2013
I find this anime absolutely fascinating. It's unique and different, something you don't see everyday. This is true for both the first and second season. The storyline was amazing, but it was the characters that really drew me in. Each character contrasted from each other, showing different sides of the human mentality and their need to survive. There's a reason I stayed up all night on a school night to watch every single episode of the season, and if you watch it, I'm sure you'll find that reason yourself.
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