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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 2, 2014
Failed just after the time limit for returning items to Amazon.

The switch to select 6 or 12V is weak and easily moved by accident.

The Schumacher SEM-1562A-CA (also sold by Amazon) is the same price, automatically senses whether it's charging a 6 or 12V battery (no switch) and has indicators that are easier to read and give more information. It also claims to have a desulfation mode. I purchased the Schumacher at about the same time and it has been working without fault.

I would not purcahse this product again. Depending on cost and resistance encountered, the thing may get returned or trashed.

Update 3/25 - Two months after calling on the phone, getting an authorization and sending in the dead unit for a warranty replacement, nothing has arrived. Not only is the product defective, but it seems the company is as well. I will avoid their brand and their holding company and all of its brands as much as possible.
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on August 9, 2016
I have a vehicle that I'm working on getting back in good running order and so it tends to sit a lot as I'm accumulating all the parts I need. On more than one occasion I've had the battery die and since I live out in the sticks I've had trouble finding someone to give me a jump start. FI decided to spring for this charger and see if it wouldn't help me out. So far it's worked like a dream. The battery was pretty run down so I left this on the car for a good 4 or 5 hours and then she started right up. I used the clamps to attach it to the battery posts but it also come with a couple other attachments to either connect it to the cigarette lighter or to screw it onto the battery. Something to keep an eye on, if you feel the need to close the hood while the clamps are on don't leave the cable where it can get crimped by the hood. On my car I fed through the top of the hood by the windshield and then set the hood down without closing it all the way. I only did this because it was raining. At any rate, it looks to work as advertised and will save me having to beg my friends and family to give me a jump next time the battery dies.
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on February 7, 2017
I purchased this device to keep a battery topped off on a third car we have that we rarely drive (Sportscar).
I started to notice the battery would chug chug after a couple weeks so this seemed to fit the bill.
After reading some of the reviews, I noticed people had some issues, but quite honestly, I hooked it up and it has worked just fine.
I used the extension that had the battery post eyelets. After reading the manual cover to cover, I simply installed them (+ first, then -), I made sure the unit was unplugged from the power source, joined the two cables, fired it up and voila, it started charging.
I got the blinking light for about 2 days (the battery was pretty low) and then it went to solid green. I just removed it after about 10 days (After you shut the power off!) and tried to start the car. Perfect, it was like a new battery, no issues. The Car fired right up (btw: Never start your car with it attached, and always shut off the power before you remove the clamps or unplug and cap the connectors).
What I like about the eyelet extension is the plug comes with a cap, so after you SHUT off the power to the unit, unplug it, just cap it, tuck it down on the side of the battery and go drive the car. When you want to hook it up, just guide it through the top of the hood and plug it in to recharge. (The Eyelet adapters is one of three they give you (the other two are regular battery type clamps and the other is a cigarette lighter adapter (But that only works in certain situations when your lighter works without your car in the acc position))
I'm happy with the product, it seems to have worked well, no issues here. I do recommend you read the instructions and really understand the different sections and what they mean. Remember to have the power off when you hook it up and/or take it off, and you'll be fine.
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on April 6, 2015
So far so good, appears to be charging/maintaing as it should but it makes an annoying clicking sound every time it cycles itself on and off ( every couple minutes or so).

4/14/15 Update:
I''ve downgraded this item to 1 star as the charger does not perform as intended. I kept it on a motorcycle battery all winter and came back to find the battery is completely dead although the maintainer light was still showing green. I am also thinking this may have possibly been overcharging the battery as I could see acid slightly trickling from the sides of the fill caps.

FYI: Take the warranty info with a grain of salt, it's been 4 months since I've purchased so Amazon wont take it back and Black and Decker customer service has been nothing short of terrible, almost condescending on the phone and refusing to help me exchange for a new one. No I would not buy again nor any Black and Decker product- my advice would be to spend a few extra dollars and get a quality charger.
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on August 10, 2017
I've had my redtop car battery in my home I put the item together and I plugged into the wall after the connection was done and put it on 12volts at goes from blinking green to solid red and double checked it out and still nothing not happy 😄 about it
review imagereview image
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on January 21, 2016
Mirroring other's statements,

Expecting snow so I roamed out the 4 wheel drive vehicle (Dodge Durango) with the BM3B attached with clamps. The minder had a solid red light. This indicates a reversed polarity. It was not. Thought, bleh, the vehicle was run just a week ago so I am sure it is still charged. Nope. The battery is now completely dead. Unhooked the minder and inspected all of the plugs. Hooked it back up and had a solid green light. Waited for three to four minutes and it went back to a solid red again.

Went to my second 4 wheel drive vehicle (Land Rover) and hooked it up just to see. Solid green light. Waited three to four minutes and the solid red light appeared again. Since it worked for a few minutes it really gives the impression it will continue working. Who has the time to check on it just to make sure it is still alive? It seems like this may just be a hit or miss deal where it works or doesn't. Don't really care to go through the effort of sending it back based on the troubles from others have reported. This is probably the only time it would have really mattered (snow once every few years).
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on March 19, 2016
I got this since my 2014 Accord is one of the many Honda models that don't keep the battery topped off with its so-called intelligent alternator logic. This means that even when the car is operating, the alternator isn't charging the battery up until it gets down to like the 60-75% level. This is a good way to ensure your battery, already under extreme duress of heat and vibration, will last even less than it's supposed to. So with this in mind, sometimes my car sits for many days in a cold garage and that doesn't bode well. With this trickle charger, I can keep the battery connected and ensure a fresh topped off battery when it does sit for a while especially on longer times in between.

Not much to say about the actual charger - there's only one button for 6v/12v operation. Green steady light = charged. Red = it's on backwards or some kind of internal damage. It works. That's all it needs to do.
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on February 4, 2018
Unless it’s necessary, I try not to write negative reviews. I buyed this charger last year and never have to use it (my fault not to check it before the Amazon return time lapse expires). Yesterday I was need to use it in order to charge and maintain a 12Vdc battery. The charger doesn't work, it does nothing, nada.

Since there is no return and support from B&D for these devices and since I’m a electronic engineer, decided to open it to see if is any fuse or visible damage in the circuit. The fuse, the AC to DC converter and the switching section was delivering 13Vdc before the output relay. Same as the LED's, the relay never turns on. All semiconductors okay, but seams that the micro controller its defective.

The point is that the circuit board was dirty with finger prints and some solder areas like if ones were repaired. No quality control at all, cheap components, that it’s no to be surprised buying a cheep device, even if it’s B&D. Maybe I was unlucky with this one and for other it works, but beware on B&D cheap equipment's. Go for something more pro.
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on February 22, 2017
The alternator in my wife's vehicle died, and at the worst possible time for us, financially speaking. I had to buy some time, and my wife only drives around town to a few places each day, so I picked this up to easily charge the battery in her vehicle every night, until I could afford to replace the alternator. I checked, and her vehicle DID have a cigarette lighter that was powered regardless of the car being on or off, so I rolled the dice with this unit, and couldn't be happier. It works perfectly, and charges her battery completely within a few hours depending on how much she drove that day. It comes with all the attachments you would need, including directly battery connections and alligator clamps, and they all have a quick disconnect feature on them too. The cables are nice and long, and rugged, so you can easily close your car door while having the cord pass through the bottom edge as to keep it locked while charging. The ONLY thing that would have made this even better would have been a little carrying/storage pouch, but I certainly won't knock a star off for that. This is a GREAT product, and a necessary addition to any man's arsenal.
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on September 16, 2016
I converted these to charge my kids power wheels. They have a faster charge time than the stock charger. And the other plus is now they all can take the same charger because I replaced the connectors on each one.

Updated: 3/22/17 -- lowered my rating 2 stars. The setup I have is that 2 of these are permanently mounted, with their own charge plugs made up so that I can charge either brand of our power wheels for my kids. It's been working fine for the first few months, but now it won't charge the PW brand battery past 70% (checked on smart charger) and it occasionally will not charge the other one past 70%. Both of them are failing at the same time. I'm going to try another brand now.
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