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on September 6, 2017
Review Updated!!

We had the old 'Standard Assembly' version for several years that took one too many trips thru the dishwasher and starting to develop lots of little cracks in the lid and container. Being satisfied with that unit, I bought a second one of the old version. Unfortunately, the unit broke almost immediately and I posted a one star review. Much to my surprise, B&D contacted me and reminded me of my TWO YEAR WARRANTY and promptly arranged shipment of the new version chopper! WOW!! I still can't believe the excellent customer service it took to notice my post and quickly resolve my issue! Kudos B&D!!

OK, so is the NEW 'Improved Assembly' version really that good? YES! The cup has ribs which fit into slots in the base of the chopper. No more twisting the cup onto base. The chopper blades are more offset and the shaft has little wings that move around the food being chopped. It does a really nice job on small items like garlic and peanuts. The top lid also now just fits in place; no more twisting the lid and trying to lock it in place. The new lid also acts as the switch to activate the chopper. B&D did a really nice job with the redesign; this is MUCH quicker & easier to use!
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on August 1, 2016
I use this to make "chop" (a fresh vegetable mix for my macaw) and works perfectly. I am able to control the texture buy using short pulses. It does a great job with everything from carrots to nuts. Easy to clean and appears sturdy. A great value...
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on August 29, 2017
 I spent less than $10 on this little kitchen gadget that is going to save me sooo much time! I grow organic herbs and veggies in my garden. Come autumn, I have the daunting task of harvesting them all, cleaning, chopping and freezing or drying for use thru winter. Last year, my herbs alone took me 2+ hrs.

I recently harvested my shallots and the thought of hand peeling and then chopping each into fine pieces for freezer storage sounded awful. I tried my garlic press, but no - it mashed, did not work. I ordered this in hopes that it would expedite my workload.

Wow! Yes, I manually peeled and chopped the ends off each shallot. But then I loaded this device with about 1 cup of shallots, locked it closed, hit the chop button 4 times and done!!! Used a rubber spatula to scrape the contents into a bag, flattened for easy storage and threw it into the freezer. Rinsed the receptacle, lid, blade, throw it all in the dishwasher and done. A huge project that took me practically no time vs so much chopping for less impressive or usable results.

I have included video to show my results.

Get this handy tool. You won't regret it!!!
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I bought this mini chopper to replace one that was about ten or more years old. I thought my old chopper was great but this one was so much better. I guess I got used to my old one and didn't realize that I could get a better one. The lid is easy to put on. With a couple of presses of the button onions are just how I like them. One recommendation for using it is to pulse it rather than holding down the button. That way you can get you food just how you like it without it being over chopped. The great thing is that, if you want your food chopped finely, like for baby food, it does a superb job. Another thing I use it for is chopping nuts very finely, almost to a paste. I started doing this for recipes like carrot cake because my mother in law said that bigger chunks of nuts get under her false teeth. I used this chopper to get the nuts very tiny and paste-like for carrot cake. That way you get the favor of nuts in the cake without all the big chunks of nuts that might bother folks with dental partials or that just don't like the texture of nuts in a cake.
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on October 6, 2016
Perfect price.. Perfect for my keto diet. I'm doing it solo so this size is perfect for me. My cauliflower are perfect! Can't wait to use them for pizza, rice or cheese bread sticks
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on July 10, 2017
The Black & Decker One Touch Copper 1.5 Cup Processor is an awesome kitchen accessory that is great for those smaller volume-portions that
the typical 3, 5, 7, 11+ cup processor or blender can't candle.

Our review in short.
Only one. You need to hold the power button down continuously while processing or it will stop. It would be much more effective for kitchen work if it had an on/off switch that you could simply press/flip once to turn on or off. Not a deal breaker, but kind of annoying when trying tohandle multiple tasks.

1. Great for processing smaller ingredient sizes or personal serving sizes.

2. Great for chopping or processing small batches of veggies, fruits, whipping small batches of no-machine homemade icecream or frozen yogurt into a fluffy, decadent soft-serve delight, and even emulsifying homemade lotions or even vegan meringues!

3. Easy to find on-sale! These little 1.5 cup processors can be found easily online (with a coupon, the one I had was under $10)-- so compare prices before you buy.

Overall, the Black & Decker 1.5 Cup One Touch is great for days when prepping smaller portions, and definitely is a must have in any kitchen!
Our grade: B++, or 4.85Stars!
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on November 19, 2009
This is my second little chopper from Black and Decker. The first one chopped away for years doing everything from coffee beans to onions to nuts without a murmur of complaint. It was only after donkey years that I noticed one day that poor thing had become a merry-go-round for food, and concluded that no matter how much the food was enjoying the ride, its time had come, to go. Even so I kept it in the top closet of the kitchen for awhile just out of respect. I got a large clunky "Food Processor" that required moving things to get to and a jet engine mechanic to clean. It stayed in the cupboards between major holidays.
Then I saw this one again and said, "I have Amazon Prime and I'm getting this!" (any excuse in a storm.) It arrived, I started chopping and guess what? It is every bit as good and maybe better than the one I retired!
I love this machine. It can be top shelf dishwasher cleaned-but I don't wash stuff like this in the dishwasher-especially blades-your bladed things will last much longer if done by hand, dried immediately and put away.
I don't have any cons for this chopper-it is one of those things that does not need to be changed. The size is right, the blades are sharp the power is perfect and it really does the job. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 22, 2017
This is a good product for the most part. I ordered it because I have arthritis and chopping veggies can be painful. It chops veggies and apples and other hard fruit, etc. into tiny pieces. I was hoping it would chop food into bigger chunks instead. I even tried pushing down on the button one time only and it still chops my veggies too much. I wanted bigger chunks, not tiny chunks. Oh well, it still works great, just not the way I wanted. I will have to keep looking for something else to use to chop into bigger pieces. Also, it does not turn on if the bowl or top is not lined up EXACTLY on the line - it is VERY picky that way, which is a pain. Especially for someone like me who has arthritis and it's not always easy to tighten it enough to turn on. And that can be a pain when you have to keep taking the bowl off the base every time you want to take your food out of it and then put it back on to chop something else! Ugh! It's not an easy or smooth thing to do. Don't know if anyone else has this problem. I think I will keep looking for something else that is easier to use.
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on October 11, 2015
I was not expecting more with the product because of the price..but the product quality is so cheap not at all worth what you paid for.. The jar broken after few usage..
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on July 10, 2016
I use this only to process canned food for a stray cat I feed that has bad teeth and cannot chew. I know, if my husband ever left me I'd be THAT cat lady. Back to the product: it works. It processes food very well. Cons: in order for it to work you have to keep pressing the button (if you let go of it it will stop) which is annoying, also if your hands are even a little bit wet you'll have one heck of a time trying to get the vessel out of the first the whole asembly and dissasembly is VERY cumbersome but with use it gets a bit easier. I would not buy this for regular kitchen use (as in for people food)...but if you use it very little it is good enough.

EDIT A FEW MONTHS LATER: originally I had given this four stars but, after using it for a few months, I decided to update it and give it five. After the pieces were used more they became easier to lock into and out of place...also, this little machine does a fine job at mushing the heck out of anything you put into it!

EDIT less than four months after purchase: The one bit on the lid that makes the machine work broke off and now I am left with a useless item. Amazon directed me to Black and Decker directly because I am within their one year product warranty...however, contacting them is nearly impossible unless you tweet or want to FBook them. I'd like a simple phone call or even an email. I am not opening a tweeter account to contact them! So here I am having to buy something else. Something better. Something NOT Black and Decker.
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