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on April 19, 2011
We had a late spring, very wet snow that took down many trees and branches. This light-weight chain saw is exactly what I wanted for trimming and clean-up. Easy to use and very powerful for such a small chain saw. I just cut down a 5-6" thickness tree with no problem. I love not being tethered to a cord. The battery lasts as long as I do so it's a good match. ;-)
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on April 27, 2013
Sure, it's just an 8" saw so don't expect to be cutting up huge logs with this. However, I just love this thing because compared to a gas chain saw it is nearly silent! Even when cutting through wood it's so quiet that none of my neighbors even heard me using it. It has extremely low vibration and you definitely won't have to wear any hearing protection while using this. A gas chain saw on idle is much louder than this chainsaw at work.

I had several trees cut down due to illness and kept pieces ranging from 4"-12" and so far I've been able to cut through 8" segments without any problems. You just have to roll it as you go to manage to get all the way through and it takes a while but it still works.

Someone rated this device 1 star because of a leaky oil issue. It's appalling to me how these people can't figure out basic engineering. Yes, when I added oil to the saw and left it sitting, blade at an angle downwards, oil leaked everywhere. While you're assembling it you'll notice there's a little round white plastic part where the oil comes out. It's designed to drip oil slowly so as you're cutting with the blade pointing downwards the chain will constantly get lubed up. When in storage just lay it on its side so that drip hole points up and you're just fine. If you have a quick job just add a little oil. It's all actually pretty easy. I put oil in and work until the oil gets low then I call it a day and let the last bits drip out. Just understand the device and make it work for you, not just complain about it. Besides, after you're done with this you should clean it out thoroughly before storing so there won't be any oil drippage problem anyway.

As for the battery life it's a very light little 20V battery running a frickin chain saw. Of course it's not going to last too long! Again, plan ahead. I have a B&D drill with the same battery and a weed wacker and blower set which came with two batteries. Have enough batteries with you and you can get a good day's worth of work out of this device. They even sell high capacity 20V batteries which would give you more time.

If you don't want to make a ton of noise, don't want to breathe noxious fumes, hate dealing with mixing oil and gas, and need to work far from any outlets this is a fantastic device. My only advice is don't cut with the blade pointing up since the oil will drip down towards the battery and not the blade.
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This is a big update. The major changes are two. 1. new battery power gives you at least double the torque. 2. The blade now has an added feature...where you can tighten the blade via a spring driven nob that you adjust with the provided multi too. In my first usage it quickly became clear that this added adjustment was really needed and gives you a much stronger chain while cutting.

I have owned a number of Black and Decker branded products. Seven years ago I bought the the entire Decker setup of outdoor equipment. This included the weed eater, chainsaw and drill.

After many years the batteries were wearing out and unable to retain it's charge. I could have purchased some more of the older lower power batteries or go with the new lineup.

I chose to go with the new line up. I purchased the Black and Decker lawn mower last year and it has been an amazing product. No issues whatsoever. So based upon my long term positive experience with this brand I purchased the new line up.

This review is a combination of products. Doing them in isolation would not be of any real benefit to you the reader of this review.

So I purchased the new drill, chainsaw, weed eater with sweeper, extra chain for saw, two batteries and line string.

I have used all of them and they perform as I expected.

The batteries charge fast and have amazing discharge rate. I have a large lawn and can do it all on one battery.

The chain saw is pretty much like my old one.....it does the job......not going to cut a cord of wood but it you have limbs to trim it is great. I usually climb the tree and pull it up on a long line......it can cut large diameter limbs with no issues. This will go through the batteries fairly quickly....but that is to be expected.

The drill is great and works fine. It is not for heavy jobs...such as driving screws into the deck. It just does not have the kind or torque needed...but with that said it is a real performer. Great for smaller jobs.....and no cords!

The weed eater works great.....easy to use and the line is discharged as it is used so no tapping.......I am tall so having a long enough shaft is important....this works fine for me.
The accompanying blower is VERY low power. However, it works just fine for quick cleanup on driveway, sidewalks and porch.

So in summary this is a great collection of equipment. You have only one type of battery and all of the equipment meets or exceeds my expectations.

A home run.
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on March 28, 2015
I ordered this saw some time ago in anticipation of our dying Peach tree. Last Summer a bad rain storm came thru with very high winds and snapped all the limbs full of peaches. We salvaged what we could but as Fall approached we knew the tree wasn't going to make it but decided to wait until Spring to see if any life would show. Not owning a chain saw, only shears and a hand pruning saw I decided to call for estimates to get it cut down. Average cost: $150 to $300. We decided to do it ourselves and buy a chainsaw. The reviews for the Black & Decker was very good for a cordless saw and ordered it last Fall and the Max battery. We didn't want a gas one as this may be the only time we would use it.
Spring is here and I just finished cutting down the Peach tree. I sure hated to do so as it gave us many years of enjoyment. The saw worked flawlessly. The trunk of the tree was about 8" in diameter and took a few minutes to cut through it. Had to cut the trunk into 3 sections to keep the size to about 14". Limbs were no problem, cut through them easily. The tree was about 14' tall. All together it took about 45 minutes to finish. It was all done on the one Max battery. It never wavered or seem to lose power kept cutting and cutting.
I am most impressed with this saw, how well it worked, made the job fun! I wanted to look for other things to cut down! I can highly recommend this saw as you won't be diappointed in it's performance: Light, easy to handle, did not get any kick backs, and it's fairly quiet. The oiler is in a bottle that has to be manually be applied. This may or may not be a hassle for some but I found it a non-issue as it took less than a minute to apply the oil to the chain. Don't think about it, if you need a great little saw, buy this one!
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on June 6, 2013
The saw arrived, I put the battery on charge, carefully filled the oil reservoir and began work on mounting the chain and rail. By the time I'd finished with the rail and its adjustment, oil was beginning to appear everywhere. But reviewers had warned that oil would leak if the chain was pointed downward, which I had surely done while mounting the rail. So I wiped off that oil, placed the saw flat on stack of fresh paper towels, and filled the oil reservoir a second time. Within ten minutes it had emptied again. But oil had saturated the paper towels under the entire saw. And when I picked it up I found oil oozing OUT of every seam in the plastic enclosure, out of the battery connection, and even out of the air vents at the far end of the electric motor.

OK, I thought I might have a unit with a broken internal connection between the reservoir and final oiling nozzle. So, after once again cleaning things up, I took off the rail and chain so that I could observe that nozzle directly. I refilled the reservoir a third time, again with the saw flat on a pile of paper towels. To my surprise, oil began to drip quickly from the oiling nozzle indicating that there was NOT a broken connection. But then I could see that, laid out flat on my workbench, that the unit tilts slightly backward. And as a result, oil drops from the nozzle run down the plastic housing and into the wide (~ 1 mm) gap between it and the rectangular metal block into which the rail is screwed. Then, having found an easy (essentially designed in) path into the otherwise fairly tight plastic shell, the oil then proceeded to distribute itself all over the whole interior of the unit.

Oil all over the innards of a saw is probably just fine for a gas-powered saw. But as an electrical engineer, I KNOW that oil inside an electric motor, on/off switches and battery contacts is an invitation for disaster (and perhaps the cause of the early motor failures reported by some reviewers). I have to conclude that B&D just didn't care if the saw only works for a year or two.

I bought the saw to avoid the mess and noise of a gas-powered unit. But I got the mess anyway (and thereby a saw that would probably fail prematurely). So its going back to Amazon (sorry about the mess), and this will be my last ever B&D power tool purchase.

So can anyone recommend a small gas-powered unit with a neighbor-friendly muffler? At least that way I'd get a unit likely to work well, for a long time.
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on June 5, 2011
With a yard full of suckering wild plums and chokecherries needing yearly thinning, this little saw takes over when the pruning is beyond lopper capacity. I, Miss Old Lady Absolutely Totally Non Mechanical, cut down a peach tree that didn't overwinter, sliced off the little branches, and sawed it into pickup-bed-size lengths in about half an hour. Ta daaah!

Saved $$ over having a service come in, not to mention, no worries about big boots trampling the perennials. (OK, I trampled some, but hey.)

The how-to-put-it-together instructions were a little challenging to follow, because I never do that sort of thing; but everything went together well.
It is almost impossible to do it wrong.

Since I hate gasoline engines, cannot make them work, I also use the B&D cordless lawnmower - love it! and the cordless weed trimmer. Just plug 'em in, and you are good to go.
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on August 26, 2012
I have all types of chain saws, electric, gas in various sizes and pole saws. This little 8" chain saw made me smile.
It cuts like butter, is lightweight and sturdy.
The minute the package arrived, I charged the battery and I put it to test. Not only did it do the job but was fun and easy to use. It didn't wear my arms out like my 20" gas saw does. Of course one will be limited to the circumference of the tree. But don't let the size of tree or branch scare you. I cut 12" circumference branch with no problems. Just cut one side into a V and then attack the opposite side. I liked the idea of the chain protector sleeve which is included in the package - which protects the chain and anyone hands while not in use.

There were some comments about the difficulty on placing the chain on its sprocket. There is absolutely no difference in design than any other chain saw. Those people who complaint just haven't used a chain saw before and had no experience. Read the instructions if you have a problem. In regards to the oil leak, it's not any worse than any other chain saw I own. They all leak. It's a inherent problem and deducted 1 Star hoping the manufacturer would read this and start working on better design, if at all possible. But they all have the same weak characteristics. One thing you can be sure of that this little saw will do over gas saws, it will make you satisfied that you own one of these for years and years to come, just as all my other corded ones do, because gas saws have a thing about requiring tune ups to be able to start it and keep it running.
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on April 18, 2014
This is the second Black & Decker battery powered chainsaw I've owned. I ran the first one into the ground. This one is a little different with the Lithium Ion battery and it does not have an oil reservoir, eliminating the leaks that some reviews complain about. They give you a little bottle to fill with oil and apply oil to the chain that way. I'm using a can of 3 in 1 oil for now.

Like the older one this saw is lightweight, quiet and vibration free. I used it to cut up an eight inch limb that fell recently and it did the job very well.
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on February 28, 2013
I hate messing with extension cords and even though I have a gas chain saw, seems no matter how I prep it for storage it always needs work done on it to get it running. I already have 2 B&D leaf (trash) blowers (20v lithium), one in the garage and one out in the shop. Perfect tool for leaves in the garage and dirt and sawdust. And just last week I bought he 20v lithium B&D hedge trimmer. Wow! Does that ever work good!! So with all the batteries and chargers I have, I started reading about the 20v lithium 8" chain saw. I'm not going to be cutting down a lot of trees; rather, trimming all the broken limbs from this years 2 heavy snows.
So, the chain saw came yesterday. Another great little tool for the "cordless inclined" among us. I played with it a little yesterday after I put it together. But today I used it all afternoon cleaning up the yards. Tree limbs up to 5" in diameter were no trouble for this saw. And smaller ones were a snap. Unlike power chain saws, this little saw doesn't have a real aggressive bite when sawing. So it takes longer to saw that 5" limb. I can see how an aggressive bite would be very draining on the battery, though.
As far as battery staying power, I could work about 30 mins cutting small to mid size limbs. The other 3 batteries and chargers I have let me work all afternoon without waiting for a battery to charge. (I have 2 fast chargers). I was ready to quit before they were. The saw handled battery after battery of cutting and trimming!
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on September 7, 2014
I have a large heavy-duty chainsaw, a light duty gas chainsaw, but I wanted to try this so I would not have to continually fool with the oil, gas mixing, and difficult starting. I read all the reviews carefully before buying. Apparently B&D gave up on the auto chain oiling (lots of reviews complained of oil leaks) as mine came with a small plastic squirt bottle to manually oil the chain periodically. That's a bit of a hassle,but otherwise I am very impressed. I live on a heavily wooded lot and constantly have to remove fallen branches. I can cut a wheelbarrow load of 18" long, 4-6" diameter logs on one battery charge but I recommend an extended life battery or an extra standard battery on hand (I have another B&D tool that uses the same battery so that gives me a reserve). The chain seems very durable. After a season of frequent use on oak and chestnut, it still cuts well without any resharpening. Besides the freedom from starting and gas mixture hassles, my favorite thing is how quiet it is. I can cut anytime of the day or night without disturbing my neighbors.
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